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Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae Signature Deserts
By -

COLORADO -- I just purchased Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Cup Sundae Signature ice cream desert treats, and they were DELICIOUS! I buy Weight Watcher products all the time. I like them all, because they are convenient, portion controlled and really taste great. You don't have to be on Weight Watchers to enjoy their products. They add a nice balance to good, healthy eating habits. This peanut butter cup sundae has only 170 calories, and 3 grams of fat, per serving. They come two servings per package. I would highly recommend Weight Watcher products to everyone.

Just keep in mind, for those with healthier appetites, and nothing wrong with that, being as all their products are portioned controlled, they all are single servings. And one serving may not satisfy the occasional sweet tooth binge!

Signed Up For Online Weight Points Company On 3/1/11 And Canceled On 3/4/11. They Won't Refund My Money!
By -

Signed up for online diet program with supposedly a free trial period, but of course they asked for my CC info (and got their money asap)! But I decided their website was too complicated with too much looking up foods and points to bother with and on the 4th day canceled but they only want to refund me $5.95 instead of my $53.85!!! They told me I CHECKED THE AGREE TO TERMS BOX, so I KNEW WHAT I WAS CHECKING! But like thousands of other individuals, how many people read every word of the tiny rules???

Wouldn't you think this BIG Weight Loss Company would refund my entire amount???? I wasn't happy with how difficult their website is to get around, searching for allowed foods and recipes. Too much work! Just wanted my money back!

Smart Ones Fruit Inspirations

Gentle readers, I begin this review with a simple caveat - neither I nor my wife are overweight. In fact I exercise regularly - always have and can move a little giant ladder with ease. My wife has been on a mondo fitness kick for the past couple of years - she's Linda Hamilton "terminator tough." That being said we do our best to watch our diets, stay away from fatty foods, undercooked hot wings, fast food and the like. At the office where we work, there's not a lot of nearby eateries and it's impractical to get our cars out of the ramp and go get dinner - there's not enough time.

With all that being said, I was packing our lunches today and was digging around in the freezer for a couple of "frozen dinners" I noticed she had purchased. I'm never a fan of these things as the product inside rarely looks like the photo on the box - and sometimes I think I'd rather eat the box than the contents IN it once I microwave it.

By random chance she purchased and I selected a new variety of the Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meals. It's called "Fruit Inspirations Cranberry Turkey Medallions." I was a bit leery as I craned it out of the bottom of the work fridge - opened the carton - slit the film on top and then disregarded the directions which are too small to read anyway because I'm too vain to don my 2.00 reading glasses because I don't want to look like a dork in a business that kind of relies on the whole "beautiful people" thing anyway.

I go ahead and poke in 4 minutes on the nuker and wander away to go check up on the membership here and watch a bit of TV. In no time I hear the familiar BEEP, gather myself up and saunter over to the microwave, more curious than hopeful. Surprised, I find that FOR ONCE the stuff on the inside LOOKS like the PHOTO on the outside. I thought to myself - hey this could be good. At first glance and smell I thought to myself "Self - this is reminiscent of thanksgiving - kind of like when you were a kid..." I settled down in my high powered office chair and auditioned the "Cranberry Turkey Medallions."

"Say now, this ain't half bad....." I thought. Perhaps it's much better than Mom's cooking - as she really couldn't cook very well anyway. The turkey medallions weren't big or abundant - but the cranberry sauce really set them off. Accompanying the turkey was an adequate amount of stuffing along with a vegetable melody *hmmmmmm* of green beans, new potatoes and carrots that really "struck up the band."

I dug in and gobbled it down and even though it's a lo-cal entree I must say it filled me up and knocked down my hunger quite nicely. I'm happy to say I didn't even realize it was "Weight Watchers" and would have to say these Smart Ones frozen entrees are among the better of the frozen dinners in your grocers freezer section. So did it in fact take me back to my childhood thanksgiving dinner get togethers with my family all sitting around the table? No. However the next time I prepare one of these things I might just have to call up my mom long distance over crystal clear Vonage and tell her I was thinking of her.

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