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Western Motorcoach of Lynnwood, Wa
By -

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- We rented a motorhome from Western Motorcoach in late June/early July of 2009. We were quoted a specific price per day + 200 miles per day. We picked up the motorhome and did a walk through. I told the RV guy that the floor seemed spongy in the back. He said not to worry about it. I told him the hood was dented and he noted, and a few other minor things. I went to leave in the 29 foot rig and saw that the check engine light was on. He said "I will note it, don't worry 1/2 of them say that." I left the place feeling uneasy.

We spent a week heading down the Oregon coast. The first night we filled the holding tank and my girlfriend starts yelling at me to come inside. I get inside and see water flooding the floor! There was some sort of leak. We called Western Motorcoach the next morning and told them of the problem. They didn't seem to care.

We spent the entire week with no shower available, no holding tank water, etc. It leaked the entire time we used it (thus, the spongy floor). We scrubbed/washed/cleaned/dumped the RV to avoid the extra fees. We turned it in an entire day early and the office gal comes running out to me as I pull up. She loudly states that I was late turning it in. I give her my name and said that I was actually a day early. She checked her notes and said "Oh, sorry."

We sat in the office and explained the water leak problem, the generator muffler that I reinstalled, since it was ready to fall off the RV, the check engine light, the cupboards that don't latch etc. They didn't seem to care about any of it... 2 weeks go by and I notice they haven't refunded the $500 damage deposit yet, so I called and they said they already refunded the money, A few more days go by and I see that I get $462.00 back in my account. I call and they said that I went over on the mileage. I said "Don't we get 200 per day? She said "No, the summer rate is 40 per day."

That was the first I had heard of the 40 mile per day limit! Then we get the receipt in the mail... NO partial refund for the water problem we dealt with, in fact, they did not refund The Dump/cleaning/gas fee and claimed that the excess in mileage ate it up and that's why I also received the smaller deposit refund. This is total crap, so I call them yet again and complain, they still don't care.

I ask to speak to the owner, he doesn't return calls. I was extremely patient with them and gave them every opportunity to come to an agreement on some sort of compensation, but they overcharged me on the mileage, didn't return The Dump fees and won't return calls. I give them an F- for being one of the worst businesses I've ever dealt with. Avoid them like the plague! RV Guy in Bothell, Wa.

Service on an 2006 Coachmen Chapparel 5th Wheel
By -

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- We are full time travelers and needed service on our 5th wheel. We called Western Motor Coach from another city and scheduled the first available appointment which was a week away. We delivered the coach at 9:00 am on the day of the appointment and when we returned at 4:00 pm nothing had been done. We were in need of a small plastic part on the gear box of our front slide only. The motor was working fine, which they acknowledged. We were told that the part had been ordered and would be in by Monday around 11:00 am.

We called on Monday and were told the part was not yet in. We stopped by on Tuesday and were told the part had never even been ordered because they could not locate it and neither could the manufacturer. We were upset because no one had ever told us that but the girl in the office could have cared less. Just said we shouldn't have been told that. She then asked if we wanted them to keep looking for it and we said yes because we had paid for our site through Sunday and could not get a refund.

The next day I went online and found the part in less than 30 minutes. I called and asked them if I should have the part shipped directly to them, to which they responded "No, you handle it." I then checked under the rig and found that now my slide motor would not work. They charged us $125.44 for labor for simply checking the motor and gear box. I called the manager who also could have cared less. I would strongly recommend that unless you are in a real emergency that you take your RV to another dealer! Customer service does not exist there!

Run Away - Fast
By -

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- Stay away! I cannot urge you strongly enough to find another company to do business with. All standards of customer service disappear once they have you on the hook. I find concrete examples are always helpful in reviews.

In our case, despite not providing the promised unit, they would not correct it, nor would they reduce the rental price accordingly. So there we were on their lot with a choice - take it or cancel our summer vacation. In addition, the unit was sent out broken (we found out later) and filthy (for example, lots of dog hair and kibble between the mattress pads).

We learned after our trip that the staff knew this problem existed but were directed not to tell us. Making the unit usable again cost us most of a day and left two significant features of the unit unusable for 90% of our trip. Numerous other issues - some minor and some major - plagued us during our trip. Our request for a minor credit was rejected, as were requests to speak with the owner/manager. Emails and further phone calls were ignored.

I'm not naive enough to expect perfection, nor (despite this rant!) am I a whiner, but I have never had poorer service in a business arrangement. I have also never NEVER posted a negative review like this. I'm compelled here because I want to warn others away a similar experience. The other review on this site is a perfect example of the crooked tactics they use. Bottom line - have a great time on your RV trip - just help make that happen by avoiding Western Motor Coach!

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