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Too Risky
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I used this company for over 10 years, basically decent work. When I came home to find the garbage disposal inoperative, they took the cleaners' word that they had done nothing. I can't afford substantial repairs caused by the cleaners so I canceled the service.

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SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- I had a bad experience with them, and I have a feeling that most people that use their service have a bad experience. First, you can never talk to anyone when you call, they always say someone will call back within 20 minutes. That never happened with the 8 times I contacted them. The maids showed up an hour early. They did not dust well, they state they move things, they didn't. TV in bedroom still had an inch of dust on it. They managed to blow a fuse in my house, when I returned half of my house had no electricity.

TVs not working, computer froze. Not their fault but they could have left a note, as I was not sure what was wrong and spent 15 minutes on the phone to the cable company before resetting all fuses. Vacuuming, well, my husband asked me if they even vacuuming when he got home, so obviously it was not done well. Window that was cleaned, left streaked and worse than when they arrived. Beware of a sheet of paper they have you sign before the maids work. I was told it was just something that said I would not hire the maids independently (not sure why they think that would be a problem.)

Anyway, it actually said a lot of other things, and I was stupid and did not read it. One of things it says is that if something comes up missing, they are not liable. What's up with that? Well if I would have read that before I signed it, I would have never signed it. I tried to get a hold of them for two days to complain, as in the letter it states that's as long as you get, and never got a call back. I ended up cancelling my check, the letter also stated I could not do that. But since they would not call me back, I did it anyway. Also they ruined my $30 cutting board by putting it in the dishwasher, it fell apart. They told me they would only investigate that, after I resent a check.

When I finally talked to someone they wanted to have someone to come back out. No way, I was not having them set foot in my house. He told me that if I did not send another check they would take me to small claims court. Bring it on! Don't even care if I lose, just want them to have to spend the time to go to court. bottom line is their customer service is the worst ever and their maids suck too!

Consumers beware
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have never read one single review of this company that didn't tell a horror story about the service itself, its employees and the way the company treats its customers. I wish I'd seen any of this before I used them, because it's all true! They show up early, late, or not at all. Sometimes their crews are totally inept and obviously have no training, let alone English communications skills. If you pay by credit card, they bill randomly so you can't tell what day they're actually billing you for - and just try getting them to clarify! Then one of their crews stole almost $200 out of my purse!

The company admitted to me that they didn't even know the name of one of the crew members they'd sent to my house - that he was just someone the other crew member had brought to help her and so she was responsible for anything he did! They also "clarified" to me that any damage to my home was the maid's responsibility, not theirs (which my attorney said is false, by the way).

I never got the money back, despite the owner telling me repeatedly that she would send me a check, and when I tried to cancel the service, a phone clerk told me that I hadn't given enough notice, so they would probably bill my credit card anyway. I then had to close out that account and open a new one with my credit card company. Do yourself a favor. Don't use this company. EVER.

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