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Wendy's Corp needs to learn a thing or two about how to treat their employees
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STATESBORO, GEORGIA -- This is long, but it's worth the read... Sorry if I turned this into a novel!I worked for Wendy's in Statesboro, GA, when I was attending the local University in 2004. I had had many problems at that restaurant, starting from day one, but considering I was a student and had bills to pay without any parental help, I was stuck at that job. One of the managers I had to put up with was named Bea (or Beatrice. I can't remember her last name), and her idea of being a "good" manager, was to yell at her employees every time she turned around. I'm not claiming that she had something against me, but it seemed that she singled me out the most, telling me to "shut the f**k up" if I happened to chat with a co-worker, while I was in the back on the grill. (God forbid I should open my mouth around anyone). So I filed a claim against them with the Department of Labour. Lo and behold, the head of the franchise came to the restaurant the next day, and told me that "she has been a manager with our company for 20 years and we have never had complaints against her" and that "she was a manager and I was just a crew member" and that I "needed to think about who the Labour Department would believe" before I went any further with my claims. I was pretty pissed by this point, but I just nodded my head and said I understood, and went back to work. I was on the drive-through that night, and ended up working from 11 am until closing time at 2 am, with nary a break the entire shift. The one 20 minute break I did get, the shift manager (not Bea) was supposed to take over my cash drawer. (And bear in mind that this particular Wendy's didn't require you to unlock the drawer with your employee number, or any other security measures). I came back from my break and continued working until the end of the night. I couldn't leave until my drawer had been counted, so I waited. The shift manager called me into the office to inform me that my cash drawer was $300 short. Exactly $300. And no, I didn't steal it. The police were called, my car was searched, a report was filed, and even though they never found anything, I was still threatened with theft charges. The General Manager was called that night, and I was taken off the schedule. "Fired", in essence. I still went ahead and filed my claims, and filed for unemployment. Wendy's didn't bother to investigate who could have taken the money, but they certainly tried to stop me from drawing unemployment! I know there might be those of you out there posing the question "what am I complaining for, it's company policy to terminate on suspicion of theft" and so on and so forth... It just seems a little too coincidental to me, to have the head of the franchise basically threaten me about my claim, then suddenly my cash drawer comes up exactly $300 short. Sounds a bit fishy to me. These people at Wendy's obviously don't care about a little thing called "ethics".

Bad old Fries and Giant Drinks? It's a Large at Wendy's
By -

I used to love eating Wendy's hamburgers. Now, I have to hope for the best, and get really, really let down. After tonight, I have to figure it's best not to risk my insides on hours-old fries. Do I expect a lot? No. Do I expect anything? Yes. I expect something since I am spending my money on something. I get free air, thanks.
WENDY'S, 6210 20th St., VERO BEACH, FL. By the Indian River Mall. (Vero is near Melbourne, on the central eastern coast. About an hour north of West Palm Beach.)

  1. Whoever took our order and our money at the first window seems to have gotten it right, and was pleasant. The lack of: quality, actual ingredients, freshness was only slightly good since my meat was clearly warm and wife's chicken tasted just OK. We order the "large" meals which, based on what we got, meant that we got a huge drink with our order, and that's it. Correct or not? Not the way it was supposed to be.

  2. ENTREES - I ordered a double with cheese. I saw no cheese on it. Wife's was OK - chicken nuggets. It is possible to goof up those?

  3. FRIES - three things were wrong with the fries:
    a. They were old - pale, orangish in color, oddly crispy, dry and looked overly cooked.
    b. There was no salt on them, it appeared.
    c. We got two different sized containers, even though we ordered two LARGE Meals. Neither one had many fries in them.

  4. We were handed our order, and the apparently very quiet and unhappy girl at the second window didn't say a darn thing. Not 'thanks,' not 'that's your whole order,' not even 'you can drive through now, Mister.'

  5. It appears that at least the young guy who took our order spoke, and understood English, which is better than at some fast food places I've been to in Florida.

  6. I like receipts. Can I get one with my order? Apparently not. Just the little debit card receipt, nothing that shows what I ordered so I can compare. Maybe I paid for two half-filled things of greasy fries and a double burger without any cheese. Hmm.

  7. NEVER AGAIN. The food -- namely, the fries and the lack of them -- sucked so bad that we are determined to not ever waste a meal at Wendy's again. Unless some great reason for why the food and effort were so poor -- like the place was being robbed inside and everyone had to pretend to behave normally, or everyone who touches the orders is legally blind with a head injury and cannot handle adding cheese and salt nor checking how old fries are -- unless some great reason like those comes about, forget Wendy's now. The list is getting long.

I have not set foot in a McDonald's in about five years because they smell funny, the food has been for some time some of the worst possible in the civilized world. Now, thanks to Wendy's terrible management in this place (and this, to me, is clearly MORE than a bad reflection on a SHIFT MANAGER) I will not visit Wendy's again. Not only because I got crappy fries and my cheese was forgotten, but this is more than likely something that goes on there all the time. I felt sorry for the tired manager I talked to. This poor gal probably figures that management job is the best she can do, from the sound of it. Simply, emotionlessly, telling me she would give my money back. In the context of the conversation, it was very sad.

No Speaka English
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to CEO Jack Schuessler of Wendy's Headquarters.

I was using the drive through at Wendy’s on 1890 N. Zaragosa in El Paso, Texas at approximately 3:30 p.m.. The service is TERRIBLE in the drive through. Not only was our order not repeated, but the order taker did not speak English well enough to understand what I was ordering. She continued to speak to us in Spanish asking us to repeat our order. The person ordering only speaks English. Seeing as how this is America, they should speak the language. Anyway, my order was incorrect. I gave it back and told them (in Spanish, as the cashier could not understand our English) what we needed. It was given to us, this time with cheese. We did not order nor ask for cheese. They took it back. It was returned to us, with bits of cheese and obviously scraped off the burger! Appalling! I asked for the manager. The short, heavy set Hispanic lady with dark hair was laughing and asked for the burger to replace it AGAIN. I said no, this time I will hold on to it to ensure a FRESH product. I should NOT have had to ask nor hold the burger “hostage” in order to receive a fresh product.

I called the store later at approximately 5:08 p.m. The person who answered stated that the manager was “in the bathroom” and that she is very busy and does not accept calls. She then asked to take a message. This is again, inappropriate. I asked for the owner’s name, she stated that it was “LuLu” I asked for the manager on duty’s name. She stated that it was again, LuLu. I find this odd..

If you are advertising that we may order our burger the way we would like it, why don’t you abide by this? Also, please hire English speaking individuals to properly take orders. I also feel that this is a health issue returning the product after the cashier physically inspected it with her bare hands then returned it to me.

I wish to follow up on this matter. This is not the first time this has happened. It is finally time that I brought it to your attention. As a direct result of the poor customer service, I will not be returning. It is a shame, I enjoyed the food until now.

Cc: Jack Schuessler, CEO

Follow up:

I planned to send this directly to the owner to have him review and correct the problem. It is now 5:32 p.m. I called to obtain the manager’s name. The person who answered is “Carmen”. I asked her, “Is this Wendy’s?” She answered in SPANISH, “Ci, es Wendys. Que Paso?” (Translation: “Yes, this is Wendy’s, what is happening?” VERY INFORMAL and UNPROFESSIONAL) Since when does Wendy’s management answer “Bueno?” I asked her for the manager. She said that SHE WAS THE MANAGER! I could not believe it. I asked for the name of the owner. In English. She said, “Que?” As in, “WHAT?” I repeated in English. She said in Spanish, I don’t speak English, do you speak Spanish?” I said in Spanish, “I need to speak to a manager.” She said in Spanish, “I am the manager, what is happening?” VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!
I said that I needed the name of the owner, she said that they don’t have the name of the owner. She then hung up on me! I could not believe it!
Carmen should NOT be in management. I strongly feel that her communication skills are not management material, nor should she be employed to work with the public if she cannot communicate in English. I feel that I should be able to communicate in my own country in my native language, English without having to translate to management. I am Hispanic and speak Spanish, but I do not appreciate the lack of customer service.
I am certain that you will find this most unprofessional and unacceptable. Please re-evaluate Ms. Carmen’s employment as well as those who are front line workers at Wendy’s. They should not be working with the public if they cannot communicate in English effectively. It is truly a poor representation of your company.

Bad Chili
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Rating: 1/51

PARIS, KENTUCKY -- I went there yesterday and ordered a bowl of chili and a baked potato. Half way through the chili, I started feeling nauseous. I had planned to shop, but came home instead. I started vomiting and having diarrhea. Long story short, I called Wendy's to tell them of my incident. I only wanted them to know so they wouldn't make someone else sick! The guy I talked to was very rude! Thanks for listening.

Gross French Fries
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Rating: 1/51

BELLEVUE, NEBRASKA -- Ordered large French Fries at drive through. After pulling away and opening the bag, I saw dark colored French Fries. They tasted very old and greasy. The worst French Fries ever. I bit into one and spit it out.

StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- Went into Wendy's and ordered. The vanilla frosty machine broke while they were getting my frosty. Ordered spicy chicken and 2 burgers. Both burger orders were wrong. There were flies bothering us the whole time we ate!! At least 6-7 flies landing on us, our food and table. Last time for that Wendy's!

5 People of My Family Got Food Poisoning
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Rating: 1/51

FLUSHING, NEW YORK -- 5 People out of 7 got a stomach virus by eating Wendy's burgers. The other 2 never ate burgers and instead ate chicken sandwich. I don't think I would ever take my family to this restaurant again.

Burger Extra Cooked, My Stomach Sick
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Rating: 1/51

FAJARDO -- I got very disappointed with manager and staff that were responsible of inspect the products that they deliver to people including small kids that could be very dangerous in the human consumption. I noticed both meats were burned or toasted all around the borders. After I ingested it I experienced a strong abdominal pain that make me feel weak and dizzy. I really like Wendy's menu but my concern is someone from this luxury burgers franchise get involved before the reputation decrease to the ground for good and save the reputation always had.

B/c Price
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Rating: 3/51

GREENVILLE, MICHIGAN -- I have eaten at Wendy's for years. The last time we ate there the Jr. bacon cheeseburgers was 1.79 cents. This is up from 1.29 which was up from 99 cents not long ago. This price seems a bit extreme. I know gas prices were up to 4.28 a gal., but the price has gone down but not the price of the burger. Needless to say I will not eat at Wendy's in the near future.

Very Pleased
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- Today June 21st. On my lunch break I visited Wendy's and purchased a berry salad which by the way I loved. I wanted to Thank You. It was very pleasant when you are greeted with a Good Afternoon & Thank You. I notice these things a lot since I am customer service representative and I do it all day and my customers appreciate it. Thank You, Thank You.

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