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Wilton Bakeware Products
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WOODRIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I recently purchased a non-stick roasting pan and two non-stick broiler pans direct from Wilton. They arrived with scratched finishes on the bottom, but I wasn't going to complain. The first time I used one of the pans there were significant stains on the finish from the drippings. I wrote to Wilton to complain, but they just said it was part of normal use. I have never owned a non-stick pan that stained the way these did.

The third time I used the small broiler pan I was preparing to wash it by wiping out the drippings with a paper towel. Part of the finish came off down to the bare metal. I again wrote to Wilton They asked for pictures which I sent. Their reply was "the stains and discoloration is due to normal use". They didn't bother to address the damage to the finish.

I can't use the broiler pan because of the 1/2 inch exposed metal... It couldn't be safe to use. I chose Wilton because I thought they had a good reputation for bakeware. I actually found they don't really care about the quality of their products. I have cookie sheets and muffin tins which have been fine, but I would not ever recommend any of their products because of their attitude about defective merchandise and their poor customer service.

That ### Cake Leveler
By -

I am taking cake decorating class 1. Once you get through the first class, which is a 2 hour long commercial for their products the course isn't hateful. Not to say I enjoyed it. Getting sticky and frustrated is not for me. I now know how it feels to be the slowest kid in the class (PS. I'm not alone). Restrain yourself from buying all the gizmos, especially the cake leveler.

The class instructor seems to be able to level cakes with the thing, but it crumbles mine so badly that it's really a feat to ice it at all. Oh and it crumbles the chocolate ones the worst. The adjustable measure thing is a waste of money, too. Just use your trusty measuring cup. If I hadn't got that cup thing for $1.99 Canadian, I'd be really mad about buying it.

Wilton's Ruined My Christmas Cake!
By -

First let me say, I am not new to cake making and cake decorating. I took three courses and received my certificate several years ago. My cakes have always turned out very nice, perfect butter-cream and royal icings... flowers and the whole works. I've worked with fondant to make decorations for cakes, but I've never used fondant to cover an entire cake... so, tonight was my first attempt.

I went against my better judgment of making my own fondant and thought I'd try Wilton's Rolled Fondant. I've never been disappointed in any Wilton's products and their products are what I used to learn with and I continue to use. So, if it's quick, and all I have to do is knead it and roll it out... great... I'll give it a try. I made a two-layer square cake. I wanted to use the smooth fondant and make the cake like a Christmas package with the large ribbon and bow on it. I had to make butter-cream icing to smooth over the cake and give the fondant something to stick to. Did that. Then I followed all the instructions for the Wilton's fondant.

It states that their Fondant is lightly flavored, so I didn't bother adding my own flavor to it. I kneaded it, I rolled it and rolled it. But by the time I got it to the perfect size 20" by 20"... it was already drying out and cracking. I pieced it together, rolled to to hide the repairs. Then I carefully placed it over the cake... When I smoothed it over, it started to crumble apart at the corners... more dips of water, more patching... not smooth like it's supposed to be. With my experience of working with butter-cream and royal icings, I know you must keep it all covered with a damp cloth so it doesn't dry or harden... but this Fondant dried as I was rolling it out. It crumbled, it fell apart.

OK. So when I place the ribbon on it, I can still cover the imperfections... NOT! I added a few drops of color to the white fondant, then you have to keep kneading it until the color is distributed evenly without streaks. By the time the color blended, the fondant was crumbling apart. OK. So I scrap that idea and decide to cut little Christmas shapes out with my mini cookie cutters and place them on the cake... too dry, won't stick. I put a little water on the backs of the cut outs and placed it on the cake, but couldn't use any other colors to decorate with because the fondant dried too quickly. As I said, this never happened with my homemade fondant.

I don't know what Wilton does with theirs but I will never use it again. I took a taste of the fondant and it tasted like cardboard. I don't know what flavor they claim that's supposed to be, but had I known (no I didn't taste it before I used it), I would have flavored it myself. The cakes sits on my dining room table but there is NO WAY I am taking it tomorrow for anyone. It has to go into the trash. All that work for nothing. All my good butter-cream icing I placed under it... wasted!

Now, I'll have to find a store open tomorrow and spend about 20 bucks on a fourth of a sheet of a one-layer cake with rubber icing on it! I would NOT recommend this Wilton's Rolled Fondant to anyone who wants to make a nice cake. I should have stuck with my butter-cream icing and made my own decorations for the cake.

By -

Has anybody else had an allergic reaction to butter cream icing? I have itchy palms, and a rash. I can't narrow it down to a particular ingredient, except maybe the Crisco, but people use that for rashes on babies. It turns out I don't hate the course, I hate the feel of the icing.

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