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Uber bad day I guess
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I think that this was the worst experience I have ever dealt with at a company. I am very empathetic towards people who work at underpaying jobs. I worked in customer service for a few years and know just how great people are towards you while you're on the clock even though the pay still is not enough to deal with unnecessarily rude people for 8+ hours.

Therefore, I was surprised when the cashier was rude when asking for my order, rude after taking it, giving me the wrong change, telling me I can have my receipt "when she's done", telling me I can have my change since she "has to open the drawer anyway to put in a roll of pennies", giving me a wrong item in my order, asking my sister with an eye roll "well which one do you want," when discussing frosty or frosty floats. I mean it went on and on.

I asked her who the manager was and she said his name with a nasty tone. I complained on the company website and never received a response (after I had contacted the manager who rushed me off the phone). So I decided to write another review almost three months later and they got back to me the same day. Now I am just waiting on a phone call and we'll see where it goes. People like that cashier do not deserve to keep their job.

I could see a reason for her to continue being rude to me if she was having a bad day and I was also rude, but I stayed nice the entire conversation and every single reply whether verbal or not, was incredibly rude. I don't even write complaints or care when I have the normal poor service, which tells you how bad this case was.

Wendy's Natural Fries
By -

Commentary on the new Natural Fries from Wendy's: Well, my place was one of the test markets, and I've had nearly a month to test. Glad to say that these fries are good. Now, they're just fries. A side order for most, a take it-or-leave-it food that all burger joints have. But you have to hand it to them, these fries are different for fast food.

These new fries have the skin on (a certain percentage of it), sea salt, and has a special blend of oils that it's fried in, rather than the regular stuff they would used to fry that chicken piece). Nothing else is supposed to be added.
The result? Tastes like something I would have made at home. I do indeed make my own fries, but results vary from time to time. I do love leaving the skins on.

So if these are "Natural", and only contain 3 ingredients, potato, salt and oil, what were they before? What do the other places sell? Well one of the major ingredients that a lot of folks find surprising that other fries have is sugar. Sugar is sprayed on to fries from Mc'D's and BK. Makes them a bit more rigid, and of course, makes them taste better. Sodium acid pyrophosphate may be added for color, and whatever stuff they add to the regular salt on the regular fries. Of course, there are those waffle fries over at places like Chick-fil-A that are great chunky things, that are probably just as good, but that's for another review.

But is it healthier? Nah. It might have less sugar, but these "Natural" fries are just cut potatoes, just like the other places. But they sure taste good. It could be the skins. It could be the oil blends they use. It could be the bigger chunks of salt. And don't give me that about salt being bad. Salt is very good for you. There's no such thing as too much salt on fries. I'm diabetic. But I want to live! Bottom Line: It's better than the regular stuff. Try it when it comes to your town. Right now, I have half a mind to stop over a drive-through and order just the natural fries.

Lazy, shiftless and clueless....
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I am fortunate enough to have a few dozen options for fast food close to me yet the closest one to my home is Wendy's in Jacksonville on Post and Cassat Street. I like a few of their items so I occasionally make an attempt to get a meal there. I say "attempt" as in the 10 most recent attempts, the order has never been correct. It doesn't matter what time you go, the line in drive through never moves even if you're the second car in line and if you go inside, you have to set off a flare to catch anyone's attention to wait on you. I was the first one in line on 3 of those 10 occasions and have waited 15 minutes only to get a wrong order.

The staff is lazy, shiftless and has no direction and the managers seem to be changed weekly. The staff and management are always so engrossed in their personal conversations they barely acknowledge you are there to buy food!! One fool threw me attitude when I had to interrupt his personal conversation to ask for my food which was sitting at the window. He told me it wasn't ready and pushed the bag back out of sight. Then 5 minutes later presented the same bag and said sorry for the wait. Of course the order was wrong so it came back anyway. Invariably, all the employees have bad attitudes and often challenge you when you complain your order is wrong.

I have been shorted sandwiches, shorted change, told I ordered the sandwich wrong... you name it. I don't even bother pulling out of the drive through because when I check my sandwich, I know it's wrong so I always ask for my money back. When I go out of town I never have a problem so that's how I get my Wendy's fix since in 10 attempts in the last year I still haven't had a correct order taken. Fast food isn't fast in this town as a rule and I hope this Wendy's closes and that something, anything will take its place. It can't possibly have any poorer service!!

Wendy's Employees - Talk About INCOMPETENCE? WOW!
By -

N ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS -- Let me tell you about a true, even though hard to believe story, about an outrageous level of incompetence I was the recipient of today at Wendy's. ON Sunday at about 2:15 PM, I visited Wendy'€™s in North Attleboro, MA. After leaving and about ten minutes later, I realize I left my new leather jacket on the chair.

I immediately called the Wendy'€™s and spoke to assistant manager (name withheld)€. I asked him to go over to where I was sitting and he should see my black leather jacket on the chair. He responded he had the jacket and would leave it in the office. I told him my name was Kevin and I would be back to get it in about an hour or two. This "assistant manager" told me he would be there until at least 4 pm. I then REPEATED MYSELF and reiterated "OK, MY NAME IS KEVIN."

I returned to Wendy'€™s at 4PM, I spoke to a female manager who just arrived for her shift. She checked the office and there was no jacket. I was astounded, but not nearly as shocked as what I was about to hear from the assistant manager.

About 4 employees, including the oncoming manager gathered around to listen to this incredulous explanation from assistant manager. Apparently, when this "assistant manager"€ retrieved my jacket, there were three young men who eating next to where I was. This "assistant manager"€ said they were traveling in a business van with tinted windows. One of these men came back into the restaurant within minutes and claimed the jacket was his.

And, without asking if he were Kevin, WHY or HOW could I have returned in only 5 minutes, without questioning the man, even when I said I would be back in NO sooner than an hour, this "assistant manager"€ handed over my NEW leather jacket I bought 3 months ago for $399. AND, €œthis "assistant manager"€ HIMSELF identified these men as STILL sitting next to where I was, WHEN I CALLED HIM to retrieve my jacket. They were STILL sitting there! DUHH! Are you serious? I was absolutely appalled, as I cannot recollect experiencing a total void of competence as this.

I want to let Wendy's know of this hard to believe occurrence at their North Attleboro, MA store. I want to let the WORLD know. This is clearly one of the most outrageous acts of incompetence the majority of the population could ever experience.

Wendy's Windsor Locks, CT
By -

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONNECTICUT -- I am writing this letter to relate some events that took place earlier this week on Tuesday at approximately 8:45 pm. My girlfriend and I decided to go to the Wendy's on Route 75 in Windsor Locks near the airport. We had been there before and enjoyed their food but, what happened during the night in question I will no longer go to that the fast food establishment.

When we entered when there was no one else in line and as we approached the counter, one of the staff a young lady, turned her back, walked away and refused to take our order. The reason was because the staff felt it was important to discuss the appearance of my girlfriend. Who was dressed in a fashion that reflected today's taste of someone in their mid twenties. Mind you that we were the only ones in the establishment besides the workers and there were six Wendy's employees standing around discussing my girlfriend and ignoring their training to actual provide the service that we were there for.

My girlfriend was embrassed to say the least and we left before ANY member of the staff actually addressed us, and we had been standing there for about two minutes. You can understand I was upset as well and when we were about to exit the parking lot. I quickly went back inside to find out if I take my complaint to someone higher up then the shift supervisor at the time. The best she could do was give us the phone number to the restaurant. When I called the same shift supervisor picked up.

This caused even more frustration because we felt that this episode wouldn't be handled any better than our initial treatment. So after some internet research we talked with corporate side of Wendy's who told us that the owner of that franchise would be in touch with us. Please make your readership aware of the treatment we received just trying to grab a evening snack. I've never done this before but felt compelled to speak out.

Customer Service at Its Worse
By -

My friend and I went to the Wendy's in the Poconos. We went to the drive-thru where she ordered a double cheeseburger meal and I got a chicken club sandwich. She paid, we got the bag and pulled away from the window. We checked the bag before we even left the parking lot and realized there was only one sandwich in the bag. So I got out to get the other sandwich.

At this point it hasn't even been 5 minutes since we left the window. I took the sandwich, we did get inside still wrapped and spoke to the boy at the counter. I explained to him we ordered 2 sandwiches and only got one. He told me to wait while he got the manager. She came out and I explained it all to her. She went over to the people who worked the drive-thru and asked them some questions then came back.

She asked me if we pulled around to the front of the store and I said yes and her response was if I wanted the other sandwich my friend was going to have to pay for it again. I just stood there with my mouth open. Obviously I was in shock. She believed I was trying to get free food. No we just wanted the food we paid for. She told me if I wanted to complain here was the number to the district manager.

The fact that she handed over the number without me asking told me all I needed to know. Not even the district manager was going to fix this. So this little escapade taught me that if I was going to Wendy's I had to do one of two things: check my bag at the window or just go inside. Mainly I choose to check my bag at the window because this pisses them off. I'm holding up their line!

Constant Bad Service
By -

HAMILTON, NEW JERSEY -- If anyone lives in the Mercer County region of New Jersey, I ask of you not to bother with the Wendy's on S. Broad Street, Independence Plaza. I used to go there mostly because they were close to work, and the house, and have started to get salads. Now, I'm very allergic to tomatoes, and I always ask for no tomatoes, and always get tomatoes. The other day, I was out for my dad and I, and I ordered his combo, and we all know that combos come with a soda. And then I ordered my salad and I said I wanted a water as well. So instead of giving me my soda, they give me the water and don't give me the soda.

I ordered the combo for a reason, and they made a big deal and made me pay for the water, after I had just forked out cash, thinking it was all paid for. Then, I receive my salad, look, and realize that there are tomatoes. The woman takes it to the side and the other says, "Can't she just pick them out?" And she said "No, she's allergic." I make that abundantly clear because I would hope they would listen. So they go to make a new salad, and they don't have any fresh chicken to make.

So the same woman comes back to me asking if they could just use the chicken from the salad they just made to the new one. If someone is allergic to food, you don't take a risk like that. I demanded my money back, and I'll never go back. I've always had a hard time with this place, and didn't think they'd go so far as to suggest taking a risk like that. Had they have just listened to my order to begin with, there wouldn't have been a problem.

Poor Customer Service
By -

ORANGEBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On June 3, 2006 at 2:30 PM, I visited Wendy's on John C. Calhoun Drive in Orangeburg, SC. The customer service was very poor. I stood in line for 10 minutes and got the wrong order. There were flies everywhere and the employees were not friendly. There were two employees sitting in the dining area eating, I assume that they were on a break.

The manager came out and told them that they need to come and help because they were backed up. They didn't move - they just continued to sit there eating. About ten minutes he sent the young lady out from the front register to tell them to come back to help and they still didn't move. After they finished eating then they got up and moved very slowly to help out. Very bad experience.

So on the next day I decided to visit them again thinking that they just had a bad day and things would be better. I was mistaken, it was even worse. I stood in line for 20 minutes just waiting to place an order. It was horrible - they couldn't get anyone's order correct. Others that were standing in line behind me walked out. I listened to conversations of others standing in line about how bad the service was.

When I finally reached the register to place my order the young lady said she wasn't taking anyone orders right now because they were backed up. There was no fries or chicken nuggets ready so she decided she would not take any more orders. I didn't want to order any fries or nuggets, I wanted a baked potato. And the flies were still there. While I was standing there the assistant manager came to the register to put in change. He asked how I was doing and I said "not good" and he didn't respond. He just finished what he was doing and went to the back. I was still standing there when he came back through to leave. He actually left the store and things were terrible.

He should have stayed to help out until they were caught up. And to top it all off, while me and about 8 others were standing in line and employee walked up to the counter in front of all of us and they prepared an order for her. I will not give it a third try. I'm done with Wendy's. You need to have your district manager for the area to come out a pay a visit real soon.

Wrong Order, Rotten Food
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Rating: 1/51

CELINA, OHIO -- I went to Wendy's drive through and ordered two ten piece chicken nuggets combos and two chilies. When I got home, I had two hamburger combos instead of my nuggets. The lid was half off from one of my chilies. What a mess. It was around closing, so I thought, what the heck, I will have burgers after all. The lettuce, tomatoes and onion were rotten from the heat of the burgers. I had to throw the burgers in the trash. My wife and I just could not get them down. They were very nasty! So, stay away from Wendy's in Celina, Ohio.

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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Okay 11:45 am on 8/6/2014. Late night there was a white guy in drive thru and a tall black guy cooking and a girl couldn't see what she was doing but heard her she was loud but "any who order chicken nugget medium fries JR bacon cheeseburger with medium strawberry lemonade." So I got my food drive thru man said "everything in the bag." So I said "thank you."

And as I was driving I got to the light to get y'all wonderful fries my fry box was ripped it look like there was 25 fries in a medium fry box some was burned the rest of the food was cold. I was so mad I went back in asked the drive thru man, "would you eat them?" I let him pull them out my bag his self. He said "No." "So why would you serve me that if you wouldn't eat it?" No respond back. No "I apologize" nothing. I was scared to ask for my other food to be hot to cause how they act over my fries like they didn't care.

Went home threw all the food away. I will no longer eat from Wendy's and I always eat from a Wendy's least once a week. Never again. I was so angry I took the time out my night to write this concern and I just let Wendy's like15-20 minutes ago. I'm sure this won't get read but just thought you like to know about your business and I didn't even get a receipt. I stick to McDonald's or Burger king for now on. I guess driving a extra mile for some hot food and good service won't be bad.

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