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Wells Fargo Bank: Fraud and Scams -- They Won't Help Protect My Account
By -

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- This is a post about Wells Fargo Bank... and my experience and opinions about how they are NOT helping me prevent fraud on my account. I have to admit that I am just amazed that I can NOT get better customer service from Wells Fargo.

Here's is my story. I live in the Midwest for a while. I chose Wells Fargo as my bank. But, I moved to the East Coast in December, where there are no Wells Fargo Banks. I went into my local Wells Fargo Bank in St. Paul, Minnesota (at the corner of Grand and Fairview avenues) to close ALL ACCOUNTS. I met with a personal banker who explained to me my options for taking my money. I chose to transfer money to another bank's account. He quickly worked at the computer to handle my accounts. He assured me everything was taken care of.

Well here's the real fraud/scam. One month and 3 days later, I received an email from Wells Fargo telling me my accounts have an overdraft. LOL. I really thought the email was a fraud. After checking more, it was not. Wells Fargo DID NOT CLOSE MY ACCOUNTS AS I HAD REQUESTED. They did transfer my money so they know I was in the bank that day. The ALSO ALLOWED this charge on an account that was at a zero balance and supposed to be closed. I called customer service. THAT WAS A DISASTER.

The first representative said she couldn't help me because I didn't have my account or check card number (well my check card was supposed to have been destroyed by the banker in St. Paul, that same card that was apparently used for the charge in January). I explained to her that I had no card and I started digging through personal files for an account number for an account I closed on Dec 12. After explaining my situation, I was met with no real help. I was told I could dispute the charges. Fine. It was as if their representative thought I was telling a lie about closing the account.

By the way... who zeros both checking and savings in one bank visit but keeps the accounts open? It's not logical. She was firm. There was nothing she could do. I asked for her supervisor who got on phone with the pre-determined attitude that I was wrong. I explained my situation. He was dismissive. I grew frustrated as a consumer who feels Wells Fargo would do nothing to freeze this account so as to stop any other fraudulent charges. There was nothing he could do. It was as if he were reading a script only (I know that's what they do). But come on. Think. Listen to the consumer.

As a customer who left Wells Fargo, they should WANT ME BACK instead of treating my like I was a liar when calling to report fraud. THIS EXPERIENCE WITH WELLS FARGO IS THE SINGLE WORST BANKING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. I asked him for his supervisor's name/number as well as the manager's name/number for the bank on Grand & Fairview avenues in St. Paul, MN. He was clearly dismissive and angry that he was having to deal with a frustrated consumer worried about fraud on his account.

I have called every number I can find. I have emailed Wells Fargo. I have no answers. I have no support from Wells Fargo to stop this fraudulent activity. As a consumer, I feel like Wells Fargo is allowing fraud on my account by not freezing it and treating me as if I am the bad guy. I WAS THE ONE WHO CLOSED MY ACCOUNTS (or was told by a personal banker it was) IN ST. PAUL.

I asked the supervisor for email and phone number of where I could file a complaint with Wells Fargo. He said there was only a mailing address. In this internet era, Wells Fargo only has a mailing address for complaints? LOL. That's customer service for you. "We want your money... we just don't want to hear when you are unhappy with our customer service."

MESSAGE TO WELLS FARGO: Please CLOSE all of my accounts as YOUR banker told me was done on Dec 12 in St. Paul. Please don't allow someone or some company to continue to fraudulently charge to my accounts! PLEASE HELP. If you ever wanted me back as a customer, this is NOT the way to do it! I just want my accounts closed as your bank said he did on Dec. 12.

MESSAGE TO MEDIA OUTLETS: If you want to contact take me about being a part of any story about Wells Fargo... especially if it's a bad customer service or fraud issue, please email me at **. Here is the mailing address that ** provided to me for complaints (the ONLY WAY to register a complaint about customer service to Wells Fargo): PO Box 6995 Portland, OR 97228-6995.

False Foreclosure
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Recently I read an article about Wells holding a check for processing and then proceeding to enact a foreclosure because of no payment. The call in that article was for a class action suit against Wells Fargo, and should an attorney take that call, I want to be on board.

Not only does Wells Fargo have the worst customer service in the financial industry in my opinion, the mortgage department is particularly contemptible. The mortgage department is in an office on the East Coast, one is never able to speak to the same person twice, and everyone has a different answer for the same question.

I've lived in my home for ten years. In 2006, due to extenuating circumstances (a death in the family, a disability, job change) I fell behind in my mortgage. I contacted Wells Mortgage Dept. (one can't go in to a local Wells Fargo and sit down and speak with someone) and told the rep of my difficult situation.

I was told by the Wells rep that they would put me on an extension, NOT to pay anything for a month, and then pay $50 more on my payment on a date the rep specified. I understood that the payment would go on the end of the loan and my payment would go up by a small amount.

When I changed jobs and got a raise in pay, I again called Wells Fargo, because my paydates had changed and I wanted to pay my mortgage on a different date than was specified. Wells Fargo said, "don't pay anything for another month, then pay $20 more on this date." I missed that date by one day because of my payroll (I was new and didn't know that payroll would fall two days after a holiday). I went into a Wells Fargo to pay my mortgage payment and they refused to take it because they said my home was in foreclosure. I had no idea.

The local Wells office called the Wells mortgage department in Minnesota or wherever. They were just closing, (we waited like I always have for 30 minutes or more,) and the mortgage department said there was nothing that they could do, that they were closing for the day. Twice I'd been told NOT to pay until a certain date, and I foolishly did that, not knowing that they were adding interest and late charges to my mortgage payment to the tune of over $8000.

My complaint is that Wells Fargo didn't provide full disclosure, that the time I spent on the phone attempting to get answers and resolution equated to a two week paid vacation, and that I was inaccurately, in my opinion, charged $8,000+ which is what Wells determined I owed on late mortgage payments.

On my part, I truly didn't understand what Wells had been proposing, or I never would have waited to make my payments. I have a good job and could have made the payments on time. I thought Wells was rewriting the loan agreement, putting the one month I was late on the end of the term, and simply raising the payment.

I contacted the OCC (Office of Currency Controller) and the State Attorney General office of Wa. with a complaint about Wells Fargo and their practices to no avail. I also wrote to the President of Wells Fargo and got no response. It takes an enormous amount of energy and time to fight a corporation like Wells Fargo. If an attorney or Senator contacted Wells perhaps they would take notice, but not a complaint from a homeowner.

As we watch other large banks and mortgage companies sustain losses, (Washington Mutual and Countrywide for example) I can only hope that an attorney will eventually take a look at the countless complaints against Wells Fargo and do something about the ineptitude, poor customer service and misleading practices that in certain cases are causing unnecessary foreclosures and bankruptcies.

My attorney says "illegal foreclosure"
By -

Desperately seeking class action lawsuit. I was assisting my niece, who is recently divorced, going back to school to get a teaching degree and raising two children. She was 40-50 days late with her mortgage payment on a house that I co-owned with her. She spoke with someone there and immediately sent the requested amount to get the account up to date.

Unbeknown to her, the check was in the process of being held by WF for 2 and a half weeks, mailed back with a postmark of December 24th (Merry Christmas Lady!!) telling her that because the funds were not certified the house was in foreclosure. She received the letter from them after I became involved when my banker contacted me about a credit rating drop. After being notified by the bank (and still not knowing that they were in the process of returning the check as it had not arrived in the mail) I promptly called Wells Fargo and was told that she was a little late and that a check was sent and everything was now fine.

I requested the ability to view the account on-line, promptly went to the computer and was unable to access the account. I called WF back within 12 hours of the "everything is fine" conversation only to be told the house was in foreclosure. Over the next few days my conversations with Wells Fargo were so bizarre that I felt the need to contact an attorney.

I became diligent over the next few days to make sure that everything was happening as it should and the house is not longer in foreclosure. I have retaliated against WF by paying off my personal mortgage after their possessing it for only 3 months and therefore depriving them of interest from me. I know that others are not in a position to do this.

My concerns are that: WF appears to want to cause foreclosure, WF appears to be deceptive: the check sent by my niece was never sent to her bank and I have verified that she had the funds in her account. Why would a company send back a perfectly good check, (and on Christmas Eve, thus further delay my niece finding out that the check was not accepted) and simultaneously turn someone over. Former presidents of banks have told me this sounds like a setup.

Word of advice: 1) If a Wells Fargo rep tells you "everything will be fine" BEWARE and double check by re-calling the 1-800 number to be sure that you are being given consistent information. 2) If they tell you to send a check, ask them what kind. They do not volunteer that information and appear to use it against you. 3) Try to check what they are telling you by phone on the account on the internet.

4) If you are in a co-owner situation and speak to a rep that trashes the other owner, the information that you are being given is not necessarily true. I was told my niece had ignored multiple attempts by them to contact her when obviously she had been speaking to someone and was taking steps to correct the problem. 5) Follow up, follow up, follow up. I strongly advise against being complacent after being told to "check back in a few weeks". You will be bit in the process.

Why would a company want to foreclose? Well in this case the house was practically paid for, and, what about those extra fees? One of the WF reps even said to her "the lawyers love these foreclosures because they make so much money". I work in an office with only 13 employees and 4 of us have had our credit damaged because of WF tactics. The others have had no dealings with WF.

Wells Fargo's Poor Customer Service and Fees
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Thank you for your concerns regarding Wells Fargo customers. I am submitting this complaint against Wells Fargo Bank. I wrote a check of $330.04 and clearly indicated its date as 02/28/2007. My account was in a position to cover it only at the posted date, but Wells Fargo honored the check on 02/12/2007, two weeks earlier than the posted date. This resulted in my account to be charged $141.00 in a period of 4 days.

It is my impression that Wells Fargo upon being represented a check either automatically or as hard copy has to verify the amount, date, and name it is written to. I believe these are some of the red flags that have to reviewed in fighting fraud. The Wells Fargo response below shows that its automated means that it relies on does not capture a check dated year 2005 or 2007 even if we are in March 2005; thus putting customers at greater risks. Below is the Wells Fargo bank response:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the processing of post-dated or stale-dated checks. In general, banks process checks by automated means, relying upon check information contained in magnetically encoded information found at the bottom of the check - MICR. The check date is not part of the MICR encoded information. As a result, a bank will pay or return a check without regard to the date written on the check."

"As discussed in the Consumer Account Agreement, a 'stop payment order' is used if you do not want a check paid or to give the bank notice of a post-dated check. To be effective, a stop payment order must be received by the bank in a time and manner that gives the bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it."

"A stop payment order is valid for six 6 months and must be renewed if you do not want the stop payment order to expire. Each renewal will be treated as a new stop payment order. For post-dated checks, it is your obligation to remove the stop-payment order once the check is no longer post-dated. The normal Stop Payment Fee will apply to each order. Thank you for banking with Wells Fargo."

Reverse Mortgage Loan Closing Delay
By -

NEWPORT, NORTH CAROLINA -- This is an admonition to anyone shopping for a Reverse Mortgage Loan (RML) lender to think twice before using Wells Fargo bank's mortgage services. My current experience with them is bringing back unpleasant memories of an earlier experience with Financial Freedom, which was the arm of Indy Mac bank that specialized in RMLs.

On November 4, 2008 I sat down with the Wells Fargo's Reverse Mortgage Loan (RML) agent at my home in eastern North Carolina and initiated a new RML. This new RML was to refinance a RML that I had gotten over one year earlier through Financial Freedom. Since closing delays had made the experience with Financial Freedom very frustrating (12 weeks and one day), I specifically asked the Wells Fargo agent what I could expect the elapsed time to be for their closing date, and was proudly told that Wells Fargo had a policy of closing in 30 days or less.

Forty-four days have elapsed as of today (12/18/2008), and I have not been able to get Wells Fargo to even set a closing date. I call their regional representative, she says she will check on the status of my closing and call me back, but she usually does not call back. When she does call back, it is to tell me that they are understaffed and overworked (who isn't?), and that a supervisor will call “later today”. She has stated that all the documentation is in place, but that the processing hasn't been completed.

Since Christmas is only eight days away I am growing increasingly frustrated, and I am expecting Wells Fargo to use the holidays as an excuse to set the closing for the last week of this year or the first week of 2009. If so, my experience with Wells Fargo's closing will far exceed their assurance of “30 days or less”, and may end up being very much like my experience with Indy-Mac/Financial-Freedom.

My RML with Indy-Mac/Financial-Freedom finally closed on May 31, 2007, and the FDIC took over Indy Mac less than two months later in July. The agent that took my recent RML application said several times that Wells Fargo was financially sound, but the guy with Indy-Mac/Financial-Freedom said much the same thing. Now I am wondering if an inordinate delay in setting a closing date is a sign that a bank is short on funding and about to fail. Does anyone have any inside information on this? Should I cut my losses with Wells Fargo and go with another lender? If anyone knows anything, please clue me in.

UPDATE: Wells Fargo finally set the closing for the afternoon of Christmas Eve, seven weeks after the RML was initiated. Receipt of the proceeds was also delayed (by the Christmas holidays) but was completed on New Year's Eve, making the entire process span eight weeks and one day.

Wells Fargo Screwed Up My Wire Transfer
By -

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- They say something while you were doing wire transfer and lie about it from top down. I was doing an international transfer and the first banker doesn't even know how to convert currency if he has a converting factor. (If 1 dollar = y of other currency how many does does x dollars cost make in other currency). Believe me this he took 10 minutes to figure out. Then he screwed up the process and it was cancelled (which by the way I had to follow up and check as they did not say a word about it). I again had to go the other day.

Again the wire is cancelled as the internal process did not agree with the conversion rate they put in. So it was changed and sent again on the third day, which they promised would go the next day and take at the maximum of 48 hours. It did not. SO when I ask the manager says the person who sent the wire is not in office and they would not have said 48 hours. I waited for 4 days and again the manager said she confirmed with her staff and apparently they did not tell me 48 hours and I got confused. I was told 5 to 10 days.

So I waited and then they say it wasn't sent on the day they said it was but 3 days later due to some holiday on receiving end and I was given an option to cancel which takes 5 days to get my money back. So I go the next day and ask why the delay and give my money back.

Now I am told that the staff apparently explained me two methods of sending money and I opted for some reason the one that takes very very long time (even though I chose Wells Fargo to my 3 day delivery regular method just for the reason of money being delivered in 48 hrs). And the highlight for today is they will not be able to give my money back and have to wait as long as it takes and as a consolation gave a 20 dollars put in to my account. REALLY NEVER EVER TRUST THEM AND GO WITH THEM.

Wells Fargo Bank - Does Not Accept Joint Government Checks Unless You Have Joint Account
By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- Today, June 21, 2008 I had a very bad Saturday at my local Wells Fargo Branch in Concord, CA. After being a customer since 2000, with checking and saving accounts, and depositing my paychecks every two weeks in there, I was told the following: "You cannot deposit your joint tax return government check no matter that both you and your husband are here because you have not a joint account with us."

My husband was ready to present all necessary ID's DL, credit cards etc., in order to deposit the check into my personal saving but it was not enough. They simply wanted to deposit this kind of checks into joint account only. The same problem we will have with our stimulus check that is coming these days.

I feel this is a legal issue, because the government is giving us some money, and we have to have an access to them. But actually, if you go to Wells Fargo located at Clayton Road, Concord, CA you are not going to be able to cash your joint government check unless you have a joint account in there.

What should be, if all the banks are like Wells Fargo? Then all we must open joint accounts, otherwise we have to return the checks to the government... When I called the telephone number listed on my Wells Fargo monthly statement, the representative told me that this is a decision of the local branch manager and NOBODY is above him. When I asked them for the telephone number of Wells Fargo Legal Department I was told there is no such a number... so I was very, very humiliated.

How comes a local branch manager can stay between me and the government checks issued to me and my husband? I don't think this is the right way for Wells Fargo to acquire more customers. If this is a security issue why Wells Fargo simply don't ask the depositor(s) to present same documents they need for opening a joint account in order to cash or deposit the government joint checks? I need a legal advise about this issue. Please, share your experience and opinions about the above matter.

Business Credit Card Fozen
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, CONNECTICUT -- My business credit card was frozen on January 11, 2008. I received no letter, no notice on my online statement, nothing. It had a zero balance, never even used. On January 11 I had put in a letter of intent to sign a lease to start my business. The landlord declined my request. He said my credit was fine but I was underfunded. Not knowing my card was frozen, I wonder if it was a factor in declining my request for a lease. Now half of my funding was gone and did not know it. I found out when they sent me my online notification of the new statement for view, it said that the account was closed.

I called the credit card direct and they cannot tell me why it was frozen, to submit by fax a request to reopen the account and why I want to reopen it. WHY? I never wanted it closed. Could you imagine, if I had signed that lease, went to go purchase the equipment and then was told that my card was invalid? I would have been stuck with a five year lease while running around to find a replacement for that funding. I am closing my business account and personal accounts with them and taking my business elsewhere. I also had problems with them charging me $5.00 a month for paper statements. I don't get paper statements, I get online statements.

The banker I deal with is very nice, but took him 3 months to get it straightened out and having to return my money to the account so that I would not be charged the fees for being under the minimum amount. My business isn't even open yet, and now I am scared to death. How hard can it be? By the way I don't know what or where Costa Mesa is, the bank is in Colorado, I don't know why they have the CT for state, I put CO.

Harassing phone calls when payments are not late
By -

WASHINGTON -- We are on the last payment of a 5-year car loan with Wells Fargo, the eighth car we have purchased and paid off in our adulthood, and we will never do any kind of business with Wells Fargo again because of the way we have been treated.

The payment terms state there is a grace period between the payment "due date" and the time it becomes "late." We have taken advantage of that grace period when needed because of our paycheck schedule. For at least the past year, starting on the very first day of the "grace period," our phone has rung multiple times with someone from Wells Fargo hounding us, from early morning until late night.

Right now, when we are days away from paying our FINAL PAYMENT, ON TIME, the phone calls have begun again. This is no way to treat a good customer, and as a result we have already made sure that we do no other business with Wells Fargo, and that everyone we know hears this reason to stay away.

Dropped Mortgage loan at closing
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am writing to inform the public to stay away from Wells Fargo. They bought my loan from American Home Mortgage in early Aug and they waited until my closing date on the 24th to let me know that there was a "hiccup" with my loan. The "hiccup" was that they now needed to review the loan because their standards were different.

I'm a first time home buyer and was guaranteed that I had a FHA home loan. I provided all of the paperwork and went through the whole process. I was given a good faith estimate by Wells Fargo and a closing date by the lawyers. I was only informed of a problem through the home insurance company who had not received the paperwork needed for closing on Thursday. The mortgage broker assured me on Thursday that everything was fine and that the closing was being moved to Monday that they were waiting for the papers from the underwriters. Keep in mind I was prepared to move on the weekend. Everything was packed in boxes.

I gave 30 days notice to my apartment complex. The moving truck was rented. I sold my old washer and dryer because a new washer and dryer was being left behind at the new house. The seller was in the military and had already received new orders.

His wife and child had already left the state. The seller had a plane ticket to leave Friday night after closing. The ticket was nonrefundable. I decided to call the lawyer. He informed me that the closing was put off indefinitely and that I needed to contact my broker. Then my broker dropped a bombshell. She informed me that it would be a week or more before they could make a decision on my loan. Again keep in mind I had been informed that I already had been approved for a mortgage loan. I was in tears. My husband was in tears. My family was in tears. The seller was totally distraught and asking me, "What do I do now?" as he sat in my realtor's office.

My realtor had NO clue about the "hiccup". After 17 unanswered calls from the realtor to the broker, the broker called my husband on Friday, the day of closing, and said, "you might want a plan B." The result is they dropped the mortgage loan at closing.

I am not alone. There are 5 other families in my area that they did this too. I know there is a law about full disclosure. I don't think keeping everyone in the dark was lawful, fair, or moral. If I had known in early Aug when Wells Fargo bought American Home Mortgage, that there may be a problem, I could have been better prepared. What happened to at least 5 families in the Charleston SC area is wrong. Sincerely, Devastated in SC.

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