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Whirlpool Gold double Oven Control Board
Posted by Timjamison11 on 12/18/2009
Third control panel. Part # 8302967.. Cost me $1200 total.

See this for all of the others.. Class Action Law suit...

Emge & Associates is investigating gas and electric ovens manufactured by Whirlpool, including such popular brands as Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid and Maytag.

The firm is investigating reports that the electronic control panel on certain models is subject to failure after a limited number of uses of the appliance’s “self-cleaning” setting. While most foods are cooked at temperatures reaching 375 degrees, the “self-cleaning” setting raises the interior oven temperature to 1,400 degrees. Due to defects in the design and or manufacturing, the electronics contained on many ranges are damaged by extremely high heat. Repairs to damaged control panels typically cost in excess of $300 per replacement.

If you have experienced failure of the control panel in your range after using the “self-cleaning” setting, you can join this investigation by contacting Emge & Associates at (800) 629-3409 or (619) 618-2974.
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-12-18:
First off, the list price of the part is just a little over $200. Next, self clean cycles get nowhere near 1,400 degrees, closer to 550 to 600.

If you are having repeat problems with the range and they have to keep changing the same part maybe they are not finding the underlying problem that is causing the board to fail, possibly a cooling fan motor or thermostat.

You make no mention of a repair company, have you been trying to perform the repairs yourself. If not than maybe your complaint should be with the repair company that find the root of the problem.

If your concern is really with self cleaning ovens getting too hot and causing electronic problems, i question why you have not listed GE, Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, Viking, Thermador, etc.
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Quality and Customer Service Nightmare
Posted by Moransj on 07/22/2009
In April of 2009 we purchased several Architect Series stainless steel KitchenAid appliances from a local authorized dealer including a diswasher, microwave, stove, warming drawer and a 36" cooktop and downdraft unit (~$10,000 of product). When the cooktop unit arrived it was installed by the local dealer's service technicians. During the installation we discovered that a number of pieces were missing from the cooktop including burner tops that prevented us from using the cooktop.

After 3 to 4 phone calls to Whirlpool and about 2 weeks later we finally received the parts and discovered that Whirlpool (owner of KitchenAid brand) had sent the wrong parts. After several more phone calls we were finally sent what we thought were the remaining correct parts. After the technician arrived to install them he found that we were missing more burner parts from the high capacity burner and that using the burner without these parts had scorched the cooktop slightly. At the same time we discovered that the downdraft system activation button was not working correctly and more new parts for both items were ordered by the technician. A new cooktop was ordered and then installed about 3-4 weeks later by the local dealer. After the cooktop was installed we discovered that it was scratched badly and ordered another.

About 2 weeks later the parts for the downdraft arrived and were installed by the local dealer technicians. The next day the downdraft system got stuck in the up and on position and could not be turned off. Another cooktop arrived several weeks later and was installed. I called the local dealer frustrated at having paid for a new cooktop in April and still not able to use it fully in late July and was told by the owner that we had to wait to have a Whirlpool authorized 3rd party technician come to our house to evaluate the unit before Whirlpool would do anything to replace or repair the downdraft unit. Meanwhile, after 4-5 phone calls and being transferred around in Whirlpool's "customer service" bureacracy of divisions we tried to get a replacement unit and were told by Whirlpool that they would send us one but that they were on backorder and it would be mid-August before one could be delivered to our home. We asked them if they could find one at a distributor or retailer and have that unit sent to us and were told by the "customer service" person that they don't do that. They furthermore said that we could try to do that on our own but that they would only refund exactly the discounted price that we paid from the local retailer and not what we would have to pay to get one delivered from somewhere else in the country to our home.

I run a manufacturing business that sells products in the same price range as these appliances through distribution to retail stores. We occasionally make mistakes as do all companies. When a customer has a problem, our customer service ensures that the customer is taken care of immediately either through a local retailer or directly from us. We see a problem as an opportunity to have customers rave about our service levels to other potential customers and realize that service attitude and responsiveness pays for itself several times over in the positive word of mouth versus the negative that would occur if we didn't do this. Whirlpool had a huge opportunity to have my wife and I telling a wonderful customer service story that would have positively influenced other potential customers in an affluent community where many of our friends and neighbors are upgrading kitchens. Instead I will be telling as many people as I can both verbally and online about my experience and the impact to their sales will be 10-100 times what it would have cost them to be nice to us and try to solve our problem. I hope that someone in the management of Whirlpool someday gets this message and uses it to change the company for the positive. Meanwhile, I suggest that if you can, you should avoid buying any of the brands that are made and serviced by Whirlpool.
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-07-23:
You deleted your earlier post after I responded, so here we go again.

After a lot of reading I came across "discounted price that we paid" and began to wonder why it was discounted. Was the unit a display model, scratch and dent, open box, etc? That would explain a lot. If it was not then it sounds like some installation problems to me. Very rarely are there parts missing out of the box but they could have been packed in bubble wrap stuck to the cardboard that only an experienced installer would know about.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-07-23:
You deleted your earlier post after I responded, so here we go again.

After a lot of reading I came across "discounted price that we paid" and began to wonder why it was discounted. Was the unit a display model, scratch and dent, open box, etc? That would explain a lot. If it was not then it sounds like some installation problems to me. Very rarely are there parts missing out of the box but they could have been packed in bubble wrap stuck to the cardboard that only an experienced installer would know about.
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Faulty double ovens and backordered parts
Posted by Janskee on 12/16/2010
Our Whirlpool Gold double oven failed on 11/2/10, so we called Whirlpool to find out the replacement part needed. They gave us the part # for the front control panel, and we ordered and received it, but it didn't fix the oven. We were then told we needed to also replace the control board, so we ordered this on 11/15/10. When we didn't receive it within a week, we checked and found out it was backordered, ETA 12/15/10. It is now 12/16/10 and the part still hasn't shipped, so we contacted the vendor and were told that Whirlpool now says that the part won't be available until February 2011! We have not been able to cook anything in our oven for a month and a half already, have missed being able to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and now we will also miss the entire Christmas cooking season and into the new year. A 4 month wait for a part is completely unacceptable.

On top of this, we have read about numerous other people having problems with this oven, and in particular it can fail after running a self-cleaning cycle due to a defect that causes the control board to overheat. We had this oven installed by our builder in 2005, and our neighbors have had the exact same failure with their Whirlpool double oven, installed at the same time. I'm sure the reason this part is backordered is because of the large number of failures of this part, due to it's defect. Whirlpool is NOT willing to help, and they don't seem to care that people are doing without an oven for months! This will be the LAST product I buy from Whirlpool and their associated companies (we had a JennAir double oven at our last house that had the SAME failure at 5 years)
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Posted by dfox on 2010-12-21:
I am so glad to have run across this site and the posts from each of you. I am also waiting on a control board for my whirlpool double oven. I have had MANY conversations with whirlpool and I am more furious each time I hang up. I have been told that they ship 30 per day and that is not enough to keep up with demand. How can that not be a defective part? Why is there no recall? I have pre-paid legal and have never had to use the services, but I am building a case now to call a lawyer this week. My oven is 2 years old and hasn't worked for 3 months and I have no idea when it may work again.

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Whirlpool branded hot water tank issues
Posted by Stude62 on 06/04/2010
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- In August 2008 we purchased a gas, a 40 gal. hot water heater from Lowes that was branded as "Whirpool". We have had great success with Whirlpool appliances in the past, so we though this was a no brainer.

This past week, the tank started to fail. Each morning we woke up to no hot water and found the tank not functioning. Each day we called Whirlpool and had them walk us through relighting the pilot light. The tank would heat up normally. When we got home from work, the tank would still be functioning. Then, the next morning we were back in the basement, on the phone with Whirlpool trying to get the tank relit. Why did we call Whirlpool instead of just relighting it our selves? We called and had them walk us through it so there would be a record of the problem, the frequency, etc.

Yesterday, the operator had me light the tank then shut it off and so we could pull wires and test the firing. With the phone to my ear, she had me pull the white and black wires to the thermocoupler, hold the wires together, then with the other hand expected me to push the RED button down, hold it and then concurrently click the spark switch rapidly. After a minute, the tank failed to relight relight. She then had me plug everything back together, and try the relight process again. Nothing. And again we tried, and nothing.

I just got fed up, and said to the operator on the phone - who, I have to say was super nice as are all the people at Whirlpool who we've spoken to - and said that this wasn't acceptable, and that this was apparently a larger problem than just a pilot light going out. She said that the tank was covered for parts, but not service. I said that when you buy a Whirlpool, you expect something better than that solution considering the unit was not even two years old.

The operator immediately said that Whirlpool would cover the repair - meaning parts and service costs. They gave me the name of a local heating contractor and I scheduled the relpacemet for the defective part which happened today. The repair man said that they could NOT guarantee the part, and that there were problems with the replacement parts as well.

I looked up "Whirlpool gas hot water tanks" sold through Lowe's and I discovered that not only were tanks NOT made by Whirlpool, but were "branded as Whirlpool. I also found that many, many people have ongoing issues with parts failing. Most of the complaints have stated that the parts failed shortly after installation - our failed after approximatly 20 months. But in all fairness, when the unit operates properly, it performs in a flawless manner.

So we are going to watch this appliance very, very carefully. If it fails again in an unreasonable amount of time, we will replace the tank with high efficient on demand system from a reputable plumber, and we won't be quite so certain of future appliance purchases from Whirlpool.

I am really disappointed in this product. If the product is as problem riddled as I have found, and those complaints are accurate, then Whirlpool needs to make it right to everyone who bought one of these units. As I said, when you buy Whirlpool, you expect peace of mind. I'll no wonder every morning IF we have HOT water, or IF we'll have to go through this again.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-06-05:
From what I've seen, Whirlpool has become increasingly unreliable. I wouldn't have fooled with having an unknown operator (tech or not, I don't know their qualifications) walk me through pulling wires and trouble shooting the tank, either. Your solution of hiring a contractor and getting what they recommend (except Whirlpool) sounds like an excellent idea.
Posted by stude62 on 2010-06-06:
Well, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because she was being nice and wasn't being perfunctionary (she was following her trouble shooting guide), and I can't fault her for doing her job. In fact, I have to compliment her because she didn't give me any guff about comping the whole service call. My issue is with Whirlpool and the manufacturer of these tanks.
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Unhappy With Whirlpool Cooktop & Service
Posted by UNHAPPY IN WAXHAW on 02/16/2010
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Our home was completed the end of 2006 and came with a White WHIRLPOOL Stove with black cooktop. After we had used it for about a month we noticed a stain under the knobs where the vent is on the left. We called the company that our builder had purchased it from(Queen Appliance)They sent a tech out and they ordered a new bacl panel for the stove and told us it should not do that. A month later it had stained again and once again a new back panel was put on. After a couple months it did it again. This time we were directed to Whirlpool Customer Service. I should call it ANTI CUSTOMER SERVICE! They sent another company out whi did replace the panel and then tried to charge US for it and said that Whirlpool didn't authorize payment. I refused to pay and after the tech left I called Whirlpool. After being shuffled around I finally got to a lady who told me they would no longer do any repairs at their cost because I was now past the warranty stage!!She also told me there had been several complaints but not enough to start a recall yet!! She also told me to clean it real good and put some type of wax on it and that might help the discoloration!I told her I would take it to the board of directors for Whirlpool if need be and she informed ne that she was on the board so my complaint would go no further than her!! I sent Whirlpool a very lengthy complaint and never heard a thing or even got a call.

We have since had to replace one burner as well out of our pockets. We are still using the stove with the horrible, (NOW BROWN) stain on the front and show it to everyone who comes over so they will research before buying. We will NEVER buy any product from Whirlpool again. I hae read several other complaints about this stove so we are not the only ones who are unhappy with this company!!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-02-17:
I suspect you've read 'Whirlpool customers'. It offers some insight on Whirlpool's ideas regarding customer service.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-02-17:
Replacing the panel is obviously not the solution. If the stove is working properly, then the panel must be made of a material that stains easily. And because it's white, you'll notice it even more. The rep's suggestion to use wax is actually a good one. If you do get another new panel, try putting a nonflammable wax on it before using the stove.

The panel on my stove is black. For all I know, it's stained too, and I just can't see it.
Posted by UNHAPPY IN WAXHAW on 2010-03-09:
Hello Venice, We tried using a non flamable wax and it helped a little but who wants to have to WAX your stove every time you clean the panel. As much as these cost, I shouldn't have to go to this extreme just to keep it appealing to the eye. Just out of curiosity, we looked on Ebay at the wirlpool products and it's amazing how many are for sale. Looks like whirlpool is going down the cesspool!! I am MORE THAN HAPPY to share my opinion with anyone who is appliance shopping and do so every time I shop at Lowes or Home Depot.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-09:
I'm on your side here. The panel should be made with a material that does not stain. No question about that. But since it's not, and there's not much Whirlpool can do about it now other than continuing to replace the panel, I just thought waxing it might actually be easier, especially if you only have to do it once in a while.
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Does Whirlpool really stand behind their Products
Posted by Mr. Clyde on 11/13/2009
I have owned the RBD305PDB10 Whirlpool oven for almost nine years. The electronic control panel (part no 8302967) failed about three months ago, since that time, I have been seeking to obtain a replacement control panel from Whirlpool, for various reasons unknown the part has been on back order, with a current expected availability date of 01/10/2010, but no guarantee from Whirlpool.

I have learned several important lessons from Whirlpool in this process.
A. I should have been satisfied,after all my oven lasted almost nine years which is good for that product.
B. Whirlpool has no control over their suppliers and should not be expected to maintain inventory of all their parts for older products. This particular control panel (8302967) supports at least 30 models of Whirlpool, Kitchen aid, Roper and Kenmore products.
C. Whirlpool will offer you a customer loyalty discount of 15% to 20% to purchase a replacement oven, cost about $1,200. The cost of replacing control panel averages around $350.

This level of support from Whirlpool certainly encourages me to suggest that you look elsewhere before purchasing your next appliance.


Mr. Clyde.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-13:
At 9 years old you are lucky the part is even still available. The fact that it has a 3 month back order tells me it has to be made for you. That tells me they ARE standing behind their product.

All 3 of your points are correct and reasonable. Though I must address this point "This level of support from Whirlpool certainly encourages me to suggest that you look elsewhere before purchasing your next appliance."

It really annoys me when people say such about a company because they do not readily keep parts available for old stuff. The company is horrible cause you can't get a part for a 9 year old unit yesterday.

ANY company you buy ANYTHING from will most likely have the SAME issue on a 9 year old product. They do not continue manufacturing parts for old products. It is costly and unnecessary. So, best beware of every appliance manufacturer in existence.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-11-13:
It depends how long they are legally required to produce the parts. I know for car companies it's something like 10 years, or it was. I don't even know if that applies to appliances, but point being that the older the machine, the harder it is to come by unused parts for it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-13:
Lady and Ytrop are correct, IMHO. After nine years, I think it is TERRFIC whirlpool is even entertaining your request. this encourages me to be sure to strongly consider this brand in the future.
Posted by lhlhlh on 2009-11-13:
Did you try online vendors for appliance parts? Google appliance parts and you will find vendors that may have your board in stock. I find the price of the board around $200 for your model.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-11-15:
I checked 3 of the largest parts suppliers in the country and yes it is on backorder and yes about $200.

Are you trying to get the part directly from Whirlpool or a retail parts supplier?

I have found that if you talk to the right people at Whirlpool they can somehow come up with backordered parts real quick.

Good luck
Posted by fixyourboard on 2011-02-05:
This issue has raised its head again. See this forum discussion:
Posted by Virginia Cohen on 2012-11-04:
In 2005 our brand new Whirlpool oven's control panel went out within a few months, then at the 12-month-plus a few days mark. They refused to cover the cost the second time, but offered a tiny discount if I would purchase a new Whirlpool oven. I've never bought a Whirlpool product since. --Takoma Park, MD
Posted by tj on 2013-08-05:
My mother had the same double oven in her home for thirty years! Electronics do not belong in appliances! We have become a throw away society!
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Poorly Made Merchandise
Posted by Nanabug on 04/06/2008
PLANO, TEXAS -- On March 30, 2008 my husband and I purchased an Admiral electric dryer in Plano, Texas. We picked up the appliance on April 3,2008 and transported it approximately 188 miles to a home we have bought in Seminole, OK. After much effort my husband had our brand new appliance connected and running. PROBLEM. The heating element never even got warm. We then had to disconnect this dryer and buy a new one. Then reload the dryer and return it to the Home Depot we had bought it from in Plano,Texas when we returned on April 6th. The time and effort it cost us was uncalled for. When I purchase a new item and pay cash for it I expect it to run. My husband and I are senior citizens and this is a burden on us. Over the years I have purchased several Admiral items, but can assure you I will never fork over a dime of our hard earned money to a company that is putting such poor quality merchandise on the market.

Perhaps Admiral needs to check it's quality control area and find out what your problem is. Signed ONE VERRRRRRRRRRY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER
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Posted by tander on 2008-04-06:
I'm curious, did you try writing directly to the company? Also finally complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) will no doubt get a reaction from the company too. I have filed several complaints and always have gotten a satisfactory resolution from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-07:
Why buy a new one? Could you have contacted a local Home Depot store to possibly exchange it or repair it instead of carting it back to Texas?

Perhaps it was installed wrong.

Instead of running out to buy a new one I would have hung a clothes line to use temperarily and gotten the appliance fixed or exchanged. But that's just me.

You are right. The time and effort was uncalled for. But you caused it yourself.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-04-07:
I don't understand this. Unless this was some drastic floor model scratch and dent steal, why are you buying it 3 area codes away? Moreover, it has a warranty. Why not just call factory service, which I believe is Whirlpool on this now, and have a tech come out and fix it in your home? It may have been nothing but a loose wire.
Posted by WarrantyGuy on 2008-07-08:
I work in a warranty department that deals with various kinds and brands of appliances. I can tell you that dealing with warranties, especially on appliance can be difficult at best. Repair Techs are often little or no help. They have to come out to diagnose the problem (chances are they don't have the part they need), so they have to make a return visit. after it is all said and done... from the time you make the service call and the machine is actually fixed can take months! My advice to the person who purchased this dryer is to shop a little closer to home and to pay the extra $59 for the delivery. Home Depot has a mail in rebate offer for those who utilize this option. in the end you pay the same amount and save your self a world of trouble.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-08:
WarrantyGuy, great info, thanks.
Posted by wayne on 2013-07-14:
I've sold these admiral dryers for 11 years at the home depo. Theyre practically dummy proof to install.....its sounds to me like your husband is not very handy and more than likely crossed the wires, or left one loose.
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customer service
Posted by MAK on 07/20/2005
NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY -- after lugging home a 150 lb a.c. that turned out to be nonfunctioning, I spent over 1hr on the phone trying to deal with their "customer service" only to be transferred and kept on hold. I sent a friend to the store as I am 70 miles away. They agreed to deliver a replacement and pick up the broken unit. I specified to call my cell so I could arrange a neighbor to be there. They called my home phone so I never got the unit. I now have 2 units charged and cannot get this store to accept any responsibility. I will now use my local "mom & Pop" stores and happily pay more
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Posted by you r stupid on 2005-07-21:
As much as I hate Lowes and prefer Home Depot because there a better company, I feel Lowes went above what they needed to do for you. They didn't mean to sell you somehting broken so there for you should of complained to the manufactor who made the ac unit. Also its not there problem you live so far away. They should of told you to drive your pain in the asss back to the store so they could either replace or refund you and thats all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-24:
Sounds like they've already done more than they have to. Like you r stupid said, they could have told you to drive back to the store & take care of it yourself.
Posted by Yancy Chipper on 2005-08-09:
Tell everyone you know never, ever to buy ANTTHING from Lowes. I contracted with them for ceramic tile and carpet installation and it has been a nightmare. I will never step foot into their store again once I return all the extra material that they ordered and managed to get here but I will need to return myself to get credit for.
Posted by les on 2006-04-29:
I agree with you, Lowes makes more mistakes than any other home improvement store I know of, I think I would have drove the ac back to the store "even if it was 100 miles" and returned it myself and asked for a manager, they would have given you a gift card or something off on the ac for your troubles, like they say the sweaky wheel gets the greas! I had a problem with carpet and they gave me 50% off and a $25.00 gift card because I was very up set with them and they knew it
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-09-21:
how much gas did you burn up on your original 140 miles to and from lowe's? wouldnt it have been cheaper, in the long run, just to get your ac from a mom and pop?
Posted by BestCashier on 2006-10-28:
It is so stupid how people think oh this is defective i should return it to the store even though the box says DO NOT RETURN THIS ITEM TO THE STORE RETURN TO THE MANUFACTURING COMPANY. And i love the way people will also return things they have had for over a year and decide to return it because they dont need it anymore. Its also stupid how so many customers act like 2 yr olds and throw temper tantrums just to get a discount its ridiculous. It's pretty sad actually when people return plants or trees that have died because they were too stupid to water them so they haul the dead plant or tree to the store to get a few bucks back. Its pathetic.
Posted by SalesMGR on 2006-11-04:
Hats Off to Best Cashier...She is expressing the true situation at Lowes - I'm convinced taht some people shop there just so they can come back and complain and moan so they get a discount - in general most of the customers are idoiots and don't listen when you explain things, especially when it comes to what aproduct can or can not do...I deal with them all the time - not to say the employees are blameless - we have our share of stupid people who keep making the same stupid mistakes - sometimes I feel like I'm a manager at McDonalds....
Posted by Lowesbuster on 2007-03-26:
Lowes has a lot of good people working there at the store level. The corporate level is very corupt. The installations of any product by Lowes should make any homeowner crindge. There is no procedure in place at Lowes to guarantee that the real installer is actually the one that signed up to be an installer. The just had a huge situation where a kitchen was installed very poorly and the home owner found out the people that did the work weren't even hired by Lowes. Lowes didn't know who the heck was in that house. Use your imagination. Child molesters, theives, you name it could be going into your home or someone elses home.
Posted by Lowesbuster on 2007-03-26:
Did anyone see the comments from Lowesbuster?
Posted by LowesInstaller on 2007-06-06:
Lowesbuster you don't have a clue. I am a Lowe's installer and any subcontractors that I have on a Lowe's site has to have passed a very strict background check. I also have to keep Lowe's notified of all my installers that will be working on their jobs. If we send someone out on a job that is not background approved...immediate contract termination.
Posted by Alain on 2007-06-10:
As a Lowes employee I have found most of my customers to be sensible, nice people. We common sales clerks, in most cases, will try to be honest and serve you well. SalesMGR doesn't seem to like the customers(or employees) very much. Perhaps if they had enough employees at Lowes, the customer service would improve a bit. It is possible to have enough people to properly serve customers and make a profit. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples whether they are customers or managers.
Posted by elsie1mae on 2008-04-25:
H ave written several times ref: to Consumer Research.US.com. This rip-off tries to get you to buy products after offering you a free Lowe's $500 gift card. It leads and baits you on and on. What a rip. Can't Lowe's figure out a better waY TO ADVERTISE?, I have apts and this just about makes me want to deal somewhere else as well as contacting the Fed Trade Comm.
Posted by sharpsh00ter on 2008-07-23:
I have to ask, since I have a great deal of AC experience.

Did you transport the AC home with the box oriented sideways or upside down?

Well over 90% of returns are because the customer crams the box sideways into their car and plugs the unit in before the coolant has to settle.
Posted by Big Diesel on 2008-11-23:
Guys, I don't recommend going through Lowe's OR Home Depot for major contracting. Let me inform you of how they get their "professionals".
1. They hire any ol' a**hole off the street.
2. Tell them a few things about their department.
3. Done
Seriously, the sales professionals are not required to know anything upon hiring except walk and breathe at the same time. I know because I used to work for one of the said companies, leave any installations above $200 to contractors.

Also, all management and corporate employees are corrupt pieces of trash, and proven to be uneducated and unmotivated. Especially with Lowe's.
Posted by anthony2009 on 2009-09-04:
Okay, first of all, it's not Lowe's fault that you live 70 miles away from the store.

Secondly, if you would have returned to the store after finding that the ac didn't work, they probably would have replaced it for you AND given you a discount (as long as you had your receipt.)

You probably could have gotten someone to plug it in and made sure that it worked before you left the store. :/
Posted by Lowes A-hole on 2012-06-27:
This is a rough job,they cut payroll so much that you are asked to handle so many Depts. at once.You are worked hard and abused by the public for so little money.Many of the comments I read had to do with the lack of customer liability,and I must agree.I am so shocked how ignorant and immoral the public is.I will not go into details because there have been so many cases but I can see why the country is in such a decline.
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Whirlpool Has Poor Customer Service
Posted by Carriehieb on 04/22/2014
MICHIGAN -- Back in December I ordered a new filter for our refrigerator...today I realized we never received it. So after calling Whirlpool and speaking with customer service and a manager I was informed that there "is nothing we can do about it." Apparently after 5 months there is no way to check the tracking of the order, and since their record says they sent it, they are unable to do anything to fix the problem. Really? I have a hard time understanding why they can't just send me a new filter, it probably costs them all of $5!
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Whirlpool Products Are Garbage.
Posted by Tsvpboat on 03/18/2014
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a Whirlpool range in 2011. The day it was installed it did not work. They sent a repair tech to fix it. One year later, the same problem happened. They tried telling us it was actually a different part that went bad. Not true and it cost us $200 to fix it.

One year later, the same problem happens again. We again contact Whirlpool. Their answer was to sell us a $279 extended warranty plan. Great. The oven will stop working again as soon as the extended warranty expires then they will sell us another one. The extended warranty is more than the repair. This oven is a joke. Whirlpool is a joke. Do not buy Whirlpool products. They do not stand behind their products.
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