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Run from it don't walk...
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Here I go again, it is not my first bad experience w/ WAMU but for sure it will be my last I am fed up w/ them and encourage others that are in it or considering it to just run from them don't walk....don't even take my advise on what I tell you but do your own research on the web you will see I am not the only one.... It all started w/ me checking my account status and call to ask about some transactions posted that where not authorized by me, the guy on the phone ask if I wanted a copy of my statements I said sure that would be helpful .... did not even bother to say "hey there will be a charge for this are you willing to pay it"...come the next day a $60.00 charge on my account....WHAT? FOR WHAT? WHY WASN'T I TOLD THIS OVER THE PHONE? calling them to ask a reversal on it was a mere "We are sorry but can't it is all in a very fine print about these fees in the consumer fees policies" and I am sure they are somewhere in their, yes in very fine print, I am mad cause they never asked or told me over the phone about them or else would not even ask for such copies, but yes very nicely ask if I wanted these copies... of course they were not going to tell me about the fees, cause that's how they get their high scamming money from their own clients,this is how they are a multimillion dollar company from scamming people .....


And again 'Sorry we can't refund your money'... well WAMU hope you enjoy my 60.00 bucks and put them where the sun don't shine... cause this girl is taking what little money you left in my account and going to SAN DIEGO COUNTY CREDIT UNION..yeah baby I am out of WAMU... false advertisement, bad people, outsourcing, outrageous fees, no courtesy at all, and of course they won't tell you about the fees... to me it's a big SCAM.... So run don't walk from them...there you go my fare 25 cents... by the way I am posting this on every consumer site I can get in to ALERT all of you and yes as a way of letting out steam and taking my advantage of the freedom of speech cause they can't take that from me.... And oh! yeah it feels good to just take a small wack at them via internet.... even if they don't read or even care CAUSE THEY DON'T CARE it is good to have the power of speech.... Good bye my 60.00 bucks and most of all so long to WAMU.

The Old Bait and Switch Comes to Your Savings
By -

OREGON -- I was interested in opening a Washington Mutual Online Savings Account with a 4.75 APY after viewing the WaMu website around 11/05/07. To take advantage of their savings account I was first required to open a WaMu checking account at a local branch. After opening my checking account I was told that the Online Savings Account could only be opened online by me.

Later I attempted to open a WaMu Online Savings Account and after several tries I was given this response “Your application has been canceled.” The response finished with “if you wish to apply at a WaMu branch, you can bring in two supporting documents from the list below to start a new application.”

On 11/19/07, I entered the branch where I opened my original checking account with the proper documentation. I met with a WaMu Representative who said she could not help me with opening an account. I then referenced the information giving to me on their website. She took the information to her Supervisor, who said they are permitted from assisting customers with opening an Online Savings Account. The Representative then recommended a “Statement Savings Account” at 0.25 APY or if I wanted the Online Savings Account I would need to contact customer services.

I contacted customer service that evening and was transferred three times. Each time I had to repeat my current situation. Finally I spoke with a representative who assisted me online to verify the information I submitted was correct. As a result we received a response on the final page of the application which stated. “We are unable to complete your application at this time. You may, however, return seven days from now to try again.”

Based on my experience I feel WaMu is drawing many customers to their bank through online advertising of their Online Savings Account. In return customers who become a customer and want to open a WaMu Online Savings Account cannot do so. As a result they are swayed by WaMu Representatives to open a “Statement Savings Account”.

I Was Treated As A Criminal
By -

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS/ ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Real, unique, outrageous, unforgettable situation:

After waiting for more than a week we got a letter that we requested but it was not complete... We just needed it to state our current balance, date of opening the account and amount deposited last year. So, we went back to WAMU in Altamonte Springs, and a nice Manager's assistant helped us writing another letter but the next day we noticed that the letter didn't have my husband's name, and of course it was required, so I went back again, but had the terrible luck of being attended - I'm not saying taken care by_ the "Branch manager"...

The guy never asked me to take a sit, never looked at me, and then made me wait for 2 and a half hours - in the lobby or waiting area. The time is not an exaggeration, it is signed in.

Then, almost three hours later when I stepped into his office tired of waiting, the guy without a blink, told me that he was not giving me what I wanted. He said that he cannot issue a letter about the business accounts because those belong to a company and companies have an EIN number and not a social security number so he cannot state that those were our accounts, and, he added like saying nothing, he just can issue a letter about our personal account but would just include the last two statements, and not the total deposited last year, but I won't have it anyway because it had to be notarized and he cannot notarize his own documents so I won't get anything - smile for the picture please!!!!
But that is not the worse...

I asked him questions trying to understand why the "system" won't let him write that information and the more I asked the more dull where his answers. He just meant: I am not giving you anything that you requested no matter what! And then, when I told him he had been really rude making me wait like this for nothing he said very triumphal: If you don't like it I can escort you out!
I was shocked!!! The guy is around 6 feet tall, I guess Haitian; I am a medium small woman, Hispanic... I said, OK, great, awesome; if that is what I can get from you, yes, escort me out; but before doing so, I need to have one of your cards. So when I took the card from his desk he was already calling the police!!! Oh yeah. I thought he was bluffing... but when I was leaving I heard he said "and she is vandalizing my lobby and doesn't want to leave." So, ... I came back and said: what? wow, I'll wait here if that's the case, - but then I thought that if I stayed they might believe I didn't want to leave, but if I leave, I was going to be chased like a criminal outside... I never had a situation like this; what are you supposed to do? this is unbelievable, absurd and very, very humiliating!

The story ends with me waiting for the police outside the bank; crying while talking to my husband and then being questioned by police officers - I got a "Trespassing Order".. oh yeah, he said I was throwing papers while vandalizing his lobby - but then the report just reads "disturbing"...?

I was never vulgar, never threatened him, never insulted or said offensive things; I am not any kind of danger for him or the Bank, so, how is that after him abusing me, as a client and human being - making me wait like that and mistreating me verbally - he can prohibit me from going to the branch I've been using for more than seven years in a row? Plus, the worst of the worst, how can he call the cops on me spotting my name and reputation and can sleep without disturbance while I've cried my eyes and felt so terribly bad when my sweet daughter inquired why I has been 'escorted" by the police? This guy destroyed my image to cover his lack of respect to a human being, his unprofessionalism, his incompetence and negligence, and then he can get away with it, like nothing, laughing at me I guess?

By the way, the Manager of other Branch made me the letter. It took her a couple of minutes!!!


Wamu Atm/Debit Not Linked To Your Savings
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I enrolled via wamu.com for savings and free checking account in February. I did extensive research to find the right bank for me. One feature I was looking for was overdraft protection. Specifically, I was wanting an account that would simply debit my savings account when funds were not available in my checking account. Washington Mutual sent a confirmation/welcome email to me once I was confirmed as enrolled online. This email (which I saved and still have) clearly stated that my ATM/Debit Card would be sent to me shortly and it also stated: "Your savings account will also be linked to this card." That is all that was stated about my ATM/Debit Card. At the end of July I did not transfer funds from my savings account to my checking account to replenish funds. I knew that I had no outstanding checks (I rarely write a check) and wanted to keep my money in the savings account where it could earn interest. Since my ATM/Debit Card was linked to my savings account I thought I was making a sound financial decision that would give me the most benefit.

I got a shocking surprise in the mailbox about a week later. A letter from WaMu advised me that I was overdrawn on my checking account, that the amount to the merchant was paid, however I would be incurring a fee of $35.00. Of course it took about a week for all the transactions to come and once they all did I ended up with $291.00 in overdraft fees alone.

I have called WaMu's customer service on three separate occasions explaining the facts surrounding the overdrafts and that reason for the occurrences were due to official communication I received from Washington Mutual. The agents I have spoken with all state that yes, The ATM/Debit Card is linked to my savings account but only on ATM withdrawals. I told them that is all nice and lovely but their email needs to specify that. The email does say that the debit card is linked to my savings account. There was no small print on the emailed message.

I have also visited two of Washington Mutual's branches seeking a correction of this error and a reversal of the overdraft fees. Apparently there is nothing they can do since this is an "internet" account.

About a week after I had originally opened this account I got a letter in the mail from WaMu (which I still have) expressing difficulty in sending email to my yahoo account. I had been receiving regular emails from Washington Mutual The letter even specified my correct yahoo address as the address that was problematic. This letter informed me of the importantcy of having a valid email address so I could be contacted with important information regarding my account. I was able to get this situation corrected by providing WaMu my Hotmail address instead. Question: When I started to overdraft and incur overdraft charges, why wasn't an email sent to me? Why was I notified by postal mail only? Answer: Washington Mutual wanted me to be oblivious to this for a few days so I would continue using my debit card. My continued use of the card meant more overdraft fees. Washington Mutual has proven it is a company without scruples. They misinform you and mislead you from the beginning. I am an informed consumer who researches and compares companies and products before buying. I expect companies to be candid and honest. Especially a financial institution that is charged with the safe keeping of my money. I had plenty of money in my savings account to cover any and all transactions and fulfilled my obligations.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. After submitting my complaint I soon uncovered that Washington Mutual has a "D" rating with the BBB. Washington Mutual is unethical and predatory in its practices and should not be trusted with something as important as your money.

Washington Mutual: arbitrarily places holds on deposits
By -

FLORIDA -- Washington Mutual claims in its mission statement to be about "fairness," and to cut through bureaucracies to improve customer service. This company is one big hypocrite, and I am now poised to follow the advice of folks on my3cents who have advocated letters to attorney generals, and to better business bureaus.

Here's the morass I just went through this week at the hand of this corporate hypocrite: My girlfriend is employed at a large local company that owns more than two dozen national chain restaurants in the area and is paid weekly. I am a freelance writer who writes mostly for a very, very large and well-known newspaper group that is based in New York City AND includes our local daily newspaper, for which I write. I, too, make weekly deposits.

When my bank originally informed me six weeks ago that my girlfriend's payroll checks would be held for two days, I objected, and then was told that if I continued to make the deposit weekly, the computer would erase that "hold." Great .... I followed orders and after two weeks, no hold. Then just last week, the two-day hold was reinstated, I was told upon depositing the check. But why, I asked? I've followed your directions and the hold had been removed. Why was it popping up again? Don't know, the clerk said.

Not only did my bank hold this check for two days; it became apparent after Day Two that the check was actually being held for FIVE days!! Wait, there's more: after depositing MY freelance check weekly for several weeks, with no holds, suddenly this week a four-day hold was placed on MY check, as well! NFS fees began to appear at an alarming rate; I Marched in to the bank and vehemently objected. The fees were refunded, but I was given a lecture by the bank about A) being more aware of holds being placed on my checks and B) being nicer to the bank clerks when I come in with a complaint.

When I asked for an explanation of why the holds were put on our checks in the first place, I was told first that holds are placed if the bank is uncertain whether a payroll check would clear; when I reminded the bank manager that both employers were household names, she brushed on past. Then, I was told that holds are placed if our account hs recently been in bad condition. I reminded the bank manager that our account was in better shape now, when the hold was placed, than it had been four weeks ago when the holds were removed. Again, no answer provided.

This is evidence of a bureaucratic nightmare, where the right hand knows not what the left is doing. Two other points: 1) if someone has a record of bouncing checks, common sense says that withholding their paycheck for days after they've been paid would likely increase, rather than decrease the likelihood of more checks bouncing. this policy of punishing us by withholding what's rightfully ours is insulting to the human race. 2) it almost seems as though banks seek to home in on folks that look like good sources of ongoing revenue through NFS fees. I get the feeling that after we bounced a few checks, the bank decided, 'hey, they are vulnerable and ripe for the picking. let's start withholding their checks unpredictably and I'll be we'll make some good money off of these folks.'

I just think that we have become all too accepting of unreasonable policies, as evidenced by the vast number of people I've seen chiming in to questions like this by reiterating and reinforcing bank policies, seemingly closing their minds to the base fairness of the policy in the first place. about 150 years ago, the idea of someone much wealthier than a wage-earner determining when and how that wage-earner could get paid was considered slavery .....

Buyer Beware
By -

HELPER, UTAH -- May 9, 2007

We bought a mobile home through Washington Mutual Bank in November 1998. We had no problems with this bank until they wanted proof that we had insurance on the home which we always did and it never lapsed. We asked our insurance agent to fax them (Washington Mutual) that we had insurance and again we were asked by Washington Mutual to provide proof of insurance.

Starting December 2004, the insurance agent faxed them (Washington Mutual) the proof of insurance which was paid for the year with Met life. Over the next few months they (Washington Mutual) were faxed at least 30 times by our insurance company. We even had a friend from bank fax paperwork 4 times. My partner (Tom) faxed proof of insurance to Washington Mutual at least 12 times from his work. Tom and I talked to the people from Washington Mutual Bank and so did our insurance agent and his staff with no luck.

Washington Mutual sent a letter saying they never received any paperwork until April 2005. Washington Mutual put their insurance on our mobile home totaling $2,194.00 ten times as much as we paid in a year. Our payment then went up from $402.15 to $621.00 per month. The payment adjustment made by Washington Mutual registered as a late payment on our records and we discovered half of payment was applied to our mortgage and the other half applied to home insurance provided by Washington Mutual.

The first proof of insurance letter was faxed to Washington Mutual Bank was December 2004. We have almost 99.9 percent of the paperwork and names of people we talked to at Washington Mutual Bank. The representatives from Washington Mutual Bank never returned our calls except one gentleman in Salt Lake City, Utah. After making 4 calls to this gentleman in Salt Lake City nothing was ever done to solve the problem. We have the coupon books showing 2 payments sent while Washington Mutual says they only received 1 payment. We have now learned to send everything certified mail with a return receipt.

Washington Mutual Bank then contacted Utah Tax Commission and notified them we did not pay sales tax on the home. The sales tax was included in the loan and we have the paperwork as proof. Washington Mutual wanted us to have the title on the home and it was titled to us after 6 1\2 years and they asked for power of attorney. We told them no, not after 6 1\2 years and that is their job. The person in the Salt Lake City office could not get a hold of his contact in Florida to return his call. Washington Mutual got the title in their name on March 2005. We in 6 1\2 years were never late on a payment; always had insurance coverage and the taxes on the property were always paid on time. After all of this we told them to take the mobile home and do what you want with it.

We bought a real home in May 2005. Washington Mutual sold the mobile home for $11,500 while we paid taxed on $19,000 which is not a fair market value. Washington Mutual Bank said we owed them $25,000 and turned it over to a collection agency. The current home we live in was purchased for $40,000 and $2,000 for a down payment and the mobile home as a trade in. We have almost paid $35,000 in 6 1\2 years to Washington Mutual.

We have tried to get help with the Office of Thrift Supervision which is an agency to keep this bank in check. The Office of Thrift Supervision sent a letter back saying we our going to have Washington Mutual send us the information to us and nothing else happened. We filed with the Federal Trade Commission and they would not do anything unless they received more complaints from Washington Mutual customers. We sent letters to: Utah Governor's Office, Attorney General, Department of Financial Institution No response from anyone. We sent a letter to the Better Business Bureau of Utah and Washington Mutual refused to talk to the BBB about this case. The claim with the BBB is closed and a negative report against Washington Mutual Bank. We called Gephardt (Investigator for channel 2 news) and left 2 messages with no return calls. Also, filed a report with Utah Insurance Fraud Agency and still no help from anyone. I sent letters to these people and they were 9 pages long on complaints against Washington Mutual Bank. To get an attorney to help is impossible if you poor, but if you are rich no problem! So, Washington Mutual Bank has you by the *****!! We waited on the phone with Washington Mutual for up to 1 1\2 hours and then the phone on the other side would go dead. We talked to or received letter from Washington Mutual employees from: Salt Lake City, Utah, Melbourne, Florida, Oakland, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Seattle, Washington, etc. We talked to people in 7 different states and sent letters (certified mail) to Washington Mutual legal department in Seattle, Washington with no response. We have a letter from our insurance agent saying our insurance never lapsed.

Washington Mutual Bank is one you don't want to get any help from. It is the bank from H***! I would send my worst enemy to them if I had one or I would not send the devil to them. Washington Mutual Bank just bought out one of my partner's credit card provider a few months ago. Please if you need help from a bank or credit union, please do not use Washington Mutual Bank. I have documents to prove all of this it is all true.

Thank You,

Tom & Roger

Goodbye CHASE Bank
By -

I have been a customer of Washington Mutual Bank for more than 14 years. It wasn't until CHASE took over WAMU that I began having problems, namely increased fees and increased requirements for checking and savings accounts. What really put me over the edge was their refusal to give me my own account information. I had set up bill pay for an automatic monthly deduction for my car payment. In order to do this I had to give CHASE my car account number. Then, when I needed to know what that account number was, they refused to give it to me sighting security reasons. I asked security reasons for whom? I am the one who provided the information in the first place. And they had identified me with all my personal information plus my own 4 digit security pin that I selected. The situation became so frustrating that I decided to close my account with CHASE. CHASE had no problem with "security" to close my account while I was on the phone but for "security reasons" still would not tell me what my own account number was. I also cancelled my WAMU/CHASE credit card. I hope everyone with CHASE will read the new terms of their banking accounts because new fine print fees are listed as customer service is ridiculous. Goodbye CHASE.

Overdraft scams
By -

I have noticed that Wamu cheats on there overdrafts. I had a debit transasction pending in my checking account and I got up at 230am and checked my account and noticed it was still pending about 230am. So I quickly transferred some money from another account (WAMU acct.) to more than cover it. when I checked the computer at 10am, the debit was still pending, showing my transfers pending as well. Now usually when I transfer it immediately post to my account. It didn't this day, but the account was still showing everything pending. When I looked at my account later that day, the debit charge had gone through and not my transfers leaving them to charge me an overdraft. They told me they process between 12am and 6am. Well, if that be true then why did they not process my transfer between 12am and 6am when I did it. THE CATCH...WHEN THEY PROCESS ON A CURRENT CALENDAR DATE BETWEEN 12AM AND 6AM, THEY BACK THE TRANSACTION UP TO THE DAY BEFORE! YOU CAN VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT ALL DAY AND IT SHOW POSITIVE, SAY ON THE 9TH, BUT THE NEXT DAY YOU LOOK AT YOUR ACCOUNT...THAT DATE THAT IT APPEARS POSITVE, COMES UP NEGATIVE WHEN YOU LOOK AT IT AGAIN ON THE 10TH. These people are money sharks and there is no way around the fees. This is how they SCAM the people. What happen to the good old days of grace periods and the banks giving you til closing busiess day to get your account right before they charge you an overdraft. With WAMU, you don't. We need a class action suit against these people or everyone simply need to close their account and go somewhere else.

Rip Off
By -

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I made a purchase on my debit card which was approved as I had money in my account, had savings as a back-up. I later went to a restaurant and that was paid with a debit card and approved. Five days later, I was charged $68.00 for two non-sufficient fees, one for the merchandise I had purchased prior to the restaurant and the second I was $3.00 short, although I had monies in my savings and forgot this purchase. Allowing the $3 shortage and being charged $34, how can I be charged $34 for the earlier purchase that was approved prior to other purchases?

This is a rip off and I am contacting Chase, FDIC and BBB and closing my account.

Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

I made a $500- payment in Jan/09. I was told by a call center agent from Washington Mutual BANK not the Washington Mutual Visa department that I did not have a payment until March/09. So when the card turned off I called in to sorted out the issue and I asked for the late charge of $39.95 to be waived and it was agreed that they're made the mistake. I went on line made another payment like they asked. Then I receive a notice that my limit was lowered.

I have called multiple times and gotten no help, what I did get though was sorry ma'am but you made a late payment. There's nothing we can do would you like to get back on hold and tell somebody else they will tell you the same thing thank-you for calling.

So note to self if you make a large payment to Washington Mutual VISA and they make a mistake on your account they have no customer service. And we the customers that are paying and trying to make larger than minimum payments WASHINGTON MUTUAL DOESN'T CARE!

Let me make another point when I called in to find out why the card was originally turned off I offered to make a payment from my Washington Mutual BANK to my Washington Mutual VISA they wanted $14.95 plus the phone call was being out sourced to India and the Philippines what have they come too? And what price are we going to pay?

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