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What customer service?
By -

Bought a Whirlpool Washer over Christmas 2009. It hasn't even been close to year and the machine breaks. We have the 5 year warranty on it, so we call to have them come and take a look at the machine. They send a tech out who comes and looks at the machine. Says it's the bearing that is broken and we need a new one, and he needs to order this. So he gets on the phone to talk to his supervisor and starts spouting off about Obama this and if Obama didn't do this whole rebate thing I wouldn't have to be out here doing this crap (thinking to myself, you have a job-why are you complaining in front of customers - talk about ungrateful).

So he says that he is going to order the part and which should get here about 7 days and he will come to fix it on the day it arrives. The parts arrive a couple days early. AE calls the day before they were supposed to come to confirm that they would be coming to fix the washer.

The next day (day they confirmed they were coming), we get a call 5 minutes before the window saying they were canceling and not coming to fix the washer today. They ended up actually coming 5 days later. The part arrived damaged because the company it came from did not package it well, so they had to send it back and said they would overnight it (this was on a Tuesday, a week and a half after the original call from us that the washer is broken) and they would be back on Friday to fix it, while complaining in front of us that they had to come on Friday.

Lo and behold, they never show. And they never overnighted the part. We get the part on that following Monday and get a call on Tuesday saying they would be here Today (Wednesday) to fix this stupid washer. They called at 2 saying they would be here any minute. 2 and half hours later no techs to fix anything.

I believe I should be reimbursed for the money I have had to spend at the laundromat. Customer service for Whirlpool will not do anything. AE couldn't care less. Lowe's couldn't care less. What is the point of owning your own washer and dryer and not even being able to do your own laundry on your own machines? Waste of money and time. Never going to get another Whirlpool!

Whirlpool Washing Machines
By -

This crap has got to stop!! Companies robbing us left and right!! Just purchased the "alleged" hottest newest machine out there, brand new belt driven wnw5640 whirlpool h2o low, washing machine! Total and complete crap! Every frigging engineer at Whirlpool should be hung, dried, quart-ed, then fired!!

Salesman said they were flying off the shelves, by the way was purchased at Lowe's and is supposed to be a "Lowe's exclusive." Well it is going back on Wednesday and I am getting a full refund 1/2 hp motor $30-50, probably more like 15-20 harbor freight sells them cheap, pump $20-30, it's a stupid piece of small plastic with a plastic pulley probably cost $2.00 to make, a transmission $50-70 probably cost them $26 some tin and a plastic tub, this is ridiculous!

Another thing is remember just 3-4 short years ago Sears was selling new washing machines for under $300 what the ** happened! How did everything jump double and triple over the last couple of years?? Price gouging, greed, we are getting royally screwed and my pay check did not go up!!

Screw Whirlpool and everyone else, everybody needs to send a message no more frigging **!! Stop buying and they will change their tune! I am going to start grabbing all of the old machines I can and fix them! If I have to take a motor from a grinder and I use a water pump out of a Chevy pickup I will figure out a way it can be done!! American ingenuity that's what made us great!!

We need real mechanics and machining and industry again and then the other countries will start dirtying themselves again. They are moving everything out of this country when we have all the raw materials, we don't need anyone! Wake up people! I have had it! My grandmother washed clothes with an old scrub board! I am going to make one again with a few twists!

Incredibly Bad Whirlpool Appliances
By -

Two years ago we bought a house that needed some updating. We bought a Whirlpool over-the-stove microwave, a Whirlpool gas range, and an Amana washer and dryer, both made by Whirlpool. The first to break was the microwave. After one month of light use it stopped heating. A repairman was called and he replaced a major part (under warranty). The next to develop problems was the gas range after about 8 months. I decided to put it on the self-cleaning cycle. After about 15 minutes sparks began shooting around inside the oven and then the whole thing shorted out.

I called the fire department to make sure it wasn't the wiring and that there wasn't a fire starting in the walls. All of this was OK. I called the repairman who replaced some sort of circuit board. I have not put it on the self-cleaning cycle since. The microwave has developed a crack in the door. The knobs on the gas range require so little effort to push in that the burners turn on when you lean over to press the button to light the oven and a few times we have come home to find the house smelling of gas, once even while my husband was home and sleeping. (I called Whirlpool on this and they sent a new set of knobs, after some insistence.

Their original statement was to call the serviceman. This would cost $129 just for them to come out and tell me the knobs were defective). The last straw was a couple of days ago when the dryer just stopped working. We did call the repairman who said the thermostat went and took the control board out with it. It would cost over $400 to fix, including the $129 service call, about two-thirds of what the dryer cost originally.

We went right out and bought an LG dryer recommended by Consumer Reports. The washer is the only thing still working properly of all these two year old appliances and I fear it's just a matter of time. Caveat emptor. Don't buy anything made by Whirlpool. Maybe the older appliances worked well, but this is just poor workmanship and appalling quality.

Defective Washer - Poor Customer Service
By -

At the end of January, we had an issue with our washing machine and I contacted Whirlpool customer service. They gave me a number to call to set up a service call. They came out the following week, looked at it and said the softener switch needs to be replaced. After a week they came back out and replaced the switch... still didn't work, so they ordered the timer.

After a week, I called and they said they haven't received the part yet from their supplier so they would call Whirlpool to have it overnighted. This was on a Monday. By Friday I had not heard back from them so I called Whirlpool, they had no record of a part being ordered and contacted the service company. To much frustration, I told them I didn't want to deal with that service company any longer so Whirlpool had the part overnighted to me instead.

Once we received the part, I used Whirlpool's website and scheduled another service call to have the part we received replaced. Another week goes by, someone came out and looked at the washing machine. They did a diagnostic test on the machine and said it wasn't the timer but the load selector switch that needed to be replaced. Here it is, the second week in March, 7 weeks later, and they came out to replace this part... still doesn't work. The technician "thinks" it's the softener switch... the part that was replaced the first visit back in the beginning of February.

We have been more than patient, and when we contacted Whirlpool to complain that no one seems to know what the problem with our washing machine is and that we just want to return it for a refund.... they said that they need to try to fix it first.... hum.

How long does it have to take to fix something before Whirlpool will acknowledge that it is unfixable and they need to just replace it? After speaking with a customer service manager, we still are in the same situation that we started with. They don't care that we have had to use the laundry mat for the past 7 weeks! They were extremely unhelpful and don't stand behind their guarantee. We will NEVER buy a Whirlpool product again... that's my guarantee.

Lousy Product, Lousy Service
By -

HYDEN, KENTUCKY -- The Front loader washer I bought 3 years ago cost me $1200. For our big family the energy and water efficient washer seemed perfect. 3 months into the purchase the fail signs indicating something is wrong kept beeping and no matter what we did they kept coming back on. Finally the problems seemed to be under control and for the occasional, not spinning, not rinsing, not unlocking the door etc. everything was FINE. Just before the one year warranty ran out, the machine went haywire and basically quit.

I called the company, no help. I called the repair guy assigned by the company in my area, and he said that it still would cost me an arm and a leg for him to come see us, because service time wasn't included and we lived far away! He directed me on troubleshooting and I got the machine to at least run again. It got to the point, that I had to leave the top open to get a response, run the washer 2 to 3 times for one load to finish or bang the top with my fist for it to kick on. Oh, by the way this washer is fully computerized.

Now 3 years later the rubber seal from the front connecting the drum has ripped more than halfway around, causing a flood. Well, I finally had it and put the cursed thing in the garage and went to Sears to buy a top loader, affordable and simple. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

I'm disappointed with the service I received from the Whirlpool people. Basically you buy the product, never anything that goes wrong with it is under warranty, and they make you feel as if I did something to their stupid machine and instead of washing clothes it was designed to bake bread. I hope my new Kenmore 700 will do better for me and goodbye Whirlpool, I'll never buy another product of yours.

Don't Buy A Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Wtw5500xw1
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Rating: 1/51

Wish I had seen the reviews for this machine before I bought it. Apparently, I am not the only one who am having problems with the performance of this machine. I bought it 1 1/2 years ago, and this month it started to make a horrible grinding and sometime banging noise for about a minute straight during the washing cycle, and again during the rinse cycle (think airplane landing in your house, that's what it sounds like). I paid a good amount for this unit which is now 6 months out of warranty. It washes, but the noise is unbearable and I don't know if something is about to break.

Sears wants me to pay $229 for a repair call and fix for one year, but only up to $500 repair. And from the sounds of all of these hundreds of negative reviews on the web, it sounds like the best thing is to just junk it. I don't want to have to keep on buying one-year warranties. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! First and last Whirlpool purchase for me.

Two bad Whirlpool washers in a week!
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Rating: 1/51

AKRON, OHIO -- On August 28th Best Buy delivered our new Whirlpool HE washer. It made it through 1/2 of the cycle and died. I called Best Buy and they sent out a repairman 2 days later. He said all the electronics were bad. I could have them all replaced. I opted for another machine. On Sept. 8th my second machine arrived. It made it to the wash cycle and the locking device went bad! They are picking it up on Monday. My hubby and I went to Sear and picked out a regular old Kenmore washer. Yes I know it is a Whirlpool but hopefully it can make it through more than 1/2 a wash cycle before crapping out.

Front Load Whirlpool Washer model# WFW9050XW00
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Rating: 1/51

PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- My husband and I purchased a Front Load Whirlpool washer model#WFW9050ZW00 in September of 2010, it worked great for about 10 months then the grinding noises started and as if that was not enough it started leaking water down the front from the detergent dispenser. We called the repair man to come and he replaced the detergent dispenser and told me to not do large loads. This is a front load, large capacity washer, isn't it??? So it was fixed for about 6 more months, then the seal around the door on the inside, would tear up several pieces of clothing when the spin cycle was on.

I had purchased an extended warranty on a 2-year old Washer!!!! Of course the warranty would not cover the door gasket!!!! Needless to say, I will never buy another Whirlpool washer nor will I recommend it to anyone. Also, whatever you do, don't purchase a warranty, you should not have to if the company stands behind their product.

Smell Issue Resolved
By -

Hope this information helps someone? This is both a possible solution and complaint. We had a horrible smell coming from our washing machine. Searched everywhere on google and came up with the same results; mold from using too much detergent. Tried bleaching and cleaning tablets which worked for a couple of days. Spouse found threads of clothing in the wash which were unexplainable.

Upon a closer look, and after removing the dome in the bottom of the washer, we found 12 articles of clothing which had made it under the dome and through the drainage holes at the bottom of the washer. Incredibly hard to get these items back through the holes; however, once completed the washer no longer smells. The clothing we removed was rancid and ruined. Definitively a design flaw.

Do not recommend buying Whirlpool Front Load Washer/Dryer
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- When it was time to buy another washer/dryer, I bought Whirlpool because in the past, I had very good luck with the brand -- good performance, minimal repairs. I have been extremely disappointed in the performance of what I thought would be a reliable washer/dryer purchase.

I purchased my machines in early 2005, and since that time, the washing machine has required two major repairs which cost me over $500 in parts/labor combined, and I'm in the process of getting a third repair (now, as I write this review) which will cost an additional $300+ in parts/labor. So with the completion of this third repair, I've essentially paid out almost as much as I paid originally for the purchase of the washing machine. I guess I've been lucky that the dryer has cost less than $200 in repairs to date!

I run an average of 6 loads weekly -- so I would consider my use of these machines over the past 6 years to be rather light. So my advice to anyone thinking about a front load washer/dryer purchase from Whirlpool -- think again! I called Whirlpool customer service to relay my concerns, and was told that all that can be done is to document my complaint, and that this documentation will go into a file.

When I inquired what would happen to the complaint, I was told that as far as the CSR taking the call knew, someone would read the complaint, but I would not be contacted. So on top of a very poor product quality experience, I've been treated to a very poor customer service experience. Personally, I will not purchase another Whirlpool product (of any sort) again.

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