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Damage furniture and marble table
Posted by on
11436, NEW YORK -- August 23, 2006
Corporate Headquarters
Watkins Motor Lines, Inc.
1144 West Griffin Road
Lakeland, FL. 33805

Watkins Motor Lines, Inc.
PO Box 95002
Lakeland, FL. 33804-5002

Re: NYC 129976 “Refund due $5252.50” Complaint---2nd Letter

Dear Mr. John Watkins, CEO/President:

This conversation is for your eyes only, Mr. John Watkins. Again for the “second time” I am asking that you contact me to remedy this situation. It appears you know nothing about the “going on” with your company.

I recently sent you a fax concerning my 3-piece furniture and 1 marble table in the horrendous conditions that was delivered. I am trying to remedy this ongoing problem but it appears you refuse to be civil in this matter.

This is the conversation between Mr. Gibbs and myself on 8/23/06:

· You, Mr. Gibbs of Watkins Motor Line, demanded that Lynden Transport in Anchorage Alaska ‘return the damage furniture’.
· You, Mr. Gibbs listed on your Watkins bill, 6 bundles destroyed and 1 crush table. Yet the Vendor states none of the furniture was faulty.
· You, Mr. Gibbs are claiming the vendor (Leonardo Furniture, Valley Stream NY) ‘packaging was faulty’. Yet, you, Mr. Gibbs accepted ‘faulty furniture’ if that was case as you said Mr. Gibbs.
· You, Mr. Gibbs claim that your moving people were “not experience enough” to use discretion concerning what “to accept and not accept.” Yet you fail to train or have a supervisor or lead on site in these cases. Is the customer responsible for your lack in training your employees as well?
· Yet it states very clearly on the “laden bill” that Watkins were to pick up ‘crates’, not “bundles.”
· Yet you, Mr. Gibbs accepted and took full responsibility for the furniture that was ‘not in crates’ or ‘properly package’ as you stated Mr. Gibbs.

How many fingers do you have left to point at or blame, Mr. Gibbs?

Mr. John Watkins, the responsibility lies with you and I want a full investigation into these issues that were denied me. I will be sending you, Mr. Watkins this letter certified mail as well.

Hopefully, you can get involved and find out what’s going on with your company concerning the matter and how they “handle and accept merchandise” in your company.

Ms. Sha-Ron Durant
P.O. Box 231685
Anchorage, AK 99523
Home #: 907-373-4609
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Hugh_Jorgen on 08/24/2006:
Who ships furniture, much less expensive furniture via an LTL carrier such as Watkins? That's why van lines were invented. Those crates of furniture were handled by a freight carrier as just that - freight. They were moved around with forklifts, stacked in sprung (not air ride) trailers with other crates stacked on top of them and bounced all the way to their destination. What might have appeared as sufficient packing at the origin might not have been sufficient depending on the weight of the contents. A container can look fine at pickup, but if it's poorly constructed or if the contents aren't properly secured WITHIN the container, then the movement will tear the container apart. They might not have been able to tell this when they picked it up. Someone tried to save a buck on freight and this is what happens.
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Watkins motor lines ruined our lives
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- I wanted to share our story in dealing with Watkins motor lines with everyone.
We had sent a shipment to Florida, on route a Watkins employee dropped it off the loading dock and smashed the shipment to bits.
They called us to tell us about the shipment. we were never allowed to inspect our goods. They told us to make a claim and they will take care of it. The shipment was worth $2100.00 when we booked this delivery online, the online system stated that the carrier(WATKINS MOTOR LINES) maximum liability is $7200.00 on this shipment. Reading this we did not seek any other insurance.
about 3 months later we get a check in the mail for $450.00 as total settlement amount. Now they will neither respond to our phone calls or emails.
This company caused us a lot of anguish, a lot of heart ache and now they are just using their muscle to bully us.

Watkins motor lines is an excellent example of a corporate bully.
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boylan13 on 05/17/2005:
Yes, Watkins Motor Lines is terrible when it comes to claims. They delivered a damaged HDTV to me and weaseled out of the claim entirely because we did not notice a small hole in the box at the time of delivery and signed for it as OK. It should have been covered by a "concealed damage" clause but they failed to honor the claim. You can read more about it here.
boylan13 on 05/17/2005:
Yes, Watkins Motor Lines is terrible when it comes to claims. They delivered a damaged HDTV to me and weaseled out of the claim entirely because we did not notice a small hole in the box at the time of delivery and signed for it as OK. It should have been covered by a "concealed damage" clause but they failed to honor the claim. You can read more about it at www.boylanfamily.com.
ACE on 06/22/2011:
Boylan, I read your post about your damaged claim. All I can say is that in your case, your friend should have noted the apparent carton damage on the delivery receipt at time of delivery. That's crucial in getting a claim resolved in your favor. In all honesty any trucking company would have denied your claim when you sign the delivery receipt clear with no apparent exceptions noted. It's extremely important to look over any delivery shipment prior to signing for it. Note anything about the box, a crease, dent, hole, etc. If the driver doesn't want you to note it on the DR and won't let you inspect the contents, tell him to load it back on the truck and just refuse it. That's the only way to protect yourself and even doing that doesn't cover you 100% of the time.
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Deceptive practice
Posted by on
LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I received a pool heater, delivered by Watkins Motor Lines Inc. and the heater was damaged. I made the complaint, sent the fax and they sent an inspector out to inspect the product. A few weeks later, they sent me a denial letter stating that I signed for receiving the product in good condition. They also made the mistake of sending a copy of the receipt. When I compared the two receipts, (their copy against my copy) the two were different. Someone from that company placed my name in the block that said received in good condition. I looked online and found that California law states that this is a crime. All I want is my money back because I have a pool heater that I can't use but they are playing games and throwing their hands up when they acknowledged causing the damage!
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Slimjim on 10/29/2006:
That receipt they sent is your Wonka Golden Ticket. Send a fax back to them with copies of both, telling them to rest assure the originals you possess look the same. They know they would never win a civil complaint with a doctored receipt entered as evidence and with a criminal complaint possibly being an issue too, I bet they get back to you with a satisfactory resolution. If not sue them, in Florida.
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/29/2006:
Did you not sign the original? I'm surprised they would leave the package without a signature. Now it is not uncommon for the driver to write your name near your signature if your signature isn't legible. That's so when their clerks later enter the proof of delivery into their computer they don't have to decipher a scrawl. That being said, it might also be time to go back to the pool heater shipper and ask them to get involved. Apparently their packing was not adequate if the carton appeared undamaged but the contents were broken. In addition, if they do a lot if business with Watkins they might have more pull with them than an individual does. One other thought, Watkins just got bought by FedEx, so if you or your employer has any contact or pull with FedEx it might not hurt to try that avenue as well. Best of luck.
larryt700 on 10/29/2006:
Nice try but my name was written in a number of places on the ticket. My name was specifically placed by them in the box that says "RECEIVED IN GOOD CONDITION." Very nice try though!!!!
larryt700 on 10/29/2006:
Another thing, the inspector acknowledged and the box states, "DO NOT STACK" on top and all sides of box. As far as I can tell and in my opinion the box was packed just right. The problem is that something CRUSHED the top of the pool heater, which had to be well over 200 lbs. The box had the shape on the outside with a few wrinkles but when the package was opened, the top of the heater was crushed. No mistake as to who is at fault...... Seems that the deception started when they 'reshaped' the box after the incident occurred.
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