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Poor customer service
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ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- I am writing you to make you aware of a very unpleasant experience I had at the Whitehall Jewellers in Orland Square Mall in Orland Park IL. My husband and I were shopping for an anniversary ring, which is how we came to visit that Whitehall location.
On June 9, 2002 my husband and I walked into the Orland Square location and began looking at the display of anniversary rings. We were greeted by Denise Martin and began to look at rings. Denise showed us several rings as we explained the price range and style of ring we were thinking of. I settled on a 5 stone anniversary ring. We opted for the layaway of that ring and a 2yr service plan. We followed Denise to the register and began to complete the transaction. I told her that I would leave a deposit of $100.00. She asked me to fill out a form/card like piece of paper where I completed my name, address and phone number. I gave her my Visa check card and drivers license to make the payment. She gave me my receipt and I wrapped it in her card and placed it in my husband's wallet. Even though we put a deposit on that ring, we continued to shop around at other jewelers.

On June 27th, 2002 (Our 10th anniversary) we returned to Whitehall to cancel the layaway, but had not fully decided against making a purchase there later. My husband pulled the receipt from his wallet and we handed it to the associate. She took the receipt and commented, "I can't read this". Their receipts are printed on a carbon like paper that gets dark where it's folded. She takes the receipt and asks "Dana Burns"? (I may have the first name incorrect as I do not have the original receipt to refer to). I said "no, Beverly Armstead". She says, "The name on the receipt says Dana Burns. Is that you?" I looked at the name on the receipt for the first time and was surprised to see that name on it. The sales associate went to get Denise whom I recognized immediately as the person who did my layaway. She says, "The name on the layaway is Dana Burns, that's not you?" I again stated that I was not that person and I had no idea who that person was. By now, I have the original associate, Denise and a third associate looking at me very suspiciously. I tried to remind Denise of the circumstances surrounding my visit only weeks earlier. She said, "Yes, I remember you, but how did I get this name?" I suggested that may be she got me mixed up with someone else, but she insisted that it was not possible. She even went as far to say that she has worked for the company for years and has never made that kind of mistake. I asked to see the receipt but she seemed reluctant to give it back to me so I gave her my credit card and asked her to see if my card number matched the one on the receipt. It did! For some reason that did not seem to convince them. I reminded her that she had me feel out a card the day I made the deposit, but she said that she never asks people to fill out cards on a layaway. By now, I'm starting to feel embarrassed and humiliated and almost left the store, when my husband said "No, get your money back and I know for sure now that we are not buying anything from them today or ever!" While they all searched the computer and the layaway files (and spoke in hushed tones) I turned my back to them to see if other customers were looking at me. When I noticed that customers had heard and were looking, I was practically in tears. I was completely mortified and could not believe what was happening. I'm not sure if my confusion came across as guilt, but I'm sure I looked totally clueless. Finally, Denise says to the other woman, "It's her credit card and she has the receipt, I guess I have to give her the credit". That was the final insult! How could anyone think I would be so stupid to try to get a credit card refund on a purchase I didn't make. I signed the credit form and my husband checked it to see if it really said credit. We thought that it probably wasn't a real credit because it was obvious that they thought we were doing something fraudulent.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/03/2002:
I don't understand, why would you get your deposit back anyway? The idea of a deposit is to hold merchandise till you receive it and complete paying for it. They take it off the market to any prospects they may have had that also would have bought it. That's why they keep a deposit if one backs out. You supposed to do your price shopping before you buy. To me, the receipt is irrelevant.
Anonymous on 07/03/2002:
Get a grip. No one else in the store couldn't care less about what was going on. You are lucky they gave you a refund. Are you going to try to get compensation for the stress this caused you too?
Anonymous on 09/10/2002:
Look at it this way, they probably have people trying to scam them all the time. It's a security measure-why should you seem any different from the next con artist?
bev_arm on 03/07/2007:
I came across this letter that I wrote almost 5 years ago. I never thought to go back and look at the comments that were posted. To each of the people who posted your insensitive comments, I can't wait until you sit down at a fancy restaurant while on vacation, eat your meal and pull out your credit card only to learn that your transaction has been denied. Some strange glitch in the system renders all of your cards inactive. Now, you get over it, don't be embarrassed and don't worry about the people looking and laughing at your dumb deadbeat ass as your try to prove that you really are an upstanding person!
MOMOMO on 04/15/2007:
These anonymous comments are either from Whitehall Jeweler employees or other jewelers - in my opinion. Obvious insensitivity to the situation in my book. Don't wish them harm for their foolish comments though. You get your deposit back because it is within the return policy period. Returning a layaway item is no different from buying it and taking it home and then returning it. The tactics of the sale person was obvious to me to be a tactic to get them to give up trying to return the item. There should never be a reason why they cannot return the item to the credit card that the purchase was made on.
marinewifey on 10/01/2007:
OK first of all... my fiance and I had an awesome experience when we bought my engagement ring from Whitehall. You had a bad experience with the employees not the company itself. And you should get your deposit back at all.. that's what a deposit is for. I've worked in retail for over 5 years now (since I was 15) and that crap happens all the time. Of course the woman isn't going to take the blame. And I'm sure that no one was really making fun of you they were probably like wtf is wrong with the people who work here. and then your comment about someone's credit card not working at a restaurant... that was very dramatic and elementary. believe me I don't work for Whitehall, and never would. They have been amazing to me and VERY helpful. I have an amazing unique ring that I love. That sucks what happened to you but seriously it wasn't that bad. Worse things could have happened. Like they could have actually stolen your credit card number! So get over it!
monchu on 02/25/2008:
I am writing a comment on WhiteHall Jeweler--the branch in Cambridge, MA. My fiance brought me to the Cambridge Galleria Mall to buy an egagement ring in December 2007. We went to Kay Jeweler first. But they didn't have the style we liked. So we turned to Whitehall. Out of expectation, we found the ring that we liked. After we paid, they told us that the ring couldn't be resized. And they had to make the ring in a smaller size in the factory. The manager promised that we would get the ring in mid of Jan 2008. We were very disappointed, but we agreed to wait until Jan anyway. By mid Jan, we heard nothing from the shop. We called a number of times and finally got the answer from the shop manager that the ring would not be ready until mid Feb!!! The shop manager was rude and not professional. He said that if I didn't like the arrangement I could stop the order. Can you believe that??? My fiance and I had been expecting to get the ring before we announced our big plan to our families. But our plan was all screwed up. Anyway, we waited again until Feb 2008. And...we heard NOTHING from the shop. We called the shop again after a number of times and my finace was finally able to get the ring on Feb 20, 2008. Since I was extremely upset over this incident and the rude response from the shop manager, they gave us a $200 discount on our purchase. But I have to say that the experience was so bad that whatever discount would not make me feel anything better. The bad experience had not ended yet! My finace got the ring and the engraver wasn't in the shop. So, we went back a few days later to have the engravement done. I am not sure if they purposely did that to us or not. The engraving letters' sizes were irregular and the letters of date were almost overlapping each other regarless that there was room in the ring. The engravement was TOTALLY unprofessional. Everyone could do a better job than what they did in my ring. I would try to do my best to warn everyone to be careful if they want to purchase anything in this shop--Whitehall Jeweler in Cambridge, MA.
k80 on 05/14/2008:
Doesn't matter that mistakes are made all the time -- you can still be a professional. I think that it must be a company wide thing. People who work in the service industry and do not understand what SERVICE means never seem to perform well. I went in to get an engagement ring from Whitehall -- not only did the ring come back several days late from resizing (and this matters because I was about to move and they insisted that they could not forward the ring to another store), but the staff from the manager down just seemed completely inept at being professionals. They only seemed to care when things started looking bad for them. I will never ever purchase another ring from Whitehall. The very least they could've done was call and say, "Hey, the ring's not here, but it's on it way" instead of running me in circles on the phone and being inattentive face to face.
HarrySimmons on 10/09/2010:
All is well that ends well. I guess you are very conscious of how others perceive you and that seems to be the main problem here. I can't tell from your (obviously biased) report, because the fault lies in both the parties. You didn't check your receipt when you got it and Denise made a mistake. Whatever the case, you got your money back, right? No harm no foul! Cheers.
Stop bad-mouthing a business because of a small bad experience!
Lauren on 02/07/2012:
Well, Whitehall obviously went out of business for a reason. My husband bought both my wedding ring set there, as well as a right-hand diamond and ruby ring for our first wedding anniversary. Not even five years later, a diamond has fallen out of the band TWICE, another diamond fell out of the engagement ring, and just tonight a ruby fell out of my anniversary ring. Shoddy company sells shoddy jewelry....just sucks there's absolutely no one to complain to anymore or receive compensation from. We're going to end up spending over $500 just in repairs (at a different jewelry store of course) and if that's only in five years, who KNOWS what else will happen for the next however many decades we're married. Sucks.
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