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Terrible Service
By -

DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently bought a used car, 2004 Infinity, from this dealership. Now I know why used car dealerships have the reputation they do, it is truly deserved!! Some of these issues may seem small, but based on the fact that the economy is tough right now, one would think that companies would go out of their way to treat customers with respect and provide superior service. Not the case here.

Complaints: 1-I was given only one key. When I asked for another they said I could go to a dealer and get on and that since it's a used car, they only provide what they are given by the previous owner. 2-No owner's manual. Same answer as before. May not seem like a big deal but how to you program garage door openers, find out service information and schedules, locate fuses... all seem minor until you need them.

3-One screw holding the rear plate. No big deal right? But what if you can't get the screw that is there out. Might that be why they only put one in? Pretty lazy!! Now I have to find a way to get the other screw out in order to secure my plate. 4-No floor mats. Oh guess what, the previous owner didn't have any so I guess I don't get any either. Another problem that must be mine since this dealer feels that their retail customers are not worth making happy.

5-Getting a failed state inspection sticker since they have advertising plate frames that are not allowed by the state. They are off now as I would not advertise them unless I re-write the copy to say "Westwood Auto Mall **", not that I think of it, I probably will.

When I called the dealer asking for the above items, I was told no since it's a used car. I told them how upset I was and that I would never buy a car there again, refer friends or family and will in fact tell people to avoid them, the managers response was "is there anything I can do for you?" Are you kidding me!! This place is horrible!!

Horrible Customer Service
By -

WESTWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS -- If you are thinking about purchasing a used Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, or Land Rover and think that Westwood Auto Mall in Westwood MA has some great deals, THINK AGAIN! Actually, their prices are good, I can't deny that, but as soon as you sign on the dotted line and they have your money, YOU are no longer a priority.

I bought a 2004 Audi A4 there at the beginning of March. Part of the deal was that they would order some touch-up paint and paint and buff out the scratches on the bumpers at no cost. They also told me they could fix a ding in the windshield so that it would not be noticeable. I live over an hour away from this dealership and wanted to make ONE trip back up there for them to fix all they promised to fix.

Well, just to start, it took them 3 weeks to get the paint in from Audi. During the time that I waited for the paint to come in, I was going back and forth on emails and phone calls with the Sales Rep who sold me the car about when I could bring the car in for the windshield and paint. He could not give me a straight answer on if they could fix the windshield and the paint on the same day. After 3 weeks, they finally told me that the paint had arrived, and that I could bring the car in and they would fix everything while I waited and it would take "a little over an hour".

In reality, we were there for 3 hours. We were leaving for vacation on that day, so after waiting for 3 hours, we're very late. When they finally brought the car back, we jumped in and headed on our way. Only later that day did we discover that nothing was even done to fix the scratches. They clearly had not been touched. They did apparently spend the 3 hours working on the ding in the windshield, but left it far from 'unnoticeable' as they told me they would.

When we called about the paint job (or lack thereof), we were told to bring it back the next Saturday (another 60-mile trip). We had to take TWO cars up there because they couldn't do it while I waited, I was forced to leave it there for the day, and return 8 hours later to pick it up. There was absolutely no apology offered, nor anything to compensate me for the extra trips I needed to make up there.

I had previously asked them to please find me some floor mats for the car (which were supposed to have been included in the first place) and was told that they didn't have any available that matched my car. Total BS. I saw other Audi's on the lot that had the same mats I needed. They already had my money, what did they care if I had floor mats or not? That was the basic attitude.

Now, here's where it gets really good. A few days after finally getting the paint fixed, I went into the trunk to check on a brake light that was out, when I discovered that there was no spare tire in the car. Only an empty hull where the tire once was. I called the salesman the next morning, and was told, once again, that he would have to look into it and "get back to me" (I NEVER got a return phone call from this place when they said they would call back. I always had to call them, again and again and again.).

Two weeks and at least 6 phone calls after my first call about the missing tire, I was finally told that they had a tire for me, but they refused to deliver it to my home or work address or even have it shipped to me. I was told if I wanted it, that I would have to make the 60-mile drive AGAIN to come and pick it up. I talked to the General Manager and explained how I had already made several trips back there for other things that they had promised and not delivered on, explained the distance of my drive, and the expense of driving up there again.

His only response was "Sorry ma'am, I just took over as manager here, I wasn't here when all that stuff happened. Not my problem." He told me that he had explained my situation to the OWNER of the dealership, and the owner was the one who said that if I wanted the tire, I would need to pick it up. What choice did I have, really? So I made yet ANOTHER 60-mile drive (120 round trip!) to Westwood to get my tire. Again, absolutely no attempt at an apology from anyone at Westwood.

This is not an exaggerated story in the slightest. I thought the part about the non-existent paint job was bad enough, but who the hell sells a car without a spare tire? They advertise their cars as "certified used cars". REALLY?? They may offer good prices on their cars, but if Customer Service, decent business practice, and basic human ethics mean anything to you, DON'T SHOP AT WESTWOOD AUTO MALL!! They see nothing but dollar signs, and you as the customer mean absolutely nothing.

The really sad thing is that after I bought my car, I couldn't wait to tell all my friends and family about this great place! I have several people in my inner circle who are planning to make auto purchases in the next year, and was ready to tell them all how the trip to Westwood was SO worth it for the price I got. But when you factor in all the BS they gave me, it was so NOT worth it. I would prefer to pay another $1,000 and be treated with some dignity and respect as a consumer.

I handed them $20K, and this is kind of treatment they offer?? They are a bunch of money-hungry idiots who have no clue about how to run a business and treat their customers. And apparently their "new management" isn't going to help them too much either. He was of no used to me, and followed the same practice as the rest of them in terms of returning phone calls when he said he would. Not once... I always had to call him back when his phone calls didn't come. Jerk.

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