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MICHIGAN -- Due to financial difficulties I started applying for a personal loan. After filling out numerous applications I finally received an email telling me my loan was approved. I was asked to give $965 as collateral, which I did. The next day I received a phone call telling me that the lender reviewed my information again and needed an additional $965, which would defer my payments for a year, which I also sent.

I have yet to receive my loan. Every time I call them, they tell me the person I need to speak to is not in the office. When I call the original person I spoke to he states that "your file is now with customer service and it is out of my hands".
Upon further investigation, there address can not be found on any of the search engines I've used, i.e. Google, Mapquest, Yahoo, Superpages.

I think it's fair to say that I was conned and it was all a scam. My checking account is now overdrawn, I have rent coming up and children to support. I'm at my wits end and the only thing I can think of to do is warn other people of them.

They give you a website westernfinancialservices dot org. Good luck trying to get in touch with them. If you or someone you know is thinking of obtaining a loan from them... DON'T!!!
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User Replies:
FoggyOne on 03/24/2008:
Almost all comapanies with upfront fees or payments are not legitimate. I'm afraid you are out your money.
Anonymous on 03/24/2008:
You certainly have been scammed. Their web pages are hosted out of a small server farm somewhere in North Carolina.
JustWondering on 03/24/2008:
Ah, well, it seems like my worst fear came true. I know I'm to blame for not doing more research before I sent the money. How do they get away with this crap?!
thensider on 03/24/2008:
It may be in your bect interest to talk to your bank about filing a dispute with them, if you are within 60 days.
msnanny on 03/24/2008:
They get away with it because desperate people like you (no offense because I know that you already feel bad enough) continue to send them money.
Slimjim on 03/24/2008:
Michigan has some pretty strict banking and money transmitter laws. The department of Banking doesn't seem to have a clear complaint area so I think The AG would field this. http://www.michigan.gov/ag
Anonymous on 03/24/2008:
You absolutely should follow the suggestions above, as well as getting a police report on file.
Anonymous on 03/24/2008:
You have been frauded, like Ken said you need to file a police report and may want to contact the FBI. This is actually considered wire fraud. There are several people committing this all over the internet. Sorry
JustWondering on 03/24/2008:
Update: I called again and they said they are issuing a refund. I should receive a certified check via First Class mail within 7-10 business days. How dumb do you think I am if I'm going to believe THAT crap?!
tnchuck100 on 03/24/2008:
Let me guess another point....the money was sent out of this country. Probably Canada.
JustWondering on 03/24/2008:
Yep. I sent it to Calgary, Alberta. I have since filed a complaint with the attorney general's office of Michigan. I can not believe how gullible I was. I just hope that if someone is on the verge of falling for this scam they check out this website and read my post. Thanks to all of you for your comments. ~T~
MRM on 03/24/2008:
JustWondering, please keep us updated on this situation. I would like see if you have gotten your refund and I am hoping that you will get your hard-earned money back.
Principissa on 03/24/2008:
I'm sorry this happened to you. I hate seeing people prey on the poor. As if they don't have enough problems already. I would seriously consider calling the FBI and filing a police report. The only way to stop people like this is to report what happened to you to the proper authorities.
JustWondering on 03/24/2008:
I called the original person I spoke to and he was completely condescending. He even had the nerve to use a fake southern accent and say, "Oh my well what are we fixin' to do?!" I will forever kick myself in the rear for falling for something so ridiculous. When asked why I couldn't receive my money the same way I sent it they said it was their policy to send certified checks via first class mail.
My husband has completely lost it. And since I can't pay my rent we're moving as soon as possible. The thing that kills me, is the money that I sent to these people I could have given to my landlord and he would have waited for the rest. At any other time I would apologize for my pity party but this has to be the only time I actually feel it's warranted. I'll definitely update when/if I receive the refund.
Anonymous on 03/24/2008:
JustWondering, you've kicked yourself hard enough, long enough. You made a mistake and you accept responsibility. Talk to your landlord. Honesty goes a long way and hopefully he or she will have a heart. Quit kicking yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward. What is done is done, and I have no doubt that you will do the proper research in the future. Good luck to you. Please keep us posted on what happens next. You and your family will be in my prayers.
jeromeyg on 03/25/2008:
I know for a fact you won't get a return. This form of fraud was popular a while ago but died off. Now it's back worse than ever, it's called advance fee loan scams. They ask for a down payment to secure the loan usually they say the it covers the first 6 months. Then they call back and say it's not enough. Then they give you a certain date that your refund will be credited when it doesn't come and you call back the line is usually disconnected. Remember it is illegal for someone to ask you for money as a down payment on a loan.
jstumper on 04/03/2008:
(justwondering) Don't feel to bad, I did the exact same thing with the same company about the same time you did. Everything you said is exactly how it happened, and just out of curiousity, what was the gentlemans nae you talked to, mine was Adam Winston, and Mr. Wallace. I two was told I would receive a refund, but know I won't and if I do, the check will be fraud. So sweetie, don't get down to hard on yourself, your not the only one.
jstumper on 04/03/2008:
miles99 on 04/08/2008:
I have also had the same thing happen with Western Financial. I am just heartsick over this. I was also trying to obtain loan and made collateral payments. Then told my routing number was wrong. They tried to get me to send another $800.00 for "insurance" on the loan. I am waiting a refund, but the huge lump in my throat tells me as well as the rest of the posts, that in a moment of personal desperation, I became the victim of a fraud. I am just sick. If my refund does come, then it too, will probably be a bogus check. I feel so stupid, I didn't know it was illegal for a downpayment on a loan, now of course, I realize how foolish I was, but given my credit score I didn't feel as though I had a lot of other options. I noticed that the fax number they gave you to send in your signature has an area code from Connecticut. I feel horrible.
jstumper on 04/10/2008:
Just to let everyone know, I have been trying to contact the number that I was givin and now know one seems to be working cause all it says is hello...........Goodbye when you call the 1-800-731-6434. So Yea, no doubt about we three got are butts scammed pretty good.
RXMEDIC on 04/19/2008:
JustWondering on 04/23/2008:
It's been almost a month and I still haven't received anything (not that I expect to). My husband was hopeful for a while; although, I kept telling him not to expect anything and to face it, since I already had, that we were scammed.
JStumper, the people I spoke to were: Jason Fisher and Mr. Wellis. The nasty little "receptionist" was Sheryl Jackson.
Don't feel too bad. We're not the first to be scammed and in all likelihood, we're not going to be the last. They prey on desperate people and frankly that's what we were. As far as calling and getting that bogus "goodbye" that happens for a few days. Try calling them now, though I doubt it'll do you any good.

Since my last post I managed to get a loan with a friend as a co-signer. It wasn't for as much as I needed but I spoke to my landlord and we've worked out a payment plan.
I learned my lesson and only hope to pass on some money saving skills to my children so that they never find themselves in this situation.
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