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Window World Not Trustworthy
Posted by Singer59 on 05/21/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had 13 windows replaced in January of this year. A friend had recommended Window World and she said she couldn't even tell they had been to her home. What a different experience I had...don't know if it was just a bad crew or what. First, they told me they would do one window at a time because it was the dead of winter...they took out 5 windows in my dining room all at the same time. When I questioned why, I was told because I had hung a sheet up between the dining room and living room they thought it would be okay. A sheet does not keep the heat in!

My friend told me they were never inside her house...I had all 3 men in my house tracking up my white carpet. They chipped paint from my walls, chipped a wood base board, scratched saloon doors in bathroom, and gouged wall paper. They pitched an outdoor thermometer for a solar clock I had into an empty flower pot where it got rained on and now my temperature gauge doesn't work. They left chunks of mortar in the floor in several rooms. My dining table was covered in cement dust...I had a mess to clean up when they left.

I complained and their supervisor came out and he assured me that they would talk to the crew and make sure the next customer was aware these things might happen...said that is where they failed me. What?? If they had told me that, do you think I would've used them? He promised me a $100 discount for my troubles...I have not seen a penny. Oh, and when they say the person who referred you will get $100, don't' believe them...she hasn't received a cent. I wish I had gone with another company. And do not believe the $189 window...12 windows cost me $3500.
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Do Not Use
Posted by Rich_meehan on 12/08/2012
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Our experience started great and ended in nothing but pure frustration. We had to get the sales manager Stefan involved to resolve our issues if we hadn't sought him out proactively ourselves, I'm not sure we ever would have gotten resolution.

Our windows were installed in mid August but it took until early November to resolve. The windows were incorrect on install which led to a three week wait for corrected windows, only the screens were wrong every time for 4 subsequent tries, including this corrected replacement window attempt.

I had to continually call them during these delays to find out what was going on, their follow up, attention to detail and urgency to resolving our issue left us frustrated and disappointed in our choice for new windows.

We asked, and were promised by the installation manager, Carter, a credit until they completed the work, since after 3 tries they didn't get it right and a " concession" for the issues we experienced. Again, Carter said absolutely, however said he would work on a credit towards future work, as he could do more for us that way rather than to offer us something like 10% off our existing job.

Needless to say, after Stefan got involved, it still took 2 weeks, but we did finally get the right screens. We got absolutely zero in any concession for our issues, which is probably for the best, we won't be using them for any future work and have already steered our neighbors to different options based on our experience.

In short, we wouldn't use them again, not because of the install or the product, but because they simply don't get customer service, it never should have depended on us to drive the resolution and escalate to the owner to get resolution.
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Window World is very exceptional
Posted by Mikeb55 on 03/03/2010
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I researched Window world on the Internet before my purchase. At first I was a little concerned about Window World but once I really researched the company I had an amazing discovery. Window World sold over a million windows in 2009 and in 2008. They had over 45000 customers in 2008. I could only find a total of 15 complaints on the internet and I would bet money that most of those complaints are fabricated by their competitors. I dealt with Window World of Augusta and I called over a hundred customers in their reference book which contained over 2000 names of customers. To my amazement I found that every one I called recommended Window World of Augusta. There were five customers that had experienced problems but each one said the problems were taken care of. I asked every customer that I talked to if they would use them again and they all said yes or most likely! AMAZING!!
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Posted by installer40 on 2010-04-21:
would you still think WW was awesome if i told you they cut their windows when they are mismeasured ? instead of re-ordering them . this is a vinyl window we are talking about. NOT meant to be rough cut on the job. a lot of people will tell you you can take a 1/4 inch of them , well,,yes you can,,because it DOESNT cut into the frame,,like they have made us cut into many times. they made us do this behind the customers back,,,so if they are made to be rough cut into the frame,,,why did they make us do it behind the customers back? customers have to keep an eye on the installers. i would NEVER have a window i ordered to fit custom, be RE-CUT ,,rough cut at my house. they would be taking the window back and getting one that fit the RIGHT way. no telling what problems that window will run into in the future.
Posted by installer40 on 2010-04-21:
sry ,,didnt add how much i have cut off those windows,,,i have cut 1 3/4 off windows,,,and the frame BARELY stayed together as i installed it. it was cut the window and make it fit,,,or see ya,,,we will find someone who will put it in.
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Problems with window installation led to poor customer service
Posted by Tired of Poor Customer Service on 06/28/2008
NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA -- Window World installed 13 windows in our home and wrapped the outside trim and brick mold with an alluminum wrap. The alluminum wrap looked terrible and we asked the installer, a sub-contractor, if there was anything he could do to make it look better. He informed us that there was nothing else he could do. Window World would not talk to us until I persistently called them approximately five times in a row asking to speak to someone. They sent the same installer, a sub-contractor, back to our house to basically do the same thing again. Our house now looks like a mobile home. Our windows fog-up every morning there is any humidity in the air. The installer marked-up our inside walls and when confronted with it he replied, "What do you want me to do, paint it?". We have to hire another contractor to come and repair the problems that Window World has created. Bad product and even worse installation. Don't buy Window World windows.
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Posted by grandma005 on 2008-06-28:
You get what you pay for. You simply cannot go cheap when it comes to windows. I had Anlin windows systems windows put in my house three years ago. I love them. Never have had a problem from day one. My electric bill is half of what it used to be with those old single pane widows. 1-800-287-7996 Anlin window system.
Posted by akennedy on 2009-03-03:
as a former employee of window world. I would asvise you to contact the coorperate office because window world is obligated to fix all problems. you have as lifetime warrenty and i would take advantage of it.
Posted by hadogen on 2009-03-29:
window world is just a very dirty company to deal with. they claim oh it happens to 1 out of every 10 customers or its only a very few ppl who have these problems...but truth is its not just a few ppl its ALOT! and its not just isolated to one location or store its happening in ALL their stores/franchises. from my own experience in dealing with their window world chantilly store i can assure you their service overall is really bad. perception is reality and the fact of the matter is this shouldnt be happening, not to ANY customer even ONE because that person could be you. and if you deal with these guys youre probably next.
its a commom theme and their dirty laundry list goes on and on poor customer service, they dont return calls, work is shabby and poor, install crews are illegals, extra charges, delay and errors, the list just goes on
Posted by installer on 2010-03-15:
being a former sub for WW of cincinnati/northern KY ,,,,all i heard from 8 out of 10 of my customers was the horrible customer service from the office,,,and no one calling them back. i was constantly apologizing.
Posted by binstaller on 2013-08-22:
people are ordering windows in northern kentucky and cincinnati from a guy(who runs the store) who thinks vinyl windows are made to "cut to fit" lol (stupidest thing ive heard from a n owner of a window company. no one knows how to measure a window opening correctly..so they made us cut the windows on the job,,to fit the hole. the whole company there is a joke
Posted by wwclient on 2013-10-15:
Biggest mistake selecting Window World!

The corporate office never calls to schedule anything. If you want your windows, you have to call yourself... and the 2-3 weeks out to have them installed after they are received is BS! It took them 6 weeks to get us onthe list to be installed after waiting 4 weeks for the windows to come in.

THEN.. the window holes were measures incorrectly, but they didn't figure this out until after them broke the current window in its place. So the baby's room has a broken window that is leaking while they order another one. I asked them to rush the window and they laughed.

The window wrap is horrible, and the caulking is even worse. I would not recommend this company to anyone! Horrible service!!!
Posted by mary on 2013-12-17:
I just had them install my windows.window world messed up my front window and now won't call me back. I knew it was not right when they started beating the He'll out of my walls which I had to repair and paint then they washed their hands with my hose outside and left it on, I didn't know untill the next day about 24 hrs later when I turned it off. My front window needs to be done right and I can't get hold of anyone.
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Loving Window World
Posted by Damimlost on 01/07/2013
GREENLAND, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I half to say that I'm amazed at how well this turned out for me. I replaced three windows myself and spent 275 for each window 6 dollars for caulking and insulation was 12 bucks. took me a few hours to install and clean up. I decided to get a bid for the rest of the house. The first bid was 27,000 I was shocked. The next bid was 16,000. then came this sweet little lady from window world, very nice and it went simple the bid was so low I was nerves but went with it all the same. The installers were nice, quick, pleasant and clean. The windows are perfect high quality and the warranty is incredible. I will never replace a window myself again as long as there is a window world to do it for me. Thank you window world, I will stand behind you as a great company that did a wonderful job. Mike
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-07:
i was extremely disappointed with window world. i had their sales person come to my house and give me an estimate on their $189 per window. in the end, each window would have cost me nearly $600 each for their so called $189 window. their claim was disposal, removing the old windows, and so on. pure bs.
Posted by ferrariloins on 2013-01-14:
you better make sure the low e is in the windows,just because they tell you you have a lifetime warranty doesn't mean you do!!!!!!!
Posted by Notsosatisfied on 2013-06-15:
Rare experience with any contractor unless you have a load of cash so they can take their time and do the job right! That's the problem with my 12 window install from window world of Beckley WV, the installer rushed! they had to get done that day and botched up an otherwise nice job with sloppy caulking and poor metal capping. That Low e better be in there or else....
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Wach Out for Window World
Posted by Ybbob on 09/11/2009
SHARON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have had the worst experience ever with Window Sharon PA. The salesman that came to my home was not even willing to listen to what I wanted. As for the $189 window, forget it. That is a gimmick, by the time that you add trim, high e window, and all the other things that they would like to sale you (get your savings account out), its price is out the roof.

My suggestions is for someone to do what I did, reed the complaints on Window World. There are too many to not have some weight, for 18 years I was in the contracting business and now hold two degrees in Psychology, I can small a rat one hundred feet away and this is one. After the sales person figured out that he could not pull one over on me he almost ran out the front door.

Another suggestion, call a real window company or through your money out the window.
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Don't Use Window World of Fredericksburg VA
Posted by Aunttug on 12/28/2009
FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I used Window World to install replacement windows in my home two years ago and they did a great job. Naturally when both my mother and my sister were looking to replace their windows I highly recommended Window World. My mother and sister both ordered their windows over 9 weeks ago and still don't have them installed. The sales representative had to go back and remeasure the windows because the "factory made an error". They were told over a month ago that the windows would be put on rush because of the mistake and should be in the store in about two weeks. Still no windows. Window World has not called to give an update and when my sister called them today, they still have no idea when they will be put on the schedule for installation. The local office is uncooperative and the office manager has no idea what is going on. She refers you to either the sales representative or the scheduling person to get any information. All the office manager will say is that it has rained continuously for two months and the installers are now behind 5-7 weeks. She can't explain why my mother and sister have been waiting 9 weeks when they are behind 5-7 weeks. I will no longer recommend Window World. In fact I will advise my friends against using them.
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Posted by Aunttug on 2009-12-28:
Update on my earlier post. My sister just called me to say the owner of the Fredericksburg office called her and has scheduled the installation of both her windows and my mother's windows for next Monday and Tuesday baring any rain or snow. We'll see what the outcome is.
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Great Install; Would Reccomend to Others; Very Happy w/ Window World
Posted by Nhait98 on 09/28/2011
I called Window World here in Pittsburgh to get an estimate on some new windows for my home. Don, the salesperson, showed up for the scheduled appointment on time. He did not pressure me to buy anything. All of their windows are already priced, there is not a bait & switch, or negotiating on the price. The prices are what they are. A professional meauring person showed up a few weeks later, measured for the four windows I purchased, then a few weeks later, the installers came to the house. They were right on time, very curtious. There were three guys, they worked ALL day on my four windows, (one was a garden window so it took a little longer to install) they cleaned up after themselves, were very unassuming. I was able to work from home that day and barely knew they were there. They did a great job, the windows seem to be a good quality, at least better than what I had before. I would definitely recommend them to friends or family. Actually I have since the install because I was very impressed.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-09-29:
Since I live in the Pittsburgh area, this is helpful should I need windows (which is certainly possible given the age of our house). Thanks!
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Do Not Use Window World of Chantilly
Posted by Window World Sucks on 03/06/2011
CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- Do not waste your time or money. Took them over 5 months to install our windows. They sent crews out to install windows they new wouldn't not fit. General Manager was a complete JERK! Think his name is Greg. He yelled at me! Complete a$$. Makes me wonder how he treats the other employees. Finally talked to the owner, but he made promises that were not kept. Called Window World corporate and they were of ZERO help. They did call me back, and said there is nothing they can do because it is a franchise. Don't even waste your time.

Still waiting on a replacement window that has moisture between pains. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME AND STAY AWAY FROM WINDOW WORLD!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-06:
WWS, you can go to http://www.oag.state.va.us/consumers/index.html to decide if you'd like to make an official complaint about them. A link is provided on that site should you wish to do so. Thanks for warning your fellow consumers with your review!
Posted by Window World Sucks on 2011-04-14:
Follow up to earlier post -- STILL STRUGGELING and waiting on a replacement window. Called to check the status and the window wasn’t even ordered. Talked to the owner again, but this time he said he had too many customers didn’t have time to help me with this and that I would hear from some else. Sad, sad, sad. They have finally been following up. Today they asked me to remove this post. Are you serious? Going to consider more formal means to get this resolved and hopefully protect other consumers from Window World in Chantilly.
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Posted by Frenchflowerbucket on 02/14/2011
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- How do I begin to warn you about Window World of Atlanta?

They are the most unethical company that I have ever dealt with in over forty years of home ownership. We agreed and contracted to have seven windows replaced and the salesman measured all opening on the appointment date. The windows finally arrived five weeks past the promised date.

The install team arrived four hours late only to find that not a SINGLE window fit an opening! They then began to try to jerry-rig the windows to fit but most had to be remade at the factory.... obviously the salesman had no clue regarding measuring.

Due to all of these problems the install team was in and out of our house several times. During these times they caused $7000 in damages to our home.
Needless to say Window World is not taking any responsibility for these damages and is not returning calls or emails.

The best advice I can give you is to NOT even consider their products for your home.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-02-14:
I think you should get a lawyer to try to get some of your $7000 back. Thanks for warning others about this company.
Posted by Michaela on 2012-05-16:
Just had a bad experience with them as well. They tried a 'Bait and Switch' on me by claiming that the $ 189 price is not valid if trying to replace vinyl windows and that these would be more expensive. Nothing on their website has that disclaimer. I showed him the door.......
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