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Wells Fargo's Poor Customer Service and Fees
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CALIFORNIA -- Thank you for your concerns regarding Wells Fargo customers. I am submitting this complaint against Wells Fargo Bank. I wrote a check of $330.04 and clearly indicated its date as 02/28/2007. My account was in a position to cover it only at the posted date, but Wells Fargo honored the check on 02/12/2007, two weeks earlier than the posted date. This resulted in my account to be charged $141.00 in a period of 4 days.

It is my impression that Wells Fargo upon being represented a check either automatically or as hard copy has to verify the amount, date, and name it is written to. I believe these are some of the red flags that have to reviewed in fighting fraud. The Wells Fargo response below shows that its automated means that it relies on does not capture a check dated year 2005 or 2007 even if we are in March 2005; thus putting customers at greater risks. Below is the Wells Fargo bank response:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the processing of post-dated or stale-dated checks. In general, banks process checks by automated means, relying upon check information contained in magnetically encoded information found at the bottom of the check - MICR. The check date is not part of the MICR encoded information. As a result, a bank will pay or return a check without regard to the date written on the check."

"As discussed in the Consumer Account Agreement, a 'stop payment order' is used if you do not want a check paid or to give the bank notice of a post-dated check. To be effective, a stop payment order must be received by the bank in a time and manner that gives the bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it."

"A stop payment order is valid for six 6 months and must be renewed if you do not want the stop payment order to expire. Each renewal will be treated as a new stop payment order. For post-dated checks, it is your obligation to remove the stop-payment order once the check is no longer post-dated. The normal Stop Payment Fee will apply to each order. Thank you for banking with Wells Fargo."

Wells Fargo Bank - Does Not Accept Joint Government Checks Unless You Have Joint Account
By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- Today, June 21, 2008 I had a very bad Saturday at my local Wells Fargo Branch in Concord, CA. After being a customer since 2000, with checking and saving accounts, and depositing my paychecks every two weeks in there, I was told the following: "You cannot deposit your joint tax return government check no matter that both you and your husband are here because you have not a joint account with us."

My husband was ready to present all necessary ID's DL, credit cards etc., in order to deposit the check into my personal saving but it was not enough. They simply wanted to deposit this kind of checks into joint account only. The same problem we will have with our stimulus check that is coming these days.

I feel this is a legal issue, because the government is giving us some money, and we have to have an access to them. But actually, if you go to Wells Fargo located at Clayton Road, Concord, CA you are not going to be able to cash your joint government check unless you have a joint account in there.

What should be, if all the banks are like Wells Fargo? Then all we must open joint accounts, otherwise we have to return the checks to the government... When I called the telephone number listed on my Wells Fargo monthly statement, the representative told me that this is a decision of the local branch manager and NOBODY is above him. When I asked them for the telephone number of Wells Fargo Legal Department I was told there is no such a number... so I was very, very humiliated.

How comes a local branch manager can stay between me and the government checks issued to me and my husband? I don't think this is the right way for Wells Fargo to acquire more customers. If this is a security issue why Wells Fargo simply don't ask the depositor(s) to present same documents they need for opening a joint account in order to cash or deposit the government joint checks? I need a legal advise about this issue. Please, share your experience and opinions about the above matter.

Business Credit Card Fozen
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, CONNECTICUT -- My business credit card was frozen on January 11, 2008. I received no letter, no notice on my online statement, nothing. It had a zero balance, never even used. On January 11 I had put in a letter of intent to sign a lease to start my business. The landlord declined my request. He said my credit was fine but I was underfunded. Not knowing my card was frozen, I wonder if it was a factor in declining my request for a lease. Now half of my funding was gone and did not know it. I found out when they sent me my online notification of the new statement for view, it said that the account was closed.

I called the credit card direct and they cannot tell me why it was frozen, to submit by fax a request to reopen the account and why I want to reopen it. WHY? I never wanted it closed. Could you imagine, if I had signed that lease, went to go purchase the equipment and then was told that my card was invalid? I would have been stuck with a five year lease while running around to find a replacement for that funding. I am closing my business account and personal accounts with them and taking my business elsewhere. I also had problems with them charging me $5.00 a month for paper statements. I don't get paper statements, I get online statements.

The banker I deal with is very nice, but took him 3 months to get it straightened out and having to return my money to the account so that I would not be charged the fees for being under the minimum amount. My business isn't even open yet, and now I am scared to death. How hard can it be? By the way I don't know what or where Costa Mesa is, the bank is in Colorado, I don't know why they have the CT for state, I put CO.

Harassing phone calls when payments are not late
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WASHINGTON -- We are on the last payment of a 5-year car loan with Wells Fargo, the eighth car we have purchased and paid off in our adulthood, and we will never do any kind of business with Wells Fargo again because of the way we have been treated.

The payment terms state there is a grace period between the payment "due date" and the time it becomes "late." We have taken advantage of that grace period when needed because of our paycheck schedule. For at least the past year, starting on the very first day of the "grace period," our phone has rung multiple times with someone from Wells Fargo hounding us, from early morning until late night.

Right now, when we are days away from paying our FINAL PAYMENT, ON TIME, the phone calls have begun again. This is no way to treat a good customer, and as a result we have already made sure that we do no other business with Wells Fargo, and that everyone we know hears this reason to stay away.

Dropped Mortgage loan at closing
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am writing to inform the public to stay away from Wells Fargo. They bought my loan from American Home Mortgage in early Aug and they waited until my closing date on the 24th to let me know that there was a "hiccup" with my loan. The "hiccup" was that they now needed to review the loan because their standards were different.

I'm a first time home buyer and was guaranteed that I had a FHA home loan. I provided all of the paperwork and went through the whole process. I was given a good faith estimate by Wells Fargo and a closing date by the lawyers. I was only informed of a problem through the home insurance company who had not received the paperwork needed for closing on Thursday. The mortgage broker assured me on Thursday that everything was fine and that the closing was being moved to Monday that they were waiting for the papers from the underwriters. Keep in mind I was prepared to move on the weekend. Everything was packed in boxes.

I gave 30 days notice to my apartment complex. The moving truck was rented. I sold my old washer and dryer because a new washer and dryer was being left behind at the new house. The seller was in the military and had already received new orders.

His wife and child had already left the state. The seller had a plane ticket to leave Friday night after closing. The ticket was nonrefundable. I decided to call the lawyer. He informed me that the closing was put off indefinitely and that I needed to contact my broker. Then my broker dropped a bombshell. She informed me that it would be a week or more before they could make a decision on my loan. Again keep in mind I had been informed that I already had been approved for a mortgage loan. I was in tears. My husband was in tears. My family was in tears. The seller was totally distraught and asking me, "What do I do now?" as he sat in my realtor's office.

My realtor had NO clue about the "hiccup". After 17 unanswered calls from the realtor to the broker, the broker called my husband on Friday, the day of closing, and said, "you might want a plan B." The result is they dropped the mortgage loan at closing.

I am not alone. There are 5 other families in my area that they did this too. I know there is a law about full disclosure. I don't think keeping everyone in the dark was lawful, fair, or moral. If I had known in early Aug when Wells Fargo bought American Home Mortgage, that there may be a problem, I could have been better prepared. What happened to at least 5 families in the Charleston SC area is wrong. Sincerely, Devastated in SC.

Overdraft fees
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I recently looked at my Wells Fargo account online and saw that I had been assessed $261.00 in overdraft fees. I had 9 transactions totaling $36.00 that were made in a 2 day period. A full week later our car payment was taken out for $414.00, but it was posted before all of the previous weeks transactions (all of which had shown up online in the previous week) and subsequently overdrafted my account by $30.00 and some change. I incurred 9 overdraft fees for $29.00 each. I realized that I had made a math error of $30.00 when calculating my checkbook.

I called Wells Fargo to talk to a supervisor and ask why the car payment had posted before all of the other charges, and was told by a supervisor named ** that "I am sure this is not the last time your account will be overdrawn and if you don't like it you can go to another bank, but until you figure out how to spend your money, you will continue to have the same problem." Then she hung up on me. I was treated like I was a criminal, all for a $30.00 addition mistake. I have tried to contact the complain department, but they are never available, I was told that the best way for me to get a hold of someone was to send a letter, I have done that, but have not received a response yet.

We will be closing our account next week. If any of you are interested in changing the way that overdraft fees are assessed by banks you should e-mail your state congressmen and tell them to support the Consumer Overdraft Fair Practices Act, it would require banks to notify their customers before they make a transaction that would overdraft their account, and it would prevent banks from being able to post checks before charges that were made prior to the check being deposited.

Wells Fargo Business Credit Card
By -

This company operates in a very unethical manner. They promised 0% interest rate in the first year. I asked if this included balance transfers. They said yes. I got the checks and paid my other credit card account and their check bounced. They said I did not have the right check, which THEY sent me. After paying with the replacement check I got the bill. My interest rate was 24%. They said they considered this a cash advance and that was the reason. I have a credit score above 800. They said I had to have a clean six month record to lower the interest rate.

My payments starting becoming mysteriously late even though they were sent in on time so I tried paying them over the phone. One payment they said was not applied due to "clerical error." They said since it was not my fault I would not pay the late charge but sure enough it was on my next statement. I tried using Western Union Quick Collect. I was assured they would credit me the day I sent in the payment.

I did the wire on 12/10 and gave them the control number when they called on the 15th to say my payment was late. They said they never got it and I would have to track it myself. They eventually said they got it on the 19th and could not adjust my account to show this or credit my late fee because it was not their fault. This is after numerous other promises were made to me about lowering my interest rate etc. which were also never kept. Warning!!!! Do not do business with these crooks. Try a more reputable company and any company that repeatedly mails you offers is suspect. I will be paying off this bill with my next statement. That's my "4 cents".

Complaint regarding the attitude of your service manager; Patty Christian
By -

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Your service manager, ** is rude, unhelpful and offensive. I was in your branch last week and was appalled by the way she spoke to other customers, including me. She gave us, the customers a poor attitude, unhelpful service and a terrible look that was not necessary. I find her disrespectful to the ones that pay her salary and I will no longer bank at your branch.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I hope your company will find the time to improve your customer service. You will lose many customers in the future, if you haven't already, due to this unappreciative employee. Please find people that enjoy their jobs and treat the customer well. After all, we are the ones that ultimately pay your bills. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

Harassing phone calls poor service
By -

I have financed several vehicles in last 25 years. Wells Fargo is the worst I have ever dealt with. My payment is due on the 13th. They call on the 14th 5 to 6 times a day. I contacted their collections. The rep told me that their computer calls the residence until the payment is in. Therefore, I get phone calls at 8 am until 9 pm ever day until then. I have even made arrangements and the calls continue. I have asked them not to call my house, but they ignored me and continue. I have seen that they are listed on the "Rip Off Report" 57 times this year for the same reason. When will the departments who overlook these practices step in and at least minimize the harassment?

Refinanace screw up
By -

HIGHLAND, NEW YORK -- After completing all the paperwork and signing all the many many forms, I sent back everything and Wells Fargo called me and told me they could not accept one of my signatures that was "whited out". OK so I had an additional copy that they asked that I sign and send back 'overnight'. They insisted that I send it UPS and not US Postal Service. UPS wanted $76.00 for one envelope to be sent overnight. W.F. said they needed it by Monday. I sent it on Thursday, to arrive by 3PM Monday @ $26.00.

Now they tell me the envelope did not arrive on time and they want to start the whole process over again. Their insistence to mail by UPS and the whole "whiteout" crap got me frustrated enough to go to another lender and tell them they lost my business.

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