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Whirlpool Water - Model FG1H4040T3NOV; S/N 0537119437; PROD. # 0730266
By -

MISSISSIPPI -- I am writing about a water heater that we purchased on Oct. 1, 2005 for our rental house in Pascagoula, MS after Hurricane Katrina. The house had sustained damage from 2 feet of water that was a result of the storm surge. My husband went to Lowes and purchased a 40 gallon gas water heater to replace the one that had been ruined by the storm. His mistake was that he went to Lowes and bought a Whirlpool (nightmare) water heater. Since the purchase and installation we discovered the error of our purchase.

The water heater lasted about 20 months (that's 1 year, 8 months) and then the problem started. In June 2007 the burner went out and would not light so of course we went to Lowes to see about repair or replacement. Lowes told us that since we did not purchase the extended service plan we would have to go back to Whirlpool Product Service. That's when we went to the internet to get info on Whirlpool Product Service and found the Consumer Affairs.com article on these water heaters.

The article was right! We called Whirlpool Product Service and they gave us the name of a plumber who would replace the thermocouple. Then we could have the plumber call Whirlpool Product Service and tell them the part was bad and they would send him the part. All we had to pay was shipping and installation or we could purchase the part locally have the plumber install it and send in the receipt for the part. We opted to have a plumber buy the part and repair the water heater.

Before we could send in the receipt we received the Class Action Lawsuit letter telling us what our rights were. The letter offered a free replacement of the thermocouple assembly (a $15.00 value). Since we had already spent $149.77 to have the water heater repaired we did not see any positive outcome here. We were right, in October 2007 the water heater thermocouple went out again. This time we just replaced the water heater with a RHEEM water heater at a cost of $600.00. Copies of invoices attached.

The reason we are sending this letter is to let you know that your product stinks and that we will never purchase another Whirlpool Product or any appliance at Lowes. We also plan to give this letter as wide a distribution as we can determine is applicable.

Customer Service/warranty Worst Ever
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- 4 years into a 12 year guarantee for a 50 gallon gas hot water heater, it went bust. Replaced thermocouple and followed restart instructions. Pilot light would not stay lit. Unfortunately one cannot just go purchase a new control box for hot water heaters. Contacted Whirlpool for replacement W/H and were treated like imbeciles that couldn't find a horse in the barn. Consequently we have replaced, at our expense, a new W/H. So much for companies honoring their commitment to their products and customers.

Energy Smart Whirlpool Electric Water Heater
By -

I purchased a Whirlpool Energy Smart Water Heater, Model EE2H40RD54V, with the "computer, smart box" on top of the tank in 2006. Since then the smart box has quit four times and Whirlpool has promptly replaced the smart box "computer" board three times. The last time occurred yesterday, this makes it now 4 times in 5 years, and should I say that the design has some flaws? It is a shame since the "computer" does save energy but it has no reliability at all.

The heater has 9 years warranty and after that I plan to buy another, but not a Whirlpool. The first water heater, a Jackson, was in the house when I bought in new in 1976 and lasted until 2006 when I change it because the darned thing was 30 years old! It never gave me a problem and I wish I still had it. I hate to think what would have this unit cost if I had to call a plumber every time the "smart box" failed.

Never purchase Whirlpool appliances here is why
By -

After my 2006 Whirlpool water heater quit heating the water and replacing both upper and lower heating elements, and replacing both upper and lower thermostats still only got lukewarm water..Called Customer service... Big Mistake... After verifying all voltages were correct to all parts and verifying that the installation was done correctly they could not recommend a repair fix to solve the problem...

This is when the warranty issue came into play... (6 year warranty)... they would not send a authorized Whirlpool repair person, nor would they authorize a replacement under warranty. They wanted me to start all over try this, try that, check this again, check that again. I could see I was getting the first class run around. Again, this was after they verified everything was within proper limits for all settings.

Finally, after they decided there was nothing more they could assist with, they said there was nothing else they could do... Sorry... wish we could help you. So if you buy a Whirlpool appliance, and it lays down under warranty time, expect to throw it away and go purchase a brand new one as Whirlpool will not assist you past giving you the run around and passing you off to person after person... Bet your bottom dollar my new water heater will NOT be a Whirlpool... nor will any other appliance I purchase in the future.

Whirlpool 50 gallon gas water heater
By -

I purchased a Whirlpool 50 gallon hot water heater in 2007. One year later, after the 1 year full warranty they offer had expired, the pilot light kept going out and sometimes would not stay lit at all. I called Whirlpool and they sent me a replacement part for free which I paid my plumber to install. Off and on for the next two years the same problem occurred.

Last month, after many cold showers for me and many cold baths endured by my children, I called my plumber and told him to remove this piece of junk from my garage. I could not get the pilot light to stay lit at all. This is the same problem that occurred two years ago. I am very disappointed in Whirlpool and will never buy another Whirlpool product again. My plumber installed a Rheem.

'07 Whirlpool Water Heater OK
By -

Soon after the initial purchase and install of this water heater (Dec 31, 2007), the control valve needed to be replaced. Customer service (in India) had me go through a troubleshooting procedure resulting in a manufacturing defect diagnosis. Control valve was sent free of charge, installation of the control valve was reimbursed upon receipt of defective control valve and statement of service provided by my plumber.
Three days without hot water is never fun.

Just yesterday (Dec 14 2009), the pilot light would not stay lit. This morning I came onto this site only to be scared to death that I was going to have to buy the family a new water heater for Christmas. I emailed Whirlpool Service and called the customer service in India. 'Paul' was very helpful, and after a short troubleshooting procedure, quickly gave me an authorization number for a service tech in my town to come out and assess the situation, equipped with replacement parts...all covered under warranty in the case of a manufacturing defect. Since my pilot light would stay lit until after the burner cycled off, I waited before calling the local service tech wanting to more carefully assess the behavior of the water heater.

Meanwhile, I had described in the email that the burner was displaying yellow and orange flame and this got the attention of a Whirlpool tech. He called me no more than four hours after the email had been sent and had me clean the vent underneath the water heater with a dry toilet bowl brush. Problem solved.

Energy Smart water heater factory service
By -

I purchased this water heater from Lowes in Nov, 2008. It has shut off several times and just last Friday it quit (Dec 04, 2009. I checked the supply current and the elements and all was OK. The heater would only turn on momentarily and then turn off. It has the automatic box on top. I called the service number provided by Whirlpool and was connected to a female representative whom I could hardly understand due to a heavy accent. She told me to reset the controls and see if it wouldcome on, it came on momentarily and she said it is OK now. It turned off again. I called Lowes and they said they no longer replace defective water heaters. So, we are without hot water for the weekend and I will have to try another call th their service on Monday. I wish I had never seen this water heater. $400.00 for junk!!!!

Warranty no worth paper written on & Can you speak ENGLISH?
By -

My pilot quit working and I called Whirlpool and got a Whirlpool of foreign speaking gibberish. Then told I have to wait for a kit to be delivered in a day and a half. It is cold and I need a shower. So I called the local Lowe's where it was purchased and told the woman the situation and she said to come get the kit, it's free. Why have Whirlpool when Lowe's will take care of it. (Bless Lowe's, I need hot water). Whirlpool needs to make quality to last the amount of time listed on their warranties. OR send out a note that your water heater will give out half way through its warranty and send a kit soon after.

Whirpool Flame Lock Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting Tip
By -

Flame Lock Troubleshooting Tip:

I purchased a Whirlpool Flame Lock Water Heater a couple of years ago, and soon after I bought it - the ignition circuit for the burner died. Called Whirlpool and they sent me a new flame lock igniter assembly (minus about $35 S&H).

The new part worked for a little while, but the burner frequently started back going out. My electronics background helped me to troubleshoot my problem down to a defective roll-out switch. Called Whirlpool, they me a lengthy procedure that was basically just press the little white button on the roll-out switch back in...

I found that I would frequently have to press the roll-out switch reset button back in until it stop working finally. As a result, tried jumpering the 2 leads on the roll-out switch. What you know??? IT WORKED AS ADVERTISED!! Jumpering the roll-out switch should help you isolate if it is the problem or not (for testing purpose only). This is not a post to encourage you to by-pass your water heater's safety interlocks, but merely a tip to help you troubleshoot a potential problem. This can especially be useful if your water heater dies in the cold weather season like mine did. Hope this tip blesses you and your family.

Happy Troubleshooting!

Energy Smart water heater
By -

E, VIRGINIA -- My Neighbor bought an energy smart hot water heater just like I did. His energy smartboard went out before mine. Of course mine went out the beginning of a three day week-end with no help. Anyway I was reading problems with high electrical bills with these units. Solution Install a $40.00 dollars 24 hour time clock on it. My water heater only comes in 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. If you need extra hot water just push the manual button. The savings is great. What's interested is hot the electric utilities company explains to you why you should add the time clock.

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