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Customer Disservice On Refurb
By -

I ordered a refurb Westinghouse 19” TV from eCost in February. When it showed up it had a problem. The TV would turn off by itself every minute or so. I called eCost and their policy is to have the customer send the TV to the manufacturer. So then I called Westinghouse. The emailed me a RMA number and I shipped the TV to them at my own expense. They said it usually only takes a week or two for repair or replacement. This is when the nightmare starts. I called Westinghouse a week after sending the TV to check the status as they told me to. There was no status update so they requested one.

I called again a week later on March 23rd. Same thing, no status update from the repair center and they would request one again. I know they signed for the TV on the 16th since I sent it via Fedex. I called again on March 31st and they said usually it would be done by now but there is still no update. This time she said she would request a corporate status update that should get things figured out and I could call back in 2-3 days for the results. I called back on Friday April 3rd and there was no response from their corporate office. I expressed my frustration since they had the TV in their position for so long and didn't even know where it was.

I called back on the 8th and they still had no status and they said they would resubmit a request to the corporate office. On Tuesday April 14th I called again and there was still no update. I asked to speak with a supervisor at this point. The customer service representative said the supervisor would say the same thing he did, to call back in 5 business days. I told him I still wanted to speak with a supervisor and he said someone would call me back. Later on Tuesday I received a call from **, a supervisor. He said that he checked my status and there is nothing else he could do.

At this point I decided to call eCost since they had my money. I spoke with a representative and explained the situation. He said he would call Westinghouse while I was on the line. A supervisor ** pretty much said the exact same thing. I asked if they could send me a different refurbished TV and she said they couldn't. I asked if they would call me when the status changed and she said she couldn't. I asked if there was someone higher to talk to and she said ** was her boss and there is nothing they can do.

I am completely frustrated at this point. I can't get my money back from eCost since I can't send the TV back to them. Westinghouse is useless in helping me. What is the point in having a customer service supervisor that is powerless to help the customer. Having the supervisor agree with me that it is ridiculous doesn't really make me happy either. I have no idea what to do now.

Promised guarantee fulfilled
By -

TROY, MICHIGAN -- Last December I purchased a Westinghouse 35W Halogen bulb for my computer lamp. The blister pack card to which it was attached states: ‘If this Westinghouse light bulb does not perform to the specifications printed on the package, simply call 1-800-xxx-xxxx and we will replace your light bulb, no ifs ands or buts, guaranteed!' I thought - yeah, sure - but tossed the card and receipt into my OC (On Call) file, just in case. The information on the card states it lasts one year, 1,500 hours, based on four hours usage per day. Although my computer usage is high, that lamp isn't used steadily for four hours a day.

Last Monday evening, 7/6/09, I walked away from my computer and while in another room, heard a loud pop. Returned to find the lamp not lit and shards of glass in the dome. After removing the shield and getting rid of the broken glass, I went to the file to retrieve the saved items. I called the telephone number listed only to get a recording that no one was available and was given their daytime hours. I then went to the website printed on the card. After filling in all information required, my last comment was asking if I should send the card and receipt to them.

Just moments later I received an automated reply that someone would be contacting me within the next 24 to 48 hours. Another ‘yeah, sure' thought went through my head. Don't know why my cynicism some times outweighs my cognitive ability. No one contacted me but on 7/9/09, FedEx delivered a small package. In it was a replacement bulb for my lamp. Being as frugal as I am (read: cheap), it was nice to not have to spend another just south of $10 for a lamp bulb. Thanks, Westinghouse. Now - if only you can do something about the various appliance complaints we've seen on M3C…

Bad TV
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- We got a TV from our Daughter for Christmas. The TV stopped working. The TV was only 1 month old. We mailed the TV back like they ask us to. Now they say the TV cannot be fixed and they are on back order. If they don't get another one in 30 days they will then give us our money back. I wish I would have just took the TV back to Target, but they were out of that TV. I sent this one off hoping they were going to fix it. I am not happy with them at all. Thank you.

Lights stopped working after two months use
By -

HILLIARD, OHIO -- I purchased a set of lights in October 2010 for a Christmas gift in 2010. My husband installed them in July. The lights worked for almost two months. They stopped working for two nights the worked for one night then stopped working all together. My husband checked to make sure the lights were getting electric. The line worked fine. I tried to send a letter to Westinghouse via computer. The first thing I got before I could send the letter was a message asking me for my Visa number. They wanted to make sure I really wanted to be a trust worthy customer. I do not think I should have to give a Visa number to let them know I am a trust worthy customer.

Little man in charge of fridge interior light doesn't switch light OFF!
By -

Hi. My Nanna has a Westinghouse fridge, which she loves, that's about 6 years old. It's never given her any problems & it's just the right size for a widowed pensioner who occasionally has family/friends visit. Last time we were there I was sitting at the kitchen table at 3 am (breastfeeding the baby) when I noticed that there was light shining out of the fridge... strange!

It turns out that the seal was in need of replacement (which my husband organized for her next business day) but this also made me realize that, even though the door was shut, the interior light was still on! It's doubtful that it's adding anything significant to her electricity bill but it's something to keep in mind I guess... also, to the little guy who is supposed to turn it on & off, dude, do your job!

Broken Westinghouse DVD Combo TV
By -

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- I purchased a Westinghouse DVD Combo TV on 9/7/07, and the DVD has been broken since July. However, I just found my papers on 9/24 and realized it was under a 1 year warrants for part & labor but too late as warranty has expired. I purchased this TV to make it easy for my grandson to watch TV and now there is no way to get it repaired. I contacted Westinghouse and they can't fix it, they sent me to Handy TV and they won't fix it, Best Buy can't fix it. Therefore, I spent $600 for a TV that is worthless now and nobody give a rift.

Shoddy Service
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Purchased a TV from a "bidding".com company. Received TV and it wasn't working, sent back to be repaired. Took over 2 1/2 months approx 10 phone calls, and finally had to stop payment on my credit card to get a response. I then received a replacement TV. That was worth 100.00 less than the one I bid on.. This company is one to truly stay away from unless you have lots of Advil on hand..

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