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Don't go with!
By - is NOT a good place to get internet services for webmasters. Why? cybersquatting,cookie-cutter, trigger-happy. First, this is where I'm coming from: When they cold-called me, the "free trial" sounded like a good deal for my situation: they design and put up a site with seo and nearly guaranteed traffic for a monthly fee. So on the spur of the moment, at that initial phone call, I was eventually routed to the design department. The guy was cool, took all my info, and put up a site for me to evaluate.

Cookie-cutter: The site looked VERY cookie-cutter. You could tell it was computer generated without that human touch. The way the information was worded looked really generic... again, looking very computer generated. Cybersquatting: I cancelled the service within the "free trial." When I inquired about the domain name, so I could write the site myself, they said the domain name was theirs since they registered it. WHAT??? IT'S MY NAME! They registered it FOR ME, under a "FREE TRIAL."

But of course, I could always buy the name from them for the low, low price of $99. In the end I transferred the account to a "hosting" account where they host the site for $12 a month. FYI, I could get a GoDaddy name and domain for $5 and $25/year. I looked into complaining with ICANN but looks like even big corps and celebs have trouble winning a case.

Trigger-happy: After all that, and then FTPing my own site to their servers... I submitted my site to search engines and checked the results. LOL, I'm listed alright, with the stupid computer-generated text that first provided. What kind of business puts the FIRST DRAFT of a website as accessible to search engines? (It can't be changed once it's submitted.) Ever hear of robots. txt, guys???

In conclusion, is not a good resource for anyone who wants a website. They are overpriced and unprofessional, to the point of negligence. They hi-jacked my domain name with their "free trial," and submitted a first-draft computer-generated text website to all the search engines because they failed to use robots. txt. I'm stuck paying $12/month and with inaccurate public Google search results. STAY AWAY FROM WEB.COM!!!

Awful, Deceptive, Crooks
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Here's my website from ** 3 days been like this. Not one tech can figure it out!! All I did was pay, change my billing from yearly to monthly and they goofed on the ip or something. also suddenly lowered the upload limit of files to 5-70 mb. But still charging same money. So 4 of my pdf's cannot be uploaded for customers. 3 months and many techs and all lying, saying it never happened, tons different excuses. I been with 6 years and could upload as I needed, but now it has changed without telling me.

If you have a website with on the old sitebuilder; they are giving awful service in a attempt to force all customers to buy their new (still awful!) $30.00+ month service but they won't allow FTP... to download and move your site! I found a way around this by using Microsoft Expression4 and downloaded the entire website and sub websites directly from the internet (no sitebuilder... needed) and uploaded to HostGater.

So I use this until techs figure out how to point my ip to my old site. Idiots!! As soon as gets my site online I am moving all webpages to HostGater. It's only $9.95 month, has ftp, tons of things, video, flash... is a crook. I suspect a new person bought it out and is not interested in good service, only $.

Bad Policy, Worse Support, Hellish Customer Service Attitude
By -

Primary 301 redirect forwarded domain went off line - 7 calls to their Support Line and 3 tickets for one issue with over 4+ hours on phone and being sent away to wrong phone numbers, ridiculous explanations of what some other hosting service should do to resolve what in the end was's policy problem - i.e. They stopped forwarding domains. Either you buy your hosting from them to or get lost and they could give a ** if your site is down - that is not their problem that is yours.

Unbelievable bad experience from beginning to end. Misinformation, bad information, sales people for tech support persons who do not understand their own companies domain forwarding policies or procedures closing 3 tickets stating they completed the work and they did not.

I finally get routed to customer life cycle care where I get reamed a new hole for my head - I never have filed a complaint online before but after that 10 minute journey into insanity and hell with a lady named ** skilled in the fine art of talking over top of you, subterfuge, refusal to discuss the issue being presented, guilt, shame, blame, victim, arrogant blustering, threats and finally - "THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. YOUR SITE WILL DOWN FOR THE NEXT 5 TO 7 DAYS AS WE NO LONGER FORWARD DOMAINS!"

I appealed to her mercy and good customer service sense and got another 3 or 4 verbal punches for the knock out blow - decided to hang up and move on. If you are reading this you may want to consider our and others bad experiences with this outfit before you make your decision.

Replies Are they a scam site? So far they are useless
By -

So I have had a website with for over 5 years now. Sales and support were friendly and they helped me upload my site, and I was gratified to see it working. But I found the hosting service to be arcane and instruction, and after initially putting up the site, didn't do much with it. I tried periodically to check emails, and do other things like add a new user, but wasn't able to. Who knows why?

Every year or so as it gets close to renewal time, I try once again to do very basic things and am unable too. I get frustrated and forget about it. Finally I started to call the support line. They are friendly, and acknowledge that there is a problem with the site, but it is a server problem, and they will forward the problem to a "specialist team." I can expect a resolution in a few hours. Hours pass, days pass, weeks pass. Nothing happens, so I call back. Same spiel. Days pass, weeks pass. I call back again. Oh "it's because you need to renew your site. Yeah, I say but my email has never worked for me. I can't download my files. I can't add a new user, and have never been able too.

"No, it's just because you need to pay for another year." OK, fine I tell him to sign me up for another year. They say that it will take a few days for me to be able to access my site. Days pass, weeks, pass, I still can't do anything on my site. I call back. Another ticket, they say that they write that they have no problem on their end. They have created a new email account and been able to access it, but when I try I still can't. When I call support again, they can't seem to be able to access it either. Or add a new user. Or do anything. "Oh, we need to send this to a specialist team". More time passes. No further response.

I call them back because now I am determined to figure out why they are dragging me along, when they have not done a thing to give me even the most basic access to my site. This time it's "because my domaine name is expired. Yeah, but what about ALL THOSE YEARS that nothing has worked, and I have been paying for your services and my domain name. "No we assure you that nothing is wrong with the site, it's only not working because you need to reregister your domain name....we promise."€ Fine, renew my domain name for another 5 years. "It will take a few days for the site to be back up." Time passes. Still can't do anything.

I am sure you think. What a moron, why doesn't he just switch services. I really just wanted basic functionality so I could retrieve my files and move to another hosting service. But not being able to, I keep having to renew and drag this out so I can get my files back. In my latest call, they say I need "to upgrade my plan" even though I pay 7.95 a month .....for nothing. So far I have paid upwards of $500.00 to this company for nothing. Now they have the audacity to tell me that if I actually want "the specialist teams" to actually respond to my tickets I need to "upgrade????" You have got to be kidding me.

YOU ARE SCAMMING ME! HOW MANY OTHERS ARE YOU SCAMMING? You have been warned. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AS YOUR WEB HOSTING SERVICE. As of yet, I still don't have basic ftp access. "Something is wrong with your browser." Theirs too apparently as they can't access my site or anyone's site since they are using Iexplorer 6. WTF? How can you call yourself a internet hosting support staff when you can't access their pages on your browser? How hard is it for an internet company to download the latest Iexplorer??

I am going to try Godaddy and see if they can retrieve my files for me. First company to be able to get them gets my business. I don't have faith though. I think that I have been scammed, or am the .01 percent that has had 5 years downtime. Unbelievable. As of yet I have only had 1 of my many tickets responded too, saying that everything seems to be working. Too bad none of even your support staff agree. At least I thank you for bothering to respond that once when I didn'€™t pay your upgrade fee.

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