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The Worst Nightmare We Have Ever experienced... Horrible Work and No Service
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Rating: 1/51

TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- We contracted about 16 months ago and they are still not finished. They have butchered up our house and all the windows are leaking air. The gas has escaped and the windows are not energy efficient. They have been out here so many times that they become a pest. They put screws in the weep cavity in the twin windows and now water will leak down into the interior walls creating mold.

They have hundreds of unresolved complaints. The picture window is all scared up and they used a crowbar and made chips in the window frame. They cleaned the windows with mineral spirits which left a dull finish. There are air leaks in all the windows and we have been very cold this winter because our house is cold. Don't do business with this rogue company of unprofessional duds.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had 15 windows replaced in my home and 10 of them were damaged by the installer. The damage was to a simple rubber strip that can easily be replaced in minutes. The windows were installed on May 30, 2014 - it is now September 2 and I have still not had final inspection or the rubber replaced. Once I was told the rubber had been ordered, then I was told entire window sashes had to be re-ordered.

An installer came with 10 replacement windows, but they ordered the wrong side. I am once again waiting on sashes to be manufactured, and still all I need are 10 simple strips of rubber. There is never anyone at the office to explain things to, and no one ever returns my calls. DO NOT HIRE WINDOW WORLD!!!

Horrible Customer Service, No Control of Sub-Contractors
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Rating: 1/51

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I contracted Window World to install new windows for all of my windows, a new bay window and a new storm door. Sales date was November 2, 2011. Did not hear from company again until ready to install in late January. ** from WW called to arrange delivery dates since it would take 2 days to complete the job. He offered me two weekday delivery dates, February 1st and 2nd (Wednesday and Thursday).

I informed him work is busy and I could not take 2 weekdays off work until after February 11th due to our workload. ** stated he needed the warehouse space and could not wait that long so he scheduled to have my windows installed on Friday February 3rd and Saturday February 4th. Crew that came Friday was not a Window World crew but a subcontractor. I was OK with this.

They got to work and all was going well. At the end of the day, as the crew was packing up, I asked what time they would be back in the morning and they informed me they were not coming back until Tuesday February 7th. I stated this was not possible and that I had been told they would be back Saturday Feb. 4th. They informed me they had another job that was scheduled to be done Feb. 4th and that I would instead have to call the office Monday and schedule the remaining install the FOLLOWING Saturday, Feb. 11th.

I had already made arrangements for my wife and twin 7 month old babies to be out of the house on Saturday Feb 4th, and now I had to make new arrangements for them to be out of the house the following week on the 11th. On top of not coming back when they were supposed to, the crew also left gaps between the windows and frame to where outside cold air was blowing into my home. I had to go to the hardware store and purchase gap filling foam since I could not let cold air blow in my house for more than a week.

I called Monday and spoke to ** in the office who listened to my complaints about the crew not adhering to the scheduled work dates and leaving the install project in a state that was unsatisfactory. She asked me to send her an e-mail with photos and my complaint. I did that on Monday Feb. 6th at 9:30 am. Despite several attempts later Monday and all Tuesday, it took until Wednesday Feb. 8th for the office to e-mail me back. ** stated that "unless it is for a crew not showing up there is usually no discount. I will bring your concern to the installation managers attention again and let you know if there is a change."

The issue arises from WW's use of a subcontractor who they cannot control. I contracted Window World to complete the install, THEY contracted the sub contractor. Their poor communication is not my problem, WW should have made this right for their customer. I argued that the crew not coming back on Saturday WAS a case where the crew did not show up.

In the days since, I have repeatedly tried to contact ** concerning this issue. She has replied to me about other issues but will not discuss the requested discount. I have also requested to speak to **, or whomever is in charge of the Naperville office but no one will call back. I have also requested a number for Window World Corporate and cannot get anyone to provide one.

I am requesting a nominal discount as a good faith compensation for the additional week that the install took, for having to reschedule time for my babies to be out of the house and for the crew's poor workmanship on the initial install. The company has since completed the install and the product looks great, however the customer service of this company is extremely subpar.

Company Response 02/22/2012:

We have received the above complaint and I agree that most of the statements are true. When we had to go back and finish the project it was a minimal amount of work which included installing a storm door, some interior trim, some exterior work and miscellaneous caulking. The homeowner didn't need to have his children removed from the house; however, that is his choice. We completed the work, it looks great and the customer has full and complete warranties for any future issues. We are in the process of working with the BBB to work out the issues with the customer.

Window World Deception
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ALLEN, KENTUCKY -- 1. Dec. 19th, 2008 Rodney Castle came to our house and provided us with an estimate to replace our Windows. This same day my wife paid for half up front and agreed on the contract.

  1. Monday, Dec. 22 I called Window World and spoke with **, employee of Window World and told her I would like to add another window to replace an old window air conditioner. ** replied that they would not have to order that window because they had one in stock. ** then came out to our house again and measured for the additional window and said it would be $300 dollars more for this addition. ** told my wife he would send a guy out to go ahead and install this window since they had it in stock.

  2. On Jan. 6th 2009, ** came to our house to install the first window that they had in stock. At the end of the day, he told my wife to go ahead and pay him the $300 for this window. She did so with a check. All this time we were under the impression that this was all done by Window World. 4. On Jan. 15th a second crew showed up to install the other 11 windows. This crew did a superb job on installing the windows. The crew informed my wife that the first window that was installed was not done correctly and we should contact Window World to get it fixed. The work on the first window was not acceptable.

  3. I called Window world and reported the issue to Andrea at Window world. She stated that the window was installed as good as possible. She then said that it was her husband that installed the window and he said that the window was installed properly. I informed her that that their own workers told my wife to report the window as improperly installed. From there I seen that the local Window World was not going to resolve the problem. 6. I contacted the corporate office online by submitting a complaint online.

  4. ** called soon after I submitted the complaint online and told me the corporate office had called their office. Andrea then went on to say that Window world would replace the window and fix the sheet rock around the window. She said it would take around 4 weeks. I was satisfied with that. 8. On Feb. 16th, 2009 I called Window World to follow up with the replacement window. I spoke with [the] Vice President of Window World. I ask ** about our replacement window. He then informed me that they had fired ** due to problems such as my case. ** said he would contact me back after he found the information on my window install.

  5. On Feb.17th, 2009 I called Window World again to follow up since I heard nothing from **. At this point, ** informed me that they could not replace the improperly installed Window because ** had given that item to her husband ** to do on the side. ** said this was done outside of Window World. At this point I was very upset. All this time I am dealing with Window World employees and spending almost $4,000 and then ** is telling me that one of our windows was done by someone besides Window World. Therefore this window is not under warranty, the window will not be fixed, and there is nothing Window World can do about it.

** informed me that he could give me **'s cell number. I told ** I had purchased everything from Window World, or at least that was the impression gave to me by **, a Window World employee and **, a Window World employee. ** said they would not fix the problem.

  1. I contacted the corporate office via phone. I think the ladies name of **. I told her the story and she said she would contact the Window World at Allen and call me back. ** called me back and upheld the same stance as **.
    Conclusion: I am stuck with a Window that is improperly installed that I gave $300 for that all along I thought I was purchasing from Window World at Allen Kentucky from Window World personnel. However, now Window World has fired those employees and will not stand behind their business.
Company Response 11/18/2009:

Having been to Mr. Crace's house to inspect the problems, we have since re-installed and re-trimmed this window and have issued a full warranty even though this window was STOLEN from our warehouse and Mr. Crace wrote his $300.00 check to the person that took it. Feel free to contact Mr. Crace to confirm!

Installation Had Been Absolutely Amazing From Start to Finish. Highly Recommended!
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Rating: 5/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I contracted with this dealership in mid-January 2015 expecting to have all of the windows in my home installed within 6-8 weeks. Initially WW Office Personnel alerted me that there was a problem with Permitting in our County due to a new law regarding a final inspection on our in-ground pool. (What? It was built in 1987 and the work we had done requiring permitting since then never mentioned an "open issue" on a final inspection. Besides which we took a back-hoe to the danged pool years ago and had other permit-required work done over the years.) I had to work with County Codes to correct the issue.

Fortunately although it took almost two weeks to correct and get scheduled for installation, the next step would be beautiful new windows. On the day of installation, two young men arrived ready to work... They completed our entire house in a single day, worked without taking their lunch breaks and were totally professional and helpful in every way. They didn't seem to mind us asking questions, however, we did try to stay out of their way. On the evening of the installation there was a major storm headed our way and they did not want to chance the outside caulking to be washed away before it could dry sufficiently.

After the storm, they drove back 1 1/2 hours the next day to complete the outside caulking. Both of the installers are young men under age thirty and both had tremendous work ethics. I would absolutely recommend them and this company to anyone choosing to replace their windows. The cost was a bit more than some of the big-box stores but the hurricane rating, the guarantee and the professionalism involved, absolutely justifies the little extra we paid.

Lack of Communication
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Rating: 1/51

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- Dec. 1, 2014: Windows are not installed yet and I have already determined we will not be using WW to replace the rest of windows in our house. We had someone from WW come to our home Sep. 8, 2014 to measure for two small basement windows. We signed contract that day paid half with a check and were told 8-10 weeks before they will be installed as it was the busy time of year. In all that time since Sept. not once have we received a phone call giving us any updated information.

I finally called about 3 weeks ago and was told our windows were done being made at factory and once they received them (in about a week) I would receive a phone call to schedule install. Once again nothing. I called this morning and guess what? Our windows are indeed in and we scheduled for yet another week away to install. I didn't bother to ask when our windows came in because there is nothing I can do at this point. However, I am curious as to how long they have been sitting in CR.

We will be replacing all of the windows, a few doors, and new siding in the spring and I will definitely NOT be going through Window World. I am so thankful that it is only two small basement windows we are waiting on and not a whole house of updates. Once windows are installed I will update as to the quality of workmanship. I will be standing right there the whole time to be certain everything is done accordingly and that the installer is knowledgeable in what they are doing.

Service Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA -- I had Window World put windows the front of my house. I liked the windows, I decided to have them measure my side windows. That's when the contractor forgot to reschedule a appointment missing the first one, then measured. All was looking good then I never heard back for months. I tried to call back with no replies. So I went to the office. The lady said the contractor would be in contact and he did, but again never came. Then just showed up one day to re-measure the windows, blaming the office for losing the first measurements. Ok I'm pretty easygoing.

But as several months go by, again, I call. I guess they lost the size again. Not so. This time I got a call back from sales that my job is too hard for the installer and can't be done. So a year and a half of frustrating calls just to find out MY MONEY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR WINDOW WORLD. Hmm... Who wants a job to install windows at ground level?

Subpar Installation, Lack of Responsiveness From Ownership
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We first received our estimate and signed the dotted line with Window World in May 2014. With very little proactive communication on their part, we finally had our windows installed in late July. The ragtag team of installers that they sent out did such a poor job that our TVA inspector personally called Window World explaining the subpar work. It then took approximately a month to get someone to go out and make the necessary repairs.

At the end of August their "top installer" went out to look at the work and said he would have to pull out all the windows and do a complete reinstall. I've spent hours on the phone with them, hours waiting on them, and will now be spending more time with them. Note this was only a three window installation with all windows being the same size. Not a complex job and definitely not a job that should take over 4 months from start to finish.

Poor Customer Service, Poor Service, and Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- It took them about 5-6 hours to complete installation. Once I saw the work, we realized that hasn't sealed the windows and we could literally see outside through the huge gap they left. None of the screens close. The holes have let tons of flies into our house. The windows don't even open all the way. Please, save your money and go with someone else.

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Rating: 2/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Window World left a window out of the order, not installed, with poor customer service, and a rude installation manager.

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