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Unfair Employee Treatment
By -

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I worked for Winn-Dixie for five years. During those five years I was a great employee and always received an above average on my annual reviews. I was a manager and had been for four out of the five years I was employed at the company. I had never done anything in five years to harm the company and always completed my job duties. I know that the ATF comes into the stores and does alcohol and tobacco stings to ensure that no one is selling to minors. After several times that the company got busted for underage alcohol sales, they decided to update their register systems.

Their registers now require you to enter the date on the id or get a manager's override to sale the alcohol. This is only for alcohol. When you sale tobacco you are still able to make your own decision on if you should enter the date of birth or you feel they are old enough to purchase. Winn-Dixie's register system is flawed. When you go to sell anything that requires a certain age to purchase you must hit clear and override. You only hit override if they are old enough. You can only hit clear and override for tobacco and lottery. Remember that you must get a key for alcohol or enter the date.

If you make a mistake and hit clear and override, the system does not allow you to go back in and enter the date of birth. We had the ATF come in and do a sting. After five years of hitting clear and override, I sold a pack of tobacco to a minor. Clearly I would not do this on purpose as it would be risking my job. I misread the date on the id and was not able to go back into the system to enter the date of birth. The ATF came in and wrote me a ticket to go to court as this is a class II misdemeanor charge. I have never been in any trouble in my life, with my personal life or Winn-Dixie life.

My human resources manager was contacted to be made aware of what had just happened. When I spoke to him on the phone, he terminated me over the phone (how professional) stating that he felt that he needed to be consistent with what has been done in the past to other employees that committed the same infraction and that my time with the company was not being taken into consideration.

I explained to him that I worked there for five years, made an honest unintentional human error, and I have never hurt the company in any way before. I also told him that I had no way of knowing that he was being consistent. He did not offer to suspend me for further investigation even though the policy does not state automatic termination.

I told him that I was sure that there was a girl that committed the same infraction at store 2213 and she did not get fired. He did not offer to check into that before firing me. After being terminated I did my own investigating. There was most definitely a girl at 2213 that committed the same infraction. She was not fired, but six months later was promoted to a front end manager. She committed the same infraction and received a freaking raise for it. My store manager was also terminated, but only after his fifth violation as a store manager. Winn-Dixie's code of ethics states that they deal fairly with all customers, associates, investors, business partners, and competitors.

This is a load of bs. If you are going to fire someone under the statement that you are being consistent then you might want to make sure you truly are being consistent before you fire them. You should make sure they are being treated fairly since that is part of the company's code of ethics. I feel that I made the mistake, but my disciplinary action was definitely unfair because that another person did the same thing, was not with the company for five years, and was not fired, but promoted. I worked hard for that company for five years and it was not taken into consideration.

The human resources manager knows how bad the economy is nowadays and did not take into consideration that I had been an excellent employee with no prior record. I feel like all the five years that I worked there was for nothing. Winn-Dixie is probably the most inconsistent company I will ever work for.

From The Eyes of a FORMER Employee
By -

AVON PARK, FLORIDA -- Okay, to start things off, I am not here to slander Winn-Dixie. I am here to tell things how I see them. I used to work for them for a few months as a bagger and well, from my experience, the particular store I worked for did have valuable customer service - not the best but definitely satisfactory - but they are NOT top-notch when it comes to keeping their store clean and their food fresh. I will explain why:

  1. There is a review here about how the meat department puts new stickers on old meat. This is definitely true, as I have had to do a lot of work around that area. In fact the only recollection I have of them throwing away their old meat is not a very good one. One morning, as I was collecting carts from the parking lot, I found a HUGE bag that smelled like a dead dog. You could smell it from a mile away. I was surprise no one had noticed it sitting there all night. I thought someone had killed something and threw it out. Well I open the bag and I found about a couple of hundred pounds of rotting meat in there.

Not only did I inform management, the manager on duty was so grossed out he had me take all of that crap out by myself. It's bad enough they don't clean their meat department well enough, it's irresponsible to leave a bag of rotting meat out in the open and have their bagger throw it all out on his own. This shows that the person that was working in the meat department the previous day was too lazy to properly dispose the meat, he/she left it out in the parking lot, in a bag on a shopping cart and the bagger on duty that night was too lazy to pick up carts before the store closed.

I estimated that, since the meat department closes at around 8 PM there, the meat was sitting out in the open for a good 15 hours before I discovered it upon the start of my shift. The smell was so strong I had to ask customers outside to step back. I couldn't bring all that crap into the store.

  1. A lot of times the manager would ask me to take something into the freezer to find that there are a lot of spills. Sometimes the freezer would even smell. I hated going in there. They really need to do something about that. That and they need to organize their products in there a little better.

  2. The backroom, where the stockers collect all the products after the truck delivers them to put them on the shelves - no where near clean. There is too much crap on the ground, sometimes it's hard to walk around there.

  3. I can't count the times I've gone to the bathroom during my break to find a huge turd floating on the toilet. Once I found one on the urinal. THE URINAL!

On top of all this, they do not treat their employees very well. They certainly didn't treat me like a human being. Besides the fact that the manager called me into her office to nag at me about not doing anything (even though at the time I was bringing out bags) she called me names and would make me pick up shopping carts in the middle of a tropical storm.

I hated working for them. I hate Winn-Dixie. I hate the management in it. I hate the fact that they stole hours from me, I hate the fact that there products are so pricy, and I hate the fact that their baggers/cashiers have to do all the damn work while they sit on their ass and make 20 times more than we do by doing NOTHING. They don't even back up cashiers when there are long lines.

In conclusion they sure as heck aren't the cleanest store. I would also like to say that I am not writing this review because they treated me unfairly. I am writing this review because I have seen these things. Heck, I was treated worse at Sweet Bay, but I would gladly say they have the cleanest store I've ever seen. If you want fresh meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and all around fresh foods, ignore the fact that the people there suck, at least they do their jobs. I could say a lot more, but I think I've made my point across about Winn-Dixie.

Don't Appreciate Being Called a Liar
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Purchased coffee that was marked 50% off. At checkout it rang up full price. After argument and price check I ended up having to walk back to the coffee aisle and get the sign. No apologies were given.

Lousy Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

EUSTIS, FLORIDA -- The young bag boy & female checkout clerk talked to each other the whole time I was checking out. They talked about their schedule, what time they were getting off today, how many hours they would work today, what time they were coming to work get the idea. It's 95 degrees in Florida & I had to ask him to double-bag the ice cream after he had thrown it in with everything else in a single bag. This store has been slowly going downhill... Where are the managers?!

Honor Your Ad Prices and Don't Argue With the Customer.
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Rating: 1/51

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I went into my local Winn Dixie to buy meat today because their ad showed some really good prices. First item was chicken thighs. The ad stated they were supposed to be $1.29 a pound. All of the packages were marked $1.99 a pound. I asked a meat cutter if I could get the correct price on the package. I was told there was no reason to remark it, it would ring up correctly at the front.

Second was a package of pork loin chops. The ad stated it was supposed to be $1.99 a lb. This time had hubby go to the service desk and get a price check, it rang up incorrectly. He was told it couldn't be fixed there, he had to go back to the meat department and have them reprice it. Meat guy told us we had the wrong item. I pulled out the ad, said the names match. He went to the meat manager who was in an office again at the front of the store. Meat manager said we did indeed have pork loin chops but the ones on sale were thinker. The case only had 2 packages at the sale price and they were very large.

I insisted that since it said pork loin chops, we get them at the correct price or they make a smaller more affordable package. Finally he said "heck with it while", cussing under his breath - repriced the package as a clearance package. He then threw it at my husband saying "take this you cheap jerk and please never come back while I'm clocked in."

I called the home office customer service number. After waiting 12 minutes on hold, was told the incident was written down - was given a claim number and told the district manager would call me. Needless to say not holding my breath and not going back.

False Promotions
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I have been a patron of Winn Dixie stores for several years. I, along with several other customers in the New Orleans East area are totally dissatisfied with the false advertisement of the promotion concerning discounted gas at Shell gas stations. As customers we have been alluded to believe that when money is spent at Winn Dixie stores, that we would receive discounts in gas per gallon at Shell gas stations. We are being told that for certain amounts spent that it would knock off five cents per gallon. When you have accumulated enough you are then entitled to receive discounts from Shell gas stations.

Just today I went to five Shell gas stations that would not honor the agreement of discounted gas per gallon. What a joke! Each of the Shell gas stations came up with a different excuse. For example, our debit/credit machine is not working. I am expected to be gullible enough to believe that the debit machines at every Shell station I pull up to is down. If this is not to be blamed on, our local astronomically high priced Winn Dixie, then whose fault is it? I plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau and whomever else I can complain to. Believe that! I get it. Shell Gas Stations don't want to lose money.

On my Winn Dixie receipt it says I have earned 85 cents off of every gallon. The reward points end at the end of every month. The going price for gas at Shell stations is on an average of $2.74 per gallon. Quite naturally, Shell gas stations would not want to give me the gas for $1.89 as I so deserve. Patrons please beware! This is a scam. After making my phone calls I will let the world know the outcome of this scam. Shame on you Winn Dixie and Shell gas stations!

Manager responded, store well-organized, presentation of products excellent
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Rating: 5/51

HAINES CITY, FLORIDA -- I have been shopping at the Haines City, FL, Winn Dixie since it was built. I live in Lakeland but shop weekly for my mom who lives next door at Southern Dunes. Today when we shopped, the reorganization was very convenient, the aisles were spacious and free of special items, the deli and meat counters were free of "stuff," and the deli items were beautifully presented. The store looked great!!

I had a problem with the deli. Mom and I wanted about eight servings of deli items. There was no one to be found. We waited. I called. I hollered. I went back into the service area and called. This was at least 5 minutes of trying to find someone to help us. It included the meat area. No one was there! Finally, an employee came out and was very curt. "What do you want? Do you want something else?" She was angry that I was even there. She offered no apology for not being available.

I talked to the manager, **. He was wonderful. I complimented him on the store's organization and the beautiful presentation of the deli items. I said that I had shopped there as long as the store existed and this was the best I had ever seen it. I explained the problem at the deli, not being able to find anyone to help me and the attitude of the employee. I said that if it had been only my shopping involved, I would have left, but my mother wanted some items. He apologized and offered me a gift card several times. I said I appreciated the offer but did not want a gift card; I just wanted the problem fixed.

I said that it is a shame to have such a beautifully displayed deli and have an employee who is not there and when she is there has such an attitude. He was very understanding. I compliment **!! I and my mother (95) also compliment whoever is responsible for eliminating the clutter of counters and aisles (Publix is bad about this). It makes shopping much more enjoyable.

Above and Beyond Customer Care
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Rating: 5/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- My body pound was 250. Am only 5'5" tall. Being as fat as I was, depression logged in and I began to cry a lot. Most people saw me as a ** fat American round man. And so I was [nick] named, (Round Fellow), until I meet a wonderful, caring, unprejudiced ** American employee of Winn Dixie in west palm beach, FL., on South Dixie and Gregory Rd., name, **. He encouraged me to start walking from my house to Winn Dixie, which is 3.9 miles. As I continued to make the one hours and thirty minutes long walk, ** would walk me around the store and pick out some healthy foods for me to buy. Then other employees took noticed and join in helping me to lose weight.

** in the fish department, ** in the meat department and this big tall caring guy name **. I think in the meat department, another ** that does stocking that gave me advice on can goods. They all pitched in helping me. Nearly each day other employees began to notice me as I come into the store and weighted myself on the large scale. The employees would ask, 'How are things going with your weight?' They made me feel like shopping at Winn Dixie forever. But ** is the best. Thank you for hiring such an outstanding guy. Employees like ** keeps not only customers like me coming back but others as well.

From 250 pounds, thanks to ** who started me to lose weight, my weight is now, 197 pounds. And I also give thanks to the managers that took notice and along with the employees under them. You may call me at; **. Also the manager in the bakery, well she would let me cheat a little and we didn't let ** know. She can bake some d good muffin. My god she is good. And ** in your florist department, she went out of her way, to have her mother at home to look up information about, Lip Stick Plaints for me. My plant is doing great thanks to her. Thank you Winn Dixie for hiring not only caring people but smart ones as well.

Spoiled Chicken
By -

SAINT CLOUD, FLORIDA -- Since August 2008 and March 2010 I have had to return spoiled chicken to Winn Dixie for replacement 6 times, and on two other separate occasions, I just threw out the chicken without returning it at all. This is totally unacceptable, I've complained to Winn/Dixie's corporate office numerous times about this to no avail and it seems to fall on deaf ears. They don't even offer so much as an apology at corporate level. All the above is referenced Winn/Dixie's Saint Cloud, Florida store.

Additionally I have notified Sanderson Farms regarding my issues and at least they offered an apology for this situation. Its my belief I'm not the only one having this problem with Winn/Dixie and would like to hear from others with this sort of complaint. I have moved on from being a loyal Shopper at Winn/Dixie and have elected to shop elsewhere...

By -

On June 23rd I went into the Winn Dixie on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach to pick up some items at the deli. I personally do not like pre-packaged items because I feel that they dry out. I asked the lady behind the counter if I could have some potato salad. She told me that there were some below already packaged. When I informed her that I did not care for them, she refused to give me any fresh potato salad. I left and talked to Deli Manager whom has also tried to sell me pre-packaged items before, I have always left without buying pre-packaged.

After leaving the Deli I asked to speak to the manager of the store and got the next best thing Asst Manager (I think). I told her my problem and she asked me if I got everything I was shopping for and I told her NO. She said she would talk to the Deli people and walked off. I left store. Publix is right across the road. This was my last adventure at Winn Dixie. I work for a large resort on the beach. I will never say anything bad about Winn Dixie. I will never recommend it to our guest.

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