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DO NOT GET Wells Fargo Renovation Loan
Posted by on
Wells Fargo is THE WORST place to get a Reno loan!! WHATEVER YOU DO.. DO NOT GO WITH WELLS FARGO!!! It took us over 6 months to close because it seemed like the people working for them would never get their paperwork done. They also told us the day before we close that we would need to bring around $9,000 to closing. However closing day morning for some reason they asked for our most recent savings account statement- even though they didn't need this to finalize us to close. Two hours before closing we got a letter saying we needed to bring $19,237 to closing- the EXACT amount that was in our savings. Of course they had some excuse to back themsevles up HOWEVER we were never made aware of it until 2 hours before closing.
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Alain on 2011-01-08:
It does seem fishy. You closed, then? I think I'd have been looking for other banks when they first had delays in the paper work, but I haven't done a loan in a while so you may have had reasons for sticking with them.
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Wells Fargo Are Liars And Thieves
Posted by on
When we purchase our home in 2005 we put $120,000 down and was talked into getting the 5 year adjustable rate mortgage. What a scam.

I first started having problems three years later and they informed me to call HOPE and later to contact the Home Affordable Modification Program. After months of getting nowhere and multiple trials payments I am told that the “Investor” that now owns my loan does not do modifications through the Home Affordable Modification Program. I was also told my sale date set for Nov. 24, 2010 would be postponed until Feb. 22, 2011 while I went through another set of 3 month trial payments. I found out today the sale is the day before Thanksgiving.

The mortgage on the house next door was owned by Wells Fargo. The mortgage amount was $335,000 and Wells sold the house for $256,000 to an investor. How does that make sense unless the government is paying Wells the $80,000 LOSS. This all doesn’t make sense.

On my home I owe $460,000 and it is now worth $340,000. So instead of making arrangements for me to pay off the loan with a low interest rate Wells would rather sell the house to investors and get reimbursed the $120,000 LOSS from the government which means the tax payers. I am not looking for principle reduction all I am asking for is a reduction in the interest rate and piggy back a portion of what I owe so when the economy turns around everyone will get paid. Wells made money when they sold my loan to investors and now Wells will get paid again from the government that guaranteed the loan. Why are the investors protected and not the home owner and tax payer?
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Venice09 on 2010-11-21:
To say you were talked into an adjustable rate mortgage is not an excuse. It sounds like you bought a house you could not afford. Sorry, but I don't think you have the right to ask for anything. How much would the rate have to be lowered for you to be able to afford the payments? I have a feeling you're so in over your head that a reduction wouldn't make much of a difference. It's better to live within your means.
Anonymous on 2010-11-21:
I think the OP is leaving something out here. If she bought the house in 2005 and has a 5 year interest only loan, then how does Wells Fargo already have a sale date? This is the year that the interest-only payments ends and while OP didn't say what month the house was bought in, it seems to me that if the house is going to be auctioned off in a matter of days, she had to have fallen behind on her payments BEFORE the interest rate went up. And if that is the case, then I can absolutely see why Wells Fargo is refusing to help.
rockfishing on 2010-11-22:
One of the reasons the housing market went into the toilet was people overbuying, financing zero or low interest ARM's and hoping to make the cash up with the home prices going up. Needless to say, it hasn't worked out that way. The only way to fix this mess is to let the real estate market fix itself without this voodo fix, even though a lot of people with loose their houses. Many of them shouldn't have been homeowners to begin with.
Venice09 on 2010-11-22:
Rock, I mostly agree, but I think people could have been homeowners if they just stayed within their means. The problem started when everyone wanting bigger, better houses and looked for ways to get them. And lenders were more than happy to hand out money like candy. Back when mortgage qualifications were strict, people didn't get into messes like this. I remember when ARMs first came into existence. It seemed like a great idea at the time. But people just got greedy.

I agree that the real estate market will eventually fix itself. It's just going to take a long time.
jktshff1 on 2010-11-22:
V09, correct to a point. When the feely good libs decided that everyone "deserved" to own a home is where the problem started. Yes it's a right, but not available to those not able to afford it. Not everyone can afford a BMW, not everyone is college material, not everyone is willing to work to improve and upkeep a house, not everyone is willing to work to achieve their dreams and wants it handed to them on a platter. Not to belittle anyone, but ya got to have minimum wage jobs for a starting point. Those that are willing to put forth 110% will get ahead, those that won't will want it given to them.
Until Now, the great thing about this country is that anyone willing to work hard, with dedication is able to advance. Unfortunately, there are too many out there that believe they are entitled to, rather than having to earn something. I own everything I got and paid for it myself through hard work. Now, they want me to pay for someone elses' laziness.
Venice09 on 2010-11-22:
I was trying to leave politics out of this, otherwise I agree with you completely, jkt. My husband and I worked hard for what we have. Nothing was handed to us. We have tried to raise our kids the same way. It worked with one, not so much with the other. But we still try to set the right example, hoping someday it will sink in.
jktshff1 on 2010-11-22:
The gubment has their nose in everything you do. That is part of the problem. You CANNOT legislate personal responsibility or morals, only contribute to the demise of them.
As far as "the other" t will work out, took me whippin' my sons rear and letting him know I was sorry he made me do it, but he straightened out....very well
Venice09 on 2010-11-22:
I haven't given up hope yet. You inspire me. :)
sine40 on 2011-06-13:
I was negotiating with WF Financial for close to 2 years, I paid the negotiated temporary payments well before due, I have pages of documented log entries of contacts with WF representatives for requests for new financials and updates and kept checking back and was told your loan is being reviewed and later, Loss Mitigation informed us that the Foreclosure department sold our home at an auction, I found out about the sale after the auction, I was not informed at any time they were auctioning the house I was living in and at no time was given any information they were auctioning the house or even any notice of their intent, as a matter fact I thought the negotiations were successful and the loan modification was done, since they had approved my second mortgage for modification! This should not be happening since I was negotiating in good faith with WF and having paid all payments they had asked for and every piece of information and financial documents WF requested for was sent to them, they kept asking for duplicates and paychecks and paystubs over and over again, I filled out all requested financial documents. But apparently this was on a tactic and their aim was never to honor their agreements.

The executive office representative or "specialist" told us they will check but never informed me of their findings, kept telling me they will get back to us next business day. Wellsfargo stole my home and sold it to another company who will flip it and make money on it; I lost my house that I owned for almost 9 years and worked very hard to keep it up and remodeled it with care. I know I am not the only one who has lost a home because of WF they seem to be doing this to others, I am hoping to spread the word so others don't fall for WF scams, so we'll see how that goes, but we are afraid for the next family that is told "don't worry your application is bring reviews" and ends up like me.
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Hells Fargo modification Mess
Posted by on
I just read a lengthy review on this site about a nightmare home modification. I can tell you that the exact same thing happened to me. WORD FOR WORD. I thought I was reading my own thoughts. I think this is a major scam. and a waste of time. it was going on for about 2 years. you need a forensic account to get this through. And yet they will still find a way to screw you over. what middle American that is in trouble with their mortgages, struggling with jobs, have financial statements & profit and loss statements. this is a farce and they should be investigated. But of course no one will hear our voices. Stay away from wells Fargo. change credit cards, Loans, banks, don't do business with them. they will find a way to screw you.
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Weedwhacked on 2010-11-08:
All banks seem to do the same thing with their modification loans. The truth is that even if you are eligible for a modification the bank doesn't want to receive less money from you. I realize that the banks had a big role is the financial mess but they still were affected like their customers were. They are not going to accept less money when they have a signed contract from you for the original amount. That's corporate America these days.
sc5790 on 2010-11-08:
Yes your right, but if wells fargo assumes bad mortgages, they should try to at least fix the problem. I have 300000 equity. in the home and a 300000 mortgage. @ 6.25 10yr adj. it was supposed to be fixed. I just wanted my rate lowered to a reasonable rate. Their bloodsuckers......I know how corp. America works, that's why we are in this mess...
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Waiting for Robinhood
Posted by on
I am a school teacher and my husband is a contractor, both once considered good jobs. Three years ago, my husband had a heart attack, which put him out of commission for about a year. Once back on his feet, with the fall of our economy, was unable to find much work. It seems so long ago that we called the mortgage company to inquire about a modification. We could no longer afford take our mortgage payments.

We set up twice a month payments for a while, thinking that the smaller amounts might be easier to keep up with, but when the money isn't there, it isn't there. We were told that we had to be "Behind" on our mortgage to apply for a modification. So missed a payment and started process. It took forever! We finally got the packet, and just like so many others, filled out every form, gathered every check stub and document and sent them in promptly. Hurry upland wait, and wait, and wait some more. Oh and don't male a payment until you hear from us! We were denied because our income was $26 month short.

We heard about HAMP and asked if we might qualify for this? We started the whole process over and waited. When we finally got our trial payment amount, it was too high. We were to make these payments in Nov, Dec, and Jan. We had dropped our health insurance (very scary with husband's heart condition) to an HSA (still costing us $1000 a month and now we pay all medical out of pocket) to free up a little more of our monthly income. This would not take effect until January. We called to explain and were told, "just do the best you can." They wouldn't accept a partial payment so we were able to make the payments in Dec, Jan and Feb. Again you wait, "do not make anymore payments beyond the trail until you hear from us." Again we were denied because we didn't make the payments instructed.

We applied again and were told that we are now too far behind but we just got a check in the mail from Wells Fargo for $10,000! On the stub it says, "misappropriated funds."
Go figure! If the banks could ever figure out that the right hand and the left hand need to communicate, we just might get through this whole housing disaster....but since the banks are the only ones benefiting so why would they care?
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Frmr.paralegal on 2011-02-19:
Our family is no stranger to WFB, and their fraudulent way of "business as usual." We need to keep complaining until our voices are heard and hopefully, an investigation will be launched soon.
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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is HORRIBLE
Posted by on
IOWA -- I applied for a HAMP loan modification last year. I was told to make a payment in a certain amount which I have done. Never missed a payment. I kept getting foreclosure notices even though I was in the HAMP program. On April 27, 2010, I sent in updated information as my financial circumstances had changed. By the way, I got laid off in April, 09 and there are no jobs in AZ. On May 3rd, I received a letter from Wells Fargo that they cancelled my Loan Mod program at MY request. WHAT? I need this program. Someone at Wells Fargo took it upon themselves to shut me out of this program. I have faxed a letter to their customer resolution department with no response. I've had to reapply for the loan mod program again! The incompetence of this company is beyond me. They won't even apply the payment I've made to my account. Last I called, they put it in a reserve fund. FOR WHAT? Unacceptable behavior. I have been trying to find a job for 13 months and save my house and Wells Fargo will not help me. They only make you send updated information (even if nothing's changed) every 2 months, but they don't tell you that up front. It has been an ongoing nightmare for over a year. Shame on them!

I called again last month and submitted the same necessary paperwork (which they always lose). Now I am trying to sell my house and they won't give me the payoff amount because it's in foreclosure. WHAT? They didn't even tell me. So today I get a letter from the lawyers handling the foreclosure AND a letter from Wells Fargo asking for additional information for the loan modification. Wells Fargo is the MOST inept company I've ever dealt with and they have no desire to help those of us out who need it. They wouldn't even accept unemployment as a form of income, although they sure took my money last year. Now they just send my payments back. Horrible, horrible company!

If there is ever a class action lawsuit on this company, please contact me. Something needs to be done about them!
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Alain on 2010-08-07:
These websites may help you: lawhelp.org/AZ/StateDirectory.cfm or hud.gov/local/AZ/homeownership/legalaid.cfm
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Buyers beware of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Posted by on
BLUE JAY, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I recently purchased a home in Crestline, CA. We went to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage locally because the house was a Wells Fargo repo. We were told this was a wise move by the loan representative because we really didn't have any other choice. This was not true. Buyers may obtain financing anywhere they can qualify. Their rates were competitive so we were satisfied funding with Wells Fargo. What a mistake! There was little or no communication unless we picked up the phone at the end of the day and asked what was happening or if they needed anything. We went on a vacation and nothing happened with our file for 2 weeks until we returned and became furious. We were told up front by the loan representative that we qualified for the loan and then when the underwriter got the loan documentation, suddenly we did not qualify without jumping through countless "hoops". We had to change the terms of our loan to stay in escrow. We had asked for a 45 day escrow, but because underwritting had our file so long, we had to agree to extend the closing date. Wells Fargo is supposed to pay the first month mortgage payment when that happens (per their website) but they refused. Very disappointing. Here's the real kicker: the "Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs" was over $2,100 under what it actually cost us to close escrow. We asked what happened and they said "that's all escrow charges we don't control". Sorry folks, that doesn't fly...it's their job to pick up the phone an inquire what the escrow charges will be prior to giving the estimate. Paying the additional charges wiped out our savings and checking accounts. We're posting this to warn others about the horrible customer service and if you still decide to fund with Wells Fargo, at least you will be aware of what to watch out for.
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grandma005 on 2010-11-21:
Those GOOD Faith ESTIMATES are always less than what the actually cost is. My estimate was 3,600 but at closing it was 5,200. If they tell you the real cost they know you want buy.
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Loan Modification
Posted by on
LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- Four years ago my wife and bought our first home together. We got a good interest rate and bought at just the right time. In September of 2008 my wife (Title Agent-Realtor) lost her job. We contacted Wells Fargo to inform them of our situation. We got two payments behind on our home mortgage and were instructed by a Wells Fargo agent to do as follows. Before they could help us we were instructed to ruin our credit. In doing so we would qualify for a LOAN MODIFICATION. We did and were told we did not qualify. The reason was, (GET THIS) we don't have enough income to qualify for help. That makes ZERO SENSE. If we made more money we wouldn't need help from our lender.

My wife has been in contact with Wells Fargo, working with them, jumping through their hoops to resolve our dilemma. She called them again in late January to find out if we qualified for any type of assistance. They told us that we did qualify and that we needed to pay a payment that day to stay in good standings with them. We never received a thing from them saying we qualified. They never called to tell us we qualified. They have been extremely rude and "as a matter of fact" on the phone with us.

We paid that day online to stay in good standings. We have been on their assistance for three months, never been late, we've done exactly what they've asked. Now once again we don't qualify for their help because we don't have enough income! "What about government help",my wife asks the agent on the phone. Because our loan documents say Jenny May we don't qualify for government assistance. If it said Fanny or Freddy May we would be able to save our home. Jenny May is a government funded program, but because the name is different we don't qualify for help to save our home.

Wells Fargo would rather loose hundreds of thousands of dollars than put $7000.00 on the end of our loan. We loose our home over that.
It makes me sick that they are not going to work with us. They want to foreclose and take our home, they are rude and unwilling to work with the American people.
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heapstack on 2010-02-04:
We have mortgage account with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage on our house which we purchased in Sept of 2008. I am self-employed in the luxury watch industry and my income has been decreased by roughly 70% since 2007. My wife is in payroll/HR in the resort industry and has taken a pay cut of about 10% during that same time. I am writing in regards to the treatment of us by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage while attempting to participate in the Home Affordable Modification Program.

In March of 2009, my income took a nosedive. We were current on our mortgage and had savings to keep us afloat for a few months. I saw trouble in the future if my income did not improve dramatically and I wanted to make WFHM aware of that. I called them to see if there were any programs I could get on for assistance, and they promptly placed us on the Home Saver Forbearance Program which was a 6 month forbearance that cut our mortgage payments in half. During that time, there were to be no late fees levied against our acct and no credit reporting. The Home Saver Forbearance stated that the unpaid amount of our mortgage was to be owed/paid at the end of the 6 month period as a balloon payment, unless we were placed on the HAMP Program after that 6 month period. After the 6 months were up, we had saved enough money to pay the balloon payment ($7200) plus the full month payment due on the 7th month ($2400). During the 6 month period, I made weekly calls (all call were recorded by me for my reference) to WFHM on the status of our modification process, and sent in updated financial information every month. The vast majority of these calls gave conflicting information regarding the Home Saver program and the HAMP program. Some of the Reps told me that I needed to be behind on my mortgage to get help, while others told me to send in reduced payments, while others told me they couldn’t even tell me anything until the Home Saver program had run its course. Again, we were not delinquent on our mortgage until we were placed onto the Home Saver Forbearance Program.

In October, we were sent a package of documents telling us that we had been placed on the 3 month trail period for the HAMP program, and that financial data, hardship letter, bank statements, copies of paycheck stubs and tax data were all needed as well as a check for $2208, each month for the 3 month trail period (that check amount was, per WFHM Rep and paperwork, going to be what our estimated HAMP payment was to be after the modification). We were also told that a requirement of the HAMP Program was for us to allow WFHM to set up an escrow account to handle our property tax and insurance. Up to that point, we were paying those liabilities as they came in. We agreed to the escrow as it was a "requirement" of the HAMP program. The escrow account effectively raised our mortgage payment to $2919 from $2400 a month. The 3 month trail period (Oct-Dec) had us paying $2208 a month which again, was our "estimated" payment we would be making after the modification.

In mid October, I was contacted by a WFHM Rep who was trying to get me to “set up my November and December confirmation numbers”. He opened up the conversation by saying, “I see right here, that we have you set up for a modification, and you’ve made your October payment already, and what we’re trying to do here is reduce that interest rate from 7.0% to 2.2%, take that past due balance of $7393 and put that on the back end of your loan.” (I have all of this recorded). He also said he could “almost guarantee” that we were going to save $1400 to $1500 on our mortgage if I let him “set up my November and December confirmation numbers”. The rep never stated his intent. I understood that he was trying to get me to authorize an auto draft from my bank account for the 3 month trail period payments of $2208, even though he never actually said that was the purpose of his call. I had already signed the documentation that was an agreement to me sending a check for the trial period amount by the 1st of each month in the trail period, so what was the point of authorizing an auto draft? I tried over and over to get him to state his intent, and he kept saying things like, “just give me the go-ahead on this, and I’ll make sure that your son has a safe place to lay his head at night, in case you forget to send in your trial payment check.” And, “I’m going to keep it real with you. I’m not trying to stress you out, but this is the move you’re going to have to make to keep your property, your lifestyle and your kids safe, in the same school and the same neighborhood…bbq’s…the whole thing. I have your banking information already. All you have to say right now is OK, I give you your 2 confirmation numbers and it’s done.” This call was completely laughable. It sounded to me like this guy had been offered a bonus program by WFHM that paid him if he was able to get anyone already signed up in the 3 month trial program, to secure auto drafts from their bank accounts. After over 20 minutes on the phone with him and him never actually asking me if I would authorize him to auto draft my bank account, I said, “Ohhh, you want me to allow you to auto draft my next 2 payments? Why didn’t you just say so? You never said anything about an auto draft!” At that point, he put me on hold immediately, came back in about 30 seconds and thanked me for my time and ended the phone call. This is very unethical behavior by WFHM. Again, I have all of this recorded.

By the end of December, we still (after repeated phone calls, all recorded by me for my reference) had no word on the status of our loan modification, and had again supplied updated financial information (3 times). The WFHM Reps kept telling us they were "behind" and were working on our modification and for us to continue to pay the $2208 "trial period payment" until further notice. Around this time we were also given an underwriter that was in contact with us to request even more information. This time, they said they needed a profit and loss statement from my company, which I supplied to them under the constraining time window in which they needed it. After that info was sent to the underwriter, I called her to ask the status of our HAMP application and she informed me that she had sent the info back to WFHM for review and that she was no longer our underwriter/contact after the info left her office/desk, and that she did see that "no one at WFHM had picked up the case yet". So I immediately call WFHM to see what was going on. I am informed by a WFHM Rep (another nameless, faceless call center person completely unfamiliar with our case, who won't even give a name or extension for future contact with, just like every other Rep I have spoken with and recorded for 10 months) that I have in fact "Failed" the HAMP Program. I asked her what tour grounds for failure was and she could not tell me anything. She mentioned that the financial data I provided needed to be updated every 30 days (the first time in 10 months I had ever heard that). She then gave me a number to call for assistance. It was the SAME number as my underwriter, who told me not 10 minutes earlier that she was no longer handling my case. When I called the underwriter back, she said she had no idea what was going on, but that she didn’t see that I had "Failed" the program. At this point, I start a rabid research regimen online to find any one in WFHM I can speak with to help make sense out of all this. I find a number for the Executive Office of the President and call the office of Cara Heiden, who transfers me to Jessica Scott, who tells me that I have in fact failed the HAMP program, and must now start over to see if I am eligible for a WFHM "In House" modification. Of course, she tells me that she will need a new financial worksheet, hardship letter, 3 months of bank statements, copies of paycheck stubs, tax data, and new month-by-month profit and loss statements for my company, copies of all bills listed on the financial worksheet and that I have 5 DAYS to get this to her. So today, I have FedEx'ed that data to her. We'll see.

As of Jan 18th, the statements I receive from Wells Fargo say I owe them $14,700+ in back/late mortgage payments and late fees, along with a note saying that the foreclosure process has been started on our home.

When I started this in April 2009, we were current with all payments. I have fallen behind at the REQUEST of WFHM, have had my actual mortgage payment amount INCREASED by $500 a month (from the escrow account) by a "requirement" of a Federal Program that I "failed", yet still have to pay every month. I was told by WFHM to pay the "3 month trial period payments" of $2208, thereby underpaying the actual mortgage ($2919) by $711 a month, and then getting LATE FEES levied onto my account for that underpayment, as well as the 6 months of half payments from the Home Saver Forbearance Program. I have not even received any kind of written notice from WFHM that I have "failed" the HAMP program other than the call I initiated to a WFHM Rep (which cannot be trusted, as every rep says something different, and my underwriter couldn’t even see where I had failed the program). How long would Wells Fargo allow me to pay the 3 month trial period (under)payments without letting me know I had been rejected from the program while continuing to levy late/non-payment fees to my account? 2 months? 4 Months? A year?

We got all of the horrible, worst case scenarios that people get who neglect their bills, lie to get their loans, walk away from houses, have $0 down payments and create terrible credit scores for themselves, yet we have good credit, pay all of our bills on time, make sound fiscal decisions and have chosen the “high road” throughout this entire process and are now being punished for it.

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Unresponsive and not acting in good faith
Posted by on
After more than 7 months of delays and unanswered calls, our loan is still pending. My experience is a long string of unresponsive personnel who pass the buck to a multitude of other departments. However, they never actually call the other departments and often do not answer calls.
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User Replies:

idontthinkso on 2011-01-23:
You REALLY need to get away from this company. There are other lenders who will refinance for you. I got sold into servitude when my original finance company dumped my loan onto these incompetents. They screwed up the taxes, lied about it, forgot about it, and when I ponied up an additional grand to cover for THEIR ERROR?? WF couldn't find it in their system and started charging me additional fees.

I refinanced the first chance I got.
madconsumer on 2011-01-23:
there are lots of other mortgage companies. try someone else, nothing to lose.
rockfishing on 2011-01-24:
Another example where spending a few hundred dollars more on a real estate attorney may of spared some grief and time. What do the sellers have to say about this?
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Never Use Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Posted by on
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Wells Fargo provided the loan for my home and now a group of soulless investors that Wells Fargo sold the loan to is trying to take it away. If I had known that everyone would benefit from the loan but me I would never have used Wells Fargo.

My down payment was $110,000 plus improvements of $15,000.
I never missed a payment until I fell on hard time due to the economy.
Now after dealing with Wells Fargo the past 23 months and getting denial after denial Wells Fargo will sell my home November 5, 2010.

After making 6 trial payments totaling $11,071.02, as requested by Wells Fargo, I was given a Loan Modification. I contacted Wells Fargo right a way to get an explanation of the terms since my English is not my first language. At first I was told my payment would be fix for the entire loan and would not change. Then after I sign the agreement I was told it was not a fix rate. Wells Fargo wanted $9800 plus wanted me to pay $500 more than I was supposed to pay in the first place. How stupid is that?

Now there is a sale date of November 23, 2010 and told The Investors will not allow a loan modification. Why? I am confused. I spoke to someone at Wells Fargo nearly every day with no answer and now I find there is a sale date of November 23? Now they have taken my money and now they want to take my home.
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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Mistake Costs Customer Plenty
Posted by on
IA -- At the end of a long process trying to refinance my mortgage. In order to close on the new loan, I need a payoff letter stating the correct amount of interest and principal owed on my existing mortgage. Wells Fargo sent the attorney for my new lender the wrong information, because they failed to apply my last month's payment to the correct loan.

I've spent hours and hours on the phone with their customer service department, collections department and various supervisors. I've faxed over the canceled check several times. Even though Wells Fargo admits to their error, for some reason they can't get the corrected payoff letter generated in time. That is just plain ridiculous!

As a result, I will suffer. I can either delay the closing, which means I would have to resubmit financial documents to the new lender and which will have to be approved all over again; OR I can bring an additional $3,000 to the closing to give to Wells Fargo, who will return any excess monies to me within a undisclosed period of time.

Why is this legal?

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goduke on 2010-06-01:
Because the banks have purchased great power in congress.
saj80 on 2010-06-01:
Is there a Wells Fargo branch close to where you live? If so, you can go to that location and request a payoff statement. However, make sure your new lender will accept the payoff from you; some will, and some require that the information comes directly from the current lender.
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