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Pod bank account
Posted by on
NEVADA -- I will get right to the point. I was left two bank accounts by my grandfather who passed in 2002 one account was in trust for the other was a payable on death account which was to be given to me upon the passing of his two sisters.both sisters have passed the last passed in August of 2006 I was never contacted of her death as I live in ny, they resided in Nevada. When I contacted wells fargo about my account I was told my 87 year old aunt closed this account in April of 2006. if this account originated with my grandfather and his wishes were that I should receive this one at a later time why was she allowed to do this by the bank?????

I have been very hurt by this whole affair especially knowing how my grandfather would feel knowing that in good faith he left his lifes savings to his granddaughter and this is what happened.he obviously missplaced his trust in family and his financial institution I feel some reform shoud be made with pod's or inform the owner of the account that other people can trample their wishes by leaving a "pod' versus 'in trust for' accounts.
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Tc1073 on 11/30/2007:
I do not work in the banking industry but I would believe if YOU could not be paid the money until your aunt's passing that they would of had to have been on the account in some way, otherwise as soon as your grandfather passed you would have received the money. So if they were also on the account they had a right (from Wells Fargo perspective) to close the account, it may not had been your grandfathers wishes but I don't feel its a Wells Fargo error either. If your Aunt was not on the account at all and they allowed it to be closed it would be a different situation all together.
runaway on 11/30/2007:
There isn't enough information here; was the aunt the estate's executer? Did she close the account that way? Was your name on the account as the recipient "payable on death", or was the estate or trust the recipient? Was she the one specified on the trust as administrator? Sounds like your aunt was the one you should have been angry with, if she knew of your relative's wishes.
FoggyOne on 11/30/2007:
Because you were listed as the POD recipient doesn't mean you had any control, access, or right of the account and only the person's whose name is on the account can access it (your grandfather's sister) - the woman did just that and withdraw all the money, she had every right too. The bank did nothing wrong. If your grandfather had wanted the money to go to you he should have left it to you. There are many vehicles in place that could have been used to make certain you received the money but to put the money entirely into an account with another name on it was probably the worst choice he could have made. I understand your frustration but the entire matter lies back with your grandfather.
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Auto Loan
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- My loan went into default because I got behind on things and had to pay 6,000 on a new boiler for my home. My bills for my loan never made it to my address nor did they ever call me. Instead of sending me any notices they repossessed my car. I have tried to pay what I owe them and explained the hardship that I have been going through and was informed that it didn't matter and that I would either have to refinance my loan through a different company or they wear taking it to the auction. Even though they didn't know my address to send my bills they sure did know where to pick the car up.Think very carefully before you deal with this company.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
Let me guess. They did not know where to send the bill and you forgot where to make your payment!! Happens all the time.
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
As far as your other problems they really don’t care and I don’t think the state will either.

Sorry about you problem and hope you can take care of it soon.
poppapia on 06/07/2007:
When you signed your loan documents, the first payment date and amount should have been clearly noted. Even if you don't receive a payment notice or coupon book, it is still your responsibility to make the payment based on your documents. Sorry for your situation, but this seems like your own undoing.
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
Your monthly statement is sent as a courtesy. The reason why it's framed up as a courtesy is because things do happen to the mail and statements don't reach their destination: lost in the mail, wrong address, etc. We also live in a time where nearly everything we do can be accessed on the 'net, and while I don't have any loans through WF, I would venture a guess that you could have set up an online account and received your statements there. poppapia is correct and I am also curious to know if you contacted WF immediately when you began having financial difficulties to see if there was some sort of deferral of payment they could work out with you until you were able to get caught up, or if you waited until they actually repossessed the vehicle?
I too am sorry for your situation, and hope you are able to get back on your feet soon. Good luck.
Ponie on 06/07/2007:
What did you do about your car payments before you spent the 6000 for a new boiler? Did Wells Fargo call you each month to let you know what date it was due? I think not. I know my rent is due the 1st of each month. No statements, no phone calls--nothing. Pay or face eviction.

New obligations do not negate past responsibilities. WF has every right to repossess upon default.
rhondam718732 on 06/07/2007:
This complaint should be removed in fairness to Wells Fargo. They did nothing wrong.
jktshff1 on 06/07/2007:
Right on rhondam! but mabey this should be left as an example of what not to post!
Principissa on 06/07/2007:
While I am sorry you are having financial problems, you still need to pay your bills. Where were your bills being sent before? Why didn't you take it upon yourself to call them and see why they were not sending you statements in the mail? Also why didn't you call them and see if you can get your payments deferred? I have most of my bills set up online, is there not an online account access site for Wells Fargo? You can not fault Wells Fargo for your inability to pay your bills. It is your responsibility to make sure you take care of your debts.
*Brenda* on 06/07/2007:
Make up your mind, was it the hardship or the lack of a statement that caused you to default on your payment?

Silly me, even if I don't get a statement I still know what I have to pay every month.
Jambra on 06/08/2007:
It all comes down to the fact that you didn't pay back the money you borrowed. Good luck trying to find another bank to loan you money. Not receiving loan statements is no excuse for not paying what you owe.
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Mortgage discrimination
Posted by on
ALASKA -- I have a double wide manufactured home that I have personally put 42,000 dollars into. Addition and foundation. I am within 12000 of paying this off and Wells Fargo has forced this against my wishes into foreclosure by refusing to accept payments and calling the note due. I stand to loose 100,000. on this property. And they will not allow any options. While I am faxing in paperwork they are sending this to a lawyer. They have only to seize ten properties a year and re-sell this property in order to profit 1 million dollars on the backs of honest americans. Can you spell racketeering? Contact the OCC on line or in Texas(their main office) it might help but they do not even respond to them sometimes. Arrogant people they do not care how they hurt people. My "American dream" is squashed and my children may not finish college now.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/12/2007:
Is there something you aren't telling us? Banks don't just foreclose without warning and for no reason.
warddw1526 on 03/12/2007:
Where is the discrimination here? A bank will foreclose can foreclose on anyone.
grandma005 on 03/12/2007:
In order for them to foreclose you have to be behind in payments. Why did you not pay off the loan before you put all that money into it first? Better to be safe than sorry. If you are behind in payments now they have every right to foreclose.
Anonymous on 03/12/2007:
It's not always because of late payments that a bank can call a loan. I learned the hard way not too long ago. I had a loan with rental property as collateral. I sold partial interest in the property to a family member and changed the deed to reflect such. The bank called the loan IAW the due on sale clause which gives them the right to accelerate the loan any time there is a change in ownership. I had 30 days to pay the balance which I did with a loan from another company. There are other acceleration clauses inserted into mortgages depending on the lender and circumstances. Sounds like you have descent equity in your property so it shouldn't be that hard getting a loan to pay off the call. Good luck!
Ponie on 03/12/2007:
'...profit...on the backs of honest americans.' The honest Americans I know pay their mortgage when required to avoid foreclosure.

Stew, you made a change in the contract thus making the original null and void. However, you didn't come on a forum like my3cents to complain. You handled it properly. I don't understand why the poster doesn't make other arrangements as you did.
Anonymous on 03/12/2007:
You may want to contact an attorney. Foreclosures are very statute-specific and just missing one notice requirement can void the entire thing. Furthermore, foreclosures have a right of redemption ~ you CAN get it out of foreclosure... it happens all the time. You need to speak to someone NOW about this. Good luck.
mortgageFRAUDwlsfargo on 04/07/2008:
Anyone who is interested in participating in a Class Action Suit against Wells Fargo for mortgage fraud please send me an email at dlrfs@hotmail.com. Thank you.
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Misappropriated Payoff Funds leading to Repossession
Posted by on
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- In an effort to set aside the monthly struggle of an auto payment, I made the entire payoff via Western Union Quick Collect, as instructed by Wells Fargo using the code city provided to me by Wells Fargo. Seven days later, my vehicle was towed from my driveway, carseats and all.

Sad but true, it must be my fault for using the "wrong" code city given to me by one of their ever-so-competent customer care representatives, not calling the control number in, (says that fine, competent customer care dept) that has led to my payoff funds being "seen" but "unable to locate" to "legally post to my account" before my (paid-off) vehicle can be "legally released back to me", and of course, I will have to "go to get the vehicle myself".

Would it be another wrong of mine to suggest that if any (one of my five children) are injured as a result of being transported where they need to be (i.e. school etc.) because my neighbor who has to help me out doesn't have their safety seats, that I will file one major lawsuit against Wells Fargo. Their answer would probably be a resounding "yes".

Unfortunately, I have received more assistance and more respect from the representatives at Western Union and the impound lot than the company in error themselves. Buyer beware!!
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User Replies:
bill on 02/27/2007:
If one of your 5 children is hurt while traveling without a safety seat you will probably be facing child endangerment charges from the state. Go out and get those kids some car seats right now.
bill on 02/27/2007:
If one of your 5 children is hurt while traveling without a safety seat you will probably be facing child endangerment charges from the state. Go out and get those kids some car seats right now.
Anonymous on 02/27/2007:
What Bill said!

What Bill Said!
adzidek on 02/27/2007:

rhondam718732 on 02/27/2007:
You mentioned you were struggling with your payments and that's understandable, however, clearly you were several months behind already if theyb repossessed your car. THAT is not Wells Fargo's responsibility or concern. You had to have known you were behind and that may lead to repossession. Removing the carseats daily in the even that this happened would have been smart to do; in the name of safety for your childrens' sakes.
Peaved on 03/02/2007:
Got the van returned to me, carseats and all, with apologies from Wells Fargo after contacting their legal department. With all due respect to rhondam718732, you don't know me or my circumstances from Adam, or that I lost a child several months ago which caused part of my problems. Hope you never have to face difficulties like that and certainly not have someone judge you. Obviously you have had your own issues or you wouldn't be on this website.
tastroh on 07/28/2007:
Right on Peaved! rhondam718732 was out of line! Wells Fargo is notorious for doing things like this! Glad to hear that you got your van(and carseats) back. So sorry for your loss. I would still be contacting legal services, the bank can not continue to treat their customers like this!
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Someone is
Posted by on
PLYMOUTH, PENNSYLVANIA -- And I am not biting on their bait. If you are receiving emails from Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Ebay, First Third Bank, PayPal, or others asking for your personal financial information, this is a "phishing" email and it is a scam. Wells Fargo and these other companies are not sending these emails. And, when the proper IT security authorities at the companies are alerted, they do something about it. Chase Bank and I had a website shut down within 24 hours one time after I had contacted someone in their IT security department about a "phishing' email I had received and about the "mirror or shadow" site. If you really want to do something about this sort of thing and you have some time, when you receive these sort of emails contact their Internet fraud department such as spoof@PayPal and alert them and the companies involved will try to do something about stopping the fraudulent phishing emails.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 10/02/2006:
I think I receive a phishing email from just about every bank name under the sun. The important thing to remember, legit companies will NEVER ask for personal information over email. Another good way to tell if they are spoofs, right click on the URL's in the email and view the properties of it. You might see that it actually points to a IP address (a bunch of numbers like instead of the bank's domain name. Or it may point to some name that is not their official website. Clues to dump the mail into your spam folder.
HaroldSays on 10/02/2006:
Thanks for sharing the information. It is most helpful!
GRANNYLKM on 10/02/2006:
I got "phishing" email from someone saying they were EBay asking me to "update my credit card number expiration date". EBay has NEVER had my credit card number, and will never get it. When I make purchases I send money orders or cashiers checks. The email also stated that if I didn't update this information I would no longer be able to use my Ebay account!
HaroldSays on 10/02/2006:
Glad you caught on to that one Granny. Never give any of your personal financial information to anyone who contacts you by way of an e-mail.
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High interest rate-it NEVER goes down
Posted by on
I got a wells fargo visa card when I opened up my account with them. I had just gotten my first, job, and I needed somewhere to cash my checks. I got the visa card thinking "if I spend a little every month and pay it off, I will build up my credit".

Well then I moved and needed some extra money for rental deposit, so I used the cash advance and took $200. My interest rate went up to 20% PER MONTH and has been steadily rising ever since. I pay well over the minimum due every month, the interest rate NEVER has gone down.

Also, they put some stupid "wells protect" insurance thing on my card without me signing up for it. It takes a percentage out of your balance on the card and is supposedly for if you lose your job or some horrible thing happens you don't have to pay your payment for a few months. Its a rip off. And it took 3 times me calling and saying I wanted it off my account before they finally did it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/27/2006:
Such is the way of credit. The best way to avoid the interest is to get rid of the cards. Life is possible without credit and it hurts much less.
DebtorBasher on 08/27/2006:
Were you not able to make the rental deposit as a credit, or did they only accept cash for it? If this was your first credit card, you may not have been aware of this, but the cash advances are always a higher rate than the credit itself. If you have the original info when you signed up for it, it explains the difference with credit and cash advances...also as a warning, if they send you "checks" to use from your credit card, those also count as cash advances...the way they get you, is that the payments you send in will not deduct from the cash advance amount until all other credit is paid down...this way they can continue to charge the higher fee on the cash advance...
DebtorBasher on 08/27/2006:
Liddy...do you have credit cards? I can't marry a man who is in a lot of debt...so, if you do, you better start paying them off...or there will be no "I do's"...
Anonymous on 08/27/2006:
Work only! Pay off every month
DebtorBasher on 08/27/2006:
OK then, I'll put you on my "possibility" list! Hmmmm a man without debt, HEY! You're the only one on that list!!!!
Anonymous on 08/28/2006:
Yes, and hopfully I will stay that way...
DebtorBasher on 08/28/2006:
Just keep your nose clean, and you will.
Anonymous on 08/29/2006:
I blow it once a day if it needs it or not.
DebtorBasher on 08/30/2006:
As long as you're not blowing it onto the sidewalk...why do guys need to do that anyway? I know Giz doesn't do that because it would freeze on the way the ground, and there would be a bunch of snotsicles and snotcubes all over the sidewalks.
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Lost $950 Through Well Fargo Online
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I've use Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay for a couple of years. On my last statement, I noticed a $950 payment sent out to someone I never heard of. I contacted Wells immediately.
I was given a case number, the name of the case worker and assured that no one has ever lost a penny Through Wells Fargo Online. It's been three weeks since I reported it. I have made over a dozen phone calls, left numerous messages and have yet to hear from the case worker. Messages have been left with her supervisor. No one has given me any information regarding my case's status. One person has been helpful in sending messages to the appropriate people. But to no avail.
Pretty pathetic customer service. Not to mention being out $950.
I'm shopping for a new bank.
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User Replies:
indygirl08 on 01/26/2005:
Wow, I bank with Wells Fargo and have never received anything other than the best service. Sorry to hear this has happened to you, keep us posted.
melissa.messner.ni1q on 01/26/2005:
Have you tried to get the contact info on the person/company who withdrew the funds? Maybe they put in an incorrect account number. As silly as that sounds, I've had it happen to me before, the company corrected the error and reimbursed me for the overdraft fees I acquired. Good luck!
mattk on 01/27/2005:
After not hearing from Wells for 3 weeks, they replied instantly after receiving the email from my3cents.com. This forum works! Unfortunately their reply was to call the same number I've been calling. Oh well.
mattk on 01/31/2005:
The day after posting my complaint on this and another website, I received a call from a supervisor at Wells Fargo saying that my lost money was restored. This site works!
Anonymous on 02/11/2005:
Shamer, you actually posted a half decent post! I'm soooo proud of you! *does the retarded clap for shamer*
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Poor service and lack of response
Posted by on
Avoid loans from Wells Fargo at all costs! Twice since we have had our car loan, WF has started sending bills and correspondence to old addresses. This has occurred months after moving to the new address. This has also coincided with them somehow receiving our payment late (most recently, our check was mailed on the 8th and cashed on the 20th). Their website is not user-friendly, and I have only encountered rude people on the phone who treat me like I am some deadbeat who does not pay her bills.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/27/2007:
Did you retain a copy of the Change Of Address form that you submitted to them? It may be important if you have to protest late charges later.
minnie7462 on 05/27/2007:
try going into the the nearest branch. the telephone customer service representatives are ofen rude, but most of the branch members I have dealt with are much more helpful.
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Online banking service is unreliable
Posted by on
This is the third problem I've had with Wells Fargo Online banking. But what is so frustrating is that it takes weeks and multiple phone calls and complaint forums to get any action.
My current problem is that I've had 7 bills stop/returned without an explanation. I end up sending the bills by mail and have often suffered a late fee. I haven't had anyone from Wells fix the problem or explain why it's happening.
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User Replies:
tander on 05/17/2005:
I'm not surprised your having those problems with Wells Fargo, all I have to say on them is NEVER get a mortgage through them, they will royally mess up your account.
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Posted on




To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:


At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Anonymous on 02/07/2002:
Yo, Perry Mason! Why don't you drop the cross-examination act and chronicle the problems you're having? Okay, on a serious note you're obviously upset about whatever has happened, but you really will save yourself a lot of time and headache if you skip the "loaded questions" routine and just tell the bank what happened.
Anonymous on 02/07/2002:
Well, he's got to do *something* with that theater arts degree! Perhaps he's a struggling playwright.
Anonymous on 02/07/2002:
Just a question. What are you trying to get away with? Seems odd, your questions? Most if not all information on Policies by law are provided to you. Read them.
Anonymous on 02/09/2002:
Stick with Wells Fargo and just see what kind of problems arise, Been there!
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