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Whirlpool Customer Experience More Like Nightmare Vortex
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I own a HEPA air purifier made by Whirlpool, the "whispure" larger model. It requires a HEPA filter each year that costs $100. I ordered it through Whirlpool this spring. Little did I know. First of all I live in a large city. They shipped me a HEPA filter (made of a papery material) via FedEx "no signature required". FedEx left a note on the front door of my building saying they put it near the "side door". I live in an apartment building in a large city. Needless to say I never got the item. There is no way to specify shipping with signature required when ordering online from them.

When I called to address the absence of my $100 filter, I was put through an amazingly bad customer experience. The first customer service person was nice, then hung up on me, after telling me I'd be transferred. The second person told me they "could not track orders placed over the internet" and had no department that could do so. They also told me there was no way for them to ship me a replacement with "signature required" because they shipped everything "no signature required" always.

I called Whirlpool a third time and was told the item had not been shipped yet and was due to ship the following Monday via UPS. They suggested I wait and see if it came again. FedEx had shipped the package to me from Whirlpool, but no one knew where it was. The fourth time I called, customer service told me they could probably send a free replacement. They were going to call me back and then did not.

I called a fifth time and was told they had absolutely no record of any order at all, not the first one, nor the replacement but I could order another filter, pay another $100, and then if another order was discovered at a future date, my credit card would be refunded three or four months later. (I'm not kidding.) The sixth person in customer service I spoke with offered to get a manager to help, and that person transferred me to some company other than Whirlpool. There some person said they had nothing to do with Whirlpool orders and asked me why was I calling them.

On my seventh and last call, I demanded a manager. The manager was rude and informed me the loss of the order was my problem to take up with FedEx. At this point I started screaming at them and the end result was they shipped me a replacement filter by next day delivery: No signature required. This one got here and another tenant in the building put it in front of my door.

Lowes Poor Service
By -

LA PALMA, CALIFORNIA -- Purchase 3 years ago Whirlpool washer top of line top loader and Lowes extended warranty. Don't ever be conned by Lowes snake oil policy of "if we can't fix it in 3 visits we will replace it at no charge - no if ands or buts". What it means is they will review the repair but only replace if they want to and only give store credit. Machine will not stop filling and has flooded house at least 7 times, carpet and flooring ruined after 5 repair visits. Lowes comment, "we don't pay for damage even if our repair is faulty."

I have not had a washer since before Christmas and it is a household of 6. Lowes keeps saying they understand but do nothing, they farm out the repair work and get amnesia when you mention their printed plain to read warranty.

Update: called lowes one more time and was told that they still would not replace machine that 5 different repairmen could not figure out how to fix and could they try again. After 5 days off work for worthless repair tries I said "no and do not come back." I was going to buy another washer and not from them, in fact since I am only 1/2 block from their store at my business the washer would be in front of my plant with lemons painted on it and I was seeking other ways to get my money refunded. The next day they called and offered to refund my purchase price, I accepted and want to get this bad taste out of my mouth and move on.

Don't be fooled, they are a good store unless you expect them to honor their written word. Today I am going to purchase a new washer from another company and hope they are better than Lowes. They could not be much worse.

Complaints on Whirlpool Part - Wait
By -

Part W10244191 has been on backorder for since Aug 2010 and still Dec. 10 on backorder. Over 2,000++ parts. I actually received W10244191 to find out that the part does not fit correctly to replace the old circuit board PN 8302319 (old part#). The connector is smaller in old one and bigger on new one so the touch pad does not match up and give error messages still. WORTHLESS COMPANY. I have a $3,000 oven that 100% has not worked for over 2 1/2 months. Ready for a new oven BUT feel Whirlpool should replace/discount oven since this part is still in manufacturing the part correctly, SHOULD BE A RECALL. This is not acceptable!!!

Whirlpool Double Oven Control Board Part Unavailable
By -

My husband and I are extremely frustrated that a key replacement part for our Whirlpool oven (the control board) is on back order with NO ETA. We were unable to use our oven for Thanksgiving and will probably not be able to use it for the remainder of the holiday season. We've contacted Whirlpool on two occasions - on the first, they told us the part would be available Dec. 10th, on the second, they said that field was now blank in their database and they had no idea when they would have it.

They did not offer to rectify the situation in any way and don't seem to understand that while there are many, many customers waiting for THEIR broken part, all those customers cannot bake in their homes. I am completely dissatisfied with the customer service we received when calling their support line.

I'm not sure if they're trying to get me to spend $2,000 on a new double oven or what - but I feel that they have been completely unprofessional in how they're handling this backorder situation. The last shipment they sent out was in early Oct - so for two months they have not made any of these parts available and the wait list of customers just continues to grow and grow. I will not be buying from Whirlpool again.

Whirlpool Poor Service
By -

CROYDON SURREY, COLORADO -- We purchased a top of the range Whirlpool washing machine on the recommendation of our local shop. It was fine for 9 months then it went completely dead. They came to it and said they would have to order parts for it and would return in a week which they did. It worked fine for 1 day and has now stopped working again.

They are due to come out to it on Tuesday 3-05-10 and will almost certainly say they don't have the part in stock and will be back in another week. This will mean that the machine will have worked for 1 day in 4 weeks due to their problem of not stocking parts, this is not customer service but a way of saving money while inconveniencing customer to the max!

I call customer service who should change their name to lack of customer service and spoke to a ** there who was a fully qualified back room lawyer who would not help in anyway when I said the goods are not of merchantable quality. She said, "We don't have a contract with you!" Be warned, this company does not give a ** about customer service and I hope this note deters you from buying any product from Whirlpool. You have been warned. Whirlpool sucks.

Whirlpool Gold Double Oven Control Board
By -

Third control panel. Part # 8302967. Cost me $1200 total. See this for all of the others. Class Action Lawsuit... Emge & Associates is investigating gas and electric ovens manufactured by Whirlpool, including such popular brands as Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid and Maytag.

The firm is investigating reports that the electronic control panel on certain models is subject to failure after a limited number of uses of the appliances' "€œself-cleaning" setting. While most foods are cooked at temperatures reaching 375 degrees, the "€œself-cleaning" setting raises the interior oven temperature to 1,400 degrees. Due to defects in the design and or manufacturing, the electronics contained on many ranges are damaged by extremely high heat.

Repairs to damaged control panels typically cost in excess of $300 per replacement. If you have experienced failure of the control panel in your range after using the "€œself-cleaning€" setting, you can join this investigation by contacting Emge & Associates at (800) 629-3409 or (619) 618-2974.

Double Wall Oven Horrible; Self Clean Destroys Computer; Whirlpool Breach of Warranty
By -

I own Whirlpool Double Wall Oven Model GBD307PDQ. This oven is horrible and Whirlpool customer care is arrogant and condescending. On three occasions (post warranty) the oven has shorted out in self clean mode and fried the thermal fuse and twice fried the entire microcomputer. On two of those instances, the self clean cycle came on automatically.

Upon research, I am apparently not the only customer who has had this exact problem with my $2000 double ovens. Other consumers with the exact model and related RBD models have had this same problem with self clean. Repair costs are now near $1000 when you add up all three service calls over the years.

The frustrating part is that Whirlpool is not a trustworthy and reliable company. They refuse to formally recognize this problem in spite of the thousands of consumers who have had this exact problem. Frankly this is a known defective product. They know of its flaws and quality issues. I am interested in joining or helping to begin a class action lawsuit for breach of warranty. Be sure to read reported problems with this model at Also send email to ** if you are interested in fighting this big corporation.

Does Whirlpool really stand behind their Products
By -

I have owned the RBD305PDB10 Whirlpool oven for almost nine years. The electronic control panel (part no 8302967) failed about three months ago. Since that time, I have been seeking to obtain a replacement control panel from Whirlpool. For various reasons unknown, the part has been on back order with a current expected availability date of 01/10/2010 but no guarantee from Whirlpool. I have learned several important lessons from Whirlpool in this process. I should have been satisfied. After all, my oven lasted almost nine years which is good for that product.

Whirlpool has no control over their suppliers and should not be expected to maintain inventory of all their parts for older products. This particular control panel (8302967) supports at least 30 models of Whirlpool, Kitchen aid, Roper and Kenmore products. Whirlpool will offer you a customer loyalty discount of 15% to 20% to purchase a replacement oven, cost about $1,200. The cost of replacing control panel averages around $350. This level of support from Whirlpool certainly encourages me to suggest that you look elsewhere before purchasing your next appliance.

Poorly Made Merchandise
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- On March 30, 2008 my husband and I purchased an Admiral electric dryer in Plano, Texas. We picked up the appliance on April 3, 2008 and transported it approximately 188 miles to a home we have bought in Seminole, OK. After much effort my husband had our brand new appliance connected and running. PROBLEM. The heating element never even got warm. We then had to disconnect this dryer and buy a new one. Then reload the dryer and return it to the Home Depot we had bought it from in Plano,Texas when we returned on April 6th.

The time and effort it cost us was uncalled for. When I purchase a new item and pay cash for it I expect it to run. My husband and I are senior citizens and this is a burden on us. Over the years I have purchased several Admiral items, but can assure you I will never fork over a dime of our hard-earned money to a company that is putting such poor quality merchandise on the market. Perhaps Admiral needs to check its quality control area and find out what your problem is. Signed ONE VERRRY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

Whirlpool Will Not Honor Its Warranty on Its Air Purifier
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Rating: 1/51

OAKLAND -- I got a letter from Whirlpool warranty service with False information. It stated that I have "the right to schedule no-cost in-home repairs, thanks to your warranty" and urged me to extend the original warranty. I say "No thanks" to your bogus warranty, Whirlpool! Even your original warranty doesn't deliver on its promised coverage.

The display on my Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier no longer worked properly so I called their warranty office because my unit was less than a year old and still under the original "warranty." Here's what happened: I would speak to someone in the coverage department then I would (supposedly) be transferred to another dept that would assist me. Instead, I would go through the SAME voice mail options I started with and end up where I started. I went through this countless times.

After I persisted and even read the terms of their own warranty back to them, I was told that I would need to send in my heavy unit for repairs at my own expense (after I received their repair form in 7-10 days). The point of all this is to alert folks to the Whirlpool warranty scam of promising repairs on a faulty product and then not delivering on it.

They count on people giving up in frustration if they ever do call for the repair service that is stated as covered in their warranty. Every person you speak with asks for your serial and model number and customer info before they send you off to voice mail options again. Don't they enter this information in their database? I'm calling the Better Business Bureau. Whirlpool warranty DOES NOT honor the terms of their own written agreement.

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