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Here Is What The Bail Out Did For Me. From Wells Fargo Bank
Posted by on
DUNEDIN, FLORIDA -- OK, I financed a car from Wells Fargo Bank 2 years ago. I had been working at my current job already a year. Well, 1/26/09 I was lay ed off from my job. I always have had very good credit. When I got lay ed off from my job with no chance of return. Like the rest of the 60 to 75 % of America is going through down sizing. And with not many jobs out there I new I had to do something. Plus on top of all of this I am a single mom trying to raise 2 teenagers. So I decided to let the Car go. I had received a severance package from my job upon being lay ed off. It wasn't much. But, it did buy me another car cash to drive around town in. I called up Wells Fargo Bank out of to tell them my story. They told me to first go to 3 car dealers first before handing over the car. They wouldn't give me one of their local bank locations to drop this car too. So I did as they said and I call them up and asked them OK.

Here are my appraisals from 3 different car dealers. Now what? The man at Wells Fargo Bank tells me to hold on the phone a minute. Then he comes back on the phone and tells me that the highest bidder was not enough. And that they Wells Fargo was not going to except it. Hey people were talking $10,000 dollars here. That isn't pocket change you know. So at this point I was very upset. And I told them you mean to tell me that you will not except this offer because its not enough towards what I owe on this loan. And the man from Wells Fargo said That s right. NO wonder Wells Fargo needed a bail out from the Government. They would rather come and pick up the car with no monies paid towards what I owe them Than except $ 10.000 dollars. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY BAIL OUT MONEY IS??? I told him I could not afford to keep this car and its full coverage insurance because of unemployment and other reasons.

And he was rude to me and suggested that I go out and find a job to pay for this car. I told him that car will sit with no insurance on it and I won't pay a dime. I told him I will call the attorneys Generals office and file a complaint against them. He laughed and said to me that won't help you this is a federal loan. And he also informed me that Wells Fargo has ways of making me pay for this car loan. He made it sound like Wells Fargo could sue me for this loan. I laughed at this point because I don't have anything that they could get. But, it left me wondering. I didn't know what he meant about a federal loan. Still no location to take this car. And as long as this car is in my hands I am responsible for full coverage insurance on it. God for bid something happen to this car in the mean time.

Also this situation has caused me a lot of mental pain and sleepless nights. If something happened to the car That would just prolong this problem. Meanwhile the car that I purchased with cash money must sit. Because of no License plate. Because I was going to transfer the license plate tag from the Wells Fargo Car to my Paid in full cash car. If only that would have been the case. If I could have transferred that tag to my other car without any problems it would of only cost me $130.00 Dollars. But, because were I live I can't have a car without a license plate on it. I am forced to go buy a new plate for my paid for cash car at the price of $320.00 Dollars. I don't have the extra $ 320.00 dollars to do this. So I went and sold off some of what I have of my diamonds and gold jewelry to gather up this money.

Its not much. I'm not wealthy by no means. All because of Wells Fargo and the making me wait all this out. My boyfriend suggested I get Pre paid legal services. So I decided he was right. I need legal advice at this point. Prepaid had told me that they could send Wells Fargo A letter to find out a local location to where I could bring this car back to them. But, don't forget it takes 3 to 5 business day to mail to California. SO a letter there and a letter back from them. You are looking at at least 2 weeks maybe. So I'm looking to probably file for bankruptcy. I will know more tomorrow on this case.3/3/2009. When I see this attorney. Does anyone know if there might be a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo??

Because if there is one, I want to sign up for it.
This situation has caused me a lot of mental anguish and has disrupted my family.
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feeling ripped on 2009-03-02:
Hey Tina, I feel your pain. My work truck was repossessed last month. The fees kept adding up till I couldn't even afford to buy it back even though I scratched up every penny I had. The auction is tomorrow. I can only hope to buy it back with the money I had offered them and at least get back to work. The banks are the ones who started this mess we are all in, received taxpayers help but won't return the courtesy of helping the ones they hurt. We lose our work because of them and now become deeper in debt. Just hang in there, and remember your not alone.
Slimjim on 2009-03-02:
Wait, you want to sue Wells Fargo because YOU can't pay back the loan? I can understand times are tough and am sympathetic you hit a skid, but if you take a step back and look at it for a minute, it's not a stretch why the guy laughed.
Tina- Here is what the bank bail out did for me. on 2009-03-02:
I wish you all the luck Man in getting your truck back. I'm so glad that you sent a comment back to me. I'm thinking about going to my local Congress mans office. This is bull Crap.
What is going on in this country?
Tina- Here is what the bank bail out did for me. on 2009-03-02:
No, not because I cannot pay back the loan. But, they won't even take $10.000 dollars towards what is owed on this loan. They would rather take a complete lost and that my dear still cost us tax payers. I can see why Wells Fargo needed a bail out. Which in the end will cost you and me still.
Slimjim on 2009-03-02:
Again let me understand. You want to sue them, as well as, call Congress because they won't accept PART of what you contractually owe and borrowed from them?
msnanny on 2009-03-02:
If your understanding of your responsibility for this loan is anything like your understanding of the English language then I understand why you just don't get it. Servants package?????????????????
Tina- Here is what the bank bail out did for me. on 2009-03-02:
No, What I mean is take part of the loan the $10.000 and possibly accept partial payments. No, they didn't even want to work with me at all.
jktshff1 on 2009-03-02:
Ya owed the money, ya blew it. Ya live, ya learn, ya die and forget it all. There is not going to be a complete loss because it's going on your books as a debt. You are going to be posting here because NCO is calling and wanting to collect on an old debt.
bargod on 2009-03-02:
Why must people keep making a deal out of small typeing errors?
Anonymous on 2009-03-02:
Can't we look past the typo's and grammatical errors? We all know the OP meant severance package.

The issue here is that WF didn't want to consider or even discuss other options. I really feel for the OP...personally, I don't know about everyone else, but when I read what people are going through after losing their jobs, it's really making me stop and think twice about what I would do if I were to find myself in a similar situation.

And yes, I understand and agree that the bank rightfully wants and deserves their money...that's a given. It's the nature of the beast that bothers me, people are hurting and in trouble right now, and it's not looking too hopeful out there.
tnchuck100 on 2009-03-02:
Tina, The first thing I noted was the "federal loan" claim. I don't think financing your car with them has anything to do with the feds.

Next, if you cannot afford to pay for it you can do a voluntary repossession. You are effectively returning the car to them voluntarily. Yes, I hurts your credit big time. Wells Fargo will then auction the car off and obtain a judgment against you for the difference between what they get at auction and what you owe. That's the way it works.

Your situation is unfortunate enough as it is. Don't let Wells Fargo bully you further. Let them repo it and handle the details themselves.

Good luck.
Tina- Here is what the bank bail out did for me. on 2009-03-02:
Yes, That's the problem. Thank you, justbcuz.
jktshff1 on 2009-03-02:
Wait a minute, I am not being abusive, disrespectful, or any of those other things, just being realistic, and NO I do not or have ever worked for a financial institution.
TINA...YOU did not live up to the agreed upon terms and conditions that YOU SIGNED upon receipt of the vehicle. Therefore, Wells Fargo is obligated to their stockholders to go after their money and collect. They are under no obligation to change those terms. Why are you wanting to "blame" WF for your problem? It's not their fault.
Go back and sue the company that laid you off and see how far it gets ya. Better yet, write a letter to that Hawaiian guy that was elected president and let him know how you feel. That and two bucks will get you a fairly decent cup of coffee.
Nohandle on 2009-03-02:
Tina, you took part of your severance package and purchased a vehicle you were able to pay cash for. Good for you. I am royally confused about the $10,000.00. Was this offered as payment in full for your obligation? From what you stated you financed the car and have made payments for two years, you were laid off 1-26-09 and knew you couldn't continue with the payments, insurance etc and contacted Wells Fargo. How much do you owe on the vehicle?

Chuck might very well have offered the best advice, although not an alternative many would like to choose. Voluntary Repossession. The difference in your post Tina is if you've paid for two years, I gather you felt you could afford vehicle when you purchased it. I'm sorry this happened to you but you really shouldn't blame Wells Fargo. Any company will do whatever they can to cover their bases.
Anonymous on 2009-03-02:
jkt, you are absolutely right, WF isn't obligated to change the terms of the agreement. I mean it's not like the banks can just start saying "pay us whenever you can, we'll wait" and at the same time, the consumer can't pay something that they no longer have the ability to pay. What to do? It's a mess and it's scary. Something is going to have to give, but what will it be?
expose2media on 2009-03-02:
I am well aware of my friend Tinas situation with her car.The media has always been the source of exposing big companies when they act unprofessionally and unfairly.Regardless of the outcome,it can be exposed and very well may be.Perhaps this company would like to appear and explain their lies on a news network?How about US congressmans office?It does work.I know from experience that it does.Ever hear of Kevin Trudeau?Yea,I thought so.He could be one of them among her group.They should consider that ANY one of their clients could be affiliated with certain various individuals who could wreak havoc through various media channels,thus exposing a story nationwide.Many in similar situations will take notice and we all know that word of mouth (media)can be the make or break of any companies trust with the general public.It only takes one media source to do it,and I assure you,she will have more than one.It could cost them a lot more than it does her.Don't believe it?Just watch and see.People tell their stories on here for a reason.Why not print ones emotionally charged story, and send it to the sources willing to expose it?Yea theyll screw her over,but it could cost them dearly to do so.Shes not trying to sue them or bring them down.Simply exposing their unprofessinal demeanor to a massive listening audience.Think about it before laughing.Is this not how stuff like this has always been exposed?To those who got treated very badly,would you not like to see what they did to you,fully exposed in mass media? Like they say,it isn't always what you know,but who you know.
Anonymous on 2009-03-02:
Well, it appears that there is a comment missing. Is that the admin's new tool in action?
jktshff1 on 2009-03-02:
Abiding by terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties is not acting unprofessionally or unfairly.
No, who in the heck is Kevin Trudeau and what does he have to do with the situation being discussed?
expose2media on 2009-03-02:
An employee yelling at her on the phone making degrading comments and outright lying to her is unprofessional.Telling and promising people that they will work with them and then doing the opposite could be considered wrong.Kevin is considered by many as the number one consumer advocate in the United States.His book-Debt cures they don't want you to know about has helped countless people.As he calls it-the interest and fines are nothing more than legalized card sharking.Of course,I agree that she is obligated to this debt and the terms of it,but communicative degradation on their part isn't exactly ethical.
BokiBean on 2009-03-02:
Kevin Trudeau is such a scam artist I can't believe that people still fall for his garbage.

From wikipedia (cause I'm too lazy to look up anything else):

Trudeau was convicted of fraud and larceny in the early 1990s. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sued him repeatedly. A court order currently restricts his ability to promote and sell any product or service; however, he is permitted to promote books and other publications due to free-speech protection under the First Amendment as long as they are not used to promote or sell products or services and do not contain misrepresentations.[1][2] On November 19, 2007, a court found Trudeau in contempt of that court order for making deceptive claims about his book The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About.[3][4] In October 2008, he was fined more than $5 million and banned from infomercials for three years for continuing to make fraudulent claims pertaining to the book.[5]

DebtorBasher on 2009-03-03:
Sorry you're going through such a rough time in your life right now. But, there are no class action suits for a situation as yours. Best thing to do is to wait and see what options your attorney gives to you. Do you have a garage that you can park the car in and transfer those plates to the car you paid cash for? As long as the car is in your garage and off the street without plates, you should be good to go. If you don't have a garage, check with some family members and see if they can keep the car for you so you can transfer the plates. It's hard to get out and look for a job when you don't have transportation to do so. Good luck to you.
tina a on 2009-05-31:
I am in a difficult financial situation as well and want to take my car down for voluntary repossession through Wells Fargo. They refuse to tell me where I can drop it off. Anyone know how I can find this out? If not I'm thinking of asking my Attorney to call them and find out for me. What do you think? Please only respectful comments.
Anonymous on 2009-05-31:
Tina, maybe this web site has the answers you're looking for:

tellibee on 2009-06-02:
Tina they won't take your offer because you are asking them to hand over the title to your vehicle and create an unsecured debt. That would be stupid and they would lose even more money than the volluntary Repo. If you would have offered them the 10k and been able to get approved for a smaller unsecured loan there or someone else that is fine but you are unemployed so that cannot happen and if you cannot pay a smaller loan you cannot pay smaller payments on a bigger loan. Does that make sense? People really do need to stop blaiming the banks for the economy. This America was built on debt so it is no wonder it is crumbling. People just need to pull themselves together and learn from this just like every company is learning. By the way Wells Fargo's "bail out" was forced on them and it was used to give people like you new loans. They were not in a bad place so before you place blame and judgment on one of the only good banks left maybe some of you should jump online and read up on the situations
Gabe on 2013-06-25:
Wells Fargo just repo my car while I am still making my regular payments on it. I never missed a payment. They said I owed them for insurance that I lapsed but I already paid that in full when they first repo my car. When I asked for their explanation, they said I my insurance lapsed and they did not explain what happened to the full payment I made several years earlier when they first towed my car. They did not want to hear me asking them questions, they think they are always correct, when I ask for the full accounting they said I have to listen to them. They are rude and they need someone to teach them customer service.
Gabe on 2013-06-25:
I do understand what Tina is talking about - they are not very helpful. I am lost my job and they don't dare that I've been paying my regular payments will all of what money I get while looking for a job, I need my car, they are not human at Wells Fargo. They still repo my car while I never missed a payment.
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Wells Fargo Customer Service Is Deteriorating
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Wells Fargo customer for six years and have been noticing a gradual deterioration of service over the past year. Yesterday I finally learned why that is.

Usually I do my banking online or at the ATM. This time I entered the bank. There were three people in line before me waiting for the only teller. There was one other employee working at the drive-in service window and a single bank manager in an office at the back. There were three groups of people waiting for the bank manager.

I waited in line for ten minutes before the teller finished with the person she had been working with when I first entered. Meanwhile two of the three people ahead of me in line got tired of waiting and had left the bank. The one remaining person ahead of me in line took less than five minutes but by that time there were four more people behind me.

When I got to the teller I casually mentioned that she seemed awfully busy and looked like she could use some help. She launched into an explanation of how tired, frustrated and exhausted she was because the bank wouldn't hire enough people and that she didn't even have time to visit the restroom.

She was one of only two tellers and when the other teller was off (like the present time) there was simply too much for one person to handle.

She went on to state that sometimes new trainees were sent to the bank but as soon as they were trained they were always sent somewhere else. The bank manager had repeatedly requested additional help but his pleas were ignored because there was an overall shortage of qualified people throughout the company.

The situation had been going on for about a year and she was completely exhausted and didn't know how much longer she could continue at that pace.

I should mention that this Teller was very efficient and professional throughout the transaction and our brief conversation.
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yoke on 2013-11-11:
More and more banks are like this. They want the customer to do all their banking via the ATM or online. The days of having tellers at every window are now gone. A friend works at a bank and has the same complaint that the teller said to the OP.

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Lost Payment - Hitting Credit
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Wells Fargo Dealer Services is the WORST COMPANY I have ever had to deal with!!!!

I submitted a payoff for my auto loan (with a cashiers check from CitiBank) in person at a Wells Fargo Branch and it has been 14 days and they have not posted the payment to my account. In the meantime, I am racking up late fees and dings on my credit while they are trying to research my payment. I have been told, many different things like - "it takes 3 days to post to your account", then it was "it takes 5-7 business days" then it was "the cashiers check bounced and was returned!" NO! I have proof you cashed it!!!!!

I only have an 800 number to call and get a different person each time I call and have to deal with the nasty - "you account is overdue" messages - uh, actually it isn't, you have the money! I got a copy of the cashed cashiers check from CitiBank (in less than 12 hours by the way) and submitted it to them without and promise or guarantee it will be taken care of in a timely matter. I have taken many hours out of my work trying to fix this - with dealer services, and with the bank where I made the payment. They don't care if your credit is on the line (I can't imagine getting them to try to fix it because of their mess up) or that they basically STOLE MY $800 PAYMENT - it isn't their money so no sweat off of their back.

At this point I don't know what to do. I need a consumer advocate to help me get my account cleared, my pink slip sent and my credit fixed! I am sick to my stomach over all of this with no end in sight.

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Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-05:
File a complaint with the office of the comptroller of the currency.
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IRA Transfer To My Checking Account With Wells Fargo
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- On 10/2/2012 I decided to transfer my Wells Fargo IRA to my checking account, little did I now it would take weeks and then some. I requesedt the form which was E-mailed to me and that day 10/3/2012, I filled it out and submitted it by fax. On 10/10/2012, I called the 800 number and ask what was happening. They stated they never received it, the next week I tried faxing it from 3 different places and they still didn't receive it. I had some places fax it 4 times and called 3 hours later and still didn't receive it, because I did it by pen not by computer they said it wasn't coming in and it was blank. Going on a week and a half now, I submitted it again through my son's fax machine and it didn't have an account number were it said office use only.
They had the number because they gave it to me, so I had the agent walk me through step by step to make sure they had everything they needed and I submitted it again. I called again 3 hours later and they said they rejected it, due to no signature to compare it with. So now they needed my DMV faxed to them and I have talked to 5 agents, an agent adjuster who still failed to help me and connect me with a supervisor. I have spent over 6 hours talking from Mexico trying to transfer my money to my checking account for almost 3 weeks now and still haven't completed the transfer which I was told it would take only 3-4 days.

My advice to everyone is take your money out of Wells Fargo brokerage IRA A. S.A. P you might spend months trying to get it if you're lucky to get it at all.
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madconsumer on 2012-10-19:
depending on the type of ira your account is, there are regulations outlining how an account can be liquidated. the bank has to file with the irs, and also will require to take out the fines for early withdrawal, if applicable, as well as all taxes. if an ira is liquidated early before retirement age, the fines and taxes are an average of about 40% of the ira value.
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My Wells Fargo Auto Loan Nightmare
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Because Wells Fargo already had my home mortgage account and a motor home loan, they seemed like an obvious choice when I needed to be a co-borrower for my son's auto loan. Little did I know the string of nightmares that this would set off!

About the same time the loan was processed and the account opened for my son's car, my motor home was damaged beyond repair and was to be paid off by insurance. A claim check was sent to Wells Fargo for the balance of the motor home account, but they paid off the wrong loan!!! Instead of paying of the load for the motor home (in my and my husband's names), my son's auto loan was paid off (in my and my son's names).

And what happens next? Lots of finger pointing. The insurance company blamed Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo blamed the insurance company. In the meantime, I have one account that should have been paid off (and I was told was paid off) that I quit making payments on. I had another account that I sent payments to that were refunded. YIKES.

After two months of phone calls and a run-in with the president's office (because I threatened to sue), I thought all was finally taken care of. Finance charges and overdraft fees were reversed, accounts were reinstated, payments were made to correct accounts, etc. etc. I made up the two back payments that were returned to me, as well as returned the title that was sent to me by mistake. I receive a letter in the mail from the Office of the President, and I felt like there was finally closure.

But then today happened (two and a half months after the closure).

I had planned all along to refinance the auto loan because I still have a bitter taste in my mouth over all the problems and the complete lack of customer support I experienced from Wells Fargo during the whole process. I have NEVER been late on a payment of any kind in my ENTIRE life, so I thought the best thing I could do was to take my business elsewhere. So I went to my local credit untion, and then the credit check came. I discovered that Wells Fargo actually reported me to the credit bureaus as being late on my payments for those two payments that they refunded to me in error.

I am so disgusted with this company. It is a shame that there is no recourse for a conglomerate such as this. I'm lucky that my credit union will still refinance my auto loan even with this error in reporting. My next goal is to refinance my mortgage. Then my business with Wells Fargo will truly be separated.
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clutzycook on 2012-08-07:
That's when you dispute the report with the credit agencies, show them the proof of the loan debacle and go from there.
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Holds on My Account ( Cash Deposit)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOGAN, UTAH -- A friend gave me some money in the form of a cash deposit in my account, a woman named [snip] Nelson has put a hard hold on the cash and she won't take it off the hard hold, and no one else can! She says she can hold that money for as long as she wants to and for me to forget about the money and to get a job..... Which I have!! And Wells Fargo is giving me a run around, I call the customer service and they tell me they can't help nor do they understand why cash is on hold, then tell me to go to the bank... Banks says no they can't do anything only [snip] Nelson can! But she won't and it has been 60 days.. The sad thing is that it has only gained 1 penny a month so far.... Where is the interest going?? And everyone I have talked to on the phone and in person are not truly caring customer is always right kind of people!!! I just want my money isn't 30 - 60 days long enough to wait??
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tnchuck100 on 2012-07-07:
There is too much information missing here.

How much money is involved?
Was the account overdrawn?
Do you owe Wells Fargo on a delinquent loan?
What is the reason you were given for the hold?

They cannot hold a deposit "for as long as she wants to"

What you have described is illegal. I would like the Paul Harvey version....The rest of the story.
trmn8r on 2012-07-07:
If someone takes your cash and won't return it, the police should be called. Chuck posted some questions that appear to be pertinent. I agree - there is a critical detail missing.
Anonymous on 2012-07-07:
I deposit cash into my boyfriend's account and my landlord's account. I've never had any issues with the bank holding the money. Once, my bf's account was overdrawn, and the bank still didn't hold the money. Something just doesn't add up here.
leet60 on 2012-07-07:
The time frame indicated is not legal based on the directives from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency:

"Can the bank place a hold on deposits made in cash?
Yes, generally a national bank shall make funds deposited by cash available for withdrawal by the next day—or not later than the business day after the banking day on which the cash is deposited.

A business day is a calendar day other than a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal holiday.

A banking day is a business day during which an office of a bank is open to the public for substantially all of its banking functions.

This holds true if the deposit is made in person to an employee of the bank."

As others have indicated, I also, would like to know the "rest of the story".

I suspect there may be an "offset" provision involved on the account - in which the account holder agrees when opening the account that any funds deposited may be used to offset money owed to the bank - or the account may have some sort of lien on it.

I am curious why the person was not simply handed the cash by their friend and why it had to be deposited.
trmn8r on 2012-07-07:
Great points, leet. The offest provision, the friend's deposit, the one day hold. Very helpful advice!
madconsumer on 2012-07-07:
with an all cash deposit, they can only hold it so long by federal law. unless there is suspicion of illegal activity, money laundering, or the deposit was over ten-thousand dollars, all which are legal reasons to hold a cash deposit.

please use the below link to file a complaint with the federal reserve:

oldisgood on 2012-07-07:
the only thing that I can think of is perhaps"Nelson" is somehow connected with the Treasury Dept. and the cash is perhaps too much and is being investigated for "money Laundering"? The whole scenario makes absolutely no sense and I hope the poster updates on M3C so we can finally find out what the problem is. I think a lawyer, at this point, might not be a bad idea. Everything "Mad Consumer" posted is absolutely right but to not tell you anything about "why" is totally wrong. I would be in the office screaming my fool head off demanding some answers.
raven2010 on 2012-07-07:
It may be possible that the OP owes money, such as for back taxes. I freeze bank accounts all the time. By the time the court order goes through and the bank responds, then the order to pay in/pay out is processed, it can take 60 days.

That said, the OP would have been notified by the court at her last known address that this was happening. Also, I cannot "time" a bank hit for when I know money might be there. I have my paralegal file the pleading and then the timing is out of my hands.
madconsumer on 2012-07-07:
madconsumer on 2012-07-07:
this reviews mentions nothing about back taxes, that is pure speculations.

this review IS about a bank that placed a hold on a cash deposit.
Cwazychicken on 2012-07-07:
I have had my family deposit money into my bank (200-300 dollars at one time sometimes!) and I have NEVER had a teller hold my money. As long as it goes in, it goes in. Perhaps there may be a day delay if its a check but other wise, nobody should be able to hold on to money that is not theirs. I would get the cops involved, if what you are saying is the full story. She has no right to hold money for no reason!
Cwazychicken on 2012-07-07:
But if its a lot of money, or if there is a bank levy on your account, then a bank can hold funds put into your bank and whoever you owe, will get that money. But if the teller really did say to "forget about it and get a job" then, that is weird and should be investigated.
raven2010 on 2012-07-07:
Several of us offered a variety of reasons this may have happened to the OP.

We are all speculating and trying to assist the OP as to why this may have happened. After all, that is the purpose of this site---to offer suggestions, help, give our own experiences, etc.

There are many reasons why a deposit may be held, cash or not. There is nothing wrong with offering suggestions as to how/why it may have happened.

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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW JERSEY -- I have attempted, since April of 2011, to either re-finance my current mortgage with Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) or to qualify for the HAMP/HEMP programs. Customer service informed me that in order to qualify for Obama's program, I would need to be behind in my mortgage. Although frightening, I believed the representative and was assured that during the application process, my home would not be placed in foreclosure.

Well, Wells Fargo not only placed the home in foreclosure during the process, they continually harassed me with phone calls. The restructure process continued for three months with no resolution or acceptance. In fear of losing my home, I brought my payments current, and was then advised I did not qualify for any of the restructure programs!

Now my credit is destroyed, based on Wachovia's advice, and they have consistently refused to either remove the bad credit reports or complete restructuring my loan. I imagine that since Wells Fargo received billions of dollars of taxpayer money, they should be using it to assist those who need to reduce their payments. This company is extremely talented in stealing, giving the consumer the run-around, and generally being disinterested in helping their customers.
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BigAl on 2012-05-11:
I think you were trying to scam the government into giving you a helping hand when you did not deserve it. These programs were designed to help people from losing their homes. Losing your home was never in question. Proof of that is that you immediately brought your mortgage up to date when threatened with foreclosure. Sorry, no sympathy here.
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REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- My rating - They don't warrant an 'Awful' star!! Where to begin! Don't go near this bank! Several years ago I ran the Christmas Kettle program for The Salvation Army. We were required to count the coins by hand and then roll them before the bank would take them. Writing The Salvation Army information on each wrapper! When I deposited the money in The Salvation Army account Wells Fargo CHARGED The Salvation Army $70.00 to deposit The Salvation Army's money into their own account!!!! This latest Fiasco occurred late summer 2011. I took my father in law to Wells Fargo on Pine St. in Redding, CA because he is in a wheel chair and can not drive. I spoke up when my father in law went to withdraw some money from his accounts. It is procedure for Wells Fargo to ask customers why are they withdrawing their own money and what they are going to do with it! I gave my opinion because my father in law doesn't answer those questions to even his wife or children! I continued to share my opinions that what he did with his money was none of their business. I was informed that it was 'their' Fiduciary Responsibility. (I bet if a customer is robbed in the parking lot it won't be their 'Fiduciary Responsibility' to cover the loss!) I was told by Assistant Manager Gabriel Davis not to enter the downtown Redding, CA. branch again or I'd be arrested. Then 2 days later Adult Protective Services shows up at the door to check on my in laws because they think I'm strong arming my in-laws. I guess because I was dressed in shorts and sandals I looked criminal. After Protective Service was informed by my father in law that we would be moving them into a Care Home within a week she was satisfied there was nothing wrong. I gave up my income and lost out on $20,000 worth of construction supplies among other things to come to California and take care of my in-laws (without pay) and this is how they treated me. Mr. Davis and co-Hort Sue need to begin their training from the beginning or be fired. In my opinion Wells Fargo needs to dry up, close down and go out of business. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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At Your Service on 2012-01-15:
I've never had a problem with Wells Fargo and always found them to be great. Having them look in on your In-Laws is not a bad thing. If something were wrong, it would be good they did so.
lexophiliac on 2012-01-15:
I understand why you would be upset coupon, caregiving is often a thankless job, giving up so much of yourself, and getting burnt out in return. Consider looking at it this way; The elderly and infirm are easy victims of financial abuse. Bank managers and employees are trained to spot red flags and question transactions in the interest of protecting elderly customers. You had an ally in caring for your father in law, someone else who cared for him and his wellbeing too.
griffin21 on 2012-01-16:
Great post lexophiliac. Initially I only thought that the withdrawal amount triggered a red flag.
Nohandle on 2012-01-16:
Agreed Lex that was a good thought on this; although, I hope others don't look for a bank to make certain everything is going fine with a family member. Most simply don't know who you are unless it's a really small bank when you are recognized when you walk in the door and someone unknown might really put up a flag if dealing with your account.

As far as the first paragraph, many banks charge for rolled coins over a certain amount each day. The ticket here is to deposit only the limit for one day and then spread it out over a number of days. Aggravating at best but there usually won't be a charge if you maintain an account there.
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Wells Fargo Repossessing Cars From People Collecting Unemployment.
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I think its a shame how these big companies try to strong arm people into what they want them to do. I had a Dodge truck for 4 years and was almost done with the payments when my job suddenly closed down and I had to start drawing unemployment. I let them know that my unemployment check wouldn't be in my account until 4 days after my due date of my car payment, do you know that they told me that I couldn't keep my car cause I was drawing unemployment? I didn't take them seriously and sent them the check anyway, do you know they would not cash that check. So my husband said "How much you want to make a bet that they are holding on to the check so that they can say you didn't pay them or that they didn't receive payment so that they can repossess your car and still try and cash your check." And darn sure he was right, they held that check for over a week and took my car. When I called to ask why they took my car they said that unemployment was not a form of payment that they accept and the only way I can get the car back is if I paid the car off. I was given only 2 weeks to do it. My husband is the head of the loan and I'm second and even though he makes good money they said that, that wasn't good enough we both have to be working to continue to make payments and drive one of their cars. I never heard of that before because money is money and that shouldn't have stopped me from keeping my car. But that's their way of robbing the people blind so they can resell the car and still come after us for the balance. We thought about getting a lawyer (liar) but all they would do is tell you that the banks can't repossess your car like that, take your money then tell you at the last minute that "Technically the banks can do it". In the meantime your dooped by the car dealer (Wells Fargo Dealer Services) and the lawyer (Liar) is taking your money smiling in your face the whole time. Just to tell you theirs nothing you can do because "Technically they can do what they want". So either way you look at it your still out of luck. I will never buy a car from any dealer if Wells Fargo is the loaners.
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Bill on 2012-01-04:
There's something missing in this story. I know many lawyers who would jump at the chance to take this case.
clutzycook on 2012-01-04:
You say that's what a lawyer is going to say, but have you actually spoken to one? If what WF said is the truth, my husband would have had his car repossessed a hundred times over in the six years we were paying it off. Frankly, the banks don't care where the money comes from, as long as it comes in. Have you been late on payments before?
unhappy999 on 2012-01-04:
I also think there is something missing to this story. The bank doesn't care where you get the money from unemployment or a job as long as they get their money. They don't take a back a vehicle over 1 late payment. If you husband makes good money then why did you have to wait for your unemployment check to come and tell the bank about it? Were you already behind on payments when you sent this one in late?
At Your Service on 2012-01-04:
No question unhappy999. They just want to get paid.
Cwazychicken on 2012-01-05:
Unless you miss a few payments, I don't see how they can repossess your car. Most places give you some time to come up with the money before taking it. I wouldn't think how you paid them would be a problem. Unless they cashed the check and there was no funds? Just a question, probably not correct. Its hard to tell. I would think if your husband made good money, they would work out a deal with both of you on how to pay the rest off. There is a lot more missing that I'm curious about. Was it a unemployment check or a personal check?
CowboyFan on 2012-01-06:
I would discuss it with a lawyer. This shows, however, that if one is going to be late it is better to borrow the money from someone, instead of telling the lender you lost your job. That might trigger some provision related to the security of the loan, although I have never heard of such a provision.
frustrated on 2012-10-02:
was originally with wells fargo,for4 yrs of a 5 year loan,auto loan. loved em....kind people...very pleasant to deal with under any circumstance..then my acount was switched to wells fargo dealer services..which has been a nightmare . I've been contacted by these reps that say I haven't made a payment,when in fact I did..they say confimation #s dosent mean anything so I had to fax proof of my bank statements showing that they received my payment......along with talking to the rudest people not caring at all....I straightend this incedent out finally,after freakn out thinking of who had my money....and working with people from my bank...who fortunatly proved they had received my payment...jus got another call....there doin it again..........wow......OK the burden of proof is on me....are these people bored or what.....wish I could have stayed with the original wells fargo bank....this new place is like dealing with back stabbing sneaks trying to screw you ,they must be working for minimum wage, an hatn on any person trying to work hard for the things they desire......watch your back ........they seem to be trying to spread there discontent with well aimed accuracy.....wow.....some peoples kids.....lol
Bern on 2013-10-09:
This company needs to pay for how they treat people.We were behind two payments on our car and tried to pay one payment and pre-date two other payments and they hung up over and over again on my husband.And when we called back to speak to someone over her he called my husband out by his name and told him to never call back again and for him calling now they were calling to get the car back now!So today they took our car :(Something has to be done with the way they treat people.Example of what she would say to him.I could work with you but you know what I'm not going to.Or beg or sell something to make your payments.
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Wells Fargo Needs To Close!
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My rating - I had to give it one star to have it show up. They don't warrant an 'Awful' star!! Where to begin! Don't go near this bank! You can only submit a complaint after giving your personal information and only on the phone. Several years ago I ran the Christmas Kettle program for The Salvation Army. We were required to count the coins by hand and then roll them before the bank would take them. Writing The Salvation Army information on each wrapper! When I deposited the money in The Salvation Army account Wells Fargo CHARGED The Salvation Army $70.00 to deposit The Salvation Army's money into their own account!!!! After that encounter I will not ever be a customer. This latest Fiasco occurred this week. I took my father in law to Wells Fargo because he is in a wheel chair and can not drive. It is procedure for Wells Fargo to ask customers why are they withdrawing their own money and what they are going to do with it! I spoke up and gave my opinion because my father in law doesn't answer those questions to even his wife or children! I continued to share my opinions that what he did with his money was none of their business. I was informed that it was 'their' Fiduciary Responsibility. (I bet if a customer is robbed in the parking lot it won't be their 'Fiduciary Responsibility' to cover the loss!) I was told by Assistant Manager Gabriel Davis not to enter the downtown Redding, CA. branch again. Then yesterday Adult Protective Services shows up at the door to check on my in laws because they think I'm strong arming my in-laws. I guess because I was dressed in shorts and sandals I looked criminal. After Protective Service was informed by my father in law they would be moving into a Care Home within a week she was satisfied there was nothing wrong. I gave up my income and lost out on $20,000 worth of construction supplies among other things to come to California and take care of my in-laws (without pay) and this is how they treated me. Mr. Davis and co-Hort Sue need to begin their training from the beginning. In my opinion Wells Fargo needs to dry up and close down.
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Alain on 2011-09-25:
I believe they can charge the Salvation Army a fee for 'processing' the change, but I think that's pretty petty. As far as your other complaint; did you have a POA, what type of account did your father-in-law have and why did the assistant manager say you couldn't enter the bank again? Regardless, it's a safe bet that you and Wells Fargo will be happier if you don't do business with each other. You can find another bank in the Redding area that will be friendlier and better suit your needs.
jktshff1 on 2011-09-25:
As much as I am opposed to gubment and business intrusion into our private lives, in today's day and time, this intrusion seems reasonable if you were handling the withdrawal for your dad and it involved a considerable amount of money, or your name is not on the account. I would suggest you get a power of attorney, and have your name placed on the account in order to avoid problems at the next bank you choose.
Everyday, you read of someone scamming an elder out of their money.
raven2010 on 2011-09-25:
With elder abuse becoming more and more rampant, many banks are questioning large withdrawals made by senior citizens.

That said, it should be handled professionally by both the bank and the family members helping the elderly.
jktshff1 on 2011-09-25:
raven, you said it better than I.
raven2010 on 2011-09-25:
Thank you jkt---elder abuse is a pet project of mine, along with domestic violence.

I tend to get on a soapbox, but is is very important that we recognize and address possible abuse, whether it be mental, physical or financial.

I would rather someone be embarrassed/offended by questioning than be permitted to commit any form of abuse.
GenuineNerd on 2011-09-25:
I read recently where banks are charging customers to deposit rolled coin, even to the point where after so many rolls, they would charge a 50 cent fee per roll...which means that they will charge 50 cents to deposit a roll of pennies!!! I know that many people (me included) have saved pennies for years and years. I even filled a "party-size" whiskey bottle (one gallon, which I found in my aunt's attic) with pennies. I have taken rolls of pennies to my bank in the past and weren't charged a fee, but if banks start charging fees for rolled coin, most likely those pennies will end up in the grave with me.
trmn8r on 2011-09-25:
The details behind what prompted the questions about the withdrawal are not provided. Were you doing the interaction with the teller on behalf of your father? If so, there may have been a concern that his mental state prevented him from handling his affairs responsibly. It isn't logical that the bank intrudes into people's private matters for no reason at all.

The last time I gave rolled change to a bank was many many years ago. They had me write my information in each roll. Probably standard practice in case the right amount isn't found inside. That $70 sounds high, but how many rolls were there? They have to process those rolls themselves - they can't give them to someone else. Charging a fee for a lot of rolls makes sense.
trmn8r on 2011-09-25:
GN - my local bank put in a change counting machine that customers use for free. SO I take my jug in, dump er, and the thing even filters out Canadian change.

I'd never pay to use one of these machines - free is the right price for me.
lexophiliac on 2011-09-25:
One of the responsibilities of a bank is to protect its account holders. Many managers and tellers know long time account holders by name, and are especially vigilant of their elderly and infirm customers. I have experienced this with two different banks myself, and though it may seem intrusive and untoward, there is comfort in knowing that someone is looking out for the interests of our loved ones and noting any incongruities in their usual banking practices.
kinthenorthwest on 2011-09-25:
I crossed Wells Fargo off my list of banks ages ago...
#1 Reason...Anything deposited after 4pm except on Friday goes into next day deposit.
#2 Reason...If you not a customer then you have to wait in a separate line, even if you are cashing a check written on a Wells Fargo account. That actually made it difficult for my ex. The guy that did our lawns finally asked for cash due to this policy. Said he had to wait over 45 mins due to them taking only one out of the non-customer line per every 5 or 6 in the customer line. People that came in way after him got served way before him.
Old Timer on 2011-09-25:
Wells Fargo sucks. I wanted to deposit a check into my Daughters account, I had no account with them. They said it would be a 5 day hold on the funds even though it was a local credit union I use. I walked outside, pulled the cash from their ATM, walked back in and gave the same idiot cash. She said it would be available the next business day! CASH!!

Wells Fargo is run by Morons, JMHO.
kurt on 2013-10-30:
Banks are required, by Federal Law, to watch for and investigate any case of possible elder abuse. It's an audit issue, and the bank can be fined/lose it's license if they don't comply.
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