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Harassing phone calls poor service
By -

I have financed several vehicles in last 25 years. Wells Fargo is the worst I have ever dealt with. My payment is due on the 13th. They call on the 14th 5 to 6 times a day. I contacted their collections. The rep told me that their computer calls the residence until the payment is in. Therefore, I get phone calls at 8 am until 9 pm ever day until then. I have even made arrangements and the calls continue. I have asked them not to call my house, but they ignored me and continue. I have seen that they are listed on the "Rip Off Report" 57 times this year for the same reason. When will the departments who overlook these practices step in and at least minimize the harassment?

Refinanace screw up
By -

HIGHLAND, NEW YORK -- After completing all the paperwork and signing all the many many forms, I sent back everything and Wells Fargo called me and told me they could not accept one of my signatures that was "whited out". OK so I had an additional copy that they asked that I sign and send back 'overnight'. They insisted that I send it UPS and not US Postal Service. UPS wanted $76.00 for one envelope to be sent overnight. W.F. said they needed it by Monday. I sent it on Thursday, to arrive by 3PM Monday @ $26.00.

Now they tell me the envelope did not arrive on time and they want to start the whole process over again. Their insistence to mail by UPS and the whole "whiteout" crap got me frustrated enough to go to another lender and tell them they lost my business.

Pod bank account
By -

NEVADA -- I will get right to the point. I was left two bank accounts by my grandfather who passed in 2002 one account was in trust for the other was a payable on death account which was to be given to me upon the passing of his two sisters. Both sisters have passed the last passed in August of 2006 I was never contacted of her death as I live in New York, they resided in Nevada. When I contacted Wells Fargo about my account I was told my 87 year old aunt closed this account in April of 2006. If this account originated with my grandfather and his wishes were that I should receive this one at a later time why was she allowed to do this by the bank?????

I have been very hurt by this whole affair especially knowing how my grandfather would feel knowing that in good faith he left his life's savings to his granddaughter and this is what happened. He obviously misplaced his trust in family and his financial institution. I feel some reform should be made with PODs or inform the owner of the account that other people can trample their wishes by leaving a "POD' versus 'in trust for' accounts.

I Want My Money!!
By -

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- After losing my job in the summer of 2005 I really had no money and wasn't able to keep a substantial amount of money in my Bank of America checking account. After a few months of stress and literally eating whatever my friends and family could provide me, I found the job of my dreams and a new place to live. Just up the street from my new place is a Wells Fargo bank and with the little bit of money that I was able to get before my new job started I opened a new account.

I was happy and things seemed to be okay. In the next month or so my wallet was stolen and Wells Fargo was on the ball. If it weren't for them constantly calling my phone number I never would have known that my debit card was being used by some loser.

Things changed a few weeks later when I tried to use my card to order a pizza online but could not. I knew there was money in the account and I knew that my card was okay to use. But I didn't know that my account had been blocked because I owed money to Bank of America. Since I hadn't been using that account it seems fees were being added and I did not know that opening a new account at another bank would cause a later problem. My mistake.

In the meantime every dime I had made at work or any refunds from taxes were all being direct deposited into my new Wells Fargo account. So, to pay Bank of America I needed to get cash from the Wells Fargo account. But I couldn't. They blocked the account and for the past 3 weeks I haven't been able to pay Bank of America nor do I have any money for myself. My cell phone has been cut off, can't pay. My rent is late... can't pay... Had to borrow money to put gas in my car... can't use my debit card.

NO matter how many times I called, no matter how many times I'd talk to someone on the phone, I can't and still haven't been able to get any money. I've waited on hold for more than thirty minutes and I was even hung up on tonight after telling Wells Fargo that I would be calling the BBB and I wanted my money before another weekend went by. She called me "abusive" although I never raised my voice nor used profanity.

She told me my account would close on Friday although I was told that my account would close at the beginning of the week on Monday and that I'd get a check in the mail... No check in the mail this week and my account is still open with almost $800 just sitting there. Am I ever going to get my money? Am I ever going to get to pay Bank of America? What do I have to do to get my money?? I am at my wit's end. Why won't this bank give me my money???

terrible mortgage business
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Here is a story about how badly Wells Fargo mortgage business sucks. I closed on my new home in 2005. I had told Wells Fargo that I would close on that day weeks ago and guess what? They called me only 36 hours before closing to bring me the good news. Although Wells Fargo customer service had told me it was a 100% financing option, I was asked to bring in 3% of my own funds to the closing which amounts close to $9K. I had e-mailed my loan manager ** multiple times, left messages in his answering machine and he NEVER responded.

I complained about the misinformation and somehow Wells Fargo manager ** made some changes to the closing statement calculations 5 PM the day before closing. (It is a very complicated formula by the way, the way they calculate the exact amount you would need)

A day of scrambling to get the funds and here we are in the title company's office. I told the title company about the 3% thing and they were like "Oh, we do not know nothing about that. This is what we have from Wells Fargo". Happily I sign the paperwork and then get a call from title company. Wells Fargo has declined to fork over the money to the seller. Why? I have not met the 3% requirement. Remember that everything was based on their numbers. They deny their own calculations. The manager who handled the loan said it was just some clerical error. Oh, I forgot to say that I had to leave work and drive 90 minutes to a suburb of Chicago to resign the paperwork.

After venting to the manager **, he reluctantly agrees to pay me $500 for my troubles. He promised to send the check within the next 6 weeks. I called ** three more times after 6 weeks. His first excuse was "My supervisor changed. I had requested the check. I will look into it again and it should arrive shortly". 2 weeks passed. Still no check! I called him up on Nov 30, 2005. His second excuse on the phone is: "I do not know where it is." I insist that he trace it and call me back.

During our conversation I expressed my frustration with him and he had the guts to tell me "I went above and beyond by agreeing to pay you $500". Now, that is suggesting I should just sit on my ** and stop complaining. He insists that it is coming in his terms 'SOON'. How soon? He does not know. Then I ask to speak to his manager and he refuses to connect me to her.

In his terms "The issue is not worth escalating at this point". Sure, he is afraid of his ** being on the line. My girlfriend later called ** and she promised to look out for my check. Later the same day ** rung me up and apologized. She also told me that a check had never been requested. Hmm, would that mean ** sat on it and was lying to me? I am still waiting with misty eyes the day I can touch that elusive peanut money for Wells Fargo. My suggestion, do not ever do mortgage business with them until they clean their act

Electronic/POS Debit Processing
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I wrote to Wells Fargo in early March complaining about the processing order of check and electronic items with your bank. Further, I complained about the way ALL electronic POS transactions are debited, credited and then debited from the accounts. This has been a recurring problem in dealing with your bank. Nobody has understood the basis of my complaint from the first attempt. Evidently nobody over there has a grasp on the banking business, or perhaps I explained them poorly, let me try to explain this for you again.

For example, let's say on January 3st at 8 am my account balance was $100.00 and I had no outstanding checks or other debits waiting processing. Then, I used my card at Exxon for $10.00. If I went home and checked my account balance with online banking, I would notice a "pending item" for $10 and my new available balance would be $90.00.

The next day, on January 4th, when I checked my balance online again, it would be $100.00. The "pending item" disappears. Then, on January 5th or 6th, the debit of $10.00 would be processed as received from the merchant against my account and the balance would revert back to $90.00. This yo-yo account balance game must trap many consumers in overdraft situations particularly those in low and fixed income situations who can ill afford your exorbitant fees and accounting games.

I took a moment to read your Consumer Account Agreement that you graciously sent me with your previous letter. I would like to draw your attention to page 40, specifically addressing POS transactions. There it points out that Wells Fargo will place a hold on funds equivalent to the anticipated and approved amount of the purchase at the time the card is authorized. Your terms further disclose that hold will stay in place until such time as the final amount is processed from the merchant.

Wells Fargo is not doing that. You are blatantly ignoring your own Consumer Account Agreement Terms. This is the substance of my complaint. I believe Wells Fargo is doing this to catch consumers unaware in overdraft situations and then collect outrageous fees and overdraft charges as a result.

Further, I noticed on my final account statement which came approximately five weeks after I sent my letter of complaint, Wells Fargo felt it necessary to include a disclaimer at the top of statements for ALL account holders explaining some "change" in the way you handle electronic and POS transactions. Certainly that seems extremely suspicious to me.

I am now demanding Wells Fargo to reverse all bank charges accrued on my account as a result of these fraudulent tactics on your part. That would negate the balance of $286.50 you claim I owe you and leave my account with a credit balance of approximate the same, $285.

Wells Fargo is participating in fraudulent corporate activity and your refusal to refund my money and delete these specious bank charges is utterly inexcusable. I am shocked and appalled at the corporate gall Wells Fargo continues to display in the face of ignoring banking policies spelled out in an official Wells Fargo account terms disclosure. I would love to discuss this with your directly, but neither of the phone numbers you included in your letter were able to put me through to your office.

If you have even a shred of decency or respect for your customers upon whose money your salary is made, I suggest you call me personally to explain how I am misunderstanding your corporate greed. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Fees placed on my checking account

CALIFORNIA -- Upon opening a membership checking account at your bank, I was promised a no fee checking account that provides interest and free standard checks, travelers cheques, and money orders because I worked for a company that banks with you.

During your conversion of the account for new members, I was beginning to receive charges on my account even though I had opened the account prior to these changes being accessed to the membership checking account. I called and talked to ** of the Woodbridge, Irvine, CA branch and was told that he could put a permanent waiver on the account if I could provide anything in writing stating that my account was free.

It took me a couple of weeks to locate my paper work but I found the flier I was given to me that initiated the opening of my account. On the flier, it states that there is no direct deposit requirement, free standard checks, free traveler's checks and free money orders. I proceeded to call back the bank only to find out that ** was no longer working at the branch.

I spoke with the new branch manager, ** but only received a response that he could do nothing about my situation. He refused to work with my situation and simply turned me away telling me to either convert my account to an account forcing me to keep $1000 in it at all times, or to pay the $12 a month fee that should have been waived because of the terms and conditions of when I opened the account.

I said I did not want to convert the account because I liked the benefits of my membership account and would like to keep it open with the same terms that I opened it with. He again stated that he could do nothing to help me and advised me to close my account and no longer bank with Wells Fargo.

Following this long and frustrating conversation with your new branch manager, **, I felt that my problem remained unresolved. I called your customer service number and spoke with your supervisor, **. She also informed me that there should have been a permanent fee waiver placed on my account because of terms and conditions of when I opened my account and stated that the changes of fees and terms should not apply to my account now because I had opened my account before the new changes occurred. She said that she would place a 6 month fee waiver on my account to give me some time to locate **, the previous manager of my branch.

Since speaking to ** in July, I am still receiving fees placed to my account of $12 a month since September of 2002. So far, you have withdrawn this money from my account even though ** promised to place a temporary waiver on my account so that I could have more time to solve this problem. Since then, you have withdrawn $60 from my account that I would like reversed and would like to speak to someone that can help me resolve this problem.

I am a good customer that banks with your company, never bounces checks and remains a loyal customer to your bank. Please resolve this problem and refund my money back. Thank you for your time and please contact me regarding my situation.

Investment Broker at Wells Fargo
By -

ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA -- My family filed a complaint against an investment broker at Wells Fargo in 2001. The broker is still working for Wells Fargo and strikes again! I received a small inheritance that was supposed to be paid out in 5 payments over a 5 year period. Guess What? This investment broker put it back into a high-risk annuity without my permission. It has decreased in value by 40% since September 2008. I was given no information until they finally mailed a September 20, 2008 statement that I received October 20, 2008. Beware of Wells Fargo and their tactics!

Wells Fargo's Poor Customer Service and Fees
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Thank you for your concerns regarding Wells Fargo customers. I am submitting this complaint against Wells Fargo Bank. I wrote a check of $330.04 and clearly indicated its date as 02/28/2007. My account was in a position to cover it only at the posted date, but Wells Fargo honored the check on 02/12/2007, two weeks earlier than the posted date. This resulted in my account to be charged $141.00 in a period of 4 days.

It is my impression that Wells Fargo upon being represented a check either automatically or as hard copy has to verify the amount, date, and name it is written to. I believe these are some of the red flags that have to reviewed in fighting fraud. The Wells Fargo response below shows that its automated means that it relies on does not capture a check dated year 2005 or 2007 even if we are in March 2005; thus putting customers at greater risks. Below is the Wells Fargo bank response:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the processing of post-dated or stale-dated checks. In general, banks process checks by automated means, relying upon check information contained in magnetically encoded information found at the bottom of the check - MICR. The check date is not part of the MICR encoded information. As a result, a bank will pay or return a check without regard to the date written on the check."

"As discussed in the Consumer Account Agreement, a 'stop payment order' is used if you do not want a check paid or to give the bank notice of a post-dated check. To be effective, a stop payment order must be received by the bank in a time and manner that gives the bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it."

"A stop payment order is valid for six 6 months and must be renewed if you do not want the stop payment order to expire. Each renewal will be treated as a new stop payment order. For post-dated checks, it is your obligation to remove the stop-payment order once the check is no longer post-dated. The normal Stop Payment Fee will apply to each order. Thank you for banking with Wells Fargo."

Wells Fargo Business Credit Card
By -

This company operates in a very unethical manner. They promised 0% interest rate in the first year. I asked if this included balance transfers. They said yes. I got the checks and paid my other credit card account and their check bounced. They said I did not have the right check, which THEY sent me. After paying with the replacement check I got the bill. My interest rate was 24%. They said they considered this a cash advance and that was the reason. I have a credit score above 800. They said I had to have a clean six month record to lower the interest rate.

My payments starting becoming mysteriously late even though they were sent in on time so I tried paying them over the phone. One payment they said was not applied due to "clerical error." They said since it was not my fault I would not pay the late charge but sure enough it was on my next statement. I tried using Western Union Quick Collect. I was assured they would credit me the day I sent in the payment.

I did the wire on 12/10 and gave them the control number when they called on the 15th to say my payment was late. They said they never got it and I would have to track it myself. They eventually said they got it on the 19th and could not adjust my account to show this or credit my late fee because it was not their fault. This is after numerous other promises were made to me about lowering my interest rate etc. which were also never kept. Warning!!!! Do not do business with these crooks. Try a more reputable company and any company that repeatedly mails you offers is suspect. I will be paying off this bill with my next statement. That's my "4 cents".

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