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Where Are the Sale Items?
Posted by Hoss4830 on 07/21/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Did you find everything OK? That's always the question at checkout, so when someone says no they are taken aback. That's the problem that arose for me at the Orlando Winn Dixie on Curry Ford Rd. When I asked about their wine sale or where is the organic spaghetti sauce the answer is the same "I'm sorry we don't carry that item here" but we let you know with the disclaimer "Items not in all stores".

Shall I call you beforehand with my list? Hello Winn DIxie management ..If you're throwing a sale at least have an end cap or display for each store. Is that hard for you folks to grasp?
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Didn't Get Any of My Fuel Perks
Posted by Spjohnson on 07/17/2013
MILTON, FLORIDA -- I went shopping at Winn Dixie on 7-16-13 and had a total of .55 cents off a gallon of gas for up to 20 gallons. When I put my Winn Dixie card in to start the transaction it came up with the message that I didn't have any reward perks although I was holding the receipt showing I had .55 cents.

What a rip off. I'm shopping elsewhere from now on. Shame on Winn Dixie. When I called I was put on hold and no one ever got back to me. You have lost all my business and respect.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-17:
Did you try to get gas right after shopping at Winn Dixie? There may be a period of time between your transaction in the store and when the gas discount goes through. I've had the same thing happen to me with Kroger's fuel discount program. No big deal, I just got the discount the next time I got gas.
Posted by oldisgood on 2013-07-17:
exactly. the points pop us sometime later not immediately. same thing happened to me.
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Manager responded, store well-organized, presentation of products excellent
Posted by Dale.davis on 06/17/2013
HAINES CITY, FLORIDA -- I have been shopping at the Haines City, FL, Winn Dixie since it was built. I live in Lakeland but shop weekly for my mom who lives next door at Southern Dunes. Today when we shopped, the reorganization was very convenient, the aisles were spacious and free of special items, the deli and meat counters were free of "stuff," and the deli items were beautifully presented. The store looked great!!

I had a problem with the deli. Mom and I wanted about eight servings of deli items. There was no one to be found. We waited. I called. I hollered. I went back into the service area and called. This was at least 5 minutes of trying to find someone to help us. It included the meat area. No one was there! Finally, an employee came out and was very curt. What do you want? Do you want something else? She was angry that I was even there. She offered no apology for not being available.

I talked to the manager, Sergio. He was wonderful. I complimented him on the store's organization and the beautiful presentation of the deli items. I said that I had shopped there as long as the store existed and this was the best I had ever seen it. I explained the problem at the deli, not being able to find anyone to help me and the attitude of the employee. I said that if it had been only my shopping involved, I would have left, but my mother wanted some items. He apologized and offered me a gift card several times. I said I appreciated the offer but did not want a gift card; I just wanted the problem fixed. I said that it is a shame to have such a beautifully displayed deli and have an employee who is not there and when she is there has such an attitude. He was very understanding.

I compliment Sergio!! I and my mother (95) also compliment whoever is responsible for eliminating the clutter of counters and aisles (Publix is bad about this). It makes shopping much more enjoyable.

Dale Davis
Lakeland, FL
Mary Davis
Haines City, FL
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My Wife Let Go After 25 Yrs That Sucks
Posted by MYCHEVELLE4SPD on 04/05/2013
After 25 Yrs., of service Winn Dixie, let my wife go. She only had two years more to retire, that is the corporate world, you are not a person you are a number. She was let go over the phone not even in person.

I think that she is going to have a nervous break down, and maybe she can get disability.

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Posted by sp on 2013-04-05:
Disability is very difficult to receive
Posted by onlooker on 2013-04-05:
you may have to challenge HR, and then sue for some kind of age discrimination - this is a very specific issue and should be handled very carefully.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2013-04-05:
Unfortunately Florida is an "At Will" Employment state;
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-04-05:
Was the OP's wife under contract? If not, then Winn Dixie owes her nothing. Too often, long term workers gain a sense of entitlement, and believe they are owed something extra for their years of loyalty and dedication. I know, I too am guilty of that, having worked for the better part of a decade at my current employer. But at the end of the day, the fact remains that I do not own the company. I am just an employer. It's not always an easy thing to acknowledge or accept.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-05:
Onlooker is correct. *IF* there were no valid reasons for her dismissal, she may well have a valid case for age discrimination. I'd look for a good labor lawyer.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-04-05:
While it may not hurt to consult a labor attorney, in Florida one can be let go for any reason. The problem is that a "valid reason" could be any number of things: not wanting to work certain shifts, reduction in labor force, store going to part time employees. Since the wife is not writing this complaint, we do not know what reason she was given for being layed off.
Posted by Dakota1015 on 2013-04-06:
People keep voting for politicians that are on the take from the big corporations, and that's who they take care of, not the working people that voted for them. People need to wake up. If this was a reduction in labor force which I doubt would be the case for Winn-Dixie, than the cuts should be from the less tenured employees, not a 25 year veteran. She must have been doing something right to last 25 years!
Guess i will be going to Publix from now on.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2013-04-06:
The poor economy and Obamacare kicking in - While millions of Americans are getting kicked out of it.
Posted by Lisa on 2013-04-16:
Oh, I do understand this situation... Winn Dixie is no longer owned by the Davis Brothers... I had 30 years in and they also let me go... Never missed a day in my life. I was distraught over this and really went through sadness.... What will happen with this Company? The best is yet to come for Winn Dixie... Karma
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Not Honoring Winn Dixie Fuel Perks For What It Is Worth
Posted by Barbiej33 on 03/27/2013
AUBURNDALE, FLORIDA -- When I first starting getting my gas at the Circle K (shell oil) gas station I was using Winn Dixie fuel perks awards. I had no problems. But now, as of today the gas station is not fully honoring the full fuel perks. My son in law called Winn Dixie customer service to complain about not honoring the full fuel perks. Desiree was very sarcastic and refused to help us about the matter. I am very upset about this because this is way I spend my money at Winn Dixie. I spend more than 400.00 a month. If this is not resolved and corrected and give me my full fuel perks I will go shop at Publix and Wal Mart. I went to the gas station expecting my gas to be. 49 cents a gallon with the perks and also the. 90 reward. After I got home I checked my receipt and it was 1.509 per gallon and no perk rewards and on top of it all they now stop pumping at 20 gallons and no more. This is wrong because it is not on the receipt that there is only a 20 gallon limit. I paid 30.18 for 20 gallons of gas in which it was only suppose to be. 49 per gallon plus fuel perks. Their were no fuel perks involved.

Other people have filed consumer complaints against Winn Dixie over this matter. It may be also linked to an investigation now being conducted by the Federal Trades Commission in Washington DC. Lets put a stop to this now before we loose Winn Dixie because after all I would rather show at Winn Dixie than any other store but I do not like being scammed by anyone or any company.
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-03-28:
I don't know how fuel perks are supposed to work, but if you paid $1.50 a gallon, you sure got some kind of a helluva deal. I paid $3.65 a gallon this morning.
In our area, Stop & Shop offer a discount on gas. I know they cap it at 20 gallons at a time, i think that is pretty standard.
Posted by biomajor on 2013-03-28:
I don't have Winn Dixie, but Kroger caps theirs at 30 gallons.
Posted by Dervish-6m on 2013-03-28:
winn dixie caps it at 20 gallons. It also states it in the paper work you get when you sign up for the card.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-03-28:
here is a link to the winn dixie fuel perks page. there is a strict limit of 20 gallons per fill.

Posted by oldisgood on 2013-03-29:
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Honor Your Ad Prices and Don't Argue With the Customer.
Posted by Jlmassie on 02/28/2013
VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I went into my local Winn Dixie to buy meat today because their ad showed some really good prices. First item was chicken thighs the ad stated they were supposed to be $1.29 a pound. All of the packages were marked $1.99 a pound. I asked a meat cutter if I could get the correct price on the package. I was told there was no reason to remark it, it would ring up correctly at the front.

Second was a package of pork loin chops. The ad stated it was supposed to be $1.99 a lb. This time had hubby go to the service desk and get a price check it rang up incorrectly, he was told it couldn't be fixed there he had to go back to the meat department and have them reprice it. Meat guy told us we had the wrong item. I pulled out the ad said the names match he went to the meat manager who was in an office again at the front of the store. Meat manager said we did indeed have pork loin chops but the ones on sale were thinker. The case only had 2 packages at the sale price and they were very large.

I insisted that since it said pork loin chops we get them at the correct price or they make a smaller more affordable package. Finally he said heck with it while cussing under his breath repriced the package as a clearance package. He then threw it at my husband saying take this you cheap jerk and please never come back while I'm clocked in.

I called the home office customer service number after waiting 12 minutes on hold was told the incident was written down was given a claim number and told the district manager would call me. Needless to say not holding my breath and not going back.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-02-28:
Many times the lower price on meat only applies to the large (family) packs.
Posted by jlmassie on 2013-03-01:
The ad never states it has to be family size packs. They either need to have a clearer ad or honor what they print.
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Ripped off by Winn Dixie
Posted by Rweunique on 02/03/2013
LAKE HELEN, FLORIDA -- After years of shopping at Winn-Dixie as I felt their employees should not suffer for poor management I went to get gas this morning with their gas card it wasn't' honored; in addition they stopped handing the weekly $5 off $55 coupon that was the reason I shopped their every week in the first place. Totally disappointed in this store; will start using the store my employer patronizes (Publix) even though they cost more; gas card rip-off was the last straw for putting up with this store.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-02-03:
you show them by shopping at a more expensive store. -- that is just crazy. One of my local stores offers $5 of $50 periodically. If they were doing it every week, they may as well just knock $5 off of everyone's bill. As we don't have Winn-Dixie here I'm not sure what their gas card is, but did you ask management for help when this happened? Why wasn't the card honored?
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-02-03:
I shop at Safeway. I don't know if they have a "gas card" but you earn "fuel rewards" based on your purchases, up to a $1.00 off per gallon. (I saved .90 cents a gallon last month!) Anyway, they regularly give out $10 coupons with your receipt, no minimum purchase. You just have to look at the coupons they hand you with your receipt. If the cashier is good, they tell you you got the coupon.
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Customer Service
Posted by Tremendacorrida on 12/12/2012
Employees of Winn Dixie in Hialeah are the most polite and helpful employees I have ever seen they assist you in finding and checking prices for you as well as the people who take the groceries to the car AMAZZZZINNNGGG!!!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-13:
That's fantastic to hear such a good review. I wish there were many more like them.
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Card discounts
Posted by Saundra1571 on 08/16/2012
PALM BAY, FLORIDA -- I am writing about Winn Dixie on Malabar and Minton in Palm Bay, Florida, this store, gives discounts if one has a membership card, the products have two sets of prices, with and without membership card, I have noticed on two occations that the discounted price does not ring up at the register, the first time I got the store managers attention and was given the excuse that the person who put the meats out had not had a chance to change the price in the system, at that time I was given the discounted membership price, just yesterday I went there to buy some stew meat, I used the self check out register, along with the stew meat I also bought some cookies which were. 99 cents and by one get one free, when I rang up, it I needed assistance to get the price corrected, the cashier had an attitude, but gave me the discount, I later noticed that the meat had rang up at the 16.00 instead of the 11.00 which was the advertised price with card, they are such rip offs, beware and check your receipts...
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Posted by leet60 on 2012-08-17:
I have had similar experiences with these discounts at other stores. Giant foods, at one time, had a policy that if the price did not ring up as indicated at the register the item was free. Alas, this has ended. I can understand the store "not having a chance" to put an item in as a discount from time to time, but the attitude you were given by the store personnel is not acceptable.
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Above and Beyond Customer Care
Posted by Dannyturnipseed on 08/07/2012
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- My body pound was 250.Am only 5'5" tall. Being as fat as I was, depression loged in and I began to cry a lot. Most people saw me as a black fat American round man. And so I was [nick] named,(Round Fellow), until I mete a wonderful caring, unprejudiced White American employee of Winn Dixie in west palm beach, FL.,on South Dixie and Gregory Rd.,name, Evenn. He encouraged me to start walking from my house to Winn Dixie, which is 3.9 miles. As I continued to make the one hours and thirty minutes long walk, Evenn would walk me around the store and pick out some healthy foods for me to buy. Then other employees took noticed and join in helping me to loos weight. Joseph in the fish department, Frank in the meat department and this big tall caring guy name Allex I think in the meat department, another Frank that does stocking that gave me advice on can goods. They all pitched in helping me. Nearly each day other employees began to notice me as I come into the store and weighted myself on the large scale. The employees would ask,'How are things going with your weight?'They made me feel like shopping at Winn Dixie for ever. But Evenn is the best. Thank you for hiring such an out standing guy. Employees like Evenn keeps not only customers like me coming back but others as well. From 250 pounds, thanks to Evenn who started me to loose weight, my weight is now,197 pounds. And I also give thanks to the managers that took notice and along with the employees under them. You may call me at;561-670-8947.Also the manager in the bakery, well;she would let me cheat a little and we didn't let Evenn know. She can bake some d--- good muffin. My god she is good. And Coren in your florist department, she went out of her way, to have her mother at home to look up information about, Lip Stick Plaints for me. My plaint is doing great thanks to her. Thank you Winn Dixie for hiring not only caring people but smart ones as well.
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Posted by Suzy on 2012-08-07:
Congratulations on your weight loss, keep up the good work. That is wonderful that Winn Dixie employees took the time and the care to help you with your goal. It's obvious this store cares about it's customers. A word of warning however, this is a public review board, it's not a good idea to post personal information such as a phone number.
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