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Avoid Whirlpool At All Costs!
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WISCONSIN -- At this very moment I am sitting on hold with Whirlpool for the sixth time regarding my less than one year old washing machine. I have a family of six so we purchased the top of the line washing machine because we expected that it would last at least a few years.

On Dec. 4th I called Whirlpool for service and they do not have anyone local to me so they referred me to their service agent. The service company came out within a couple of days and checked on the problem. The service person stated that the machine needs a "Total Overhaul". There is some sort of bracket in the back of the thing that broke that now lets the barrel spin into the door causing a LOUD BANGING NOISE on almost all activities.

The parts were ordered and there was one part with no ETA from Whirlpool. Two weeks passed and finally when I was frustrated I called the service company and they told me that they did not know when my machine would be fixed and that if I wanted to help things along I should contact Whirlpool personally. I called Whirlpool and have been getting the message from the people there that the parts have been ordered and they are waiting on an ETA.
Finally, even though it has been more than a month without a washing machine one of the managers there told me that she was going to send me a replacement.

They lied.... no replacement on the way I just hung up again with the service department and because it looks like the parts may be shipped Friday they want me to wait "again" for service. I explained how costly and ridiculous this was but they are wanting me to wait 24 to 48 hours (their favorite answer) for someone to call me back. Soon it will cost me less money to go and buy a new washer than it will to wait for service. I will be posting this message on every appliance site possible so that no one else goes through this tremendous pain.

Terrible Customer Care Experience
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The Whirlpool washer that we purchased in Feb. '08 stopped working in Sept. '08 - over 3 weeks ago, and we have had the runaround from Whirlpool since then. We have had to call Whirlpool numerous times to find out the status of our part and service. Each time waiting an hour on hold. On our first call a technician was booked, though he chose to diagnose the problem without seeing the washer. He ordered the probable part (a pump) in an effort to speed up the repair. Sounds fine.

We were told that the part would be in in 2-3 days if it is in stock. A pump, right? That should be in stock! No way. We called the following week to learn that the pump had not actually been ordered. Not to worry, the tech probably just hasn't registered the order. We called a few days later to confirm. Yep, the part is now on order, but will be a week or so because it has to come in from Montreal.

A week later, still no pump, and no call from Whirlpool. So, we spend another hour on hold to find that the pump is not in stock in Montreal, now it has to be ordered from Calgary. No problem, they will put in that order right away. A few days later we call again. Now the pump is out of stock in Calgary and has to be ordered from the US. They will place an order for us RUSH and it will take 5-7 business days.

Why is there no pump in Canada? Why do they not take some initiative when a piece is out of stock and order it for us? Why do we have to keep calling them? I even wrote to Whirlpool Canada to register a complaint a week ago. They promise to respond within 2 or 3 days, and you have fallen down on that. NO SURPRISE. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. More than 3 weeks since our washer broke, and we are still lugging clothes to the laundromat. Terrible terrible service. Do not buy from Whirlpool.

Poor Washer
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Rating: 2/51

ALDEN, NEW YORK -- Approximately two months ago, I bought a Whirlpool washer, model wtw4850xq. I hate it and I'm being kind. I realize things are changing but it doesn't mean it's for the best. I am 69 years old. I've done a lot of machine washing in my time including heavy loads and never had a problem like I have now. I don't know if all washer companies are making their machines the same way but I am not happy with mine. I have always bought Whirlpool products and never had as much problems as I have now.

Within the past two years, we've purchased a Whirlpool stove and refrigerator. No problems. Because of the washer I might start looking for another brand that's not made by Whirlpool that is easier to operate. The washer does not drain the water completely out of the clothes when it's done. I have to try running it through two drain and spin cycles and it still doesn't take out the water from the clothes. I had a repairman come over and he said there was a code for load not balanced. I do my wash the same as I've always done with my other Whirlpool washer and never had a problem. I'm not doing my wash any different than I have in the past.

You don't find out that the wash isn't dry until after the wash is done. Then you have to waste about a half hour running it through two or three drain and spin cycles and it's still soaking wet. The repairman said "you might have to throw in a couple of towels to balance the load." When the wash cycle is done and the clothes are still wet, isn't it a little too late for that?

I just had a repairman come down today and he said the same code was there for load unbalanced and that after you've had the machine for three months you have to pay for a service call if you have the same problem and the code calls for an unbalanced load because then it's considered customer information. As if I don't know how to use a washer.

This doesn't even take into account the water, detergent, electricity and time that I'm wasting. Being a senior citizen and only collecting Social Security this is getting to be a little on the expensive side. I don't know if I could honestly recommend a Whirlpool appliance again.

Whirlpool Complaint About High Efficiency Washers
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Rating: 1/51

DON'T BUY "HIGH EFFICIENCY" washing machines. I purchased a Whirlpool HE washing machine from Lowe's in July 2011. The machine has sensors for putting in water for certain size loads. Bottom line, whatever setting you put it on, other than "bulky items", the same amount of water goes into the tub. This has led to our clothes, towels, sheets, and blankets being ruined, and not coming out clean, they are actually are still dirty. Also, you HAVE TO use HE detergent, which is very expensive.

We do have well water, which is treated, but the machine we had before this piece of crap lasted 10 years, and the well water was never an issue in it working and it getting our clothes clean, which is what a washing machine should do. Then, it started squeaking, like rubber hitting metal and that got louder and it also shook like crazy when it spun.

Called service because it's still under the one year warranty. They came out, and of course had to order a part. (Now remember, this machine is still a new machine.) He came back with the part and could not put it in because he couldn't remove the seal which was "frozen", and said it was because of the well water or not using the HE detergent. He then told us that he would have to order a whole new tub, can you believe that?

We DO use the HE detergent, and like I said before, the well water was never an issue with our 10 year old machine prior to this one. I called Whirlpool and filed a complaint, and that I wanted this machine replaced, and I did say this, "it is a piece of junk". Their reply was, we have to wait for the new part to be installed to see if it works, and that they will not replace it unless the repairman said it couldn't be fixed. And just so you know, they said that PART OF REPLACING THIS MACHINE WOULD ENTAIL THREE (3) DIFFERENT CALLS FOR SERVICE BEFORE THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY IS UP.

I have an extended 2 year warranty, that they do not recognize. It has to be within the one year warranty.... and that's where they get you. Nice, HUH? Oooooh, I'm not done yet, they haven't heard the last of ME!!! I will get this machine replaced, there are other avenues and I'm going down them. That's the name of that tune... and you can take that to the bank.

Whirlpool' POOR Quality

BRANTON HARBOR -- I have purchased 3 major Whirlpool appliances over the last 18 months,
APPLIANCE Model Serial Purchased
1. Fridge ER2CHMXPQ05 EY2004508 6/22/10
2. Freezer EV201NZTQ01 U05393314 12/23/10
3. Washer WFW9150WW00 HL02828368 8/23/10

In general I have been satisfied with the products; however after spending nearly $1000.00 for a front load washer that lasted only 18 months then died, I am NOT a happy camper. I began having problems with the washer before the warranty expired and I should have addressed the issue then. Unfortunately I didn't because I was having major issues with the freezer; eventually they had to replace the door and gasket. I had my wife call Whirlpool and explain to them that the washer would shake violently when spinning, and it was not safe to use.

She was promptly told the washer was out of warranty, and she had (2) options, #1; she could pay approximately $300.00 to have the washer repaired and receive a 1 year warranty; #2; she could pay approximately $160.00 to AES, their preferred repair company, have the washer repaired. I was/am shocked with the indifference of the Corporate Elite at Whirlpool and their philosophy of indifference to those of us who buy their products and sustain their companies.

I called Whirlpool and asked to speak with Customer service on January 6, 2012 for more than 1 hour. The young lady I spoke with was pleasant but utterly unable to resolve my problem, repairing my washer. I was told she would take my complaint and forward it to the appropriate person(s). I have to say I have NO faith in the quality of Whirlpool products. After that conversation I had a different certified company come to my house and diagnose the problem, it was a failing main bearing. How can one of the MOST important parts of a front load washer fail within a year and a half?

Does Whirlpool expect consumers to HAVE to purchase an extended warranty with each of their products or purchase new appliances every 16 – 24 months? In my opinion (IM0) Whirlpool should repair this washer at their expense, this is, IMO, clearly a manufacturer defect! This company WILL NOT/ DOES NOT stand behind their products. DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL!!!

Whirlpool washer WFW9500TW01 MCU problem
By -

This washer is 2 1/2 years old, and our fourth set!!! Starting malfunctioning intermittently a few weeks ago, showing the F71 and F70 codes, then would not start. Would also stop mid wash and the controls would "go into sleep" mode. Called in Whirlpool repair tech, who diagnosed the problem as the micro computer (these fault codes point to a communication problem between the user interface/s and the micro computer) so part was ordered and installed a week later, on the understanding that we would own the part and it was non-returnable!!!

I had in the meantime been able to get a few loads done by unplugging the machine and re-setting the controls. Part was installed, seemed to work okay on a short test wash. No way!!! $428 later machine still doing the same thing. Called Whirlpool who, obviously reading from notes/prompts, said they could not help us with parts at cost, or anything and since we had elected to forgo the extended warranty option, it was pretty much tough luck. Service ran another set of diagnostics, then called WP technical assistance and again visited the premises. This time to talk to them whilst with the machine.

Power plug sockets tested okay, so they deemed the problem to be with the MCU, as there was no current to the circuit at that time. Part ordered and installed yesterday, at another cost of $352.50 part only, a special discounted price!!! The worrying thing is that the MCU that was removed, has traces of a white residue on it which look like soap sud, but the body of the housing is completely clean and dry as is the rest of the area around it. I found a website where this has been experienced by a tech in Mississauga On, with accompanying pictures. His theory is that the residue is condensation???

Only HE detergent has been used in this washer, no suds ever noted. Fault codes for MCU are F6, 7 etc. These never showed up. So just shy of $800 later, we have a washer that is working for now, but for how long until the new MCU also packs it in??? Or some other part? I am so disappointed at the attitude of Whirlpool who clearly do not care about customer service. In fact it is an insult to call it that, and in light thereof will NEVER buy another Whirlpool washer or dryer. Has anyone else out there experienced this same situation with an MCU? Pretty sure this is a factory fault and we, the consumers, are paying through the nose for it!!!

Admiral Washer - ATW4475VQ1 - Faulty Part - Cracked Water Inlet Valve
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Admiral washer - ATW4475VQ1 last summer (6/2/2010). It worked fine until around April of 2011 when it started leaking water off and on from the base of the washer. Checked metal hoses for leaks and house valves to washer, no signs of leaking to washer. Leak was still on and off for a while until one day when I heard it leaking in washer when the washer was not in use. Turned off cold water valve to washer and it stopped. Of course, by this time one year warranty is now passed by a few weeks.

Checked online for possible reasons for leak. Found out it was a cracked water inlet valve - Part No. W101-44820 - $61.49 to replace it. Called appliance repair shops for the part. It was a part that had been ordered, not a common part stocked in appliance repair shops. The manager said I should notify Whirlpool/Admiral about that particular uncommon part breaking. I did call and spoke with Customer Service but being it was a few weeks after the one year warranty, it was not their responsibility.

I explained that "the manager at the repair shop said I should call you and let you know it was NOT a common part to fail so soon on a washer and to ask to be reimbursed for the part" but Customer Service still insisted the one year warranty was over and that parts do quit working in washers. But I reminded her that my washer was barely a year old. She said there would be no reimbursement for the part and I said I was NOT a happy customer and would not be purchasing any future appliances from Whirlpool or Admiral.

After checking the internet, I have found several complaints online about this washer having this faulty part (cracked water inlet valve) breaking soon after the one year warranty has expired. If you have purchased this washer, I would recommend turning off hot and cold water valves when not in used to insure your basement or laundry room does not get water damage from this washer.

Customer Experience Centre?! My experience - AWFUL!!
By -

So I purchased a new washer and dryer from a local store, I chose Whirlpool as I know the brand and believe it to be reliable. Their advertising is both customer focused and environmentally aware. 7 weeks after the washer was delivered the seal around the door is very badly torn in 2 places and caused the washer to leak all over my laundry room floor.

I went online to arrange a service call and to be on the safe side called the 'Experience Centre' to ensure that the technician due to visit would have the correct part to enable him to repair my washer. A week later the technician arrived and guess what, he didn't have the part, nor did any distributor in the Dallas area. I decided to call the experience center again and was unfortunate to speak to one of the most unhelpful, not to mention unsympathetic and rude customer service managers I've encountered.

At first he refused to believe that I had only recently purchased the washer, so much so that I had to take a photograph of my receipt and e-mail it to him. I did explain that the service technician had verified my receipt but this was not good enough for him.

He confirmed that the part I needed was out of stock and was on back order with no guarantee of delivery before the holidays. I explained that I have 2 young children so not only is it extremely inconvenient not to have a washer but also to trek to a laundromat with 2 kids in tow is near on impossible, he couldn't care less. All I got from him was the 'procedures that must be followed' and the fact that there was nothing he could do until the 'procedures were followed'. It seems that if the part cannot be located then I just have to wait indefinitely, there is no provision for the washer to be replaced as my warranty is 'repair' and not 'replace', another procedure?!

So now I'm left, 2 weeks before before Christmas, with a young family and relatives due to arrive from overseas in 4 days, with no washer and no sign of any resolution, oh yes, and a multi-national company that doesn't give a hoot. Happy Christmas Whirlpool!!

Avoid at All Costs, or It Will Cost You
By -

We got our Whirlpool front loader washer and dryer from Lowe's in December of '09. Never seemed quite right, sometimes clothes were soaking wet after cycle was done, funny smell coming from washer. The dryer acted up, too. Even with the power off, it would turn on and off by itself all night long, every 20 minutes or so. Then the big ouch...

October 6th the washer filled up with water and the door locked and would not open. After talking with the customer service representative from Whirlpool, finally got the door open only to have water go everywhere on the brand new floor. Tech came to the house (several days later) and said there was a faulty motherboard (I assume he meant computer board). He called the company (mind you that was October 8th or 9th) and said the part was on back order.

It is now October 31st and no part. I called them back and the tech said the part was still backordered and would not be available until Nov 13, then they would ship to the distributor, from there ship to the repairman. Looking at the end of November. In frustration, I called Whirlpool and nice gentleman I spoke to said he would try to get the part (seeing how I have eight children and 8 loads of wash a day) to me overnight express by Friday or Saturday. Of course nothing came.

I have gone a almost month without a washer that cost $1500 by the time you buy the washer and pedestal. I estimate the laundromat would have cost me approximately $800 by the end of November. After researching, Whirlpool has had a ton of complaints about the computer boards being faulty so you would think they would fix the problem or have the parts readily available but instead they brag about lean manufacturing on the website.

I am all for corporate efficiency, but once you have taken that much money from people, I think you owe it to them to back up your product and address it in a timely manner. I know a class action suit has been filed concerning the mold issue, but hopefully someone will broaden the suit to include faulty parts and failure to fulfill warranty obligations.

What customer service?
By -

Bought a Whirlpool Washer over Christmas 2009. It hasn't even been close to year and the machine breaks. We have the 5 year warranty on it, so we call to have them come and take a look at the machine. They send a tech out who comes and looks at the machine. Says it's the bearing that is broken and we need a new one, and he needs to order this. So he gets on the phone to talk to his supervisor and starts spouting off about Obama this and if Obama didn't do this whole rebate thing I wouldn't have to be out here doing this crap (thinking to myself, you have a job-why are you complaining in front of customers - talk about ungrateful).

So he says that he is going to order the part and which should get here about 7 days and he will come to fix it on the day it arrives. The parts arrive a couple days early. AE calls the day before they were supposed to come to confirm that they would be coming to fix the washer.

The next day (day they confirmed they were coming), we get a call 5 minutes before the window saying they were canceling and not coming to fix the washer today. They ended up actually coming 5 days later. The part arrived damaged because the company it came from did not package it well, so they had to send it back and said they would overnight it (this was on a Tuesday, a week and a half after the original call from us that the washer is broken) and they would be back on Friday to fix it, while complaining in front of us that they had to come on Friday.

Lo and behold, they never show. And they never overnighted the part. We get the part on that following Monday and get a call on Tuesday saying they would be here Today (Wednesday) to fix this stupid washer. They called at 2 saying they would be here any minute. 2 and half hours later no techs to fix anything.

I believe I should be reimbursed for the money I have had to spend at the laundromat. Customer service for Whirlpool will not do anything. AE couldn't care less. Lowe's couldn't care less. What is the point of owning your own washer and dryer and not even being able to do your own laundry on your own machines? Waste of money and time. Never going to get another Whirlpool!

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