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Wellness Watchers MD
1451B Chews Landing Road
Laurel Springs, NJ 08021
1-800-591-6383 (ph)
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It Appears There Is More Than One Company Making Bogus $59 Charges
By -

INDIANA -- Perhaps all of these "companies" are really just branches of a central operation. Here's the story of my encounter with Wellness Watchers MD, and luckily for me, it had a happy ending:

Here are the events and steps that I took to resolve this:

I got an email informing me of my "1 month free trial", at a cost of $1.83USD, and the email detailed the information about the charge to my credit card. I immediately sent this email to "support@wellnesswatchersmd":

"I've already read the complaints of people being charged $59 without their permission. I want you to cancel my membership. I will be contacting my credit card company to block any further charges from your company. And finally, I will be contacting my State's Attorney General of Indiana. He takes a very, very dim view of business practices like this, and is a pit bull in pursuing companies by initiating legal action. He set up our "do not call" system, and you should see what he does to those companies that violate it."

I then called my credit card company and luckily the $1.83 had not yet posted (thankfully).

I then called the 1-800-591-6383 provided for Wellness Watchers and was put on hold for about 4 mins. before a Customer representative came on the line. He asked for my last name and zip code and then informed me that my account had already been deactivated. I went to my email and sure enough, there was an email from them confirming my account had been deactivated.

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