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Whirlpool Gold???
Posted by on
The microwave portion of this device failed (3 times) in less than 22 months. I have had service out 3 times to repair it for a total of $320.

I spoke with Whirpool customer service who indicated that the quality of the unit is generally very good. If that is the case, then mine is defective and Whirlpool should replace it. Otherwise, I guess that Whirlpool thinks that a failure after less than 2 years of use is "normal". (That is poor quality to me.)

I was very nice with their customer service people, but they simply said that the unit was out of warranty ( i.e. 12 months), and there was nothing they can do. Keep a life span of 22 months in mind when buying this "WHIRLPOOL GOLD"! Better buy that service plan, or better yet - buy a better appliance that does not need a service contract in the 2nd year of use.

I may be unreasonable, but I expect an appliance I pay nearly $2000 to last for more than 22 months. I have never had a microwave fail, much less in this short of a period. I expected more of a "WHIRLPOOL GOLD".
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Alain on 05/06/2011:
Judging from your complaint and many others, Whirlpool's quality and customer service are not to be trusted.
ronabq on 10/29/2011:
We have had a Whirlpool Gold over the range microwave for 11 months and the magnetron has gone out 4 times. The forth time happened 2 days ago. The salesman really encouraged us to buy the extended warranty because there are so many functions in the over range units, which we did, thankfully. However, this many failures is unacceptable. The unit has been in the shop more than in our house. So next week we are going to the store and request a replacement with a different brand. We have a number of other Whirlpool appliances that have been very good, but their over the counter microwave is a bummer. It obviously has major design flaws.
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Unreliable Microwave
Posted by on
Bought a Whirlpool microwave in Sept 2009, within 2 months it stopped working. Would not heat/cook. Whirlpool sent out a technician, who fixed the problem. Then 2 months later same thing happened, again sent out a tech to fix the problem, same issue/same part. Now is the fourth time the microwave has stopped working with the same issue. Whirlpool refuses to replace the unit. They will only continue to send out a technician to fix the same problem over and over again, at least until the warranty runs out.

I definitely do not recommend any Whirlpool products, the company will not replace its faulty units even with a pattern of the same problem continuing to occur.

Very unreliable.
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/22/2010:
It is sad the way Whirlpool's quality has degenerated.
brian12345 on 12/29/2011:
same exact problem with my microwave...magnatron and transformer...replacing for the 2nd time.
brian12345 on 12/29/2011:
I have read dozens of reviews on this model all with the same failure multiple times...lets all get together and file a class action suit.
At Your Service on 12/29/2011:
Instead of asking about a class action suit, why not start one yourself? Get a law firm that's willing to take on the case and then let us all know.
mclaughlindan on 02/06/2012:
Add me to the list. Fourth time, same problem (magnetron, capacitor and diode). Fourth time in a year and a half. Now out of warranty so I am just scrapping this piece of junk. According to Customer Service Supervisor,Debra management at Whirpool has a policy of not speaking to consumers. Nice policy!
amarson001 on 03/05/2012:
Yes, we need to file a class action suit against Whirlpool like they have against Samsung for TV's.
gbjester on 12/20/2012:
Same problem for us. Went out at 8 months. Fixed under warranty. Out again within 8 months and Whirlpool offered to call a service tech at our cost. Estimate to fix was over $300.
fred on 05/28/2013:
I've got the same problem on microwave oven. It broke down after 18 months (warrant : 12 months).
The price for repair is almost equal to the price of the oven !! I 've also a Whirlpool fridge : door seal doesn't seal, Freezer door latch doesn't latch. All that just after the end of warranty.
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Whirlpool Microwave Is Junk
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Whirlpool microwave from Lowes less than 1 year ago and its cracking and coming apart on the door. The plastic door around the window has several cracks in it and they are getting worse. I told Lowes of the problem and all they did was give me a phone no. to call for service.

I called the service company and they argued with me but finally agreed to send a repairman. The Repairman came agreed it was a problem BUT.... Whirlpool will not guarantee the quality of materials in the product and doesn't care that the door is cracking and beginning to come apart.

Whirlpool in the old days had a good name for its products.... NOT Anymore.... Now Whirlpool does not stand behind its products defects... instead they want me to pay more for the replacement door then the microwave cost in the first place..... plus pay to have it installed.


[snip - inappropriate content]

A very dissatisfied customer.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
This is complete horsesh*t,you have a one year PARTS AND LABOR warranty,they need to repair this problem at no charge to you.

Keep on them,they need to handle this
DST on 04/21/2013:
We have always loved Whirlpool appliances. However the
DST on 04/21/2013:
We have been Whirlpool loyal for years. However the last 2 microwaves have had the identical cracking door issue. I am literally afraid the glass will fall out. Have contacted customer service....we will see.
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Horrible Products And Customer Service
Posted by on
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I bought a $1400 Whirlpool built in microwave and oven 4 years ago. I bought it instead of a GE because Cavedine's in Syracuse said it was a better product. Funny but I never had one problem with my GE microwave or 25 year old oven. The very first day the Whirlpool was installed it didn't work.I had to wait 2 days for someone to fix my new oven. A few months later as I was getting ready to put my family's dinner in the oven, the door locked and I had to have someone come 2 days later and fix it. Whirlpool's response when I told them I was not happy with the product was that they would determine whether it was a lemon or not and I was pretty much stuck with it.

2 weeks ago my microwave oven stopped working. When I called Whirlpool the incredibly rude customer service person said " I don't know what your question is and we cannot offer you any financial assistance". On 6/3 the service person from Cavedine's showed up ( after failing to call me and tell me that the part was on until I called them, after 8 days) the latch springs were broken and the door sensor is not working. He told me that the door springs almost never break. Of course he couldn't fix them on 6/3 because he needed another part and why fix the sensor if he'd just have to take it all apart again.

Of course, what's another week without a microwave?? Today after 1 hour, the springs are fixed and the sensor is not, now it might need a whole new control board, because "when electric things break..." Has anyone ever had an crank microwave???? He will get back to me and I begin week 3 without a working microwave that is all of 4 years old. I again called Whirlpool today and spoke to yet another rude CS person named Tracy, who refused to connect me to anyone who might actually care about the company's product. After much conversation she did promise to get me a supervisor , who of course is not available. She took my name and number and promised I would get a call back.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/06/2008:
Wow, I think your situation would frustrate almost anybody. That the springs 'almost never break' is not valid. Yours broke. And it was part of a long line of failures with the product. By now, the product has been 'improved' and your model 'discontinued'. As such, there is not much desire by the manufacturer or the seller to repair this item. Thanks for a helpful post.
DigitalCommando on 06/06/2008:
While my heart goes out to the poster, I just don't understand how anybody could spend $1,400.00 on a microwave. You could buy 8 top of the line convection/microwave ovens from several manufactures for that same price. That's an awful lot of money to pay for something that looks pretty, and does nothing more than a 300.00 unit.
cherpep on 06/06/2008:
DC - It's a combo - microwave on top, oven on bottom. I used to have one of those. Once the microwave on my original unit blew, I had it repaired a couple of times and I found I was spending more on the repair than a brand new microwave. I bought a countertop microwave and replaced the wall unit with a double oven. Those wall units can be pricey.
DigitalCommando on 06/06/2008:
Thanks cherpep, when I saw oven, I thought she meant convection, that is built into the microwave. Have you seen those new oil rubbed bronze finish appliances in the stores yet?
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Whirlpool Gold Star OTR Microwave Is Junk
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
IOWA -- Bought this microwave October 2010. In Jan. 2012 it went bad and estimate to repair was $250. Whirlpool Cust Service said they couldn't do anything - no help on parts or labor as it was out of warranty. Had it fixed for approx. $220. Yesterday same thing happened again and repair guy said Whirlpoo only warranties parts for 90 days!!!

I will never buy another Whirlpool or any other brands they make again
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User Replies:
WP2008 on 08/02/2012:
Hello Roth. My name is Melanie and I am a representative with Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your microwave. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (My3Cents), your user ID name (Rothm64), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to Whirlpool.Digital@whirlpool.com. We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.
Dennis on 08/28/2013:
in 2011 we purchased an Accuwave plus gold series microwave. Within 3 months the heating element burned out. Fixed under warranty. 2013, same heating element burns out again. Out of warranty. This model # GMH5205XVQ-0 Whirlpools top of the line microwave cannot operate one year without burning heating element out. Very poor quality for so called top of line series. Whirlpool reps no help. Will NEVER buy another Whirlpool product. I also understand they own Kitchen Aide and Maytag so junk breeds junk. Be aware!!
Sammy on 01/10/2014:
Same Problem, I am seeing this everywhere online. mine lasted a whole 24 months!!! (sarcasm) I am with you avoid these brands like the plague, and they dodged the repair claiming simply the warranty is up to bad. So much for their company moto of always to the right thing, in my opinion the right thing would be to admit a microwave should last longer than a 2 years.
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Don't Buy Whirlpool
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLORADO -- Our Whirlpool Gold over the range microwave broke after 1 1/2 years (average use)!! Whirlpool "customer non-service department" will leave you high and dry. When I informed the Corporate manager that we will be replacing the rest of our appliances with "Kenmore" (non Whirlpool manufactured), NEVER purchasing Whirlpool again and will be letting everyone know NOT to buy Whirlpool she said "okay" and that's where I hung up. LESSON LEARNED!
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User Replies:
WP2008 on 06/28/2012:
Hello mshu1973. My name is Melanie and I am a representative with Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your microwave hood. If you still need our assistance, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (My3Cents), your user ID name (mshu1973), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to Whirlpool.Digital@whirlpool.com. We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.
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4th Failure of Whirlpool in 33 months
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I purchased this unit new for $2400 at Lowes. After the 12 month warranty passed, the unit failed 3 times. First a diode failed. Then the magnetron failed, Then the door interlock failed - i.e. it thinks the door is open so will not run.
I think purchased a repair plan.
Guess what, within the 12 months of the repair plan - the microwave interlock has failed yet again.
At what point do I have cause for legal action. I have paid for the unit, 3 repairs and a 1 year service plan - on a $2400 unit!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 03/23/2012:
Service plans are useless on something that is defective. However, you should read the lemon clause carefully to see if you qualify for a replacement. Keep a record of all the service calla and part replacements, and be prepared to argue your case.
WP2008 on 04/10/2012:
Hello, Engineer in JAX! My name is Emily and I am a representative of Whirlpool. We sincerely apologize for the frustration you have experienced with your microwave. If we can be of assistance please email your name, user ID, phone number, address, model and serial number as the website on which you were contacted to Whirlpool.Digital@Whirlpool.com, we would be happy to review this further. Sincerely, Emily.
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Don't Buy Whirlpool
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I bought a Whirlpool Gold Microwave 12/08/10. Eleven months later it went bad. It took 1 month to get it repaired. Now 02/12/12 it has gone again. And I am waiting again to get it repaired.

Whatever you do don't buy anything Whirlpool or anything they make.
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User Replies:
bigal on 02/26/2012:
The trouble is nowadays nobody knows who is making what. There are so many products not being made by the companies whose name is on the product.
Venice09 on 02/26/2012:
Eleven months, you say?.. hmmm

Let me guess. It had a one year warranty.
WP2008 on 04/12/2012:
Hello, amarson001! My name is Emily and I am a representative of Whirlpool. We apologize for the frustration you have experienced regarding the repair of your microwave. If we can be of assistance please email us directly at Whirlpool.Digital@Whirlpool.com with your name, user ID, phone number, address, model and serial number as the website on which you were contacted. We would be happy to look into this concern. Sincerely, Emily.
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Very Disappointed my new kitchen
Posted by on
I purchased a complete line of Whirlpool appliances 2 years ago at Lowes.
I bought the complete stainless steel.
I spent a fortune and am very disappointed.
My side-by-side fridge/freezer Ice maker died within the first six months.
The convention oven required a complete new computer system within the first year.
Now the microwave is peeling.
It is the over the stove version that has the vent in it. It alone cost more than $600.

I called a repairman and had the first two repaired.
Between the two, the repairs exceeded $700.
The repairman tells me he works on your products more than any other.
And they all break down within the first two years.
Way to develop loyal customers.

I hear it is not a good idea to repair peeling paint inside a microwave.
So I think it only fair to tell your company how bad your products are.
The only thing that hasn't died is the dishwasher.
In addition I picked this set because I was promised a $ 500 rebate that I have yet to receive.

I may be one person but I intend to complain to who ever will listen.
I will post complaints everywhere I get a chance online.
I should not have to buy an extended warranty to survive the first two years.
It is not unreasonable to believe that $4000 worth of appliances should last at least two years.

There at least I got that off my chest.

Last time I buy Whirlpool.
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User Replies:
iammh on 04/07/2010:
Whirlpool did respond by email within 24 hours to my complaint but I did not purchase the extended warranty which I stated in the complaint and I haven't heard back from them
iammh on 04/25/2010:
Whirlpool emailed me offering a 15% (after purchase) discount if I purchase a Whirlpool Microwave to replace the one that's pealing.
I LOL. Think about it. I purchased $4000 worth of Whirlpool with a promise of a $500 rebate that has never arrived.
Their answer to my complaint is to offer another after purchase rebate.
I asked them if they expected me to hold my breath while I waited for this rebate.
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Whirlpool Microwave Hood Design Flaw
Posted by on
This appliance was purchased 10/16/05 from Lowe's. In 2009 the plastic vent (part # 8183852) above the door fell off. Examining it, showed that the plastic had disintegrated around the screws and clips that held it in place. The door has developed 3 cracks around the screws on the right side under the handle. These cracks are all the way through the door in places. The whole door (part # 8204880) will have to be replaced. It will cost $220 for parts only plus service fees. There has been no abuse to the product. It looks like the plastic has lost integrity possibly because of heat, but the appliance is designed to be used over the stove top. Has anyone else had this problem?
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User Replies:
MWard on 07/11/2011:
The exact same thing has happened to our same model microwave hood combo. The top vent came off first, then one end of the handle, now the other. It was also purchased by our builder in early 2005 and we started to have problems in 2010. What was your final decision? We are debating on replacing the door/handle or replacing the entire unit with something else.
Handy manny on 08/04/2013:
Handle $30. Easy to replace. Grille/vent- mine was black so I just cleaned it well and put black electrical tape. Can't tell it's there. Other than that, is a good microwave.
Steve W. on 11/06/2013:
I'm in new home for 1 year and both the top vent cover and door handle have broken. The top vent is easy to replace but I am having some difficulty with getting to the handle mounting screws. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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