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Windham Resorts
P.O. Box 4090
Aberdeen, SD 57401
877-999-3223 (ph)
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their crooks
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- After buying a timeshare from Windham with the agreement that we could easily sell it at any time, we have been denied, threatened, and abused on a regular basis. After owning the timeshare for around 5 years we decided it was no longer in our interest to own it any longer. The maintenance fee's went up every year and became more of a nuisance than a pleasure to own. So we tried to have it sold on two different occasions for a fee of 600$ each time which guaranteed a sale, and no reply ever heard. We then tried to sell it our self to no avail. We did everything including trying to give it back to Windham, giving them the deed in lieu of foreclosure/ 10000$ owed, which they refused to except. We've had over 90 logged calls and constant harassment and threats from Windham's collection department. If these time shares are so valuable, why won't Windham's take it back? Or why can't I sell it for almost half what its worth? What a racket! Instead of repossessing the timeshare they are threatening to put a lean on our house. They don't want the timeshare, they want the money and the timeshare and a lean on my house too.

The Timeshare Con
By -

My parents bought into a timeshare about ten years ago. They were skeptical and had complaints about some of the procedures of the sale. First they play up the timeshare and claim you will never be sorry and give you just about every verbal guarantee known to man, have you sign a couple forms and blow horns and throw confetti while everyone in their office area claps and tells you what a great deal your getting. Then the literature comes out and they tell you theirs a couple miner things you need to check out. My parents actually did the right thing by not paying cash up front for the timeshare. They paid on it for about ten years while the rules changed and the monthly up keep charge went up on a regular basis. Then they also had the property tax to worry about. So they decide to sell their time share. Nobody wants anything to do with it. Different companies claim that they can sell it and want money up front. None of them seem to be able to hold their end of the bargain. The company, "Windham" calls them every day and wants payment. They have told them several times that legal representation that they have received told them to let it go back. Windham wants nothing to do with taking the timeshare back even though its more than half paid off. This is nothing but a legal con and rip off.

And I'm shore uncle Sam's getting ripped off too. I would like to know who exactly run this scheme? Are they politicians or how do they get away with this crap. You want ripped off? Buy a timeshare.

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