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Wildwood Place Apartments - Fort Wayne Indiana Consumer Reviews

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Don't Let Your Love Ones Live at Wildwood Place in Fort Wayne.
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FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- Please note I will not ever rent an apartment from this facility as they do not treat their long term guests with any respect. I WILL NOW EXPLAIN WHAT I OBSERVED WHEN I WENT TO RENT AN APARTMENT FROM THEM. I went to the apartment office to inquire about possibly renting a unit from them, a 90 year old man was trying to get help with his apartment that had burst pipes.

I witnessed the manager telling him and his caregiver that they could not help him other than to let him stay in an apartment that had no hot water. The caregiver asked if they could put him up in a hotel for the night as the apartment that they had him stay in the past night did not have any hot water.

The manager stated she could not call anyone to authorize this expense. They did say they could give the one armed 90 year old a new apartment but could not move the man's items. The caregiver asked when he (the 90 year old) would be able to move into the apartment and the manager stated that the cleaning crew would be there to clean it tomorrow. The caregiver had asked does that mean he can move in tomorrow and the manager would not commit to the date.

I know that these are businesses but the impression I received was the 90-year old had been living with the burst pipes since the ice storm back in January 2009. It is now Feb 16, 2009. It appeared that the only reason they had offered to move him was the caregiver had come to check on the man and found him living in deplorable conditions.

There was still water on the floor and no running water for the man to use. One other note to know is the caregiver was not in any way required to take care of this man as he was just an acquaintance of the man's mother. So he is just a friend to the old man who was trying to ensure this man had a decent place to live. I listened to the manager for 15 min. telling the man he had no right to help out this man. I was under the impression she was not happy that he was taking care of the 90 year old man.

I could not help this man as I did not know him. However I feel strongly enough to let everyone I can of this man's plight and hope that the business reads this review and changes their policies to help the elderly more than going to their apartment to pick up the rent check each month.

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Wildwood Place Apartments - Fort Wayne Indiana
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