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Problems with ordering a Westin mattress and box spring
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I purchased a Westin Heavenly Mattress and Box Spring on the internet. I was given a specific delivery date - 7/6/09 - and assured by a representative of the Westin Store that I would be contacted by the delivery agent on either 7/3 0r
7/4 to establish the time of delivery. The date was selected to coincide with the delivery of a new bed which would be in place on 7/6/09. The new bed -for a guest room with guests expected - is in place but the old bedding was removed by the people who delivered the new bed. No one from Westin contacted me as promised.

As I waited for a delivery which never came, I made several calls to Westin and was at first told nothing specific about the delivery of my mattress
and ultimately told that there was an error. My mattress would be delivered sometime after 7/9/09. After complaining about the new delivery date, about which I had not been informed, I asked where physically my order was and for the name and phone number of the delivery agent. I was told by Westin that such information was not available, would not be made available to me, and that I would eventually be contacted by a delivery agent whose name, phone number and location would remain a secret until that time.

I found this situation to be unprofessional, extremely frustrating and unacceptable and elected to cancel my order. I was then informed that I would be fined twenty percent of the cost of my order: over $300.00. I still decided to cancel and purchase a mattress from a local vendor.

I would strongly advise anyone considering the purchase of a mattress/box spring from Westin to avoid a great deal of potential frustration and consider other available options.

Frank Capellini

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Soaring Consumer on 07/06/2009:
You should not have to pay that penalty for their incompetence. You have every right to know where your mattress is. You never received the merchandise therefore they have no right to charge you a restocking fee.

Dispute the charges with your credit card company.
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Westin Deceptive Business Practice-Cancellation charges
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TAMPA, FL, FLORIDA -- We were supposed to stay at the Westin Tampa Bay Harbour Island but because of a bad case of the flu, had to cancel. The reservation clerk told me that we could not cancel, had to pay for the one night, and that we should have booked with reservations by phone instead of on-line because that was the only way you could cancel. He then stated that the on-line prices were good, but he could get me the same price if only I had called. I find this to be deceptive since the Westin, like other hotels, encourages you book on-line. My reservation was not through Expedia; it was directly on the hotel web site. I have never been treated like this before, and will not be staying at any Westin in the future.
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CSD on 09/11/2009:
It is wise to not book a type of reservation that you can not cancel. But since you did, and it states what the cxl policy is and agreed to it by making the reservation, you can not now be mad at the hotel. What is the point of having a cxl policy if they are not going follow through with it.
Eloise on 09/11/2009:
You really can't blame Westin for not reading the terms and conditions of your reservation.
Ben There on 09/11/2009:
Right beneath the cheapest rates are often refundable rates that are a few bucks more. Recently I was comparing two rates on Hilton.com and noticed the nonrefundable rate was exactly 10% less than the refundable kind. That said, even really flexible rates often have a one night penalty if you cancel after the cutoff time which is normally 4pm day of, or 24-72 hours before arrival.
Anonymous on 09/11/2009:
You weren't treated bad, you just wanted to back out of your commitment. Of course they're going to charge you the night. All hotels do this. You were not deceived either. I'm just betting you didn't read the terms and conditions of your booking.
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Nice Hotel
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We stayed in Westin Hotel in Philadelphia downtown for couple of nights, the hotel is fabulous. We especially like the twin shower head in the bath, recommended.

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