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Windsor Windows have been a nightmare
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We had our new home built about 9 years ago and the builder installed Windsor Windows. We started having leaks at the top of the windows about 2 to 3 years ago but I could not figure out how the water was getting in around the top of the window trim above the window glass itself. I assumed I had leaks in the roof but could not figure out where it was coming from. I finally figured out it was actually getting in at the base of the windows upstairs and leaking down inside the walls, coming out at the top of the first floor windows. I discovered this when replacing carpets. When we pulled up the old carpet the subfloor had huge water stains under the windows. Upon removing the drywall under the windows, I was horrified to discover the insulation was soaked and the studs and exterior plywood had rotted completely. I was able to pull out all the wooden structural pieces under each window with my bare fingers. The exterior plywood simply crumbled in my hands. The water is leaking through the windows even after I recaulked and sealed them totally shut so that they con not even be opened anymore. It has been none years on a new home but based on the amount of rotting, I figure they must have been leaking inside the walls for several years. I called the company.

Instead of offering to send a representative out to see me, they want me to send them information on the model number found printed in the corner of the glass. I can not even read the small, faint printing. This is the worst home owning experience I have had in 25 years of home ownership. I strongly recommend you stay away from this company.
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Alain on 05/30/2011:
You might be interested in where contractors discuss a few of their experiences with this brand.
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Windsor Windows are Horrible - Never Buy Them!
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Rating: 1/51
WEST DES MOINES, IOWA -- My home is 11 years old and has Windsor wood windows. I have had to have my windows repaired three times already and now have to call again for repair for 11 windows. The springs are broken on some so the windows don't stay open, some have the top sash slide down when opened, some won't open at all, and some have broken locks. One upper stationary window leaked in the corner and ruined my drywall. Also, the windows are drafty, have lots of condensation in the winter and freeze with ice on the inside. As a result of this, the paint is peeling off, the wood is rotting, and I have black mold on the windows. Some windows have warped so that they now won't lock and seal. The authorized Windsor repairman agreed that the windows are lousy.

When I contacted customer service, I had to call multiple times and leave multiple messages before someone would call me back. They just gave me the contact information of a repairman. My warranty is now expired so the company won't cover parts now. I live in a $600,000+ home and expected better windows. Unfortunately, it will cost me $40,000 to replace all the windows.
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John Nicholson on 06/06/2013:
I have never heard of Windsor windows, but I have found it is always best to buy a well-known brand like Pella or Anderson. You pay more, but you will get much better quality. Tho, when it comes time to replace the panes, etc. you will find it, again, more expensive.

As for your moisture/ice problems in cold weather: we had this problem for years until I kept a dehumidifier running in my basement all year round, not just in summer. The moisture is due to high humidity. The more humidity, the more moisture in the air and on the cold window panes inside the home. The colder is gets, the more moisture that collects on the panes. We no longer have a problem with window moisture unless it gets down below zero. You might want to try this. If you do not have a basement, run the dehumidifier upstairs, say in the living room.
Windsor Windows on 06/10/2013:
TFaleer – We are sorry to hear about the performance issues/concerns with your windows and that you had to contact customer service multiple times. To get your concerns addressed as promptly and directly as possible, we understand that Ed Farina, an outside service repair contractor, per our request has been in touch with you, and he has scheduled an inspection to review and discuss your concerns this Wednesday. We take all reviews and customer calls very seriously, and will use this information to make sure we improve.

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Ice And Mold
Posted by on
LAKE ELMO, MINNESOTA -- I built my $500,000 plus dream house in MN and have been fighting icy windows which thaw and consequently destroy the woodwork and have severe mold build-up. I have spent far too many hours with a bucket of bleach water and a toothbrush trying to clean out the mold that forms in the bottom of the crevices.
I have been beating myself up for years running around the house every time the outside temperature changes 20 degrees trying to keep up with the Aprilaire humidifier. I have recently listed my home for sale and the realtor brought this problem to my attention and said I should consider finding out if your windows have been on a recall list. He said it is the worst he has seen in 20 years. I finally called my builder and he said I need to keep the blinds up and check my air exchanger. I was a little skeptical so I thought I would Google it. After reading about other dissatisfied customers, I am over with blaming myself for the icy build-up and subsequent problems. Obviously an inferior product, and I am glad to be soon moving on. I will definitely check the brand of windows in my new house and make sure they are not Windsor.

Perhaps the manufacturer of these windows has a real affinity for Windsor whiskey and decided to name his windows after that. Somebody had to be drunk to create such a lousy product.
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buildermom on 06/01/2010:
The homeowner should be aware that these problems are most likely caused by the humidifier -- not the windows. Most new homes are too tight and running a humidifier only aggravates the problems. Windows will always be colder than the walls, no matter how good they are and if the humidity is too high you will get condensation, too much and it will drip down. All new homes should have and HRV and keep humidity below 36%.
installation master on 07/31/2010:
I would have to agree with buildermom.
I'd have to agree with Mattburr. Windsor Windows are required to meet the same standards put forth by independent testing companies as other window manufacturers that display the AAMA sticker and qualify to be classified as an energy star product. They meet or exceed the specifications put forth by NFRC.
I question the installation also. This sounds like a disgruntled homeowner.
Her post also fails to specify the date the windows were manufactured, style/type & series. Did the contractor follow the manufacturers installation instructions carefully? Did the homeowner follow maintenance instructions (straight bleach is a little harsh)? What was her indoor humidity level at during the winter.
Who inspected her windows. Did she send in a request & get a qualified service technician?
A homeowner should definitely inspect their windows annually & CLEAN them.
I installed five Windsor Window Legend series double hungs in 2004 with a date stamp of 2-04. With LoE glass(stamp E4). I have no complaints & my wife & I are extremely satisfied with them. I don't get condensation on them because I keep the interior humidity set below the recommended levels & provide adequate ventillation. They don't leak air & water through them because I installed them Plumb, level & square. They don't leak air & water around them because I properly flashed & insulated them. I inspect the operation & weather strip annually. There is some truth in the saying "A window is only as good as it is installed.". There are a lot of cheap, low quality, "fly-by-night", "flash-in-the-pan", generic window manufacturer's out there. I don't believe Windsor deserves to be labeled as one of them. I have heard the same complaints about Anderson, Marvin, Pella, etc from disgruntled customers.
Ditto on 08/06/2013:
I have to agree with the initial complaint by Disgruntled. Windsor windows are an inferior product and a complete waste of money. I had windows on my second level installed at the same time as the Windsor windows. Those are holding up great, not the case with Windsors. Unfortunately, this is who my contractor recommended since they are custom size windows. And trying to get the person on the phone is damn near impossible.
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