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How I feel after Wells Fargo foreclosed on my home during my attempt to modify my loan
Posted by on
I am writing this letter to let you understand what I have been through.
To Wells Fargo – I know that you are a nameless, faceless entity and there is no one person who will read this or care or feel any sense of responsibility. But I need to write it. You have no idea the pain you have caused me and I know that this pain is multiplied by the thousands in others.
Last July 6th my home was sold at auction at the Chatham County courthouse. I did not know this was going to happen. I didn’t know that it did happen until the next evening when I happened to call Wells Fargo to check in with the loss mitigation department and the lady I spoke to told me my home had been sold. When I got home later that evening there was a note on my front door from the investors who had bought my home. I did not expect this because when I spoke to a lady at Wells Fargo on June 23rd about not qualifying for the HAM program, I told her that I could make my payments and all we needed to do was to figure out a way to catch up the past due amount. She said “No problem”; she would reschedule the foreclosure sale by ten days (to July 16th) so that we could look at some other options for me to come current with my mortgage.” I believed her. And, I know she did this because two other people at WF have since told me that they could see the e-mail from her requesting the sale be rescheduled. If I had known the sale was going to go forward, I could have borrowed money from my boss to pay the past due amount and prevent it. He has told me he would have loaned me the money.
I will be typing up the sequence of events that led to this in a separate document. I want to try to focus on my feelings in this letter.
I felt numb with shock, sick to my stomach and then an overwhelming sense of panic. Over the next two months as I worked (unsuccessfully) to try to repurchase my home, I was depressed, crying and sometimes considered suicide. Some days I spent all day in bed, sleeping to escape the nightmare situation. Some days I spent all day at work crying. Some days I had to leave work early because I couldn’t stop crying. I still have panic attacks where I feel like I can’t breathe.
This has left lasting trauma with me. Can you imagine waking up one day to find that the house you thought was yours, the home you had made, was no longer yours and you had to leave it? I cannot express the feeling of insecurity, loss and panic I still have.
That house was my home for 11 years, for over one fifth of my life. I spent hundreds of hours taking it from a boring, bland house to a warm, beautiful home. I painted, repaired and cleaned and I replaced fixtures all through the house. I spent thousands of dollars replacing the vinyl and carpet with tile and wood flooring. I spent hundreds of hours working in the yard, landscaping and planting trees, bushes and flowers everywhere. That house was a work of love, aside from my children, my greatest work of love. Now, I don’t have a house to work on or a yard to work in. Sometimes I can’t even watch Home Depot commercials because they make me feel so bad. I feel intense jealousy of people who own their homes. I can’t watch home improvement shows on television. I feel such a sense of loss and hopelessness, of no future. I can’t even begin to bring myself to change my address on anything – bank accounts, credit cards, etc. because it hurts so much to think I don’t live at that address anymore.
I don’t know how I will get through this spring. I love to plant, to garden. I love to plan what I’m going to plant where and to smell the dirt when I plant and to see the results of my labors. It is unbearable to think that I will miss seeing and smelling the jasmine on the back fence outside my bedroom. I would leave the bedroom door open at night in May and June to smell the jasmine and the gardenias while I fell asleep and when I woke up. I can’t believe someone else will see my umbrella rose trellis with the pink miniature climbing roses. And, I miss all of the cut flowers I could have in the house – especially the roses. I worry about the plants and the trees. What if they didn’t get enough water and since no one lived there to water them, they died. What if whoever buys the house doesn’t know or care about plants and they let them die.
That house was the only home my youngest son had ever known; we moved there when he was one year old. The street we lived on was a small cul-de-sac where all the families knew each other. We had regular neighborhood parties and events like movie night, sports contests, Easter egg hunts. My sons grew up with several friends in that small neighborhood. Everyone watched out for each other’s children and you fed who ever showed up at your table for lunch or dinner. The kids ran from house to house to play. You might not have known whose house your child was at but you knew he was at a neighbor’s and you didn’t worry about him. They all went to the school bus stop on the corner and rode the same bus to the same school. And, the adults all helped each other when help was needed. One elderly couple in the neighborhood had both had health problems at the same time and all the other neighbors took turns making them dinner each night for several weeks. There was a sense of belonging and security for all of us. I can never give this back to my children and I may never have it again either. I feel I have let my kids down so much. I can’t even begin to express the guilt I feel about this.
My mom is my only family left. My dad and my brother died several years ago (my brother died in that house). She lives by herself but she is severely handicapped by arthritis and in a wheelchair all the time. We had made my house somewhat handicapped accessible by installing a wooden ramp in the garage, widening the door to one bathroom and installing a grab bar next to the toilet. I can’t do these things in my rental house. She can’t come to my house – not for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. She tries very hard to be independent but it is getting harder and harder for her. She will need to go into a nursing home at some point. I could have slightly remodeled my house to have her live there instead but now I don’t have any option like that. And, I think about how I am letting her down, how ashamed I am to have disappointed my father because he always told me that my job after he died would be to take care of her.
I even feel that I have let my dog down. The home I lost had a fenced yard and we could just open the back door and she could run around the yard or rest in the sun and smell everything. Now, she can only go outside on a leash. She can’t chase squirrels, our cats or birds. I feel so guilty that she has lost all of this.
To the investors that bought my house – I realize that you two are the faces of what happened to me; that Wells Fargo doesn’t have a face I can blame or hate. I also understand that people rarely do things to others, that they do things for themselves. I know that you will rationalize what you did by saying that you are investors, this was nothing personal, this is just business for you (I remember you telling me that). And, I’m sure you tell yourselves that if you hadn’t bought my house at that auction, someone else would have. I have to tell you that the way you make your living is crappy. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe I have just been lucky enough to always have worked in an industry (homebuilding) where we build something for someone, make a dream come true for them. But, I know enough about myself that I know I couldn’t do your job. The profit would not be worth the shame for me. I couldn’t make money by taking something so precious from someone. I hate you both. This has been my mantra for several months – I say over and over again “I hate you”. I am not at all a vengeful person and I can’t think of anyone else I would say I hate but I am having a very difficult time getting past my feelings of hatred for you. I have wished you would die. I don’t wish you would die anymore. Now I wish that somehow you would lose something precious to you, out of the blue; something so precious that it feels like the death of a loved one so you could feel something like the pain I’ve felt. I hate you and what you have done to me so much. I hope you rot in hell for all you have done to people.
I have thought many times of killing myself. Sometimes right after I lost the house, I would think that may be if I killed myself and did it the right way so the insurance company didn’t know it was suicide, my kids could take my life insurance proceeds and buy the house back. Now, I think about getting into the house and killing myself there so that you would know why I did it. Last Friday I was so upset that I couldn’t go to work again. I thought all day about driving myself to the emergency room and telling the people there that I was suicidal. I didn’t do it because I don’t want to scare my kids or to leave them alone. And, I worry constantly that I will lose my job because of my depression and then we will be homeless. I have no husband and I have no relatives to help me. I am not an unbalanced person. I am by nature analytical, not very emotional and don’t fall apart easily. I have never had anything affect me like this has. Even losing my father and my brother didn’t affect me in exactly this way.
My doctor has explained to me that since she has counseled rape victims in the past, she knows that all the guilt I feel, the depression, the vulnerability, the sense of hopelessness are feelings of a victim and that I need to get past feeling like a victim and start feeling mad. I never understood before why rape victims would want to commit suicide and why they don’t want to prosecute and face their attacker. I understand now. Many people have pushed me for months to file suit against Wells Fargo; I haven’t been able to go forward with that. I don’t know if I can bear reliving all of this again. And, I don’t know if I can handle the intense anger and maybe further depression. I have tried to move on and I thought I was but I wasn’t. I finally felt like I could write this letter for the first time within the past few days. I don’t know if this will help me move on but I don’t know what else to do. Maybe this will bring me some peace. I hope so because I really don’t know how else I will find it again. That house was my sanctuary, my serenity, it was the center of my life, it was the stability I gave to my kids, it was my creation, it was me. And, it’s gone. How do I ever get that back?
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User Replies:
azRider on 02/23/2011:
you need to talk to a lawyer. Ask the bank to show you the loan docs and the promissory note. its time to fight. some of the banks are foreclosing on homes they have no right to do. don't give in, don't crumble. get angry and start fighting. get legal advice now, don't wait, the faster you move the faster you can put the bank in line. My guess is the bank sold it at a trustee sale, and that its going to go back on the market as an REO. you can still win this, if you fight now. Don't give in to the dark side, its easy to say 'what can I do'. if they promised you a loan modification and then sold your home out from under you then you have a chance to fight them.
PepperElf on 02/23/2011:

Try reading that.
clutzycook on 02/23/2011:
Maybe I read it wrong, but it sounds like the OP waited until the 11th hour to try to get a mod going. How far behind were you? Did you have deliquency notices beforehand? Regardless, if you never received a notice of foreclosure, you need to get a lawyer and fight this.
Anonymous on 02/23/2011:
As someone who pays their mortgage on time evey month, even though I had to pay more for the house because people, who really couldn't afford the house without the voodoo financing that went on with the time, I have to ask what would of happened if that bogus loan remodification program of never taken place. I believed most of the homes would have been foreclosed anyway. I was taught to believe if you violate your contract and fail to repay your loan as stipulated in the contract, you would lose your home. All home maintenance is required as a homeowner. Comparing yourself to a rape victim is just plain wrong.
dan gordon on 02/23/2011:
your story was very well written and heart wrenching. I just finished a Wells Fargo 'easy' 3 step refi and it was far from 'easy'. My sympathies.
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Wells Fargo Bank's unfair treatment to mortgage loan applicant
Posted by on
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- We believe Wells Fargo Bank (WFB) deliberately and unfairly denied our applications twice to refinance when mortgage rates dropped in order to keep us at our present 6% loan with them. We initially applied in August 2010 and were denied approximately 30 days later with the reason that our debt to income ratio was too high at 55.44%. Subsequently, two WFB loan specialists advised us to reapply after we paid down the equity line we had used for our small business. We paid it down to zero on 9/20/10 (and have not used it since) and started the second application on 9/27/10. Moreover, the loan specialist who took the first application and advised us to reapply sent us an email that he would process a change to an even better rate of 4.5%. We later learned this was never done.
Additionally Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM) disallowed our monthly rental income of $1,200, stating it's because a renter rents a room in our primary residence. The facts are that this is for a completely separate "granny flat" apartment that has its own entrance and parking. This has been declared as income since our tenants moved in June 2006 and has been declared as rental income on our 1040's every year since 2006, and the rental checks are deposited monthly into our WFB personal checking account.
I sent an email on 1/10/11 to an Executive Mortgage Specialist, Retail - Office of the President for them to answer why this rental income is not verifiable, along with other unanswered questions regarding our two loan application denials.

Then on 12/10/10 (more than 60 days after our second application was started) we were told that we were denied again for the same reason as the first, namely: our debt to income ratio was too high at 82.27%. I asked how that could be since we had paid the equity line down to zero, incurred no other new debt, and do not carry credit card debt. I was told that the amount that Underwriting used for business income was less than half of what figured on the first application.

Additionally, they excluded our monthly rental income of $1,200 stating they cannot use income from "live in boarders" when in fact this income is from a completely separate "granny flat" apartment, the rental income has been declared on every income tax return since 2006, and the rental checks are deposited monthly in our personal WFB checking account. I was told by a WFB representative that "determination of rental income depends on the circumstances."

Therefore, based on these facts and other inconsistencies in the processing of both loan applications that WFB will not explain, we feel that WFB deliberately and unfairly denied our ability to secure a loan when rates were historically low. We further feel certain that based on our excellent credit rating, previously satisfactory banking history with them since 1978, and our low loan to value ratio of our home, that if our mortgage had been with another lender, WFB would have approved us for the loan.

So while we have begun the process again with a different lender, the rates are now higher. Since we are getting close to retirement, we feel that this unfair treatment by WFB denied us the window of opportunity to have a much lower mortgage payment during our retirement years when our income will not only be fixed but reduced.

It is regrettable that our relationship with WFB will be ending on such a sour note but our confidence in them has been irreparably breached. Evidently we were wrong to believe that WFB really cared about its loyal customers since our experience showed us what they really care about is the money. This is written in the hopes that it will spare others from becoming victims of what we perceive to be unfair lending practices on the part of Wells Fargo Bank.

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User Replies:
leet60 on 01/07/2011:
I am curious in regard to your equity line. You paid it down to a balance of zero. Did you, subsequently, request the line of credit be closed? If not, having a balance of zero is not favorable if the credit is still available. For example if your equity line was $10,000.00 with a current balance of zero, this is still looked at by lenders as $10,000.00 in debt, as there is nothing to keep you from using the entire equity line the day after a new loan was approved.
dan gordon on 01/08/2011:
I'm in the midst of a Wells Fargo easy 123 refi right now. I'm going through similar issues. This was supposed to be a 'non verification' easy 3 step process but I'm up to producing tax returns etc etc and the list for more documentation keeps coming. Maybe I see a trend?
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
You can always refinance with someone else.
jetcat on 01/12/2011:
We have started the loan application with another lender but unfortunately the rates are now higher.

Also while we paid the equity line to zero, WFHM has not made an issue of that being available to us as the potential availability was not a factor in the debt to income ratio.
leet60 on 01/12/2011:
@jetcan. Thanks for clarifying, I was simply curious. As I do not carry a HELOC I was unaware that an unused one did not affect your credit score. I appreciate the information.
Anonymous on 01/13/2011:
My first mortgage was 14% back in the eighties, and that was a good rate at the time. The rates may be higher, but they ate not high.
maryann on 01/17/2013:
Wells Fargo is very incompetent! I started the refi process in September and was shuffled around through three different loan officers. The first was back in training so I was sent to a second who was let go then to a third who informed me that the loan was cancelled because of a time issue. I sent Wells Fargo every piece of info. they asked for numerous time, they kept losing the paper work. I paid 385 dollars for an appraisal and was treated like a scumb bag. My credit score is 788 and my debt to income ratio is 30. There is no resond why I should have been treat poorly or why this refi should not have gone through and now I am out 385 dollars. Thanks Wells Fargo you just robbed a hard working single mom who works 2 jobe to make sure my bills are all paid on time.
Gene Quinn on 09/11/2013:

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage?
Don't bother with these obfuscators. They are not lenders, they are wankers and deceivers. Procrastinators and charlatans. Liars and cheaters.
After agreeing to a package deal in which they would refi my house (with literally millions in free-floating equity) and simultaneously also finance a loan on a condo in Miami, they continued to delay and delay the Miami deal until I was forced to close the refi without the Miami deal closing.
They delayed the deal beyond the contract deadline, reneging three times on a written agreement from themselves, finding a way that the condo could not be "approved," then trying every stall tactic in the book to request obscure documentation from me and my wife that wouldn't even exist so they could - finally - "go to docs" too late...the condo was sold out from under me for cash....while Wells wanked.
These people don't really want to lend. The underwriters are merely looking for an excuse not to. There should be a class-action suit against Wells Fargo for this reprehensible economy-stalling behavior. Time is not of the essence here, so don't expect an answer soon...or ever.
Good luck to them. They cost me a bundle in lost time, out-of-pocket expenses, and emotional pain.
I hope they all rot in Hell. Every one of them.
PS, EVERYONE from my RE Broker, Loan Broker, RE Attorney, plus everyone else in-between says "stay away."
And you should, too. It's just not worth it. And Wells Fargo doesn't really care, anyway.
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Loan Modification Fraud
Posted by on
Wells Fargo Loan Modifications are a fraud! I was a loyal on time paying customer until I got hurt on my job 2 yrs ago and I was put on sick leave. I refinance and got an adjustable rate in 2004.I called Wells Fargo because I needed to know how I could have my mortgage payments lowered after my leave ran out and I wasn't getting an income. I had my savings in which I was still making my payments until they were exhausted. Everything fell behind, bills were pouring in like water. luckly I was back to work. But, I could never catch up because my payment were still adding up. I couldn't make my regular payments and Wells Fargo called themselves putting me on a so called modification plan. My payment was lowered first from $3300 to $3100. I told them that this payment was too high for me and they lowered it after 2 months of trying to make these payments to $2800. Still too high with no income coming in. This was a disaster.

All the time while they were saying that they were giving me a modification, they were still adding the difference from my original payment. They said it would take 90 days for them to do my modification. When I called I was told that a decisions had not been made yet. This 90 days decision went on to another 90 days to another 90 days, that lasted almost 2 yrs. After about 6 to 8 months I was told that my mortgage payments were $28 thousand dollars behind and that I didn't get the loan modification. Wells Fargo told me that they could try another loan modification. I asked, "What other loan modifications were there if I didn't qualify for this loan modification". They sent me another loan modification package to fill out to sent back. I already had sent one package back which no information changed. I have to fill out another one.

I returned another modification package and they said that it would be another 90 days for the decision. I was told that my payments were going to be dropped to $1100. I thought that was great. I was so happy and started praising Wells Fargo. Little did I know that Wells Fargo was still adding the difference from my original mortgage of $3300. After the second denied modification I was told that my house would be forclosed on. I had my house build 15 yrs ago and I had done about $100 thousand dollars in renovations and additions. I was given some foreclosure information to call a foreclosure specialist in which I did. An outside agency. They sent in the package to Wells Fargo to lower my payment and Wells Fargo said no to their recommendation. They did another package to raise the mortgage payments.

A year had passed and a gentleman comes by saying that he was just doing a survey on my house. I felt something was really wrong with this picture. I called Wells Fargo and they told me that it was a normal practise when a mortgage falls behind but that I had nothing to worry about. Six months later I get a forclosure letter saying that my house was $50 thousand dollars behind and that my foreclosure sale was scheduled a week later. I almost had a nervous brake down. Where was I going to move my family in a week? I'm a single mom with a small grandson. Where was I going to get that kind of money from in such short notice? They then told me that I could do a short sale. Still, this meant I had to move out of my home that I had been in for 15 years with nowhere to go. Get this, they told me that they may be able to help me with a thousand dollars moving expenses. I thought, "Is this a joke"? I cried in disbelief. After I moved all of my things out of the house into storage, until I found a place, they had the nerve to call me and offer me another modification.

After almost 2 yrs of going through this agony with Wells Fargo I decided just to leave it alone because I would have given myself a hard attack worrying about this horrible situation. If I didn't have God in my life, I probable wouldn't be here today. Needless to say my dream home of 15 yrs. I was robbed out of. Oh, I forgot to mention before I moved out and before the forclosure, someone called me and said that they were representing the bank and asked if they could come and take pictures for their client a potential buyer. I really almost lost it, I had to remember though that life is short and I had to go on for my family no matter what. Lesson Learned, Wells Fargo is not a good bank to do business with. I tried to be a good customer by paying on time and look at where it got me. They cared nothing about taking my home from my family and I. Well, someday it will all come back on them.

I agree, a won class action suit may stop them from promising a modification and knowing all the time that they aren't going to give you one. Also, causing you to owe an amount that you can't afford in order to get your home payments current. God sees and knows everything! There is Justice somewhere!
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 01/08/2011:
If you got hurt at work you should not have been put on sick leave. You should have received workers' compensation benefits which should be paid until you are recovered.
RestaurantGuy on 01/08/2011:
Also they didn't steal your home. They gave you a loan that you didn't pay back. Your house was the collateral on the loan. Until you pay off the loan it is still owned by the bank. I'm sorry to hear about your health problem but they do not have to modify your loan if they don't want to.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
I disagree with a loyal paying customer. You were simply complying with the contract you signed.
trmn8r on 01/08/2011:
It sounds like Wells Fargo lowered your payments, but you were unable to pay even the lowered payments. At some point there isn't much that can be done. Losing a home is always traumatic - I'm sorry this happened.
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Worst payment processing procedures I have ever experienced
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- Wells Fargo purchased my mortgage years ago, and I have never made a late or incorrect payment in the past. They have messed up my escrow account in the past (that is a separate issue....): But this year, I made a simple check-writing error that has turned into a bureaucratic joke.

In June 2013, I mailed in my July mortgage payment (which was not actually due until 7/15). I mistakenly left off the words "two hundred" in the dollar portion of the check (although the number portion was written correctly); so it looked as if the written dollar payment was $200 too low. Even though I had submitted an inconsistent instrument, Wells Fargo cashed this check on July 2 for the written dollar amount, which was $200 too low; but they did not notify me in any way of the problem with my check.

Three weeks later, on July 24, I got a "robo call," requesting me to call in to Wells Fargo customer service. I called in, and was informed of the error at that time (really?? It took them three weeks?). The representative told me that I could make the $200 payment-due over the phone or on the web for a $20 fee (what a complete rip-off), or I could mail it in as long as it was received by July 31. I was further informed that if they did not receive the additional funds by July 31, they would contact the credit bureaus to notify them of my "delinquency."

I told the representative that I was mailing the $200 immediately (so it should be received by 7/31), and I that I fully expected that no fees or penalties would apply, as it had taken them almost a full month to notify me of the issue.

Later that same day, I received ANOTHER call to talk about this; and then on the next day, July 25, I actually got a call from a Wells Fargo collections agent! She told me that I would continue to be called by collections until the check was received! The situation is so ludicrous: They don't contact me for three weeks after cashing an inconsistent check, and now suddenly I am being hounded by their collections agency every day, when they could have settled it with a simple phone call on July 2?

I should mention that when I made this same type of error on a utility bill payment several years ago, I received a call immediately and it was straightened out over the phone. What kind of a bank doesn't have a clear-cut policy for notification when it comes to inconsistently executed instruments/checks?
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CU on 07/25/2013:
The long amount on a check is known as the 'Legal Amount'. The smaller numerical entry is the 'Courtesy Amount'. When in doubt, the legal amount rules. They really only have two options, to process the check with the legal amount, or to return it to you, which would almost certainly have caused you to be late on the entire payment.

They do have a clear cut policy for notification, they return the check to you to be written correctly. Personally, I'd rather be on the hook for only a partial payment.
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They Would Prefer Me To Foreclose
Posted by on
My husband lost his job in August, and we had to relocate from Texas to Florida. Because of this, we were forced to do a short sale on our home. We had a buyer for 141 days. During this time, Wells Fargo required us to submit updated paperwork 5 times. The same paperwork over and over because it would become outdated before they would review. Our buyer finally gave up, and now we are facing foreclosure. We had the buyer and did everything required of us and jumped through every hoop they put in front of us but they screwed us.

Stay far far away from Wells Fargo. They are dishonest and shady. I believe that they don't care about helping their customers.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
WF is under no obligation to accept a short sale. These loan modifications are not right either. It's time for the government to get out of the housing business and let the market work itself out. Housing prices are still overpriced. If people don't fulfill the terms of their mortgage then they should lose the property.

I'm still angry at the extra money I have to pay because people who should have never gotten mortgages driving up housing prices.
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Learn About It Before You Buy It
Posted by on
Seriously, a mortgage is really one of the biggest investments you will make. Some of you will have bigger but for the average every day American a home is a symbol of pride, and owning it makes it even more so. So it kills me working in the mortgage servicing industry that more homeowners don't know more about their mortgages.

A couple of myths I would like to let you in on:

1.)Your closing agent is truthful and tells you everything. NOT. I wish, it would handle a lot of problems we get down the road. When you go to closing advise your closing agent that you are going to need a couple of hours. Read every single document thoroughly and take a dictionary with you. Ask questions and make sure you understand and agree with the documents before you sign. If the closing agent says that it will change once the mortgage is up and running, he/she is lying to you. No it won't, those documents are for the most part set in stone.

2.) Any attorney knows stuff about mortgages.
Very very few, and the odds of your attorney are nil. There are very few attorneys who actually know about mortgages. The worst of the worst are bankruptcy attorneys. They know NOTHING about mortgages and the results of bankruptcy on the mortgage. You want information write into your mortgage company.

3.) you need to tell your life story to get what you want. Regardless of if you tell your life story to the person on the other end of the phone, it won't change the outcome. Most representatives will do what they can but what they can only goes so far. So if you are sick of telling your life story to a different representative every day, stop doing it. Just give the basics of what you need and why. That's it.

4.) Most of what I get from my mortgage company is adds.
Um, that might be true, read it anyway. If you get anything from your mortgage company read it thoroughly and make sure it is an add before discarding it. I don't know how many times I have been told that someone didn't get this or that letter.

5.) My mortgage company knows what it's doing.
That's laughable. Yes they do know what they are doing, and yes they are trying to help you. But someone has to slip through the cracks, it happens at every company, don't let yourself slip through, make sure you have proof that what they say is going to get done got done before you stop calling.

6.) My mortgage charges fees and interest for petty things such as calling, paying a few days late, etc.

Not sure what that fee is for? Call and get an explanation. any good company is not going to charge you to call, and most mortgage interest is calculated monthly, meaning regardless of when you pay it, you pay the same amount of interest.

The best advice I can give you is to always keep in contact with your mortgage company if there is a problem weather it be on your end or theirs and READ AND UNDERSTAND every closing document you sign. Sign NOTHING until you know what it says. Do not let them rush you through closing, you will pay for it later.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
DES MOINES, IOWA -- I refinanced a home loan with Wells Fargo obtaining a loan with a different company. Loan with W/F was paid off 8/31/07. I am owed $1400.00 escrow refund. per W/F website, procedure is to issue the refund check 15 days after the loan payoff. I waited 21 days. Called W/F customer servie and was told they have until 28th of Sept. for my receipt of the check, stating the check was mailed from Des Moines, IA on Sept. 17th. I live in a suburb of Des Moines. Considered same metro area. I did not receive the check on the 28th so I called back that day after my mail had been delivered. I spoke to "Teon" who told me he would place a stop pay on the first check, so if I happen to receive the first check, I should discard it. He said a new check would be "OVERNIGHTED" to me and received no later than the following Tuesday.

On Saturday, I received the first check, but no good because a stop pay was placed, per Teon. Took 12 days to be delivered 8 miles from Wells Fargo. However, I was assured I would receive a new check Tuesday. Did not receive check on Tuesday, called back. Wed, Oct. 3rd. Rep. said she could not tell what was happening with the refund, no notations. She asked who I had spoken to on Friday. I could not find the name immediately. She said she could not determine what was being done without the name.

I said I would find the name and call back. Found the name few moments later and called back, of course different person this time. I asked to speak with Teon. Was told not allowed to transfer call to Teon, because Teon had not placed a notation on the account giving permission to transfer call to him. This call was now being handled by "Stacy". Stacy said she could not tell what was happening with the refund based on computer records, she could not even tell if a stop pay had been placed on the first check, which I now had in hand, but she said I could not deposit, because it may be returned. I asked if she could go talk to Teon, and she incredibly said she was not allowed to do that. I asked to speak to Teon's supervisor and she put me on hold for 10 minutes. Upon Stacy's return, she said it would take 24 hours to determine if a stop pay was placed on the check and another 24 hours to issue a second check.

She said she would need to send an Email, per procedure, to Teon and Teon's supervisor, whose name is Aretha. Stacy assured me absolutely 100% that Ms. Andrews would call me the following day to update me on what the outcome was of the inquiry. Stacy gave me Ms. Andrews direct number and I asked Stacy to place a notation on my account that allows me to call her back if I need to. She assured me she would do that and guaranteed that Ms. Andrews would call me. That phone call did not come. I called back the day after I was to receive the promised call. I called the direct number I was given for Ms. Andrews and got her voice mail. I left a message.

I then called the customer service number and asked for Stacy, rep. said he was not allowed to transfer calls to other Rep's. He said Stacy had not placed the notation on my account as she had promised. I am now starting over and explaining the whole thing over again to brand new people. As of now, someone named Chad has assured me a new check is being issued today, Oct. 5th, and I will receive the check no later than Monday.

I maintained a mortgage loan with Wells Fargo for 11 years and they made a nice chunk of change from my interest payments. To put it simply, I do not deserve to be treated this way.
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Anonymous on 10/05/2007:
Sounds like there was a lot of confusion at the bank with the stop payment and the fact you had not received the check to begin with. I would have waited at least 30 days before calling the bank in the beginning. I hope you get that check soon.
Good luck.
Deppcg on 10/05/2007:
you completely missed the point.
Anonymous on 10/05/2007:
The point being the 11 year relationship ?
I was a customer for 14 years and closed all of my accounts with them because of the same attitude. I thought I deserved better, but, in today's world the banks are pretty much all the same - no customer service and bad attitudes.
Donna2007 on 10/06/2007:
Maybe you could take that check and just go to the office with it if it only is 8 miles and they could help you. I have dealt with Wells Fargo and it can be difficult being switched around.Go there if you can and get your money in person.
Deppcg on 10/06/2007:
Let me see if I can explain my complaint a little better.....It is not so much not getting my refund in a timely manner, it was the silliness and frustration in dealing with the rep's...IE: "not allowed to talk to previous rep's that had already been handling my problem." "Being told things that were not true." can only Email other rep., can't walk a few feet and talk to him." "Nothing notated on my account about previous calls. The complaint is "ABOUT" profoundly idiotic, chaotic customer service by rep's who couldn't care less about my problem. Are those really Wells Fargo policies?, or just lazy people. I will eventually get my money, in the meantime, Me and my family will not starve or lose our house. I can go to court or file compplaint with state regulators if necessary. I am just illustrating the extremely sad state of affairs these large corporations are in when it comes to dealing with their customers. Unfortunately, the problem is rampant all over. this was so egregious, I just wanted to tell others. I don't need any more advice on how to get my money. It's just very sad that I will have to do anything at all beyond getting the money in a timely manner as required by law.
majavita on 04/09/2008:
Wells Fargo is my last choice for future mortgages. I currently have two mortgages with them, one is a rental property. I’ve had the rental loan for 7 years now. I’ve never had to pay a late fee. The tenants have until the 5th to pay, so I send out the payment to WF on the 8th. I have until the 15th according to the loan docs. Since last year they call my home at all hours, weekdays and weekends to harass me until they get the payment. They wake up my toddler and interrupt our family dinners. Whenever I talk to a rep, they are rude and condescending. I am outraged!
Cantsay on 09/18/2008:
From someone who knows, yes, those are wells fargo policies. The rep who gave you Ms. Andrews phone number was actually breaking the rules, that is a big no-no. We have customer service centers across five states that operate 15 hours a day or more. You aren't always going to be able to get who you are looking for. Plus, whoever you talked to before, is doing the same thing this rep is doing, talking to a homeowner, they can't take your call. Call backs are not allowed by regular reps. Supervisors rarely take calls because they are busy supporting many team members with questions. If you call in you won't be speaking to the same person twice. It is a fact of life in any company.
Deppcg on 01/29/2009:
Dear cantsay,

It is not that way with every company!!! Lying to me I'm sure is not "A Policy." Anyway, I am much happier without Wells Fargo in my life. They will never be in my life again.
Dan on 02/20/2012:
Wells Fargo is the worst Home Mortgage Company I have ever seen or ever dealt with, two years ago my wife and I saw some money problems coming we let Wells Fargo know we needed help, have equity in our house, and they told us sorry you don't need help. Now that we are behind on our mortgage and are asking for a mortgage modification. Again we are getting the sorry we can't help you. We have been working on a mortgage modification for over two years, every time we send in the paperwork they ask for they just ask for more or for something else, its a big scam. And because of the delays we are now behind on payments and are looking at thousands of dollars in late fees and penalties. No help. They don't care. I will not ever, ever deal with Wells Fargo again.
shawn on 10/10/2012:
This is crazy that this same situation is happening 5 years later to me as well. My loan was paid on the 8th of October 2012 and was told that my check would be cut and sent out on the 20th of October. So I waited the 7 business days after the 20th and checked my mail and sure enough no check received so I gave Wells Fargo a call and the proceeded to tell me the same story. They told me the check was sent on the 20th and I should just give it a few more days. so a few more days passed and still no check has arrived so I decide to give them a call again and verify all of my information. All of my information was correct and they said the check has been sent and he assured me of it. I then ask him what piece of mail has spent 14 business days going across the united states? He said it went by snail mail, his joke was not humerus! I said look someone has to be in charge of placing the mail in some sort of outgoing box and all I want is for him to check and make sure that its not just sitting there. He then puts me on a long pause and a supervisor comes on the phone. She tells me she can see the check in the system and that it has been mailed out. I asked then why haven't I received the check. she then says maybe we had to double check it because of the amount. I then asked are you sure that's what happened because all I am getting is the run around. I then said why don't you just wire the money to me because this waiting game is ridiculous. She then told me that she is unable to do that. I said really! your a BANK! So the long and short of it is there just sitting on my check and someone someday will send it to me I guess. I still haven't received it and I don't want to place a stop on the check because of what happened to the original poster. So don't rely on getting your money back from them fast and if you call them there as worthless as a virus! These companies expect money right away if you owe them, but if they owe you they couldn't care less. I hope someone someday regulates these comapanies better and forces them to treat customers with the respect we deserve. without us they would fail.
Another Shawn on 04/03/2013:
I stumbled across your post while trying to figure how long I can expect for my escrow refund to come from WF. Based on your experience, I guess it might take a while. Not surprising, considering the less than stellar customer service I have experienced with WF. I gave them several opportunities to help me refinance, but they refused to allow me to refi under the HARP program due to their own policies. I was able to find a HARP refi with another lender. I just pray my new mortgage does not get sold to WF, but my major complaint was the ridiculous escrow calculations WF performed each year which recently change my mortgage payment over 10% what it was previously. This was mostly due to their poor calculation the previous year, and they want me to pay the difference plus a required surplus. Anyway, good riddance to WF.
fred stonewell on 04/24/2013:
Even after you refi to get rid of WF they will often buy your loan back and start servicing it again. They are like the plague, not just with mortgages but also in their branches. the bigger they are the harder they fall. they will fall, it is just matter of time, doing so under their own dead weight of unethical policies. b of a is just as bad.
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Wells Fargo withholds funds!
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During Hurricane Irene in August 2011, a tree fell across the roof of my house, causing over $30,000 worth of damage. Travelers Insurance was prompt in responding and issued an initial check made out to me and Wells Fargo. A contractor was ready to start work the next day to at least close the hole in the roof but needed a deposit. I have submitted extensive paperwork to Wells Fargo and had their inspector out twice. Three weeks later, they have only released a small portion of the funds. They are holding funds that cover the tree removal and my personal property which they have no right to withhold. I call almost daily and am told the checks are being drawn and will be overnighted but they LIE! The next call they inform me that nothing was done yet. When questioned about the need to prevent further damage to the house by acting promptly, they respond "let the insurance company worry about that."
I'm at wits end since I have not been able to occupy the house for three weeks and am living at my mother's small apartment with my 2 cats. HELP!
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macdave on 09/24/2011:
I would contact your claims adjuster at Travelers about this? At the very least I would inform him that further damage is occurring due to Wells Fargo inaction.
Wells fargo holds up repair checks on 01/16/2012:
After a hail storm my mother was promptly paid for a roof replacement in Kansas and issued the check for it by her insurance company. Wells fargo did not co-sign the check yet. They are deciding if they want an inspection or not since the roof replacement cost was slightly over $15K. And the mortgage is only for about 37% of the property's value. It is unbelievable. A homeowner takes good care of a property and maintains its value and the bank does this.
Rebecca Barrett on 09/17/2012:
I am going through the same thing here in Pittsburgh, Pa. Wells Fargo will not sign our insurance check. We had hail damage to our home on July 4, 2012. Travelers Insurance has been wonderful. We got the check for our roof right away. Now our siding is being replaced as well. Every time Travlers sends us a check, we have to wait weeks for the Wells to sign the check. Now the work is stopped because Wells had to inspect our property and submit a "report." That was two weeks ago...still no money. We paid the contractor over $4,000 out of our own pockets to get the rest of the roof on. Now we have to wait for Wells Fargo to give us the rest of OUR insurance money so our contractors can start working again. My husband has spent hours out of his work day on the phone with Wells Fargo and gets nothing but the run around. We are so frustrated and just want our house to be finished.
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Wells Fargo One Lie After Another
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It's no secret that I hate Wells Fargo. I hate them with a passion because they constantly lie to me and many other mortgage holders. Wells Fargo took 25 billion in TARP funds and Wells Fargo's CEO John Stumpf was the highest paid of any financial industry executive in 2009. He received $21.3 million in 2009 total compensation, $6.5 million more than he received in 2007. Yet they have done not one damn thing to help their customers. Read more here:

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Why does Wells Fargo tell you if you call the VA they cannot help with your Mortgage relive?
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We are trying to get a loan modification on our home loan. With the economy the way it is I haven't been able to get the work I used to. (Wife is employed) The Representative I am dealing with is rude, inpatient, basically so hard to communicate on the phone with because of his attitude or just trying to call his direct line. I tried 15 times in one day, after he gave me a deadline of 2 working days for some additional paper work he wants and tells me if I contact the VA he will not be able to help us with our Mortgage assistance and he will proceed to put our loan into default. Does anyone now what to do about this type of behavior from these type of people or where we can go to get better help? We have been trying to get results for over 3 weeks. ( we are 2 months behind in our payments)
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Alain on 06/20/2011:
I don't believe he can put you into default just for contacting the Veterans Administration. Contact the VA at 800-827-1000 and tell them about your situation. See what they say about it.
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