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Whirlpool Is Not What It Used To Be

Posted by Cynthia on 2013-05-07
Rating: 2/5
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- 4 2013: contacted Corporate office AFTER 1.5 year old Duet washer needed new control panel at the cost of $ 940.

When using the washer there is and always has been a severe vibration and the machine walks out of place.

Repair person #1 came just after washer install and told me nothing wrong . N/C

Repair person #2 several months later, the repairman told me the same thing, but advised me to put a commercial grade non slip rubber mat under the machine, which I did, at the cost of $80 + $99. service chg.

4 2013: told that I need to have $940. work.& advised me to take the unit OFF the pedestal to reduce the excessive vibration in the machine. It was this vibration that caused the need to replace the control panel. The repair man told me that this is a common problem with these machines and not an isolated incident.
Cost of pedestal: $263.67

After speaking with your customer relations people in the executive office, Gwen gave authorization to pay for the panel replacement but not the removal of the machine from the pedestal. If Whirlpool had placed the correct panel in the correct box, I would have had only one service call to repair this on 12 April. However, I had to stay home this afternoon to wait for the repair man to come again to bring the correct replacement part. Not only have I spent money for the repairs, I have lost money by having to take off the time working to wait for the repairman and I am losing precious storage space. One would think that a washing machine of this quality would not be problematic in the first 2 years.

Would you recommend a Whirlpool after having this experience?

I believe that Whirlpool should take responsibility for these problems and compensate me not only for the repairs but also lost hours at work.

The people selling this merchandise need to be aware of the conditions where these machines are going to be used and advise customers accordingly. I would have NOT bought the pedestal had I know I was going to have vibration problems and soon need the replacement of the control panel. The washer itself does an excellent job of getting the clothes cleaned, better than any machine I have used previously. I am sorry to have experienced these problems.
User Replies:
Bill on 2013-05-07:
From past experience I buy the least technically adorned heavy duty washer/dryer I can find.
The less computerized controls the better. Good old pull and turn control knobs. Have Kenmore washer/dryer now and they've been going strong for 8/4 years. 8 on the washer 4 on the dryer with no problems.
nikalseyn on 2013-05-07:
Perhaps it has occurred to you that you could have purchased more than a couple of cheap Whirlpool washers without all the bells and whistles for what you have spent so far on repairs, etc. Paying any more than $400 or so for a washer is throwing money away. Buy a cheap, no-frills washer and then throw it out if/when it breaks.
wjk898 on 2013-05-07:
And while you are at it, try to get a washer that does NOT automatically set the temperature of the water - I.e., "hot water wash" just loads hot water. Hard to find but lower end products are more likey to have this and very hot water (as you set on your hot water tank) is the only way you can get whites clean. These energy efficient machines dispense water that is too cool to get dirty stuff clean.
zm91NY on 2013-05-07:
Sounds like the service men just threw you threw a loop. I've installed around 200 of the duets in the past, Never once had a vibration problem due to the pedistal. who ever installed it in the first place probably left the nut on the top of the pedistal that needed to be removed, causing a gap between the pedistal and machine, also a a commercial grade non slip rubber mat will cause it to be worse.. they sell things called shake aways for $40 most places that are a hard rubber that goes under each leg, it foreces the plasic or metal legs into the material.. also if the machine wasn't leveled perfectly it would cause it to shake while in spin mode. what I would watch out for is the front board. if the machine even drips a little bit of water into the shell of the machine it will short out the front control board.. around $500 to replace.. replaced those around 50 times out of the 200 installed because of a cheap seal around the door
andbran on 2013-05-08:
just get a regular top loader. I have had those for years never a problem
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