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MARRERO, LOUISIANA -- Friday evening I took my husband to the ER as his leg was going numb and he was dragging his leg when trying to walk. We went to Oschner Hospital (Meadowcrest) and waited, since it was taking so long we went over to West Jefferson ER, while we didn't wait as long, other things did happen, while waiting in the waiting room to be called, I left my children in their stroller and my husband with them to step out and call my family, I told him if he was called to call my cell I would run right in. He did, as well as two people came out to grab me. I didn't take long and as soon as I saw my husband call, I was running in, as I get inside the nurse is taking my husband away (in the wheel chair) about to leave my kids in the waiting room alone, She continued to try, until my husband put his foot down on the ground and held the brake with his hand. She then informed me as I was trying to go back with him that I couldn't because of my children, but promised me that she would have a nurse let me know what was going on. She at one point offered to watch my kids so I could go back, which I not politely refused as I don't know this woman. She even made a joke about it to another nurse. It seems that Louisiana is big on asking to watch your kids while you do things. Hah, is that why so many kids are missing here in New Orleans?? So this nurse never gave me information about my husband, I had to get it through text messages from my husband. After waiting all through the night with a 9 month old and a 3 year old, I asked again what is going on. She tells me they are going to be discharging him in the next hour if everything comes back normal, so finally I gave up and left to go get some coffee and food, this is nearly 6 in the morning, when I got back I assumed that he was going to be discharged, and he wasn't. I waited and asked once again, when is he going to be discharged or what is going on. At this point, I was frustrated because my kids were tired and needed to be cleaned up at home.
Also on my husbands side, he had nurses who never checked on him, who left him in there when he needed to go to the bathroom, it took several hours to get anything for pain and only gave excuses for why they couldn't give it to him. Ie the doctor was just called away,(our response what happened to him an hour ago) Also not one person who came in to look at him, actually read his chart and kept asking what are you in here for. The chart clearly states, leg pain back pain etc. It was the worst experience in a hospital EVER.
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Nohandle on 03/25/2007:
It sounds as if your experience at the ER was horrendous. That having been said, in this area I've never heard of hospital personnel offering to look after children while family members go back to check on the one receiving care. I really don't think I would be criticising the hospital staff who offered to care for your children. I'd be grateful myself.
Anonymous on 03/25/2007:
Maybe a letter to hospital administrator's office to let them know of your concerns. As to your husband's pain, nurses cannot administer medication without a doctors order. Not to defend but unless it was apparent that your husband was in immediate danger they probably set him in a lower priority status. But it would have been decent if they had kept you informed as to his status.
tander on 03/25/2007:
I think at most hospitals, when going to the emergency room, there is going to be a long wait unless your in cardiac arrest or unconscious, you can expect to wait. It's too bad family couldn't of babysat for you.
rhondam718732 on 03/27/2007:
Having a 3 yr old myself I know the stress it would have been to b ein your situtation with 2 young children. However, what the hospital did sounds 100% like any ER I have ever been to. There are long waits, gaps of information, etc. An ER has to function for the patients, not the visitors. Visitors are not the focus and so we are left to tend to things on our own accord.
crzybsh on 06/14/2007:
lady , you aint checkin into the Hilton for God sakes!
mommyoftwoboys on 06/15/2007:
First, nurses have stolen newborn babies from the hospital nursery before. Number one reason I do not know this lady, and I am NOT grateful for her telling me she would watch my children, especially when she started taking my husband away from them prior to me getting back to them in the first place, ANYONE could have walked off with my children. At Oschner there was about eh, maybe 7 people in the waiting room the entire time we were in there. People coming out, but nobody going in. We wouldn't have needed to go to the ER if the urgent care center wouldn't have closed 10 minutes early. The healthcare here in this area, is the worst anywhere I have been. We don't have family here, we're military, so my children have to go with me if anything happens to my husband,or to me. Or even if something happens with one of them, the other has to go too. In regards to the ER has to function for the patients. The person taking the patient in, needs to be notified as well as to what is going on. Especially if it ISN'T life threatening. I was not told any update, and we know someone else who had gone to the hospital and the spouse and their children went back there with them. hmmm very odd. Same exact hospital.
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HARVEY, LOUISIANA -- First off I went to the hospital and I went to the back the DR was so rude. I asked her if she could take the neck brace off my neck because it was only hurting my back she then replied I'm taking it off now with a real nasty attitude. She didn't want to help me. When I asked for help she would get very rude with me!! West Jefferson hospital has nothing but rude people. I would never bring anyone there.
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Heart Attack
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LOUISIANA -- My husband was having a heart attack and drove to the er to get help. He parked his truck in the parking lot close to the er. Instead of rushing him to the back he was told to move his truck to another parking area. That turned out to be the parking garage at the other side of the block. It took him over 15 minutes to get back to the er. I was in route to the hospital. By the time I got there he was in surgery, having a stent put in. He had damage to his heart also.

We told the doctor and he said he would take care of it. He was as upset as we were. The doctors are great there, but I will not let him go back to that death trap.
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Principissa on 04/09/2008:
Did this staff seriously expect a person having a heart attack to drive? If I were you I would write a formal letter of complaint to the hospital CEO, the director of the ER, and also the state medical board. I am not trying to be rude, but your husband could have died, and I'm positive that the last thing they should have been worrying about was where the heck he parked his car. Best of luck to you and your family, I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery. Blessed be.
Here is their contact information, I truly believe you need to alert them to this situation right away.
1101 Medical Center Blvd.
Marrero, LA 70072
1-504-347-5511 (Phone)
1-504-349-6299 (Fax)
Charlotte Roussel-Chairman
A. Gary Muller- President and CEO
Erie Hebert-SVP
Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
On our local TV they run a public service ad pretty regularly which states, in part, if you think you are having a heart attack, DO NOT attempt to drive yourself to the hospital. When he was confronted bythe guards, did he make it clear to them that he needed immediate attention? They may have thought he was there to visit somebody.
I hope he is now doing well.
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
Ken that's what I want to know myself. Did the people who told him to move his car not realize that he was ill, did he not tell them he was having a heart attack? If he told them he was having a heart attack and they still made him move his car, they are totally in the wrong and could be sued.
Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
Ken and AlleyS: Many people drive to the hospital in mid-MI (heart attack). They do it so frequently that Ken's local TV station ran advice against the practice. The problem is, heart attacks don't always act the same. People, being people, panic and do the wrong thing...a lot of the time. The actions of the hospital staff were atrocious. Since your husband had a documented heart event, he may have suffered more cardiac damage because care was delayed because he was forced to move his car. Speak with a personal injury attorney at once. More damage to the heart now, makes another heart attack later more likely. From my nick, one may rightly assume that I seldom recommend PI lawyers. In this case, it is warranted. Good luck and speedy recovery!
Nohandle on 04/09/2008:
The OP didn't state where her husband was when he realized he was having an attack. A former employee, since retired, had a history of heart problems. He was driving his car and realized the symptoms he was having. Being a short distance from the nearest hospital continued on, pulled into the emergency entrance, pressed and held the horn of his car and emergency personnel came out in less than a minute or so. BTY, he didn't have to worry about parking his car.
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
Ghost I've had people come into the ER I worked at complaining of heartburn and a headache and they were having an MI. Women especially for some reason would have more symptoms of GI issues than cardiac issues. Heartburn, sour stomach, back pain, It was surprising and scary. To this day sometimes I wonder if the heartburn is just heartburn.
Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
Exactly, Princi. An MI is an MI until proven otherwise via enzymes etc. I am shocked that an ER would treat a person with vague cardiac symptoms so casually. BTW Principissa...just curious...are you Wiccan? Some of your comments suggest so. I ask this with respect.
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
Yes I am. :) I'm also an RN.
As far as I'm concerned if this person was so ill that he required emergency surgery to have a stent put in, he was clearly having some major issues.
Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
Merry met!! I assumed so (from the kindness shown in your posts) and also assumed you were medically trained. I worked with an RN (Army, and she was a very high quality individual) who was Wiccan and worked in disaster areas with many of your belief. I have always been moved by the compassion shown by those of the Old Religion. I am a cowan...Jewish. And yes, I share your concern for this individual. Clearly, he was poorly handled. Warmest regards.
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
Merry Greet! I live in small town Kentucky now, so there aren't many who practice the Religions of Old here. I'm a stay at home mom now, but I'm going back to work once my youngest son goes to kindergarten. Right now I am enjoying the time I have with them.
I have a few friends back home who are Jewish. I've actually gone to Temple with them and it was a very nice service. Hebrew is such a beautiful language.
Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
LOL...Small world. I went to your blog site. I lived near Owensboro for a bit...Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky. Enjoy your break from work and enjoy the young-uns while you may. I'm curious...back home? Do tell. I'm out for the nite. I had a long day. Take care...and keep the other folks in line on the site. (BTW...Based on our conversation and your posts...I added you to my short 'Trust' list.) Be well!!
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
LOL I'm originally from New Jersey. Born and raised there so for some reason it's still home to me.
Owensboro is only 45 minutes from here! It really is a small world! Thank you for your trust. I will do the same for you. :) Enjoy your night!
DebtorBasher on 04/09/2008:
EVERYBODY NOW...1...2....3.....

It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to ev'ryone
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
LOL Basher!
DebtorBasher on 04/09/2008:
I just couldn't hold it in any longer! LOL!
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
I actually sang that tonight while I was making dinner. The kids were fighting and hubby was in the bathroom so I kept singing louder and louder until they all looked at me like I was crazy and stopped being so loud.
DebtorBasher on 04/09/2008:
No wonder Hubby stayed in the bathroom for so long!
DebtorBasher on 04/09/2008:
Princi...I always tell my Mom she sings like Lucy..LOL..and I tease her and tell her, "Remember when we were little and you used to sing to us until we fell asleep"...and she'd say yes...then I told her, "Well, we weren't really asleep, we just pretended to be asleep so you would stop singing"...LOL...
Principissa on 04/09/2008:
Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
My family and I once got stuck, mid-stream you could say, on that Disneyland ride. The sad part was the music never stopped. For the longest time, I never wanted to hear that tune again (and neither did my kids)! Now it's just a fond memory. Funny how time heals all wounds!
DebtorBasher on 04/09/2008:
Dianec, that song is too long even when the ride doesn't get stuck!
CrazyRedHead on 04/09/2008:
I live in KY and I went to the Hospital here and I saw a woman come in and tell the front desk that she is having chest pains. They told her to have a seat and someone would be with her shortly. She sat down and was visibly uncomfortable. It was 20 minutes before they came to get her. Some of us other patients kept going up to the counter to tell the staff that there is someone out here having chest pains and possibly a heart attack. They kept telling us to sit. Finally we got tired of this and went through the doors and inside and got a doctor. They took her immediately back.

I was in with abdominal pain and was eventually diagnosed as having a virus, I ended up at the other hospital a few days later in emergency surgery with an infected, ready to burst gallbladder.

Needless to say, I will never go there again.
Sandy Roberts on 07/31/2011:
My nephew, age 11, was take to the ER at WJ by his dad last night. He was having chest pains, has not been able to eat all day long, hard time drinking anything, trouble sleeping cause chest hurts so bad, going on for more than a couple of days, and the child has a family history with heart problems. A nurse practitioner who did not even perform 1 test on this child, and said this was not an emergency. The nurse said he had a pulled muscle and said he should see his doctor. What has happened to Health Care at WJ ER? I would not bring my dog to this ER.
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