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Wendy's is not better than fast food!
Posted by on
GREENVALE, NEW YORK -- There was a time when I could always count on a fresh, tasty meal at Wendy's. I used to eat there regularly. I usually ordered 2 junior hamburgers and a large fries with an iced tea. Used to taste great and fill me up good. The meat used to hang out of the sides of the burgers and the fries were thicker and good.

But ever since Dave died, the quality is going downhill. The burgers are definitely smaller, and the fries taste just like McDonald's (cardboard). In addition it seems they don't put those nice fresh onions on the junior hamburgers anymore. I now refer to them as "breadburgers" as they have no meat in them. If I wanted McDonald's I would go there, but I don't and haven't eaten their junk food in 10 years!

So I wound up ordering a classic single instead of the juniors as at least they have some more substance to them, but lately even those have been getting skimpy. What ever happened to "never cutting corners" and "where's the beef"?

I'd gladly pay more to have a decent meal. But they are making us pay a little more for less. The burgers never look like they do in the ads. It's called false advertising and its illegal, Wendys should have to answer to their scamming the public!

My other complaint has to do with employees that do not understand English. It's getting harder and harder to find a Wendys that hires English speaking workers. Often they get my order wrong and communicate entirely in Spanish with each other. This is America I expect people to be able to speak and understand English. One Wendy's, in Greenvale, hires entirely Spanish speaking workers. They conduct interviews in Spanish as well. I have a good reason to believe they are hiring illegal aliens. Because of all these things I stopped at eating at any Wendy's as of last March.

I may go in there to use a restroom before getting on the bus but that's it. Apparently the Greenvale location doesn't like that either, because last time I went in there a couple of weeks ago the manager confronted me and told me he doesn't want me using the restroom. He got pissed because my nose was running and I have to take some napkins. I usually don't take napkins but I didn't have anything to wipe my nose with, I guess he'd rather it drip on the floor?

Anyway he said if he sees me in there again and not ordering anything he's calling the police. I told him I'm not the criminal...he's the criminal for hiring illegal aliens. He said "what does that have to do with my employees?", dodging the question as to whether his workers are here legally.

He then kicked me out. There's no sign saying "restroom for customers only", if there was I wouldn't have used it. Their restroom was disgusting anyway and always dirty and full of MS-13 gang graffiti (from his employees?).
I used to frequently patronize that Wendy's as well, but was fed up with the cold food and wrong orders. They couldn't even get a frosty right, last time I had one there it was melted!

Anyway in the end its a shame. I used to love Wendy's. I miss the way it used to be. If they truly were doing it "Dave's Way" the food never would've changed. I go to Nathans now if I want a fast food burger, at least their burger has meat and condiments and the fries taste like potatoes.
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Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
Maybe you could pee, poop, and wipe your nose at Nathans too?
Dave has been pushing up taters for a long time now.
DebtorBasher on 10/29/2008:
Is this at one location or other Wendy's as well? I ask because the Wendy's I go to have the bugers that are larger than the buns and the fries are a good as ever. I've always said Wendy's has the best fries. It may just depend on the location you go to...but, it's too bad they aren't all high quality as the ones in my area. I can say that the burgers seem a little more dry than they used to be, but they are still large.

I don't really complain much about the sizes served at Fast Food places anymore, I'm just lucky to find a place that is clean and roach free.
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
DB, some locations have smaller patties while others have smaller buns. Your location is obviously the latter.
I prefer smaller buns myself. ;)
DebtorBasher on 10/29/2008:
I prefer bigger meat and less bun.
DebtorBasher on 10/29/2008:
Shhhhhhh....I hear JC getting out of bed running to her computer..LOL..her, "Nasty comment alarm" must have just went off.
DebtorBasher on 10/29/2008:
Oh..Oh...I think she just tripped when she dived for her computer chair.
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
No, she's still asleep. I just checked.
I figured you liked big meat.
Starlord on 10/29/2008:
I have a big shock for the people at Wendy's. Wendy's IS fast food, don't be silly.
Principissa on 10/30/2008:
I love big meat. I can do without the bun though.
jenjenn on 10/30/2008:
My mind must be in the gutter this AM...
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
Fast Food restaurants should be banned, we'd all be healthier.

C2O, Basher - WTH were you two doing last night anyway??
DebtorBasher on 10/30/2008:
Nuttin' JC.
I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell over your chair.
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
What are you talking about JC?
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
Don't try to play the innocent one C2O, we can all see what you two were doing last night.
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
What? You're confusing me. AGAIN!
Mario The Great on 10/30/2008:
The poster has to learn how to properly use there and their. Hiring illegals has nothing to do with the basis of his complaint. Wendys has and always will be fast food. All fast food places are going smaller with bigger packaging. Pretty simple to understand. Oh and for all those big meat lovers, Hi u doing? :P
Principissa on 10/30/2008:

Fast food is nasty, stop eating it. It only takes 20 minutes to make a burger at home from start to finish, and it tastes a whole lot better too! Buy a pound of ground beef, shape it into patties, use one, then freeze the rest. I get four good size patties from a pound, so you've got four nights of dinner.
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
Lawnguylander1053 shrinking burgers and forbidden bathrooms is the least of your problems.
Ponie on 10/30/2008:
...and to think I fell for his Great Steak and Potato Company review! See? There's one born every minute.
1954Consumer on 05/18/2010:
They should be hiring young adults who need these jobs, not people who cannot speak English. This was brought up to Dave on the Ronn Owens (KGO) talk show in the early 90s. A Wendy's in Sunnyvale, California, had abruptly fired the staff of young people and replaced them with Latinos who spoke little English. His response was, "Well, they need jobs too". High profile I.C.E. raids have also uncovered that illegal aliens often get these jobs with stolen IDs, as the franchiser claims ignorants (YouTube: Luther W. Mack Jr.) Of course, special sites have been set up to cater to the franchiser who seeks a 'Latino only' worker force, such as "Latinostaffing.com". Yes, it's illegal, but what can you do about it?
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Don't go to work for FSMC DBA Wendy's
Posted by on
WILMINGTON NC / CLEMSON SC, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have some inside information in regards as to how the managers of Wendy's Restaurants which are owned by the First Sun Management Corporation of Clemson, SC.

Recently, a new store was opened in Greenville, NC. This store is so understaffed that it's not funny. The District Managers for FSMC are mandating that managers from their Wilmington and Jacksonville NC stores drive to this new store in Greenville NC to work to help the new store out. Now, normally, this is not a cause for alarm. However, there are some interesting and upsetting facts to this mandate:

1) Managers are required to go there on their day off (Managers are salaried) and not receive any pay or other compensation for their (so called personal) time.

2) These managers are required to drive their personal vehicles to this new store in Greenville. The distance from the Wendy's at Porter's Neck Rd in Wilmington NC to this new store is well over 100 miles one-way.

3) These managers are required to provide their own gas for this trip. They have not been offered any type of reimbursement for the high cost of fuel these days. FYI Regular Unleaded gasoline is our area is a minimum of 2.50 per gallon at the moment and will most likely be much higher when these trips begin.

4) These managers have been threatened when he loss of their jobs if they do not comply with the requests of their District Managers (Officed in Clemson SC).

I think it is rather interesting that FSMC makes themselves look like such a good place to work, and then they do the old "bait and switch" like this. Personally, I would flat out REFUSE to drive my personal vehicle that great of a distance when I was required to do so to keep my job and my bosses happy and not receive any type of reimbursement for the amount of gasoline it takes to travel that far, especially for only 3 hours of work per trip.

These managers have been told this is a one time trip. What's to say that this couldn't turn into a thing where these people would be having to drive to this new store once twice or more per week?

One of their new District Managers, a former General Manager (individual store manager) has been known to remove funds from her store's safe in order to fund personal purchases and other unauthorized expenditures. In the past one or two of the Assistant Managers at this particular store has been accused of misplacing funds since their daily deposits were coming up short. I see a red flag here.

One of their new General Managers (individual store manager) has been observed using extremely vulgar, foul, abusive and violent behvaior towards his employees. He has been heard cursing at them where every customer present in the store could hear every single word. He has been observed throwing chairs at his employees and making other obscene gestures or comments.

Is this the type of people you want running a restaurant where you are eating? I would not like to eat in this type of establishment. I would not want to give my money to a company that subjects their employees to this type of behavior.

Personally, I have refused to eat at any of the Wendy's in eastern North Carolina for these reasons. My employer treats me with respect and always offers to reimburse me if I have to use my personal vehicle for any business related travel. How a company that strives on quality can treat their hard working employees in this manner, is beyond me.

I imagine that Dave Thomas is rolling over in his grave over things like this. I am sure that when he started the Wendy's legacy, he never envisioned any of his employees being treat in this manner.

If you like long hours, low pay, continued lack of recognition for any of your efforts, and being lied to repeatedly, go to work for these people.

That's it for now.

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User Replies:
tpebop on 08/15/2005:
fsmc is an acronym for food service management company and the situation you describe is not at all unusual
Mister_Meestah on 08/16/2005:
Thanks for your reply. In this case FSMC stand for First Sun Management Corporation. It is the name of the company that owns the franchise to a particular group of Wendy's Restaurants.

Too bad things are getting like this for hard working people.
Mad Eye Moody on 08/16/2005:
Sorry to say...welcome to the world of being salaried. They can basically ask you to do whatever they please.
Anonymous on 08/16/2005:
Tp, where did you get that info?
AZJEM on 08/17/2005:
If people really investigated the background of every place they shopped or ate at, I doubt there would not be too many places to go in the world. Get over what is going on the the company unless you have some personal stake in all this. As long as my meal is prepared correctly and in a clean place, why should I concern myself with the business part. I think most people have too much more going in in their life to worry about the Dave Thomas empire.
Shattuc-Man on 06/09/2008:
Though I am sure much of this is accurate. The knowledge you are putting in your post means one of two things...either you are hearing this second-hand from a former employee or you are a disgruntled former employee. Having worked for 30+ years in the restaurant industry in QSR you sound like someone who is just a whiner...don't like it move on.
dogdays on 08/19/2008:
Sounds like someone that used to work with FSMC, I have been with this company for a while and no one has ever been forced to go to another store as this person states.
As managers we was ask if we wanted to and if we didn;t they didn't threaten us with the loss of our jobs.
and if we did have to travel and it was out of the way from our home store we was paid mileage and as well motel and eating expenises was paid.
as always you get someone that gets PISSED off and they post stupid and incorrect things and even tell all kinds of people lies.
shadowwolf on 09/03/2008:
hi everyone let me start out by saying you got shafted bad I work at a wendys most of my mang suck they cannot schedule worth a damn I have to fight to get my days I requested off even if it is for vacation time 2 of my mang get drunk and high as well as bye weed through the drive through window and if that isn't bad enough the gen mang named david day is sleeping with a 16 yr old employee and has been known to yell and scream at everyone calling them n***** and such when the 2 that get drunk or high on the job count my register it comes up short and one more write up for short money I am termanted they put an employee on my register when I go to brake when we had reports to the corp or speak up they investagated and the person that investagated got termanted finding all the reports of sexaul herassment were true and those reports were made by male crew about the gen mang the investagater was told she was being let go because of financial reason Wendy's didn't have enough money to keep her on the books now everyone that talked to her got fired hours cut or transferred to other stores so in closeing I am really fed up with the way Wendy's treats there employees and the comp keeps covering it up and if they read this so be it when I have to fight for my raise witch is 6 months behind or get told my vacation is not approved because one of the days on it was a holladay yet they can take it off bull I got my vacation time by raiseing hell I am sick and tired off Wendy's mang and corp I think dave thomas is rolling over in his grave
amom on 03/19/2009:
I work for wendys there are things going on there that I am discussed with. I have talked with the gm and that's like talking to the wall. she always has an excuse for everything that goes on there. like well I have talked with they district manager she nows and nothings been done. I am at the point where I just don't care anymore. I loved the job when I first started. but I was trained to do the job the way dave thomas wants it done but I cannot as I have no one listening or following the rules including the gm what should I do quiet or talk with District manager.
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I Worked There, Was Not Trained Properly And Was Treated Like Trash!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORWICH, CONNECTICUT -- I worked in the back, others did not clean pots pans and utensils properly. th water was DIRTY and the sanitizer NOT used. I have on numerous OCCASIONS had drained the water, cleaned the sink and filled the sanitizer water after cleaning THAT section of the sink, threw dirty pots and pans back into to water that others have not done right and washed them my self.

The chicken fryer smoked ALL the time and oil was not drained and the chicken fryer not cleaned when it should have been . Other co-workers handling food without gloves at times. Flies and worms in salads found by customers. Chicken NOT rotated and thrown out when it should have been, kept in the drawers way too long. Chicken was served BY A MANAGER at night, taken OUT of the garbage can and served to a drive thru customer!!

I had to call corporate numerous times of which nothing much was done and I was let go by corporate upon the store's complaint, exaggerated write ups on me. Very poor store cleanliness and extremely poor and prejudicial behavior and training on the corporate and management of this store. I would never eat, or work in this store EVER again!
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User Replies:
Steve on 10/30/2014:
You should have called the Health Department.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Okay 11:45 am on 8/6/2014 late night there was a white guy in drive thru and a tall black guy cooking in a girl couldn't see what she was doing but heard her she was loud but any who order chicken nugget medium fries JR bacon cheese burger with medium strawberry lemonade so I got my food drive thru man said everything in the bag so I said thank you In as I was driving I got to the light to get y'all wonderful fries my fry box was ripped it look like there was 25 fries In a medium fry box some was burned the rest of the food was cold I was so mad I went back in asked the drive thru man would you eat them I let him pull them out my bag his self he said No so why would you server me that if you wouldn't eat it No respond back No I apologize nothing I was scared to ask for my other food to be hot to cause how they act over my fries like they didn't care went home threw all the food away I will No longer eat from Wendy's in I always eat from A Wendy's least once a week never again I was so angry I took the time out my night to write this concern in I just let Wendy's like 15-20 minutes ago I'm sure this won't get read but just thought you like to No about your business in I didn't even get a receipt I stick to McDonalds or Burger king for now on I guess driving a extra mile for some hot food in good service won't be bad
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Long Hair in Burger
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- I got hungry and decided to go out and grab Wendy's to eat. I go via drive through and ordered a 4 piece nugget, and 2 Jr. Bacon cheese burgers. I told the guy I also wanted BBQ sauce, I get my food and when I get home to eat there was no BBQ sauce. I start eating my burger and as soon as I take the first bite a long hair was in it. I spat out the food and I admit it felt disgusting feeling someone else's hair in my mouth. The night was slow so I see no reason why the person cooking would not pay attention to what they are cooking and leave a long hair in the food. Bottom line I called Wendy's and reported it I am now waiting for the local Wendy's to contact me for whom knows what.

I will not be eating at any Wendy's anymore.. They have lost a customer for life....

Disgusting/Nasty/Never Again
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Ripped off $10.00 at drive thru called police
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA -- I went through drive through and got 2 small cheeseburgers an water. I give employee $20.00 she only gives me back $7.00 and I told her that was a $20.00 and she said it was a $10.00 so we had words and she counted the drawer and said the drawer was right but she also falsified the receipt by putting in that I give her $10.00 so naturally her draw would come out right, I'm not stupid I have worked in fast food and know how the system works. I will never put foot in another Wendys and I will make damn sure that I write a letter to the editor and I'm taking this all the way to corporate. I'm tired of consumers that make very little money and live pay day to pay day and then what little money you have it is taken from you because of the dishonest people that work at these places. I'm pissed and I'm taking this to WMAZ and Better Business Bureau and to corporate in Ohio.
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olie on 10/10/2013:
This ticks me off at all types of establishments. Back when I rode my dinosaur to work at McDonald's, we were taught to leave all bills lying across the till until we counted back the change to the customer, and the customer nodded or pocketed the change, or walked away with the order.

This usually solved any change issues, since the customer noticed the shortage or overage pretty much right away, and the cashier could easily lift up the bill in question. It hadn't been put into a slot or under the till yet.

In many FF establishments, I've noticed that the change is just handed to the customer. Perhaps the amount is stated, but the money is not actually counted back. I realize that this would take an extra 15 seconds per transaction, but it would save a lot of grief on everybody's part.

I also have to say that NEVER had I had a drawer counted while the customer waited. Granted, we had to use rocks and an abacus, not computers. But still, a careful count of a drawer cannot take place within the time a customer feels like waiting.
clutzycook on 10/11/2013:
You said you called the police. What did they have to say about it?
bcd on 10/13/2013:
Your claim that the cashier falsified the receipt by entering the amount tendered was $10 is not a factor because the drawer audit should still match the amount of cash in the drawer.

Olie is correct that the cashier should leave the cash on top of the till until after the transaction is complete.
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Cockroach in Childs Food
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- There was a cockroach running around food on the table at Wendy's at Interstate Avenue and Lombard Streets on young mother little son's food. The manager had the unprofessional attitude that he accused the woman of lying, saying there was no cockroach. Then after I caught it with the Wendy's receipt I had in my hand, he tried to accuse her of bringing it in with her.

The whole experience ruined a lot of customers stomachs including my wife and I. And when we all wanted a refund the manager guy started his lying rant that there was no cockroach, which I now have in a Ziplock bag we had in our car. I must get to the local health department, the roach is still alive in the Ziplock running around on the Wendy's receipt I squished him with. In the end the woman that had this disgusting experience with her and her son's meal at Wendy's got her refund, and was yelling how she will never go to Wendy's again. The rest of the customers who were sickened by the whole experience were refused refunds by the lying Wendy's manager saying there was no cockroach. We got the proof whose lying.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2013:
That's disgusting! But, I don't know what the health department is going to do with the roach you caught. I mean, you don't need it in order to report them. I have to ask though, how is the roach running around in your Ziplock bag, if you squashed it with your receipt?
BigAl on 08/04/2013:
I seriously doubt that any restaurant can be 100% free of roaches at all times. If this was a regular problem or if more roaches were present then it would be a concern. Roaches can hitch a ride on customers too and it is entirely possible that the patron had one (or more) on their clothing. I have seen cars teeming with roaches and the owners seem oblivious to it. One roach in a restaurant or any other place for that matter is not the end of the world.
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Absolutely Awful
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
SWANSBURRO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went into this Wendy's to grab a quick bite to eat while my husband filled the gas tank. It took me 10 minutes to order my food and another 5 minutes for them to fill it. I only ordered two jr. cheeseburgers. There were 6 people behind the counter and the lady who took my order was the only one who was doing anything. The rest of the employees were too consumed with the ketchup packet that had been stepped on. There were only two other customers infront of me.

When you got my order, the hamburger patties you could tell had been sitting for a while and they just barely sprinkled on the rest of the ingredients. I will never be going back there again and I will not be going to any Wendy's for a long while.
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trmn8r on 07/15/2013:
Funny, this sounds like some of my experiences at Wendy's, and the same reason I stopped going.

I tried again after a 7 year hiatus, and it wasn't bad. But I haven't been back a second time. That shows how you can lose a customer for good.
Yusten on 07/15/2013:
rule number 1: only eat at fast food places between 11:30am and 1pm. You're gambling if you go there outside of that time range.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DOUGLAS, GEORGIA -- My husband and I went into Wendys in Douglas Georgia as we worked hard all day and were very hungry. We passed several other places we could have brought our business to, but always liked Wendys food. It was pouring rain as we got into restaurant. As we were going to dine on June 22 about 3:30pm, there was only one customer ahead of us and their order was taken. We were not even acknowledged we were standing there waiting for several minutes. Just to be acknowledged with something like I will be right with you as what most people do when they are too busy to wait on you. There was nothing and they were not busy as far as I could see. There were at least 3 workers, which 2 of them looked straight at my husband and I waiting to put in our order they were getting customer ahead of us food and no one taking our order. We stood there a few more minutes and still no acknowledgment of our presence, they did not even have anyone in drive through. I was so angry of being treated like that very rudely we left and went to Mcdonald's, driving back in the rain going in to eat where our order was taken immediately and friendly service which you lack at Wendys in Douglas Georgia.

I usually let things of this sort go but can't help but wonder if we were black would we have gotten service.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 06/23/2013:
Alternatively, you could've simply approached the counter and stated " Hello, I'd like to order." Or something to that extent. The people behind the counter probably thought you were looking at the menu board.

If you had at least made an attempt at to order first and *then* they ignored you, then I would necessarily call it bad customer service.
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Never Place More Than One Order at a Time
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I was being nice to some friends and I went to Wendy's to get some food for them and myself - lunchtime. I placed the first two orders for them, Single, cheese, small chili instead of fries and a Coke. TWO, not one. Yes the same. That's when they turned their filter on, because I only got one. It came out to over $13.00, so I though I paid for two. Then my lunch, sandwich only double cheese, everything no mayo no pickles, medium frosty. "is this a combo?"(?) Sandwich only. Another $7 or $8.

Then comes the food, I'm still missing a chili and a drink and a frosty. After some amount of time, she informs me I still need to pay for one of the singles and the double... another $3 something and $4 something...?

End result. Cost of 3 separate orders $31 and some change, got a single instead of that double, and it had mayo and pickles. I used to like coming here, but isn't there are Arby's and a Taco Hell right down the road.

Why, yes there is.
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