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It Takes A Village...
By -

HAVERFORD, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have leased a Lexus 350 SUV for 3 years. It was a superior vehicle but slightly pricey in its class and so-so gas mileage. It had 2 major problems which were both covered by the warranty in the last year I had it. To be completely honest, I had no interest in leasing the same car again. I was tired of the payment, the gas mileage and the car itself.

When the car had to be towed for the 1st warranty issue at 9:30 P.M. while my son had it, I just showed up at the dealership the next morning to get a loaner and see what was up. My husband had warned me "call ahead or you are going to sit". I figured a luxury dealership could figure out to have a car waiting for me if they found my car had to stay for a while.

And guess what? THEY DID! I walked in unannounced, mid-morning, and first off there are at least 3 gentlemen to greet you and inquire as to your issue. I was directed to service where another gentleman greeted me with a smile, informed me they had the car, a vehicle was ready for me gased and ready to go, could they have my license. Total respect that I had a life and needed to go, how refreshing.

They put me in the new 2010 350 SUV and I was pretty impressed w/ the new changes. Then when my 18-year old son said "Wow this car rides so nice mom", I had to admit I was thinking the same thing. The 2nd time my car had to be towed, my husband and I were out of town. Can you imagine a dealership that took the time to drive my son home, because they don't allow the 18-year old boy to take their loaner, understandable, but also drove a vehicle to my home for me to drive upon my return the next day so that I wouldn't even have to go to the dealership!! NOW THAT'S SERVICE! They also had to wait w/ him because he was locked out.

Take the child by the hand, take the mother by heart. No matter how old they get, they are still your child and you want someone to care about their safety. WL did just that. Thank you **! However, I was not 100% sold on a new one still. There is price and gas issues.

My salesman, **, really had his hands full as we own a BMW, had a Mercedes and a Volvo, and expected WL to have all their "deals" and address my concerns. It probably took me 4-5 months to make up my mind from the time I qualified to turn in my old car. The stellar electronics package did not hurt! ** was attentive w/o driving me crazy - he checked in, gave me space, answered questions, didn't act annoyed that I was wasting his time with my questions. He didn't have attitude.

In 'housewifeland', we are often treated like not so bright 6-year olds. While you get used to it, you still don't appreciate it. To be respected and valued made a huge difference to me. At WL you are always greeted with a smile in the showroom by Cheryl and she knows just whom to call on to help you.

Lastly, my financial closer, ** had his full as he also had to explain to the electronically-challenged how to operate my new vehicle so I could enjoy what I paid for. While the DVD can do 20 things, I can do 4. Very patient and thoughtful man. So you see, the Lexus 350 SUV while stunning, does not sell itself. It takes a village...

Class Act
By -

HAVERFORD, PENNSYLVANIA -- Thank you Wilkie Lexus for taking the time to address my concerns. They took the time and energy to resolve an issue I had after dropping my car for service. The managers are very concerned about individuals that are utilizing their services. I feel as though they really care. Thank you for your help and your time to address my issue.

Avoid This DEALERSHIP at All Cost
By -

HAVERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to this dealer to purchase LS 460. That was a painful experience. The sales staff were the rudest people I'd ever met. Mgr here is a friend of mine, which the only reason I stayed. Returned few weeks later for service and that was a complete NO-NO. The service department & parts staff far surpassed the sales dept. Rude behavior as well as reaching new lows of unprofessionalism. I now go to Wilmington Lexus for service; it's worth the drive. They're night and day.

Do Not Go To Wilkie Lexus
By -

I recently took my car to Wilkie Lexus for service (normal maintenance). The cost was steep but I thought that since the car is a Lexus, the service should be professional. NOT! Plus, calling the service department on the phone will connect you with some of the dumbest and rudest females on the planet (RPIZZI). If your Lexus needs service, go to Wilmington Lexus, or better yet, buy a BMW!

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