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Continuous Harassment and Humiliation
By -

ARIZONA -- We have fallen on hard times and have been just under 30 days late with our payments. I have answered most of their calls to us. Stephanie called my relatives to tell them that I am late on my payment. Stephanie literally laughed at me when I confronted her about this. I had a male call me and hung up when I asked to speak to his supervisor at 3 minutes before 9pm. I had Christy the other day tell me that I was going to hang up on her. I said no and the phone went quiet until I said, "I'll add Christy to the list of rude people at Wells Fargo" and she then broke her silence with "I'll transfer you to a supervisor which I had already asked for and been denied".

Of course I got his voice mail and you guessed it no call back. The calls continue to come in and I'm only 21 days late at this time. Two days ago I had Freddy tell me that there is no Russel as a supervisor, no Stephanie, and no Christy, so I asked who has been calling me then and who was he and where was he from. "I'm in Dallas" and he told me that they would be taking further action. "Further action as to what" I asked him, and he said he couldn't tell me. Go figure... I asked "Is that a threat?" He said "further action would be taken" but gave no more information.

I finished my end of this call with "have a good day". Don't they think that I would give them the money if I had it. My husband is now over the road so we have split the family to make ends meet. I work 7 days a week now just to get caught up from his unemployment. We are desperately trying to save what we have.

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Rating: 1/51

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a car 6 years ago through Wells Fargo auto. I admit, I did have the occasional late payment, but I paid their fines and fees. I had 4 payments left on the car, owed $1400. I lost my job, and couldn't get another, so I scraped money together to make payments. Not only would they not work with me, when it was found that I no longer had a job... well... suffice it to say, the car was repo'd and subsequently sold for $1000. I went back to work finally and called Wells Fargo to give them the last of the $400 that I owed on the car, even though it was no longer mine. They demanded $2700. They said it was fines and repo fees.

I ended up settling and giving them $1400. We all know they are rude and heartless. We all know that they are not here for charity. But I paid on that car for 5 years, at an interest rate of 11%, they did indeed get their money and then some. The thing I found reprehensible was how they would not work with me at all to let me just pay the 400 that I still owed. This bank is a good one to destroy your credit history. I hope mine recovers eventually. I will never work with Wells Fargo again.

Run if Wellsfargo Buys You're Contract
By -

I've had my truck since Aug. 2005. The contracts been bought out at least for times that I could remember & every other finance company would bend over backwards to help you get back on track when you were having finance problems, except HELLS FARGO that would not ask but demand money that you don't have. When I lost my job I made the payment to them & asked on next month to get a deferment. No big surprise their answer was "no". OK, it'll just be late. I was able to get a loan from grandparents to catch up & get month ahead with. Everyday they would hound like a pack of wild dogs.

My contract ended last AUG. 28, 2010 and they still sent a bill for $2,000. A month later they sent another paper saying they were going to reduce 522. off my final bill. But the thing is how do I owe the money since I found the original contract. I was told they buy up contracts & pad it without people realizing it. Now I need to find a lawyer to straighten out these shady people...

Took Payment Without Authorization
By -

Wells Fargo called me first week of December 2010. We owed November's car payment. I explained that the car was wrecked and we were waiting to hear from the insurance company to see if it was totaled. They offered to do a deferment if I called back in before the end of the month. That is what we agreed to. I took a trip out of town on December 16 for a custody hearing in Maryland. I was on a plane from the 16th at 3pm CST until I landed due to weather issues in Maryland at 3 am EST. We get home Friday on the 17th around 10pm. I get home and check my bank account and lo and behold, Wells Fargo took a payment without my authorization.

I called the bank and they said that it was done via the telephone and was put through on the 16th. I wasn't able to call Wells Fargo yet but I will Monday morning after I go to the branch on Saturday. It is the law that they cannot do an ACH transaction without my consent. Wells Fargo policy states that the call has to be recorded as well. I plan on refinancing my car elsewhere because this is ridiculous.

They can return the money to me and lose out on a car payment for all I care. I am so pissed off I could scream. I fully plan on sending this as well to the BBB. These people need to be shut down. Stay far away from Wells Fargo for anything. Also they offer no grace period as well. This isn't the first issue with them. We've had problems since August with this company.

Billing Problems That Resulted in Wrongful Repo and Selling of My Vehicle
By -

2501 SEAPORT DRIVE BH300, PENNSYLVANIA -- WFAF had repo and sold a 2002 Dodge Durango from me that was financed through the company. When errors were on their part, that the company did not want to acknowledge even when proof was shown to them. And I want people to know even if you schedule to make a payment online and WFAF is responsible for taking your payment from your account, WFAF still turns in your payment a NSF even when your bank shows you that the bill was paid.

WFAF had mailed out to me documents in some instance that didn't make any sense concerning my payments before and after the car was taken and sold. My main thing is how can you say that a customer didn't make payments when they did and showed proof. But all the company do is take information that was giving them play like that's not what they had when it was their job to keep accurate information about there customer payments, then just sending out any old information and using to there advantage to take what really belongs to you back.

I do have proof of payments that was mailed to WFAF concerning payments that was made and their reason for taking the 2002 Dodge Durango, in which a lot that was written wasn't true. So anyone out there thinks that WFAF won't manipulate and lie on paper. I know they will and will say what they didn't receive when they did. But regardless of what was said I have proof of their lies.

Harassing Phone Calls
By -

Wells Fargo is the worst auto financing company I have ever dealt with. When I established my vehicle loan, I set up auto withdrawal. In reference to my very first payment: my payment is due on the 17th. The collections department calls on the 18th 5 to 6 times a day. I speak with them and realize that they have not set it up. I go through the steps to do so AGAIN and call back. I am then told that won't now take effect until the next month. I go back online and make an instant payment. I call back with the confirmation number and ask that they stop calling my work number and only call my home number in the future.

I am told that I will be removed from the calling list and they will verify my payment is received. I receive 9 to 10 calls the next day, once again at work. I "catch up" this new rep and they state the same thing. An hour later I receive another call and after dealing with a rep that told me I should just pay my bills on time and numerous other comments, I ask to be transferred to a manager. After speaking with the manager I am told that the situation is taken care of and they will not call again.

Needless to say this goes on for almost a month. We are reaching the point of my next payment being due. They are telling me that they cannot track their confirmation numbers at all and my payment has not posted. They then continue to tell me that on the next payment date they are going to take out 2 payments to catch the account up. Regardless of the fact that I have the confirmation number and have faxed them copies of my bank statement showing that the funds cleared my account weeks ago for the initial payment.

One night when they called I decided that this was going to end once and for all. After 3 hours on the phone and being transferred from person to person to person they notify me that they posted my payment to someone else's account. After a couple of days they move the posted payment over to my account, TWICE! So, now my new auto withdrawal does not come out. When they remove the second one they posted to my account the calls begin all over again! I am refinancing immediately! This is ridiculous and they are the rudest people that I have ever dealt with! No apologies at all!

Be Wary of Wells Fargo!
By -

I have had a car loan with Wells Fargo since 2004. I called their customer service line to get a pay-off figure. They gave me an amount and said it was good through March 7th. I sent off a track and confirm letter with a bank check in the said amount. It was received in their office on March 5th. I then get a letter stating I owe an additional $119.00! I called immediately to find out why and was told that letters were sent out “a year ago” not to use my payment book and included a new address.

My payment was late because it was sent to the “old” address! I told them I never received such a letter and regardless since it did in fact come to their company I should still be paid in full. I also asked why, if all my payments for over 12 months were sent to the “wrong” address, I was not contacted and the rep had no answer. I was told I would not get my title until the amount was paid.

At that moment I realized they had me by the short hairs as if I continued to fight the charge the interest would just keep accruing until I did. This happened with my husband years ago with BOA and we ended up paying an additional $600 to secure our title! DO NOT take a loan with Wells Fargo… Use you own bank or a lender you trust. They are simply put a rip off company!!!!!

Inappropriate Late Fee Charges and Incompetence Resolving Issues
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Wells Fargo auto finance customer service is the most incompetent group of females I have ever worked with. And as a female I am embarrassed to be grouped with them as one of my gender. After I informed them of erroneous late fee charges and substantiated through my bank that the check in question had indeed cleared the bank, they refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor to get the issue resolved and requested private account documents showing that the check had cleared (ie, my bank statement) which my bank does not release to a third party. Subsequently my bank agreed to write a letter acknowledging clearance of the check but Wells Fargo customer service hung up on me when I insisted on speaking with a supervisor so that the issue could not be resolved.

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