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Not Honoring Winn Dixie Fuel Perks For What It Is Worth
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Rating: 3/51

AUBURNDALE, FLORIDA -- When I first starting getting my gas at the Circle K (shell oil) gas station I was using Winn Dixie fuel perks awards. I had no problems. But now, as of today the gas station is not fully honoring the full fuel perks. My son in law called Winn Dixie customer service to complain about not honoring the full fuel perks. ** was very sarcastic and refused to help us about the matter. I am very upset about this because this is way I spend my money at Winn Dixie. I spend more than 400.00 a month. If this is not resolved and corrected and give me my full fuel perks I will go shop at Publix and Wal Mart.

I went to the gas station expecting my gas to be 49 cents a gallon with the perks and also the .90 reward. After I got home I checked my receipt and it was 1.509 per gallon and no perk rewards. And on top of it all they now stop pumping at 20 gallons and no more. This is wrong because it is not on the receipt that there is only a 20 gallon limit. I paid 30.18 for 20 gallons of gas in which it was only supposed to be .49 per gallon plus fuel perks. There were no fuel perks involved.

Other people have filed consumer complaints against Winn Dixie over this matter. It may be also linked to an investigation now being conducted by the Federal Trades Commission in Washington DC. Let's put a stop to this now before we lose Winn Dixie because after all, I would rather show at Winn Dixie than any other store but I do not like being scammed by anyone or any company.

A Shopping Cart Accident at Winn-Dixie
By -

I had entered the Winn Dixie Store, and as I was standing facing the shopping carts trying to pull one lose that was stuck together. The next thing I knew, the employee had entered the door with a load of shopping carts.. approx. 10-15, and rammed them into my back, as though he was trying to ram the shopping carts into the other ones. I started yelling "STOP", and fell to the floor. My head and my backside hit the brick wall, injuring my neck, shoulders, spinal area, mid section of my back, and the lower part of my back down to my buttocks. As the employee continued pushing the shopping carts as I laid on the floor screaming in pain.

The employee walked over and looked down at me and said "I am sorry" and walked away. A customer asked the employee as he boldly walked away, asked is that all he is going to say is I am sorry. Can't you at least help the lady up or check and see if she is OK. The employee kept walking and said out loud, "I said I am sorry". As I laid there for a few minutes, a couple of Winn Dixie employees finally came over and asked if I was OK, and ask if I can get up. I told them to wait a minute, that I was in severe pain.

Two female employees helped me get up, and a few minutes later, the store assistant manager by the name of ** came over. He ask if I was OK, and I told him "NO". He ask if I wanted him to call EMS. I told him to wait, please, it was embarrassing enough that that horrific accident is now causing a scene. Several witness tried to explain to the manager what had happen, but ** wasn't trying to hear them. He said "OK", and sent them on their way. He did not write their names down or anything.

After a few minutes had gone by. ** ask that he take me to the office. I tried to go, but felt faint, so he found a chair and I sat there until EMS arrived. I ask ** if he is going to do an incident report. He found a yellow writing pad, and wrote my name and cell phone number down. He did not write the incident as it occurred. I ask ** to write the report so that I can get a copy of the report. ** told me that someone from Risk Management will contact me within 48 hrs.

The EMS arrived and I was taken to Dr. Phillips emergency room. Because, Winn Dixie was hesitant about taking care of the emergency room treatment. The staff in the emergency room treated me like crap. After the x-rays were taken. I was released... I phoned ** at Winn Dixie and ask if he would cover the cab far for me to get back to my vehicle. He told me that once he wrote the report, that it was out of his hands, and I had to wait for Risk Management to contact me. I then ask, if I can get my prescriptions filled at Winn Dixie, he told me that he could not authorize anything. I am beyond myself.

Today, I heard from Winn Dixie's claims department, and I was informed that Winn Dixie will not authorize any medical treatments. And, I was told by one of the witness, that an employee in the deli was very upset because the accident in their store caused them from receiving the store's $3,500 bonus. The employee was more concerned about their bonus than my accident in their store caused by "their" employee.

Winn Dixie
By -

PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA -- I have been working for Winn Dixie for three years and have been a customer service lead for almost a year of it. My position is one of the managers. I have to say that my store and some others that I have been to in the pinellas county area are really clean. We also focus in on our customer service and freshness policy. Our managers work hard to make sure we are the best. We have special meetings just to discuss that our customers are number one. It is almost hard for me to believe some of these complaints that I have read on here.

My store manager and all of my other fellow managers would have listened completely and done anything to make you leave happy. If we are out of a sale item we make sure to get it in a timely manner and are instantly trying to find something else to replace it with or write a raincheck. If something would have happened with chair deal we probably would have given for the others price.

We do everything in our power to make the customer happy. My store is really clean as well we have nightly chores that all our front end people are responsible for. The bathrooms are another story. Did you know there are people that come in and completely destroy them I know that I have had to clean them up before, and I did not feel so good afterwards. Sometimes we do not know that the bathrooms are messy and the second we have a customer tell us about, we are out there cleaning asap... a couple times we have had to completely shut down the bathroom, it was so bad.

We also have never stuck out old meat with new tags. I am sorry to say every store including everyones precious favorite Publix has had bad meat before. I also have to say that Winn Dixie does have a lot of cheaper prices than Publix. Of course some of their products might be cheaper than ours but overall I find our products to be cheaper. Our sales are also a lot better. There are somethings I do not like about Winn Dixie but mostly it has to do with internal things such as raises and some of the idiotic things that the upper managers say. But I believe that will be in any company you find.

I also have to stick up for my store manager and co-director. They work their butts off and deserve every dime they are making. OK I think that is all for now. I was just so p.o'ed about some of the customer complaints. One more thing, when a customer comes in on Easter, one of our busiest days of the year and gets mad because we are out of french fried onions... and says next time I am going to go to Publix... just want to let you know they are not FREAKIN open... only we are, aka the reason we are sold out. OK for real that is all now!

Unfair Employee Treatment
By -

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I worked for Winn-Dixie for five years. During those five years I was a great employee and always received an above average on my annual reviews. I was a manager and had been for four out of the five years I was employed at the company. I had never done anything in five years to harm the company and always completed my job duties. I know that the ATF comes into the stores and does alcohol and tobacco stings to ensure that no one is selling to minors. After several times that the company got busted for underage alcohol sales, they decided to update their register systems.

Their registers now require you to enter the date on the id or get a manager's override to sale the alcohol. This is only for alcohol. When you sale tobacco you are still able to make your own decision on if you should enter the date of birth or you feel they are old enough to purchase. Winn-Dixie's register system is flawed. When you go to sell anything that requires a certain age to purchase you must hit clear and override. You only hit override if they are old enough. You can only hit clear and override for tobacco and lottery. Remember that you must get a key for alcohol or enter the date.

If you make a mistake and hit clear and override, the system does not allow you to go back in and enter the date of birth. We had the ATF come in and do a sting. After five years of hitting clear and override, I sold a pack of tobacco to a minor. Clearly I would not do this on purpose as it would be risking my job. I misread the date on the id and was not able to go back into the system to enter the date of birth. The ATF came in and wrote me a ticket to go to court as this is a class II misdemeanor charge. I have never been in any trouble in my life, with my personal life or Winn-Dixie life.

My human resources manager was contacted to be made aware of what had just happened. When I spoke to him on the phone, he terminated me over the phone (how professional) stating that he felt that he needed to be consistent with what has been done in the past to other employees that committed the same infraction and that my time with the company was not being taken into consideration.

I explained to him that I worked there for five years, made an honest unintentional human error, and I have never hurt the company in any way before. I also told him that I had no way of knowing that he was being consistent. He did not offer to suspend me for further investigation even though the policy does not state automatic termination.

I told him that I was sure that there was a girl that committed the same infraction at store 2213 and she did not get fired. He did not offer to check into that before firing me. After being terminated I did my own investigating. There was most definitely a girl at 2213 that committed the same infraction. She was not fired, but six months later was promoted to a front end manager. She committed the same infraction and received a freaking raise for it. My store manager was also terminated, but only after his fifth violation as a store manager. Winn-Dixie's code of ethics states that they deal fairly with all customers, associates, investors, business partners, and competitors.

This is a load of bs. If you are going to fire someone under the statement that you are being consistent then you might want to make sure you truly are being consistent before you fire them. You should make sure they are being treated fairly since that is part of the company's code of ethics. I feel that I made the mistake, but my disciplinary action was definitely unfair because that another person did the same thing, was not with the company for five years, and was not fired, but promoted. I worked hard for that company for five years and it was not taken into consideration.

The human resources manager knows how bad the economy is nowadays and did not take into consideration that I had been an excellent employee with no prior record. I feel like all the five years that I worked there was for nothing. Winn-Dixie is probably the most inconsistent company I will ever work for.

My Wife Let Go After 25 Yrs That Sucks.
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Rating: 1/51

HUDSON, FLORIDA -- After 25 yrs., of service Winn-Dixie, let my wife go. She only had two years more to retire. That is the corporate world. You are not a person, you are a number. She was let go over the phone, not even in person. I think that she is going to have a nervous breakdown, and maybe she can get disability.

From The Eyes of a FORMER Employee
By -

AVON PARK, FLORIDA -- Okay, to start things off, I am not here to slander Winn-Dixie. I am here to tell things how I see them. I used to work for them for a few months as a bagger and well, from my experience, the particular store I worked for did have valuable customer service - not the best but definitely satisfactory - but they are NOT top-notch when it comes to keeping their store clean and their food fresh. I will explain why:

  1. There is a review here about how the meat department puts new stickers on old meat. This is definitely true, as I have had to do a lot of work around that area. In fact the only recollection I have of them throwing away their old meat is not a very good one. One morning, as I was collecting carts from the parking lot, I found a HUGE bag that smelled like a dead dog. You could smell it from a mile away. I was surprise no one had noticed it sitting there all night. I thought someone had killed something and threw it out. Well I open the bag and I found about a couple of hundred pounds of rotting meat in there.

Not only did I inform management, the manager on duty was so grossed out he had me take all of that crap out by myself. It's bad enough they don't clean their meat department well enough, it's irresponsible to leave a bag of rotting meat out in the open and have their bagger throw it all out on his own. This shows that the person that was working in the meat department the previous day was too lazy to properly dispose the meat, he/she left it out in the parking lot, in a bag on a shopping cart and the bagger on duty that night was too lazy to pick up carts before the store closed.

I estimated that, since the meat department closes at around 8 PM there, the meat was sitting out in the open for a good 15 hours before I discovered it upon the start of my shift. The smell was so strong I had to ask customers outside to step back. I couldn't bring all that crap into the store.

  1. A lot of times the manager would ask me to take something into the freezer to find that there are a lot of spills. Sometimes the freezer would even smell. I hated going in there. They really need to do something about that. That and they need to organize their products in there a little better.

  2. The backroom, where the stockers collect all the products after the truck delivers them to put them on the shelves - no where near clean. There is too much crap on the ground, sometimes it's hard to walk around there.

  3. I can't count the times I've gone to the bathroom during my break to find a huge turd floating on the toilet. Once I found one on the urinal. THE URINAL!

On top of all this, they do not treat their employees very well. They certainly didn't treat me like a human being. Besides the fact that the manager called me into her office to nag at me about not doing anything (even though at the time I was bringing out bags) she called me names and would make me pick up shopping carts in the middle of a tropical storm.

I hated working for them. I hate Winn-Dixie. I hate the management in it. I hate the fact that they stole hours from me, I hate the fact that there products are so pricy, and I hate the fact that their baggers/cashiers have to do all the damn work while they sit on their ass and make 20 times more than we do by doing NOTHING. They don't even back up cashiers when there are long lines.

In conclusion they sure as heck aren't the cleanest store. I would also like to say that I am not writing this review because they treated me unfairly. I am writing this review because I have seen these things. Heck, I was treated worse at Sweet Bay, but I would gladly say they have the cleanest store I've ever seen. If you want fresh meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and all around fresh foods, ignore the fact that the people there suck, at least they do their jobs. I could say a lot more, but I think I've made my point across about Winn-Dixie.

Past Due Dates on Food Sold
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Rating: 2/51

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Location - Davie Blvd n 32 ave. If you look at food with yellow sale sticker saying "save $1, $2 etc"... check the sell by date, most of the time it's expired. These items are supposed to be removed off shelf. Not worth getting sick or food poisoning! Even packaged oysters! Prices are good bogo's, BUT ALWAYS CHECK DATES!

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA -- One 2 trips to Winn Dixie I've had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a white pregnant cashier who let her friends cut in front of me and then on the 2nd trip after checking out with her she asked me to move while I was loading the groceries in my cart. I'm done. Too bad because it is convenient for me to shop there.

There Are No Employee's to Help When I Am There
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Rating: 5/51

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I went to look for sour cream and I couldn't find any help. I was also trying to find some rice and still no response. I feel like I can't get what I need because there is not enough staff working there in the morning for the last four months. The only people that have ever helped me was Maria and Dale at the Winn-Dixie on Ariana Street.

Customer Service
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Rating: 3/51

ANNISTON, ALABAMA -- The clerk was waiting on a customer on one side of the desk getting something to do with Western Union. I was at the register side. Another service desk worker was standing behind the desk also. I thought it was very poor customer service for her not to at least say we will be with you in a minute. She never said a word. Not all the clerks are rude but there are some who are not friendly and have poor customer service skills. I'm just saying customer service is lacking.

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