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Rating: 4/51
ALL, MISSOURI -- Don't be the last to offer my suggestion like White Castle was on free refills of drinks! Please offer customer choice of french fries or onion rings on any order chosen for the same price. This would not only increase the variety of selections but the number of customers and return visits. Thanks!
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Rating: 1/51
ADDISON, ILLINOIS -- Very sick girl was handling my food while she was sneezing and blowing her nose. That is cross contamination. Not once did she wash her hands!
SLIDERS...OMG, You're kidding me! Don't use that term!
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INDIANA -- Dear White Castle Corporate;
I love all your products and have since I was a child. I'm now 58 and still look forward to stopping in. But, I noticed in your advertising that you folks are mislead by some slang you should not be promoting. In the 60's & 70's & 80's we referred to buying and eating White Castles as Sliders. But this was not a complimentray good term, it was our ridicule slang talk that I still hear as a joke against White Castle to this day. White Castle "SLIDERS" meant after eating some they would give us diarrhea. Sliders referred to only White Castle Products and stood for
"5 slide in and 5 slide out"! It was also spoofed from the 1970's movie...Slaughter House 5. We would joke about buying the Slider House 5. To this day everyone laughs when you say we're going to buy some sliders...they know the end results as mentioned above. Besides SLIDER sounds greasy anyway and your food is not and delicious. Just wish you would get away from that slider campaigne and think of something else...how about White Castle "Stuffers"...I'll buy that! Thanks for listening.
Great Response When They Didn't Have To
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I wrote to White Castle, telling them I worked for the chain in 1965, and asked if it might be possible to obtain a copy of the booklet given to new hires. I explained I lived in Washington state now, and stopped in St. Louis every time I went back East. I received two copies of the booklet now given to new hires, plus two coupons for White Castle products, along with a very nice letter over the signature of One of the family of the founders. The company is still a closely held corporation and only the family members hold stock.

They did not have to communicate with me, as St. Louis is the farthest West White Castle operates.

Thank you, Ms. Ingram.
Advertising Myths Used By White Castle
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- The current White Castle discount ad says 6 burgers for under $4...? Special savings usually intrigue me, so I stiooed in to take advantage of their new promo...hhhmmm...the single slider sells for 61 cents...My order with a small fry and small coke was still over $6.85 inc local tax...I just don't get the math on very many of White Castles promos...the only good one they have used in the last year was the double cheeseburger for 88 cents...( I asked the WC employee what was my savings on this special offer? She said because I got small frys and coke that I would not see the savings?) I guess there current promo people are using the new math which does not save there customers a single penny!! What a poor waste of advertising dollars...I do not plan to revisit White Castle for many months due to their "tasteless promos"...!!


I am new to enjoying the additional reviews...:) I need to add for the benefit of our younger generations, that I remember when the "slider" was 8 cents each. I hope that also addresses my reference to the "New Math"...:) I still try to practise that an Open Mind leads to ongoing improvement...and less stress:) Oh and for our Washington reader...I guess "applied thinking" and REAL perception are out of your reach too!! I do agree though that the Castle employees in Indy are Super:)
White Castle Accuracy (lack of)
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METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY -- The lack of accuracy at this restaurant astounds me. If you use the drive through, you specify something, it clearly lists it there, as well as prints out on the receipt, and you're lucky if it's carried through correctly. I'm what they call "a craver", I love sliders, but trying to get what you want sometimes is a bit of a challenge. The location I speak of is on Lafayette Ave. in Metuchen (Menlo Park), New Jersey. Sometimes I actually try to avoid making too many special changes to the order, just so it goes smoothly, and that's just not right. Now mind you, I'm not even going during a peak hour, I'm going during early hours when there's either just one car, or none before me. I've complained so many times via their website my fingers are sore, spoken directly to regional managers, etc., and it never changes the results of anything.

Still, I keep going back there, they know they got me; I'm just a glutton for punishment, but I love those sliders!!
Tasty Hamburgers
Posted on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- So today I went to the store ,to get a few things. And in the frozen food section I saw a box of White Castle frozen food hamburgers. I decided to get them, I knew about them from seeing Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. A comedy they looked so good in that movie, so I decided to get them to see what the hype is all about. We don’t have any of the restaurants in AZ. So I heat them up in the microwave for a minute. They came out nice .

They tasted decent they come in a little bun with a patty cheese and some onions on top. there are six in a box two of which are each individually wrapped. I liked them so much I will probably get them again.
Awful Service
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- On Thursday, February 21, I visited a White Castle location in Clifton, New Jersey, and I had to wait 16 minutes at a drive-through even though there was only 1 car ahead of me. The credit card machine was not working properly, and after the store clerk attempted to swipe the customer's card many times, I waited endlessly. When I got to the front of the line, the clerk forgot my order, asked me what it was again, gave me a receipt with the correct order on it, but put ketchup on my burger even though it said no ketchup. Thinking that there was no ketchup, I ate it and got sick, as I am allergic.

When I brought this to the attention of the 800 number on my receipt, I was told that I would be contacted by telephone. Four days later, no call, no refund, and no service.

Thanks for nothing...
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