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Tore Rotator Cuff Out Of Shoulder, After Falling In Water at Winn-Dixie!
Posted by Deanacool on 01/22/2005
ALABAMA -- I am a 58 year old white female who lives in Alabama, on Sept.12-04, I slipped and fell in water at the meat counter, tearing my rotator cuff out of my shoulder, they told me they would pay all my bills, they lied! They mopped up all the water, and put up 3 wet signs after I had fallen. I have been completely disabled since Sep 12, and they don't care, I had to have surgery on No.19th for the torn rotator cuff, about the size of a silver dollar. I am still on pain medication today for it, and therapy, I had to be hospitalized after surgery for infection had set up in it. They are self insured, and they did approve of a few of my bills at first, then when they found out I had to have surgery, that stopped. They had to cut about a 4-inch incision on my shoulder, and I nearly died from the pain of having the bone cut. , and still suffering! After refusing to pay my bills, I attained a lawyer who is now helping me. The bills have run around $25,000-$30,000, and we had to file under our insurance, so I could have surgery.

Thank God I had some insurance! I had been shopping there for 5 years before this happened, and enjoyed it. But, I would not recommend Winn-Dixie to anyone anymore. The pain and suffering I have gone through was the worst pain I had ever incurred in my life! Most of all, everyone kept telling me at Winn-Dixie that they would pay all my bills, well they have not paid anything!!! We are paying on the accounts, $50.00 -$100 a month until a settlement is reached, if it ever is! It is certainly not a nice company, with lots of lying going on.

I just hope if anyone else falls because of their carelessness that they have some type of insurance, because no thanks to Winn-Dixie, I Had to wait, until from Sept12-04-Nov.19-04 until I could have surgery, I just lay in the bed and had to knock myself out with pain medication. Anyway, I will no longer shop there, because of their bad tactics.

Sincerely, D.
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Posted by tander on 2005-01-22:
There suppose to take pictures right after it happens, with you there watching, Did you see them taking pictures?
Posted by speedy06 on 2005-01-22:
Very sorry about your accident,and the complications thereafter. But, just curious as to why stating your race was necessary in this post?
Posted by curtis35 on 2005-02-23:
You need to watch where you are going. Suprised you even get out of the house and live.
Posted by Motov276 on 2006-09-25:
I work at a Winn-Dixie in Florida. First of all, there should have been a wet floor sign by the spill to begin with, so none of this would have happened. That was their first big slip up.

Since there was no wet floor signs to warn you of the potential slip hazzard, Winn-Dixie is completely responsible for any harm that occurred to you, and they are supposed to be held responsible for your medical bills.

Have you spoken directly to the store manager about this? If you have and he or she is not offering any help, I would contact the District Manager of your area. You can go to the website and find out all that information.
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No Sale Items and Poor Customer Service
Posted by SoProJMJ on 06/10/2005
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- First, my wife and I are Winn Dixie Members.

On Thursday, my wife and I went to the Monument RD Winn Dixie in hopes to take advantage of the new sales which began the day prior. We had hoped to specifically get at least $100.00 in meat. When we got there, all meat specials except Sirloin Steaks which looked poor to say the least, were gone. There was no $.68/lb roasters, there was no $5.99 Boneless New York Strip Steaks, and there were no Porterhouse or T-Bones.

As we were not the only individuals in search of meat, many of us summoned the butcher who advised that they just did not have any. They were sold out. And this is not even two full days into Winn Dixie's sale.

Now, as this happens to us on a frequent basis at this store, I asked the butcher who we could speak to about this issue. He obtained the store manager, "Steve" who proved himself to be arrogant and showed no signs of sympathy. He said they just had been too busy. His only help to us was to call the Winn Dixie complaint line. This, and nothing more.

Winn Dixie, this store specifically, should be able to use prior statistics to help in the ordering of meat. It doesn't take much education to know that people are going to buy meat that is half the usual price.

My wife and I also experience this in the grocery side as well. Sales with no sale products.

It makes shopping quite frustrating, especially when we try and buy our meat only from Winn Dixie.

Unfortunately, we placed all our grocery items back on the shelves and went elsewhere. If customers are no longer a driving force for Winn Dixie, and if Management can provide no other assistance than what we received, we may have to consider another grocery store.

Winn Dixie, you would think with the financial woes the company is bearing that it would want to be helpful to its customers. Apparently Store #0054 in Jacksonville has another idea. Or perhaps Management should brush up on their people skills.

John and Kimberly
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Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-06-14:
I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS REVIEW WHILE I WAS ON VACATION!!! Anyways, Winn-Dixie sucks. Why have faith in a company that thinks spending most of their money on improving employee benefits will help their company get out of their financial rut?
Posted by unfair on 2005-06-17:
Winn-dixie is still around? I thought they went out of business years ago. I need to go to FL to check out this historic grocery store.
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-06-17:
Yeah, Winn-Dixie is still around. Just like Jack In The Box apparently is.
Posted by rickster9 on 2005-09-21:
The produce is not fresh. The freezers are more like heaters. The place is oversized with unfresh stuff. Prices are high. Terrible, terrible.
Posted by spiderman47 on 2006-11-21:
this problem usually can usually be resolved,
if the manager can't help or respond in a timely
fashion then the next step would be to talk to
coorporate office to solve the problem about sale issues but I assume that going by how & who
order the deliveries can only have so much on hand as far as projecting sales & inventory goes & then also they will determine each store
customer count versus how much inventory & how much cash on hand,etc,etc,etc, you get the picture. as a general rule of the supermarket business, but like I said you are one hundred percent correct.
Posted by spiderman47 on 2007-05-05:
Customers have a right to complain with their problems,
if management does not help then take the next step & call
the next in command or go to the winn-dixie website,
usually the corporate office or the district manager will
& should try to resolve these & all situations, if they
care about the customers coming back, but then again,
it's their store.
Posted by dixiecsl on 2007-05-24:
As far as ordering the meat goes, that is up to the market manager and not any other person in the store or the company. And the doc keeps claimning that Winn-Dixie is just driving itself into a depper rut yet, they are out of bankrupcy and they are making a profit.
Posted by caley on 2007-07-01:
if you ask a manager they will write you a rain check for your meat. which still sucks, but at least you can get it cheap if you decide you still want it later.
Posted by JocFra on 2010-04-28:
Winn dixie is just terrible and it is not because of the lower employees (baggers/cashiers) or even low level managers (department managers), it is because of the attitdues of store managers and those even higher. WD just plain stinks, stinks for customers and stinks for employees. We get treated very poorly at WD, sad because our main competitor (P-----) pays their help more money, has better benefits, and I have never seen an employee be reprimanded in full view of the entire store.
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Publix vs Winn Dixie
Posted by Joebass on 11/11/2003
PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- As a teenager, I worked for Publix Supermarkets in Florida. One day a new Winn Dixie opened up down the street and I asked my manager if our business was going to decrease because of the competition. He replied "it's not competition, it's a Winn Dixie". He went on to tell me that he didn't think of this store as competition because after a year of being open, the service would be poor, the store would be dirty, and the perishable food would not be fresh. Turns out he was right. And not just at that store, but all your stores. The sad part, I have a Winn Dixie near my house and wish I could shop there instead of having to travel an extra couple miles to a Publix - but I can't get past the dirty store, poor service, and lousy attitude. Someone wrote "go f--- yourself" in marker in the restroom and it has been there in front of the urinal for as long as I can remember. Don't you guys see this. Wouldn't you want to erase it, cover it up with paint, or do whatever you need to to get rid of it. No pride, no service, no wonder there's no customers. If you don't start making some meaningful changes, low prices, rewards cards, and all the marketing and advertising in the world isn't going to save you from going out of business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-11:
I live in Florida as well, and you're right, there is no comparison. It almost seems as if they recruit some of the least caring people. Even the customers seem less than stelar. What's up with this company, and how do they stay in business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-12:
Poor service and dirty stores at Winn Dixie? Come on people? This is clearly another fake complaint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-22:
Don't worry. Winn Dixie is closing stores at a rapid rate. They won't be around too much longer....
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-04:
For all of you folks who whine and complainabout winn dixie give it a rest. If you dont shop there why cry about how they are.Its unfourtante some of the stores are dirty but that is that stores fault.If the manager would take care of the problem it would be done with.For the reat of the stores go in and see how they are. The store i work for( and i am a manager)is clean and the people do care, but seeings how you folks cry about one store the rest are fine.
Posted by richiet9 on 2004-02-22:
Posted by redhotchilibaby on 2004-02-26:
I used to work at Winn Dixie while putting myself through college.Maybe a few Winn Dixie stores are dirty, and the customers don't care, but not all the stores are like that. The Winn Dixie where I live is extremly clean, the employees are very helpful and nice. The managers are a dream. Customers First is their moto, and boy do they stick by it. So don't judge all Winn Dixie stores by one bad store, often that is due to poor management.
Posted by nekidasajaybird on 2004-03-15:
I completely agree. I am completely overwhelmed everytime I go to Publix by how polite everyone is compared to Winn Dixie. I work at a Winn Dixie. The company doesn't hire uncaring people, they mold us into them. As long as there is a body behind a register, they don't care if the employees are ok or not.
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2004-04-11:
Another Publix fanboy.

Seriously, Publix is now a company full of people who stereotypically have this sort of attitude:

"I shop at Publix because I am just better than you are. I mean, look at my coffee. This isn't just regular coffee. It's French or something. You, you probably don't even know what France is. My name is Raven, and I'm an elitist a**hole."

That was taken from Penny Arcade btw, except "I shop at Publix" was originally "I use a Mac" (as in a Macintosh computer), but you get the point. Publix is like the Starbucks or the Macintosh of grocery stores that ends up creating these elitist fanboys who just look down upon anyone who shops or works at Winn-Dixie, as if Publix was a store without any flaws in it and there is not a single good quality about Winn-Dixie.
Posted by mekus99 on 2004-04-13:
True, all WD stores are probably not the same; however, I've lived in three different parts of Florida now and have frequented maybe 10 different stores among the different places I have lived and worked. Every single one of those stores were filthy, I've seen roaches, ants, etc, been spoken to rudely, waited in huuuuuge lines (there are NEVER enuf cashiers) and I have to tell ya, each time I went into a store, I felt as though I'd walked off the street and into a ghetto. No more. Publix, Albertons's, K 'n K, ANYTHING ELSE for me for now on!
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2004-04-22:
Okay, we have three Winn-Dixies in Titusville and one Publix. Just to give you a clue in comparison, the Winn-Dixie I work at gets just as many customers as the one Publix in town. There are just as many registers at Publix open as there are at Winn-Dixie (2 plus an express lane). Only difference is while Winn-Dixie doesn't have enough baggers, Publix has TOO MANY baggers who just sit around and gossip with each other and their psudeo-gothic/punk buddies that just like to hang out in the store and not really buy anything. Also at Publix, not ONCE have I heard any in-store specials over the PA, nor have I had any managers greet me. They do this ALL THE TIME at my Winn-Dixie. The managers are always there to help and don't lock themselves in their office as if they're too busy to deal with customers. And if you want to talk about which store is ridiculous, who sells a 5 lb bag of sugar for $1.89? Not Winn-Dixie, that's for sure. Only Publix sells groceries that go though the roof. I can get the same quality products at Winn-Dixie for cheaper.

Now if you want to get technical, Wal-Mart has the best deals overall.
Posted by boss on 2004-06-16:
You can go to any store and find long lines.Publix says they will have all lanes open from 5-8.Thats a lie ive walked in and thats far from the truth.You can go to walmart and wait in line,how long does it take to get a price check,i notice they make there light flash to get attention.How long does that take for someone to walk to the dept to get a price???Yes winn dixie can be dirty but im sure if you went behind the scenes of every grocery store you would find these things.It happens,but just because you visit 1 or 2 winn dixies dont put down the whole company,you have no idea whats going on.Im sure if you talked to the manager instead of just whining about it something would get done, or maybe your the person that comes in the store drops stuff on the ground and doesnt bother to tell an employee so it can be cleaned up.
Posted by AFEM on 2004-11-01:
I agree with the statement made about Winn-Dixie's problems. I worked fro Winn Dixie for 4 years as an Asst. Front End Manager(equivalent of office staff/Common Area Manager at Publix), and I know how bad things are. I now work at a publix which is 8 miles from my house and across a toll bridge. Although it hurts me to go there, it's better than working in a dirty store with bad people. Wake up Winn Dixie, you were great about 20 years ago, what happened? Stop the reward card bs and get back on track.
Posted by rickster9 on 2005-09-21:
Comparing Publix to Winn Dixie is like comparing apples to oranges, no pun intended. Publix rules!
Posted by ki4fmj on 2008-01-02:
i work at a winn dixie . and honestly not every winn dixie is dirty . it depends on the mangement . and the comiment about the cashier situation . i have been with winn dixie for 2 years and every transaction that i have made was in a nice professional manner . it also depends on the special , training . my manger if you are talking to someone other then the customer then you are not doing your job . i am a eagle scout so i have high morals . but sometimes people just have a bad day . it is not easy dealing with the public . i am not saying that publix is bad but i am saying that one bad apple does not make the entire region , district or company bad .


winn dixie employee
fort myers , florida
Posted by anonymous on 2013-10-15:
Yeah I visited both and I'm sorry the winn Dixie in my area is bigger and nicer than the Publix, Atleast my cashiers speak to me at winn Dixie and smile, at publix you get some rude uptight cashier who thinks shes too good, and yes Winn Dixie bathrooms compared to Publix I went to a publix and had to dodge poop and dirty restrooms as well too.. I think Peopl just put winn Dixie down cause its like kinda being bias,Majority of people would prefer a Chihuahua over a pitbull right. So Grow up Publix can take a downfall too. If Winn Dixie remodeled all there store locations to the way the new stores are in Jacksonville, Publix would get a fight!
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Why Winn-Dixie Sucks
Posted by TheBestAtWhatIDo on 05/02/2011
FLORIDA -- Hi I have been reading a lot of peoples reviews on here and decided that I would really break it down for the consumers that issue the complaints about Winn-Dixie. First off I would like to say that I am a former employee of Winn-Dixie and because of the way I was let go I don't have very much respect for the company in general. But, on that note from a true inside perspective I would like to say that the real problem with the company would have to be more so the consumers, that constantly complain about customer service. Every time someone complains about the lack of customer service on here or any other review site, management lets go a hard worker for a not so hard worker that enjoys talking to customers more then actually performing the very demanding, strenuous work tasks involved with the grocery retail business. In doing this the result is less production and more of the how do you do's and may I help you's. The problem with this is that if you are not able to sustain a certain level of production, overall quality and workmanship suffers especially with the harder workers that are left to deal with the not so hard workers. A lot of people think that because you stand in a air conditioned environment that your job is easier then other jobs. This is definitely not the case. The people that work at this company are for the most part non glorified athletes, that do not by any means get the credit they deserve.

When I say this I'm not talking about the part timers I'm talking about the full time employees that are there day in and day out working relentlessly to maintain a level of stock on in dry grocery dairies and frozen food Departments (The Hardest Working Departments). Now lets face it if most of you consumers could throw 60 + pieces of the cans isle per hour in dry grocery up to 300-400 pieces in a 4-5 hour time span, Throw 2-3 2000lb pallets of ice per day plus 300-500 cases of frozen stock in one 8 hour day plus file necessary paper work, or load 4 2000lb pallets of milk alone in to a dairy cooler plus the 300 plus pieces it takes to fill the dairy shelves in one 8 hour day, you would be doing it your self. Very apparently this is not the case. Within the company currently this is the major problem there is a inside battle going on between the people that believe that it all about hard work and the people that think it's all about how good you schmooze the consumer.

Fortunately kissing the consumers but keeps you guys off there buts for customer service reasons, but not for keeping the items you want on the shelves. Now with an currently undermanned grocery environment that Winn-Dixie has to deal with it has to really be more about the hard worker then the schmoozer, because lets face it if we go out of our way to constantly ask you how you are doing and see if you need anything we will not get enough done on the production level and you the consumer will complain about your items not being there. Not to mention the fact that most people will go out of there way to complain rather then compliment. You the consumer would have to realize this before the company can do better. When your in the store and you see a hard working stocker doing his job and he does not notice you this is most likely because he is on a designated time frame set forth by his superior not because he does not care. If you were to actually ask the stocker or associate wile they are engraved in there work they will almost always try to answer your question timely and efficiently, but if you simply stare at them they don't have eyes in the back of there head nor are they siecic, or they may realize that you are staring and don't want to slow them selves within there designated time frame. Potentially loosing there job over not meeting production standards in a very demanding environment.

It's nothing personal toward you the consumer. But like I stated above if you ask they will most likely have an answer. Now after stating all of what I have above and seeing the common complaints about management and there lax behaviour, I would like to point something else out before I depart. In my personal opinion I would have to say that the reason for the lax behavior among the half of the stores management teams out there, at least in the county I reside in is because of a decrease in pay out all over the board. forced turnover has created a lower payout for management with only younger men and women seeing the pay as good pay. This breeds room for young less experienced people that have less life experience to mishandle management decisions that would be better implemented by someone of an older age with kids and responsibilities and such of there own. The current half of the company's misguided management that are the schmoozers are following company guidelines to strictly and not using enough of there own judgment.

This I believe stems from customer complaints that are mistreated by the schmoozers due to the fact of hard workers being traded for but kissers. The overall demands of the schmoozers to the employee base has caused a decrease in production and an increase in the how do you do's and how may I help you's, that the company currently has little time for unless asked. Thank you for your time and please really think about this one because if we all start analyzing the butt kisser as the hard workers because there always there to talk to as the one that deserves the most credit ware will the rest of the losing company's through out America be soon. Hard work is the back bone of America not how good we rub each other. And also remember in a perfect world maybee you could get both but in the world of reality you usually cant.

Take Publix for instance store nearly is over maned to provide you with the level of workmanship they deliver but at the same time Publix is stationed next to an old fart home wile they capitalize off of the elderly, retirement's offering high priced convenience items wile targeting 55+'s. How honest is that. Just Food For Thought.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-03:
I love my local Winn Dixie. The associates there are able to keep everything very well stocked, and maintain a high level of customer service at the same time.

That's why I keep going back...for the friendly and helpful service. They go out of their way to get to know and help their customers.
Posted by Inat on 2011-05-03:
i don't have WD or Publix where I live. But when I travel south, I encounter both and prefer WD over Publix. Publix reminds me of Walmart supercenter whereas WD reminds me of a nice and clean Giant Eagle
Posted by paula on 2013-07-23:
Posted by Susie on 2013-08-27:
I have finally moved to Florida after being a "snowbird " for years My first experience with the price of food at Publix was FRIGHTNING. I almost fainted dead away. So I go over to Winn Dixie and pay about as much as I would in Eastern New England and I am very very happy about that. Customer service? have no idea. They're all nice to me...and I love the selections AND the prices. WD all the way for me!!!!
Posted by Jennifer j. on 2013-09-15:
If you are middle class income, Winn Dixie is not for you. Very offensive prices for everything. No bargains at Winn dixie
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Winn-Dixie Unfair to Loyal Customer!
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/28/2005
Several weeks ago while shopping at winn dixie with some out of state friends we got a container of popcorn chicken from the deli and ate it while shopping. We put the empty cup on the counter at checkout but somehow it got knocked off on to the floor. Because of the fact that we were purchasing several items the empty chicken container went unnoticed. The security guard however did notice and instead of bringing it to our attention at this time, he waited until we were about to exit the store and then caused a scene by accusing me of shoplifting. I left the store to avoid embaressment. After leaving I called the store and requested to talk to the manager but she only wanted to refer me to this stupid security guard. The next day the local police came to my home and had me sign a form stating that if I ever return to this store I would face prosecution for tresspassing. I am a local business owner with lots of family; friends; and employees who live in this area. My wife and I spend at least $9600.00 a year in this store.I was not shoplifting, the people who know me and work with me know that I was not shoplifting, therefore none of my friends; family; or employees will shop at this store or any other winn dixie until this is resolved. I was treated very unfairly. Here's what I'd like Winn-Dixie Stores to do: I would like an apology from the store manager and the security officer, and I would like the right to shop in this store again.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-28:
Hey doctor, didn't you state that you worked for them before? They obviously "canned your bu++" for who knows what and now you want to 'pile on'. Lay off the porn at home and the LIVE ACTION AT WORK, (see his "disturbing bathroom scene" post). Spilled popcorn chicken? HA!!! PREVERT (sp)!
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-04-29:
Um Adam, you already showed us your bio, remember?
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-29:
What could you possibly buy at a Winn Dixie that would total $9600.00/year? Has to be the price of booze!(if they sell it there) What an "emberassment" to be arrested for "tresspassing" the next time you enter the grocery store!
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-04-29:
Winn-Dixie isn't so cheap like Wal-Mart. And yes, they do sell booze.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-29:
I never said Winn Dixie was cheap....If you read my post....I asked what you could possibly buy for $9600.00/yr at a grocery store. Bingo....Booze!
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-04-29:
Do you ever keep track at how much you spend on groceries every year? A lot of people spend well over $100 per week. So do the math. $9600 per year is actually pretty normal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-29:
Doc, either you eat way too much or you have too many dudes living in your "home". (10,000?) Phony, lying,'prevert' (sp).
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-29:
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-04-29:
Winn-Dixie is in Texas as much as Jack In The Box is. I suggest you search harder, sifboy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-29:
Here's two words that apply to the, doctor. El Paso!
Posted by Rattrap007 on 2005-04-29:
this is why you don't eat the food in the store people.
Posted by D.B. on 2005-04-30:
Actually, since you decided to open and eat the product BEFORE you paid for it, then yes, you were shoplifting. Just because you were "planning" on paying for it, does not make it right. That would be no different than if you took a shirt home from a store, wore it out that night and then went back the next day to pay for it. If you use/wear/eat something from a store such as a retail outlet, or a grocery BEFORE you pay for it, then you are stealing it.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-04-30:
If it weren't for the munchies, this all could have been avoided.
Posted by Rattrap007 on 2005-05-01:
darn the munchies to heck!
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-05-01:
Hey, they let me do it in K-Mart. Why not Winn-Dixie?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-02:
Doc, can't you shop without having to eat? What is up with these "phantom stores" by the way? If you stay away from the restrooms and the snack bar, you have a good chance of staying out of trouble.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-05-05:
Doc, call the corporation and explain what happened to them. You are a stockholder still correct? How did they get your address? Why did you sign the paper to begin with?
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-05-05:
Note to: DUMBBB _SS TEXAS SIFFER = Groceries stores in Texas do sell beer and wine.
Hang man guess what the _ is? It's a vowel, the first vowel.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-06:
.... And on this site tax/tx, you're the "third d!pe" behind mjFolly and boozinbiz!
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-05-06:
What fun! Kotex, guess what this is: DR_NKARD. I'm thinking "you"
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-05-06:
Try Country grocery stores = hard liquor.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-05-06:
Try traveling for once and get out of your mom's house.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-06:
So tax, likes the "spirits" as well' huh. Looks like she has 'Googled' up every booze store in Texas. Here's living proof that two alcoholics can pick out each other in a "crowded room". Look at tax and biz. Soulmates!
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-05-06:
A room crowded by Tx,biz,soreback,hiddengenitals, jumboliar, and indygirl still has only one person in it. If tex says something without biz around, does she still make a sound?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-08:
Yeah Slim, the sound would be a "grunt".
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-05-17:
No I don't drink now, that was the stupid party clubbing years. Now days red wine or white for special occasions. Some little country stores do sell hard liquor.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-18:
What you call special occasions, I call "waking up". Stay out of that wine cellar, txzzz.
Posted by jeremy2007 on 2007-06-03:
Did you ever think that store may have a high incidence of shoplifting? I am a manager in a grocery store here in West Virginia, and nothing gripes me more than when someone walks through the store eating. Technically, you are shoplifting when you consume something before paying for it. "Intending" to pay for it you say? Well, the road to hell was paved in good intentions.

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flirting cashier always asks for my phone #
Posted by on 10/07/2003
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have a beef with the beef people (Winn Dixie). Every time I shop there I get hit on by the cashier. First, they ask me how I'm doing (like it's any of their business). Then they ask me for my phone number. One time they even did it when my girlfriend was standing next to me with our 2 month old baby in her hand (I had to wisper it to her so my girlfriend wouldn't get mad). I'm a good looking guy and am used to girls asking me out, but this needs to stop.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-08:
Oh please, go cry somewhere else pretty boy. Tell her/they (by the way, which is it) your not interested. If that doesn't work, tell the manager. Did you really need to bring your, er, problem to a national public forum?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-09:
Maybe you could use the situation to your advantage. Get an extra cube steak here or a half pound of ground beef there.
Seeing as how you're so good-looking and all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-14:
Ok, wait. You "had to wisper it to her so your girlfriend wouldn't get mad". You gave her your number with your girlfriend there anyways? Gee, what a thoughtful boyfriend you are.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-17:
I work at Winn Dixie, not the one you go to, but another one and we have to ask every customer who wants to use there bonus buy cards for discounts, but doesn't have no cards with them for there phone numbers so we can enter them into the cash register and bring up the discount code and that's why we ask you, not because you're good looking, which you probably aren't nothing but some short jerk with an additude.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-17:
Why don't you use your bonus code to by yourself some periods. You wrote the longest response in this whole forum. But it was all one sentence.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-18:
I need to go shopping there.
Posted by quintonstorm on 2004-02-15:
I really don't think they are flirting with you. From my experience and observation, most cashiers are asked to ask customers how their day is going, how they are doing today, etc. It's just an aspect of customer curteousy. Whether you like it or not is up to you, but in either sense, I think you're still misinterpreting it a little.
Posted by rmsk on 2004-02-15:
Don't you think you are more than a little full of yourself? So, Mr. Pompous Ass, that was so sweet of you to spare the mother of your child's feelings, by simply whispering your phone number to the cashier when you thought she was hitting on you. You, sir are a shining example of manhood. *cough, cough* I think Carly Simon wrote a song about you...
Posted by ladymacb29 on 2004-02-18:
I have been to several stores where they had to ask foryour phone number for statistics on where people lived. You're probably not all that cute, they're just doing their job. (Do the male cashiers ask for your number?)

Also, you WHISPERED YOUR PHONE NUMBER with your gf present? Too bad you didn't say it louder - she might have slapped you and then you wouldn't have to worry about whispering it anymore.
Posted by brittany1485 on 2004-02-22:
lol. I think was a joke.
Posted by redhotchilibaby on 2004-02-26:
First of all at Winn Dixie they have to ask for your phone number to get your discount if you don't have a card with you. So you want to complain about them asking for your phone number, and then you GIVE it to them in front of your girlfriend and 2 month old Baby? What kind of boyfriend/father are you??
Posted by kapapineau on 2004-02-27:
sounds more like a toofless wonder... people that are attractive dont say they are for one thing.. the cashier may have felt sorry for you and was being nice
Posted by fishpaw64 on 2004-05-23:
Winn Dixie Trash.......someone should make a movie about most of these stores
Posted by jdh2317 on 2004-07-01:
If a movie was made you could be the star
Posted by YankeeRox on 2004-07-29:
Winn Dixie Customer...... Are you just whispering dixie or are you really offended. Sounds like you are really flattered that the cashier is flirting with you. Maybe even an ego boost! But the little woman got all catty, and to save face you wrote your little boo hoo problem. We all see through your little drama-mama problem. If you were really offended you wouldn't whisper the number, you'd talk to the manager. Now... personally your nasty attitude makes your self termed, "your good looking", Just a little less attractive to the rest of us!
Posted by holycrap on 2005-11-30:
Posted by sheep7673 on 2006-08-24:
they ask you your number always no matter how hot or ugly you are...its a census to see where most of their customers are coming from in miami... they see how far people are travelling and this allows for them to find new places to open up new stores. best buy does this practice as well.
Posted by Motov276 on 2006-09-26:
What Redhotchilibaby said is right. They ask for your phone number if you don't have your customer Reward Card, as they call it, although there's really no reward to it.
Posted by wnight on 2009-01-11:
Is this guy for real or what ? What a dork.Winn Dixie askes for your telephone number so that you can get rewards and money off on your purchases.(Duh) Is there any one out there checking these embociles messages before they are posted or at least check them after they are posted and then delete them,because there books are not in the right places in there library.
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FuelPerks Scam
Posted by DaveJ on 06/10/2011
Just tried to use my Winn Dixie rewards card to get the 25 cents off it shows I have on my card. And guess what? It says I have NO DIscount! Whenever I call they 866 Customer Service number it says they are closed.
Shell gas says there is nothing they can do to help me. Beware FuelPerks is a SCAM. I'm calling the Local TV news stations and seeing about getting a story covered. DJ
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-10:
The best one to solve this would be someone at the Winn-Dixie fuel perks program. I hope you can get in touch with them.

1-866-946-6349 This number is for the Rewards Card, that includes the fuel perks program. I don't see how they can be "closed" as in no longer in service.

I just called the number. Menu choice 5 is for customer service.
Posted by FlShopper on 2011-06-10:
I know quite a few people who've used the fuel perks program and love it. It's not a scam but obviously there's an issue with your card/account. I hope you can get it resolved.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-10:
I hope everything works out for you. I can tell you that it is not a scam, because I use it. The last time I used it, I had over $1 off per gallon and had no issues getting the discount.

Try the link Trmn8r posted above, or you go to the Winn Dixie website if you are having trouble getting through by phone.
Posted by Big Tom on 2011-06-24:
I went to the Shell fuel station and was told the discount is NOT for regular gasoline....just mid range and high test.....RIPOFF city
Posted by Person on 2011-07-19:
Actually that is not Winn Dixie's fault it is Shell gas stations fault for not letting you get your gas. Winn Dixie is having problems with the Shell gas stations in regards to that and have filed complaints against them for that reason.
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StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Posted by Rrrstutt on 06/13/2012
KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- Well I am a really concerned for my fiance. Has been an employee for Winn Dixie for about 9 1/2 years and has gone through so much with this store she works at that it is affecting our personal life. There are some recent managers there who have been a little "rough" with the way they act and talk to their employees. Being in management myself I understand how to be a leader to encourage and motivate my employees. But to make them cry day in and day out is cruel. Why can't the employees be able to talk to their managers....??? I would not recommend anyone to work there shop there anythin....just absolutly crazy what happens behind closed doors......
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-06-14:
What are the employees doing to raise the manager's ire?
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-06-14:
No employee should ever be mistreated period. With the many changes in management you describe there could be several reasons. One manager might not be producing for whatever reason and he was replaced with another. The new one came on board, realized the mess he was expected to clean up and decided he wanted no part of it. Then another is hired, told what was expected and in frustration decided to take it out on the employees when things didn't turn around immediately.

In addition, sometimes employees become very lax and decide they will do whatever they please because they always have in the past. It's a no-win anyway you look at it. I actually know of one situation locally where all employees were terminated, a new manager brought in and the company began re-building the business from the ground up.

I certainly hope things work out for your fiance' if she decides to remain with Winn-Dixie.
Posted by TLSmith on 2012-06-14:
Aside from your fiance venting to you about her job,it really isn't any of your business and I hope that this letter to doesn't come back and bite her in the ass.
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False Promotions
Posted by Ms.Roz on 11/29/2010
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I have been a patron of Winn Dixie stores for several years. I, along with several other customers in the New Orleans East area are totally dissatisfied with the false advertisement of the promotion concerning discounted gas at Shell gas stations. As customers we have been eluded to believe that when money is spent at Winn Dixie stores that we would receive discounts in gas per gallon at Shell gas stations. We are being told that for certain amounts spent that it would knock off five cents per gallon. When you have accumulated enough you are then entitled to receive discounts from Shell gas stations. Just today I went to five Shell gas stations that would not honor the agreement of discounted gas per gallon. What a joke! Each of the Shell gas stations came up with a different excuse. For example, our debit/credit machine is not working. I am expected to be gullible enough to believe that the debit machines at every Shell station I pull up to is down. If this is not to be blamed on, our local astronomically high priced Winn Dixie, then whose fault is it? I plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau and whomever else I can complain to. Believe that!I get it. Shell Gas Stations don't want to lose money. On my Winn Dixie rececipt it says I have earned 85 cents off of every gallon. The reward points end at the end of every month. The going price for gas at Shell stations is on an average of $2.74 per gallon. Quite naturally, Shell gas stations would not want to give me the gas for $1.89 as I so deserve. Patrons please beware! This is a scam. After making my phone calls I will let the world know the outcome of this scam. Shame on you Winn Dixie and Shell gas stations!
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Posted by yoke on 2010-11-29:
Usually they are certain stations that accept the discounts and you can get that information at the store.
Posted by Pat5 on 2010-11-30:
Not all Shell stations take the Winn Dixie cards. In my area there are only two. Winn Dixie gave me the locations, telling me they would have the little Fuelman perks logo for the ones that do. Not sure about your area but here the points don't expire every month. I don't shop a lot at Winn Dixie but accumulated enough points over several months to get 40 cents off a gallon. I went to one of the locations they gave me and had no problem getting my gas at the discounted price. Being my first time using the card the station was very helpful in letting me know how to use it. They do only allow for only up to 20 gallons at the discounted price however and my only dissatisfaction is that if you don't need that much at the time, it doesn't carry over. Also it would be nice if there were more stations that used the service so it would be more convenient.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-11-30:
Gasoline discount promotions involving food stores work best if the grocery chain operates their own gas stations, such as Kroger or Giant Eagle. Contracting with a national-brand oil company for fuel discounts can cause confusion, since most major-brand gas stations are independently owned, and some of them choose not to participate in the program. Winn-Dixie, at least, lists the addresses of the Shell stations that are participating, but still, people would assume that ALL of the Shell stations in a particular Winn-Dixie market are participating, which wasn't made clear to the OP who stopped at 5 different Shell stations, all non-participating, to try to get the fuel discount.
Posted by iamalex2 on 2011-04-12:
Has anyone noticed that since this promotion started, that Shell gas stations that honor the discount have raised their price per gallon by more than 20 cents than those gas stations in their area? This is a bait and switch scam by both Winn Dixie and Shell Gas. It's not a discount if the price is raised! That's like raising the price of an item by 50 cents and then advertising a sale of 50 cents off.
Posted by BK on 2012-03-30:
After accumulating enough points, I was eligible for $.10 a gallon discount at a Shell gas station affiliate. I stopped at a SHELL station at 5050 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL. The posted price on the big sign by the highway was $3.89 a gallon. "Good," I thought, "that means I can buy it for $3.79." I went into the store, said I wanted to fill up, gave him my Winn Dixie card. I was forced to charge my credit card $40, even 'tho the guy couldn't explain why this was necessary, and I knew it wouldn't take that much. I was told to pump the gas. While I was filling, I noticed the price on the pump said, $3.97. Wow. Finished up, went back in, had to sign a credit card receipt for a refund of the difference between the $40 and what was actually paid, $27.20. My slip said I'd been charged $3.87 per gallon. "S0," I asked the attendant, "how much discount did I actually get?" "Two cents," he replied, than tried to explain how he reached that conclusion, when the sign by the road said $3.89, and I had a $.10 discount. He was surly and dismissive, turned his back and started speaking Spanish with another guy, who appeared to be his work relief replacement. I took pics of the advertised prices on the both the sign and the pump, and have my receipts. I will not go out of my way to shop Winn Dixie again, even 'tho I like the store. It's a little further away, and I was really counting on the FuelPerks program to help me save a few bucks. I am contacting SHELL, and will work to expose this station's scam in my area.
Barbara Phillippi
Posted by Mike on 2012-07-03:
Tried to use winn-dixie card at circle K in Ocoee,Fl and after inserting winn-dixie card machine said "no winn-dixie discounts today" really, why would it even ask for the winn-dixie card if they were not going to honor it?
Posted by maude on 2013-02-05:
i received my i paid 180 a gallon in mobilke
Posted by rj barker on 2013-08-31:
when to two shell stations five hrs apart and ten miles between each station both sayin computers down, makes you wonder about the scam thing....
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Spoiled Chicken
Posted by No more Winn Dixie on 03/31/2010
SAINT CLOUD, FLORIDA -- Since August 2008 and March 2010 I have had to return spoiled chicken to Winn Dixie for replacement 6 times, and on two other separate occasions I just threw out the chicken without returning it at all. This is totally unacceptable, I've complained to Winn/Dixie's corporate office numerous times about this to no avail and it seems to fall on deaf ears, they don't even offer so much as an apology at corporate level. All the above is referenced Winn/Dixie's Saint Cloud, Florida store, additionally I have notified Sanderson Farms regarding my issues and at least they offered an apology for this situation, its my belief I'm not the only one having this problem with Winn/Dixie and would like to hear from others with this sort of complaint. I have moved on from being a loyal Shopper at Winn/Dixie and have elected to shop elsewhere....
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Posted by goduke on 2010-03-31:
I'm thinking that I'd have stopped buying chicken at Winn-Dixie after the second time. But that's just me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-31:
Goduke + 10. There are stores around here that I will never buy meat from again (not Winn-Dixie).
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-31:
Are you checking the "sell-by date" on the package before taking it home?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-31:
You have certainly given them enough chances. More than I would have. It's time to move on.
Posted by No more Winn Dixie on 2010-04-01:
Thank you for your comments, absolutely, I did check dates, and all of the packages were within at least 3 days of their sell by date and upon getting the packages home and opening it to properly freeze it,for use later, it was already spoiled, and on two occasions they had replaced labels over top with new ones indicating a new sell by date, but I agree with everyone, I'm trustworthy and as a loyal Winn/Dixie shopper I expect Winn/Dixie to be looking out after my best interest,and that was not the case, and YES after 6 or more times you think I would have learned my lessons, however, I shouldn't have to follow up behind Winn/Dixie to make sure their doing their job and that's the bottom line. Thanks to every ones comments
Posted by Carlie on 2013-08-18:
I am going to give up on Winn Dixie meats/chicken. I have always depended on them for Sanderson Farms Chicken, but I bought buy one/get one free. (which seemed like an ok deal at the time), but the chicken was stringy. I thought that I had made a mistake in cooking the chicken so decided to give W.D. Sanderson Farms chicken another chance. I bought the same brand and the buy one get one free chicken. I marinated it overnight, cooked it according to a recipe and it still turned out stringy and not very moist. I even cooked it about 10 min. less than recipe called for. I give up!!!! I will never buy Sanderson Farms chicken again and will not depend on Winn Dixie for chicken or any other meat products again. I simply do not trust them any more.
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