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Maaco Auto Repair in Federal Way,WA
Posted by on
FEDERAL WAY., WASHINGTON -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Dear Attorney General,
On 6/15/06 I took my car to Maaco auto repair on Pacific Hwy after my car was hit in our driveway (yes this is true) while my husband and I were on vacation. It has turned out to be a nightmare. The car was hit on the passengers side by a moped and the moped was drug down the whole side of my car. It obtained major damage. The man who hit me was not insured to drive the vehicle,for it belonged to his fiancee's family and his insurance did not cover him for the accident repairs. This is the reason I took it to Maaco to begin with. He had not wanted to get the other people involved.I knew Maaco was less expensive and the man told me he would pay for this out of pocket. To make a long story short I had to get my insurance involved amd he is being sued for the repayment of the damages to my insurance and for my deductible. The car panels look very wavy. Not smooth at all. The first look I had at the repairs were horrible. I told the estimator of the Federal Way Maaco that it looked really bad. He said they would do more work. I have contacted the main Maaco corporate headquarters and I am awaiting more help from them to let them know I picked up my car after the SECOND go around of repairs with not much difference.
I don't know what can be done about these people. They call themselves professionals and all they are doing is ripping off insurance companies and people in general.
I had mentioned to Peter Rogulj (the estimator at Maaco) that I was still not seeing much improvement. He said that this was all he could do and I should take this up with my insurance claims adjuster from Farmers insurance. He said it was her fault for not letting them do more work. But, I told him the 'wavy' look of the repairs on the panels of the car had nothing to do with her. It was bad workmanship.
I am at standstill. What can I do? 7/1/06

As a resolution, I would like the following:

Having Maaco so the right thing and fix the car properly.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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NCO Financial
Posted by on
EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention
the following incident.

My son received a call at 7:15 this morning from someone named 'Jim' claiming to be from Verizon. My son explained that I was not home and took the man's name and phone

At 7:20 this morning I received a call at my place of business from some named Jim, who claimed he represented Verizon and was trying to collect a debt. I was very busy at that time and told him I would have to call him back.

I got home from work about 2 hours later and called this person back. He answered with his first name 'Jim’ did not identify his company.

He stated that he was trying to collect a debt for Verizon. I said okay that was fine and what kind of arraignments could I make. I did not dispute the validity of the debt with him, I had already disputed it with the originator of the debt. What I did say was that I didn't appreciate being called at work and at home so early in the morning and said that under both the Washington Collection Agency Act and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts, he were prohibited from calling me so early.

The man began to scream insults and threats not letting me get a word in edgewise. He was screaming so loudly that another person in the room heard him.

At this point I was so frustrated I asked him to stop screaming and tell me what I could do to take care of this debt. He said and I quote 'there's nothing you can do... you don't know a d*&^ thing about the law.... I'll have you served with papers for court before the week is over... you'll be sued and your paychecks will be garnished and we will get our money anyway... You obviously don't want to work this out or pay your bill, so I'm hanging up now.'

I placated him enough for him not hang up and to tell me how I could pay this. I do intend to pay the debt, had I ever received something from the Collection agency prior to
this phone call I would have known I was out of options with the original company.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like a formal complaint filed against NCO Financial and it's representative 'Jim' who's direct phone line number is 1-800-795-XXXX (I will be more than happy to provide you with the last 4 numbers if they are needed). I would like NCO Financial to be held accountable for their employees collection tactics as they claim to train their employees. I want them to be made to follow both the State and Federal laws in regard to collection practices.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/20/2003:
Mam-you can contact me regarding this, My name is Candice I work for NCO please call me at 888-626-8381 - I'm sorry you had to deal with someone regarding the issue at hand. I will be than willing to help you. I believe you catch more bees with honey than vinegar, I'll be waiting for your call.
Anonymous on 08/21/2003:
I had a similar experience with NCO Financial Systems. They were collecting on an account on behalf of Cingular Wireless, not Verizon. They called me almost every day at work when I was about two weeks late with a payment. One morning last fall, I received a call at work. I forget the woman's name, but she said she worked for NCO and wanted to know when I could make a payment on my account. I was in a session with a patient and was really aggravated that she'd interrupted this session. I explained to her that I could not talk and that I'd call her back later in the day. That afternoon, I told her to refrain from ever calling me at work and, also, that I'd be sending a payment within a week. And this wasn't the first time I'd asked them to refrain from contacting me at work. Really, they have no legal right to contact me, or any other debtor, be it at home or at work. The next morning I got in and alreay had a voice mail. A man identifying himself as William ****** with NCO Financial Systems had left me a very sarcastic sounding e-mail. In retrospect, he may not have intended to sound sarcastic. It was probably that blue collar Philly accent of his that made him sound so obnoxious. (NCO, btw, is based in Philly.) Anyhow, I was livid. I also knew that I now had recourse. They were continuing to contact me at work, despite the fact that I'd asked them not to. I called William and gave him my account number. When I reminded him that I'd already requested at least once before that no one at NCO ever again contact me at work. When I began to remind him of the Fair Debt Collection Act, this spicy little bowl of Philadelphia spaghetti began to rip into me. I'm a therapist. I deal with neurotics all day long. This man was a lightweight compared to some of the doozies I've had to deal with. Every time I'd open my mouth, he'd try to batter me down. He called me names. I suggested that he get into therapy or take some courses in anger management. He became even hotter with me, calling me a deadbeat and accusing me of intentionally failing to pay my bills. In an increasingly calm voice, I again reminded him of the law. When I realised that he was not rational, I said good day and hung up. I called NCO back later that day at arranged a payment plan. The woman with whom I spoke was kind, understanding, and, above all, professional.
Anonymous on 08/22/2003:
I just read the complaint against NCO Financial and wanted to let her know that I experiencced the same unacceptable behavior from a Robert Ellison at NCO. The kicker is that I am not the person they are trying to collect the debt from- it is my brother in law and we work in a family business together. This Mr Ellison has called our office several times in attempts to speak with my brother in law and has verbally abused not only myself but my employees. This is completely unacceptable and I thought maybe it was just one collector at NCO but it sounds like this is how they are trained. I cannot believe that a company would actually promote this type of behavior. I would also like to see a formal complaint brought against not only Robert Ellsion (I have his direct phone number as well) but NCO.

Thank you-

Kerry Palin
Anonymous on 08/22/2003:
Kerry, you just opened yourself to a lawsuit.
Anonymous on 08/23/2003:
ROCK ON KERRY! Thanks for having the b*lls to put these a$$holes on the line. Every time a telemarketer or collector calls, I think they should have to give their personal name and home phone number. That way people can call them whenever the hell they want. NCO is going down for their sins and illegal activities. Power to the people!
Anonymous on 08/25/2003:
He's not a telemarketer selling something. They are debt collectors. I HE borrows money from YOU then yes, you should have his name and home phone. Since that's not the case here, your remarks are, well kind of dumb.
Anonymous on 08/26/2003:
I received a letter from NCO stating that I have "chosen to ingnore our previous communications regarding the debt referred to above." Last I knew, these payments were set up to come out of my checking account automatically. This is my fault?!? I called to simply ask for a payment history, she said she would mail one. I asked when the last payment was she said Feb. (6 mos. ago). I asked why they stopped and she said that she's already answered that question for me before and all I keep doing is asking again and again and again....and that she's not going to tell me since she already has so many times. I said "so you're not going to work with me on this?" She said "We HAVE been working with you, you are the one not working with us!" I mentioned the dark and scarred track record of the company and told her that she needs to work with me to get this resolved. She then personally attacked me by screaming that I was the one with the bad track record and I was the one not responsible enough to pay their client the $3,500.00 that I owe them (which was the ORIGINAL amount that is less than 1/2 of that now). I screamed back that I did not need to and was not going to listen to that from her anymore and she said "this conversation is over...Goodbye!" I said "Yes, you're right, it is!" and I hung up. Somewhere in the midst of all of that I did get her to agree to send me a complete payment history report....we'll see if I get it or not.
Anonymous on 08/26/2003:
RChapa021503, why should the collection agency give you a copy of your payments. You know how much you owe left (they gave you a letter for the balance). It is your responsibility to know when your payments were made and when they weren't. And are you trying to tell me you never knew payments weren't coming out of your account? Are you that wealthy that you don't have to keep track of these things? Stop being so God**** lazy and do your own investigating. No wonder she ended the call on you.
Anonymous on 08/27/2003:
NCO Financial Services has at least 2 other names they go by besides the obvious. Their sister company, Medclear/ NCO Cardinal Emergency Services
is currently reporting derogatory information to the credit bureaus for a debt that was discharged in a bankruptcy. The original creditor, as well as NCO Financial Services were listed as creditors in the BK. 2 years after the discharge, their sister company is now trying to collect on the same bill and Nikki Hartman- the NCO/ Medclear representative says unless I pay it stays in collections. This derrogatory information has caused us to have a higher interest rate on my mortgage and even had me denied for a real estate loan.
Anonymous on 08/29/2003:
Do not deal with NCO. That are the bottom of the barrel of debt collectors. Send them a validation letter in pursuant to the FDCPA. This will stop them in their tracks. If it doesn't, you will have violations on them under the FDCPA. You can sue them in small claims for thousands, I have!! It only cost 25 dollars to file a small claims lawsuit. They want easy debts to collect, not the ones they have to fight. They prey on the unknowing consumer, and I prey on them. ;)
Anonymous on 09/03/2003:
It is your kind that give LEGITIMATE collection agency's a bad name.
Anonymous on 09/03/2003:
Collector It is your kind that give LEGITIMATE collection agency's a bad name.
Anonymous on 10/19/2003:
Again, if people will just make good on their debts with the orig creditor there will be no need for collection agencies
Laceyblueeyes on 06/27/2006:
Ya'll need to contact your states Attorney Generals Office. There are laws that pertain to collection agencies. From what I have read this company has broken them all!!!
ddeburger on 02/27/2007:
Go to www.budhibbs.com and check out the website. It will tell you exactly what to do with this debt collectors. What this "Jim" did was totally illegal.
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Fraud - Beneficial - Household Finance
Posted by on
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- As an honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

In October of 2000, my husband and I refinance our home with Beneficial. Before signing the documents, I notice that they had a 5 year pre-payment penalty.

I informed the Loan Officer that I would not sign the documents, because I did not want to be locked into a loan for five years. The Loan Officer stated that he would talk to his Branch Manager and see if he could get this reduced to a 2 year pre-payment penalty.

The Loan Officer came to our home a few days later, stating that he had got the pre-payment penalty reduced to two year. He then produced a letter on Beneficial Finance letterhead.

This letter is to confirm that your first mortgage consolidation loan which is cheduled to close on October 31, 2000, will have a reduction from our standard pre-payment penalty term of 5 years to a 2 year pre-payment term. The pre-payment penalty clause will become null and void after October 31, 2002. Please keep this document for your records. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me direct at 253-476-1710.

In May of this year, we started looking to refinance our home loan because of the high interest rate. When I contacted Beneficial regarding our 2 year pre-payment penalty, they stated that the company has a standard 5 year pre-payment penalty and the letter that I have is not valid. They stated that since it is not recorded that they would not honor the letter.

At Beneficial Finance, I spoke with the Assistant Manager, Donia Martin, who was reluctant to give me information regarding Beneficial Corporate Office, and phone numbers. I also spoke with another Assistant Manager, Jeffrey M. Broussard. (Whose name is on the letter I have.) I asked Mr. Broussard, who he reported to and that I would like to speak to that person. Mr. Broussard placed me hold for five (5) minutes. When he returned to the call, he stated I could speak with Bill Nolan, District Manager, who works out of the same office as Mr. Broussard. Why it took Mr. Broussard five minutes, to tell me his supervisor's name, was very strange to me.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I want Beneficial Finance to honor the two year pre-payment penalty stated in the letter I received signed by Beneficial Finance, Branch Manager Kipp Cosgriffe.

I feel that Beneficial Finance deliberately produced the letter just to get me and my husband to sign the papers, and had no intentions of honoring the agreement set forth in the letter.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this matter.
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User Replies:
Mandisa on 06/29/2006:

This corporation cheats consumers out of their hard earned money. I took out a personal loan with Beneficial and became deliquent on my account, this corporation applied the months that I was deliquent to the end of the loan. This amount totaled $1872.16, and I now have paid a total of $1909.16, and the company claims that I still owe interest for the months that I was deliquent.
Suzy58 on 05/14/2008:
I agree. This company sucks and should be put out of business. I've had a loan with them since 2002. Have been delinquent a few times; am now current. The balance just doesn't go down because of the outrageously high interest rates and so little going to the loan balance. Don't ever do business with this predatory lender. They shouldn't be allowed to continue their deceptive practices.
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Emirates Airline - Lost Baggage
Posted by on
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Emirates lost our bags on flight EK623 and EK001 on 12/25/07 (LHEDXB and DXBLHR). I filed a report (# LHREK23901) at Heathrow airport. Since then I’ve been trying to get in touch with Emirates but no one has returned my calls or replied to my emails. Some details…..

1. Left 20-30 messages to Emirates UK at 020-8897-3063 during my Stay in London. No one returned my calls.
2. Talked to Heathrow Emirates Stuff (Leon and Russ) in person on 12/30. They promised to get back but no one did.
3. Called and left messages for Emirates USA at 212-758-3944. No response.
4. Called Emirates Dubai at 001-971-4-213-32333 and was told to file another report provide more details about contents of the luggage. Report emailed UK, USA and Dubai on 01/02.
5. Emirates confirmed email reception and advised that someone from customer service will be contacting me but that has not happened yet

In short, I have been calling and emailing Emirates UK, USA and Dubai for pas two weeks to trace my lost bags. There is no live help available in UK and USA. Emirates call center in Dubai rarely picks up phone but has not done anything to resolve this issue. I have run out of options and would really appreciate any help from you in this matter.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/06/2008:
Hrm.... so an airline owned by arabs, lost your luggage in London... exactly what attorney general did you send this to?
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Contest Fraud
Posted by on
INTERNET -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I believe a company on the internet is running a contest that is impossible to win. They state that you must win a game twice in a row within 90 seconds, but the wording makes it sound like you have 90 seconds for each game. Also because of the way it is set up, I think it would be impossible to win 2 games in a row in 90 seconds.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I believe they should have to give everyone who 'won', the promised prize. I won the gumball machine twice and wrote to them because nothing came up asking for my information, and they never responded. I finally just spoke to someone there who told me you must win both games in 90 seconds total. I believe it would be fraud to offer a prize for a game no one can win.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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nggjing on 06/28/2003:
You don't actually think you're going to get something from these people do you? Play a game online and win???? Hello????????
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