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Posted by NUMZIHD on 08/11/2013
Went in to Wendy's and ordered. The vanilla frosty machine broke while they were getting my frosty. Ordered spicy chicken and 2 burgers, both burger orders were wrong. There were flies bothering us the whole time we ate!! At least 6-7 flies landing on us, our food and table. Last time for that Wendy's!

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Please Get Rid of the Red Haired Girl on Your Commercials
Posted by Jdibenedetto on 08/07/2013
You need to get rid of that Red Haired girl on your commercials. She's sarcastic and very annoying! I change the channel when I see one of your commercials on TV because of her!
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Cockroach in Childs Food
Posted by Mec.thehammer on 08/03/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- There was a cockroach running around food on the table at Wendy's at Interstate Avenue and Lombard Streets on young mother little son's food. The manager had the unprofessional attitude that he accused the woman of lying, saying there was no cockroach. Then after I caught it with the Wendy's receipt I had in my hand, he tried to accuse her of bringing it in with her.

The whole experience ruined a lot of customers stomachs including my wife and I. And when we all wanted a refund the manager guy started his lying rant that there was no cockroach, which I now have in a Ziplock bag we had in our car. I must get to the local health department, the roach is still alive in the Ziplock running around on the Wendy's receipt I squished him with. In the end the woman that had this disgusting experience with her and her son's meal at Wendy's got her refund, and was yelling how she will never go to Wendy's again. The rest of the customers who were sickened by the whole experience were refused refunds by the lying Wendy's manager saying there was no cockroach. We got the proof whose lying.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-08-03:
That's disgusting! But, I don't know what the health department is going to do with the roach you caught. I mean, you don't need it in order to report them. I have to ask though, how is the roach running around in your Ziplock bag, if you squashed it with your receipt?
Posted by BigAl on 2013-08-04:
I seriously doubt that any restaurant can be 100% free of roaches at all times. If this was a regular problem or if more roaches were present then it would be a concern. Roaches can hitch a ride on customers too and it is entirely possible that the patron had one (or more) on their clothing. I have seen cars teeming with roaches and the owners seem oblivious to it. One roach in a restaurant or any other place for that matter is not the end of the world.
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5 People of My Family Got Food Poisoning
Posted by Afranco21 on 07/30/2013
5 People out of 7 got a stomach virus by eating Wendy's burgers. The other 2 never ate burgers and instead ate chicken sandwich. I don't think I would ever take my family to this restaurant again.

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Burger Extra Cooked, My Stomach Sick
Posted by Sealand220 on 07/21/2013
FAJARDO -- I got very disappointed with manager and staff that were responsible of inspect the products that they deliver to people including small kids that could be very dangerous in the human consumption, I noticed both meats were burned or toasted all around the borders, after I ingested it I experiment a strong abdominal pain that make me feel weak and dizzy, I really like Wendy's menu but my concern is someone from this luxury burgers franchise get involved before the reputation decrease to the ground for good and save the reputation always had
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Posted by CU on 2013-07-22:
Undercooked would be a clear danger, particularly to small children. But overcooked?? While maybe not a treat, it is never going to hurt you.
Posted by susie on 2013-08-24:
" I really like Wendy's menu but my concern is someone from this luxury burgers franchise get involved before the reputation decrease to the ground for good and save the reputation always had "

-----------------------------> luxury burgers franchise ??? LOL
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Just an Informative Statement
Posted by Anonymous92817 on 07/20/2013
ARKANSAS -- I work at Wendy's and I've been reading several of these Wendy's reviews to compare my work experiences with customers and other employees. There are are several complaints. To start, I just want to say I don't intend for anything written in here to be derogatory or negative. Here are some things I want to inform the public about in not only Wendy's, but fast food in general.

1. We are not ALL lazy idiots. Personally, I am working 30 hours per week, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in nursing school. A coworker is finishing up graduate school with a 3.8 another is in engineering school, doing quite well. Another is doing well in her sophomore year, and another will soon start college to study biology. My manager has a bachelor's degree in management.

2. My specific Wendy's is quite strict. We are trained to make the customer our top priority. We are currently in a three week streak with zero complaints. Our last inspection? 96/100. I personally cleaned the dining room the night before, and not a single point was deducted from it. The four we missed were due to minor performance errors such as dumping the left fry basket into the right fry bin. We are also trained to go out of our way to satisfy a customer, which we do. You want fresh fries? No problem. You want a salad without a certain ingredient? No problem.

3. We're not perfect; everyone makes mistakes. We're on timers, which makes the job a little more stressful. When you're being rushed, it's easy to make mistakes, but we fix them. If we slowed down and did the job with meticulosity, it would no longer be fast food. Sometimes we will sell some product, so we cook more to replace it. Occasionally a massive amount will be ordered among several different customers, resulting in some waiting. Our apologies.

4. Here's some procedures I saw being questioned: Salads are prepped fresh every morning so if you got a rotten salad, someone isn't doing their job of throwing them out. Every ten minutes we have a timer that sounds, reminding us to stir chili and cheese, sanitize all stations, manager do a walk-around, and wash your hands if you're available to do so. Everything that is cooked is on a timer. Our chili has a certain recipe, so if your chili was below standards, someone didn't do their job. All food has a hold time. When the hold time expires, you're required to throw the product away.

5. Being nice and communicating clearly will help the accuracy of your order and your service. No matter how belligerent you are, we are required to "be nice," so please, help us out with a little respect. Don't get me wrong, some customers are great. At the drive thru, speak at a medium volume. We can't hear whispering, and yelling requires is turning down our head sets. If we repeat something, it's not because we're too stupid to get your order, it's because we are just checking to ensure that your order can be filled as accurately as possible.

6. Remember, this was informative, not derogatory, so please don't leave any derogatory comments. Also, I'm sorry to anyone who has had a bad experience at Wendy's, I thought all managers were required to train their crew properly like mine.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-07-20:
Nicely written informative review. Thanks.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-20:
Interesting comments, but I won't be returning to Wendy's as a regular customer. That's what happens in retail when customers don't like their experiences. A lot of what you wrote describes what should happen. It is what does happen that the customer sees.
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-07-20:
Nice review. I wish all fast food employees took pride in their work like you do. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there that give fast food employees a bad name. Customer service is not an easy job. I've been doing it for over 10 years. Keep up the good work an good luck with nursing school.
Posted by anonymous92817 on 2013-07-20:
My name wasn't meant to be put up there, how do I remove it?
Posted by anonymous92817 on 2013-07-20:
First paragraph: my phone was giving me issues. Instead of Gremembernother, it's supposed to say Another. Also how can I change the name to anonymous?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-20:
I changed Gremembermother to another for you and I explained to Addy that you didn't want your name on the review. They changed it to anonymous92817 for you. Hope this helps. I think it's a very well written review and this Wendys is lucky to have a dedicated employee like you, working for them.

Posted by clutzycook on 2013-07-20:
Anon, good luck with nursing school. Working fast food is actually good practice for it. A lot of the same drama, but the pay is a bit better, lol.
Posted by Yusten on 2013-07-22:
I'd eat at your Wendy's any day. Wish more people took pride in their jobs.
Posted by anonymous on 2013-09-15:
Thank you for getting the name changed. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
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Absolutely Awful
Posted by samantha11marie on 07/15/2013
SWANSBURRO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went into this Wendy's to grab a quick bite to eat while my husband filled the gas tank. It took me 10 minutes to order my food and another 5 minutes for them to fill it. I only ordered two jr. cheeseburgers. There were 6 people behind the counter and the lady who took my order was the only one who was doing anything. The rest of the employees were too consumed with the ketchup packet that had been stepped on. There were only two other customers infront of me.

When you got my order, the hamburger patties you could tell had been sitting for a while and they just barely sprinkled on the rest of the ingredients. I will never be going back there again and I will not be going to any Wendy's for a long while.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-15:
Funny, this sounds like some of my experiences at Wendy's, and the same reason I stopped going.

I tried again after a 7 year hiatus, and it wasn't bad. But I haven't been back a second time. That shows how you can lose a customer for good.
Posted by Yusten on 2013-07-15:
rule number 1: only eat at fast food places between 11:30am and 1pm. You're gambling if you go there outside of that time range.
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B/c Price
Posted by Lcote555 on 07/09/2013
I have eaten at Wendy's for years. The last time we ate there the jr. bacon cheeseburgers was 1.79 cents. This is up from 1.29 which was up from 99 cents not long ago. This price seems a bit extreme. I know gas prices were up to 4.28 a gal., but the price has gone down but not the price of the burger. Needless to say I will not eat at Wendy's in the near future.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-09:
Meat prices are continuing to rise, that's likely the reason forth price increase. $1.79 for a burger is about the cheapest I've heard of lately. Around where I live a Big Mac will set you back about $4.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-09:
As the price of ingredients continues to rise so does the price of the end product. Isn't that obvious?

Try buying the ingredients to make your own bacon cheeseburgers and you'll see if the Wendy's price is worth it or not.
Posted by JoeKay on 2013-07-10:
Food prices reflect the fact that one in three people, and 4 in ten households in the US get food stamps. So food prices in the grocery store naturally do what they CAN do..they go up. But hamburger joints purchase their food including meat wholesale. Their costs are not what the general public experiences in the grocery store. A good example is El Pollo Loco. It's chicken has more then doubled in price just in the last 3 years, even though I can still buy chicken for the same price today as I purchased it for 4 years ago, at least. There is far more than the cost of food fueling these price increases.
Posted by No entitlement attitudes please on 2013-07-18:
Really? This is the type of complaint that deserves posting? Un be lievable.
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Customer Service
Posted by Kimmi6412 on 06/23/2013
DOUGLAS, GEORGIA -- My husband and I went into Wendys in Douglas Georgia as we worked hard all day and were very hungry. We passed several other places we could of brought our business to, but always liked Wendys food. It was pouring rain as we got into restaurant. As we were going to dine on June 22 about 3:30pm, there was only one customer ahead of us and their order was taken. We were not even acknowledged we were standing there waiting for several minutes. Just to be acknowledged with something like I will be right with you as what most people do when they are too busy to wait on you. There was nothing and they were not busy as far as I could see. There were at least 3 workers, which 2 of them looked straight at my husband and I waiting to put in our order they were getting customer ahead of us food and no one taking our order. We stood there a few more minutes and still no acknowledgment of our presence, they did not even have anyone in drive thru. I was so angry of being treated like that very rudely we left and went to Mcdonald's, driving back in the rain going in to eat where our order was taken immediately and friendly service which you lack at Wendys in Douglas Georgia.

I usually let things of this sort go but can't help but wonder if we were black would we have gotten service.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-23:
Alternatively, you could've simply approached the counter and stated " Hello, I'd like to order." Or something to that extent. The people behind the counter probably thought you were looking at the menu board.

If you had at least made an attempt at to order first and *then* they ignored you, then I would necessarily call it bad customer service.
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Very Pleased
Posted by Claulapaisa on 06/21/2013
Today June 21st. On my lunch break I visited Wendy's and purchased a berry salad which by the way I loved.

I wanted to Thank You. It was very pleasant when you are greeted with a
Good After Noon & Thank You.

I notice these things a lot since I am customer service representative and I do it all day
And my customers appreciate it.

Thank You, Thank You.
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