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HORRIBLE furniture delivery... if you get it at all!
By -

ROSEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- In January 2006, after spending a number of weeks looking through other furniture stores, I found exactly what I wanted at Wickes. I ordered an entertainment center, coffee table and four Parson's chairs totaling over $1,500. Delivery was set up for three weeks later, on January 25, 2006. I received a call two days before the scheduled delivery date scheduling a time. I was informed that the chairs had not yet arrived from the manufacturer so I would only be getting the entertainment center with this delivery. A new delivery date for the coffee table and Parson's chairs was set for February 3, 2006.

On February 1, 2006, I received a call canceling the February 3rd delivery since the chairs still had not arrived from the manufacturer. A new delivery date was scheduled for February 23, 2006. I was called on February 21, 2006, and a delivery time was set up. I changed my work schedule to accommodate this delivery and proceeded to wait the entire day. Hours after the delivery had not arrived, I called Wickes customer service. After being transferred a number of times, I was told there was no delivery scheduled for my address and that they still did not have the chairs in stock. Another delivery date was made for March 7, 2006.

I once again received a phone call setting up a delivery time two days before the March 7th delivery date. I made arrangements to be home, but when the delivery arrived, the wrong furniture was brought into my house. When I questioned this I was told that they had a new computer system that was “goofing everything up”, that they didn't have the furniture I ordered on the truck and I should call my salesperson to straighten it out.

After making some calls, I was put through to someone in the business office. She also blamed the problems on “this new computer system we have”. She then told me that the chairs I ordered still had not arrived from the manufacturer but that they should be in on March 16, 2006. She scheduled my delivery for that day, told me she would reimburse me for the $100 delivery fee (which would arrive in check form) and promised that my delivery would arrive on March 16th.

This time I didn't receive a call setting up a delivery time so on March 15th I called to check on my order. I was told me that yes, indeed, I was scheduled for a delivery on March 16 and it would arrive between 7:30-12:00. I took time off from work and proceeded to wait for my delivery that day. After not receiving my order by 4:00, I called to inquire about its whereabouts. I spoke to someone who informed me that there wasn't a scheduled delivery for my furniture. Again, the computer system was blamed for the mix-up.

After three months, arranging five separate delivery dates and missing many hours of work to accommodate this delivery, I decided to cancel my order. I was told that because of “computer problems” my credit card could not be credited and I would receive a check in the mail for the balance. I asked about the $100 check I was still waiting for regarding the delivery charge reimbursement and was told that it should be arriving “shortly” (I had already been waiting three weeks at this point!).

On March 20, 2006, I ordered similar items from Hom Furniture. It arrived two days later on March 22, 2006. At this time, I still have not received my money back for the furniture or the delivery fee and have been paying interest on my credit card for over three months for furniture I never received and have since canceled. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with Wickes Furniture. I don't think I am asking anything out of the ordinary, just for my furniture to arrive when they said it would be arrive. Now, I have to fight to receive a refund for furniture which was never delivered. At no point was an apology ever stated.

You can't even PAY for good service anymore.
By -

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- AAAAGH! We bought a 6-piece bedroom set for about $1900 almost two weeks ago and paid [an exhorbitant] $170 for shipping, to be delivered today. We planned our lives around the delivery; they don't deliver on Sundays and we work all week, so Saturday is our only option. This was our only Saturday for weeks where we could commit to being home during the day. We were promised a four-hour window.

On Thursday (two days ago) a curt woman called (twice, for some unknown reason) and barked that our window was 11-3. We moved everything out of our bedroom to make it as easy as possible to get everything in (no easy task given that I'm six-months pregnant). My husband had to work today, so I resigned myself to sitting home waiting for the truck. We made plans for later this evening.

I get a call at noon (an hour into our window) to tell us that the driver "had problems" and that our new window was 3-6. (An inquiry proved that the problem was that he was "held up" at other locations--i.e., poor scheduling of deliveries.) I said that this was not okay, that we'd been promised a delivery of 11-3, and that we wouldn't be home at 6. He said they'd reschedule, but that was not an option either as that would mean waiting at least another month (with the house in disarray) in the HOPES that they actually meet their delivery responsibilities.

What ensued was a mass of calls to the store, to customer service, to customer service again... all with no effort made to do anything to rectify the situation, nor any offer of anything to compensate (i.e., free delivery). My options were to cancel the rest of my life and wait for them to show up (maybe) or reschedule for several weeks down the road.

The attitude I got from customer service was that, well, the four hour window was a "courtesy window," but that I was responsible for being home all day. Okay, um, fine, but where's the courtesy? And what exactly does "all day" mean? I was told they would make every effort to get there as close to 3 as possible (yeah, right) and that they'd call to check in around 1:30. They never called.

I called at 3 and got the runaround again, and was told, "Oh, your delivery window is 4-6." What happened to "as close to 3 as possible"? (Actually, when I'd been told that, I'd told the rep, "C'mon, you and I both know they will never be here at 3." She refused to comment.) Anyway, I repeated the whole mess all over again. Asked for a supervisor (by the name of **) to call me since she was too busy to take my call at the time. It's now five minutes until customer service closes and have I heard from Ms. **? No.

We finally decided enough already and planned to cancel the order, but was told that they couldn't cancel until the merchandise was back at their warehouse. I also saw fine print that said we'd be responsible for a 20% restocking fee if we cancelled fewer than five days before the delivery date.

Oh, and the girl at the store (this was probably my fifth or sixth call to Wickes/Wickes customer service... I've lost count) told me that yeah, they'd had a lot of problems with the company they contracted out for delivery, but she wasn't sure if/what the company had done to fix the problem. Now, I ask you... *rolls eyes*

I will stay here as late as I can, but if this guy doesn't show, I expect the store to fully refund my money tomorrow, no restocking fee. And even if he does show, I expect a refund on the delivery charge. What gets me is that we PAID for this service. Everything went sooo smoothly until they had my signature on the credit card bill, and then it tanked from there. Wickes apparently cares for their customers' fine credit, but not for their customers. The saddest part is that I know this whole mess is far far far from over. Shame on you, Wickes!

Use the sales adds and Warranty certificate to train your puppy!
By -

3240 W. TOUGHY AVE. LINCOLNWOOD, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a complete living room set from Wickes Furniture at 3240 W. Toughy Ave. Lincolnwood, Illinois 60645, on 1-31-06 that totaled $2,911.44. When this furniture was delivered to my home I had noticed and questioned the delivery persons regarding the unstable back of the Laf Lseat item # 17-46686. I was instructed at that time that I should "push it up against a wall" to keep it stable.

As the year went on I noticed that other parts of the furniture were giving away. The rocker recliner # 17-46707 started making squeaking noises as well as the tacks that held the fabric to the chair were falling out. The last straw was in the beginning of March when I noticed while cleaning under the cushions that a piece of the wood (frame) had cracked. I contact customer service and had a scheduled service call. The gentlemen that came out to repair the furniture decided to glue the frame of the couch back together. He stated that it was a manufacturer's defect and that there was a knot in the wood leading to it giving away.

Please keep in mind that the furniture is no more stable now than it was prior to their repairman entering my home. After several calls to customer service (3-22-07, 3-24-07,3-27-07) ** had given me the option of picking out a new set for the set that I have is no longer available for an even exchange.

I went into Wickes Furniture on Friday, 3-30-07 to pick out my furniture. I was instructed at that time that I am not getting the full amount that I paid for the furniture. A Sales Rep by the name of ** called customer service to find out exactly what I was entitled to. After going back and forth with customer service at least 5 times, the amount went from $1,120.00 to a little over $1,600.00 to almost $2,001.00 then back down to a final total of $1,857.68.

I know exactly what I paid for my furniture. My living room couches cost me a little over $1,200.00, my end table and coffee table package was a total of $375, if that (which I am keeping and do not expect that monies credited) and my rocker was $599.99. Dealing with customer service and their listed "going rate" of the items right now varies greatly from what I paid for the table set a year and 2 months ago. It really doesn't help when their store reps sit there and giggle and carry on over the phone with the customer service reps regarding your account while WE, the customer stands there for nearly 2 hours waiting to find out what they are entitled to.

I am NOT completely happy with this total they are giving me to pick out furniture but at this point I'm extremely frustrated and in dire need of furniture that is safe enough for my family to sit on. I decide to go into Wickes on 3-31-07 and pick out a new set.

I spent well over an hour and half looking at the furniture before picking out something suitable. I get to the counter and was informed that I have to now pay taxes on this furniture although I am out $1,053.76 from their company on my first purchase. I'm told that I'm getting my fabric protector cost refunded and delivery cost waived but that doesn't total over a grand. Even after adding in that 3 year extended warranty (which I know is non-refundable) we are still not near a grand.

So in essence they are telling me that the $1,053.76 price difference from what they are giving me as an exchange from what I originally paid is rental fees for a year and 2 months of furniture from their company that was defective from the time you delivered it to my home. To add insult to injury they are now insisting that I pay over $300.00 in taxes for you to deliver another set of furniture that could possibly end up to be as equally defective.

The furniture they sold me and delivered to my home was of bad quality from the moment it left THEIR warehouse and found its way through my doors via THEIR delivery persons. This being stated by THEIR repairman. All I want is an equal monetary exchange of furniture. I am currently stuck with furniture that my children and company can't even sit on. I have a rocker that is falling apart and I have gone from a living room set that can seat 7 to half of a couch and a majority of my family sitting on the floor. This is not what I would expect for the price I paid for furnishings from a well-known furniture company.

Buyer beware; the warranty isn't worth the paper it's printed on. The only people in the store that know anything are the sales reps for they know how to smooth talk you into purchasing this extended 3 year warranty and suck an additional $300 plus out of you. This warranty ONLY ensures that they will give you nothing but a hard time when it comes time to use it. Keep in mind, you can purchase an awful lot of wood glue, nails and screws for the price they charge you for the warranty...

Not Worth The Trouble
By -

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA -- On 3/07 we ordered a 5pc living room set and it was set to arrive 5/19/07. Not only did we wait all day (finally they arrived at 5:10 only after manny calls.) The wood on the couch was not completely stained it was scratched. They brought round table tops (instead of the square table tops). The chair we ordered was on backorder. We were told they spoke to a Mrs.** (that's me) which they did not unless they spoke to the cat.

The dowels did not come with the large table. The delivery man stated, "Well it is because the glass on the table is so heavy it won't slide off.." Well we all know one of the reasons for the dowels is to separate the glass top from the wood... The couch went back. I had large cocktail table with no dowels the base of a small cocktail table no glass top and no dowels.

I called the folks where I originally purchased the furniture from and they were very understanding and promised to contact someone that knew someone that had a direct line to the powers that be and would call me before noon the following day.. Well guess what no one called. I called at 1:30 pm to follow up the person that was to call me back had not showed up to work and the two staff members were not even aware she was not there...

Someone finally e-mailed my issues to the powers that be and got a call that Monday. They were to bring the furniture in that Weds. Well I had made it clear Mondays were the only day during the week they could come. Well we were told unless I wanted to wait until my chair came in 6/30/07 it would be delivered on a that Weds. or the weekend.. I asked for that Sat. They assured me it would arrive before 1:00 pm.

They arrived at 1:40 pm.. They brought in a new couch it a small ding in it they colored it. They brought the table tops NO DOWELS.. They told me to call customer service again in order for them to deliver them NOT MAIL BUT DELIVER THEM... I noticed a scratch on one of the tables. I am so disgusted with all of this that I don't know what to do.. My husband's telling me to send it all back and close the acct. but really like the style of the couch.. We have bought furniture in the past from Wickes and had no issues but after all this I WILL NEVER darken their doorway again..


The worst service ever
By -

ILLINOIS -- It is hard to believe that in this day and age of customer service, companies, like WICKES FURNITURE, can still get away with BAD service, and bad quality furniture. First of all, this is the only furniture company that does not take returns, all others just apply a re-stocking fee. The second problem is the QUALITY of the furniture, it falls apart!!!

The worst part is, to get a replacement is close to impossible!! The customer service office is staffed with rude and incapable people, and upper management (in particular a Mr. ** who refused to come to the phone) does not seem to be interested in rectifying customer issues. This is the first time I have actually felt the need to write up a complaint against a company. I think potential customers should be warned!!!

Good Service
By -

MINNESOTA -- I bought a sofa and a recliner chair from them a week ago and was very impressed with how the whole transaction went and was very impressed with the delivery men who brought our sofa and chair in. They had no problems and were fast and efficient. Good Job!!

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