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Horrible Windsor Windows
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COLUMBUS AREA, OHIO -- These windows are the worst!! There is NO seal around the edges where the wood meets the glass so in the winter the cold air pours in. When the cold air meets the heated air of our home it creates an inch of condensation on the glass which then turns to ICE on the inside of our windows. The water/ice that sits on the edge of the wood creates mold and ruins the finish, and subsequently is rotting the wood on all the windows in our home! We have called the distributer over and over, and when they finally sent someone out from Windsor, the rep claimed it was the humidity level in the home. First off, we measure the humidity constantly, and it runs anywhere from 25-38% which is totally normal, even on the lower side of normal. (Not to mention that we run our dehumidifier 24/7, 265 days a year!) Second, our patio doors have glass from floor to ceiling, but are manufactured by Anderson, and they "mysteriously" have never had any condensation on them, ever!!

Additionally, because the Windsor windows also leak on the top where the frame meets the actual house, many of the windows have become so warped that once you open them, you cannot get them closed again. Don't even get me started on the mold that grows on the upper frames because of the water that leaks in and is then trapped by the upper edge of the windows. Not only is this a structural and esthetic defect, but quite possibly dangerous to the health of our family. We are considering litigation.

We live in a $300K+ home, and these horrible windows are of inexcusably poor quality. It is not just one or two windows, it is every single window in our home!
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Anonymous on 03/14/2007:
I don't even know why they make wooden windows anymore - certainly not with some sort of vinyl covering.
HDnut2 on 09/23/2008:
I couldn't agree more about Windsor Windows. We bought a model home in the MPLS area. We had never heard of Windsor before, but we assumed that any window that a builder would put into a 500,000 model home would have some decent windows. Poor assumption. These windows are crap. We have all the problems stated above. The windows frost up terribly. And we have resulting window finish and wood deterioration as a result.

One additional problem that we have with these cheap windows is that the locks are not even strong enough to hold the weight of the upper window. The locks have started to twist under the weight of the window itself. This should not happen in a quality window.

I will never use Windsor windows again.
installation master on 07/31/2010:
Windsor Windows are required to meet the same standards put forth by independent testing companies as other window manufacturers that display the AAMA sticker and qualify to be classified as an energy star product. They meet or exceed the specifications put forth by NFRC.
I question the installation. This sounds like a disgruntled customer.
The post also fails to specify the date the windows were manufactured & series. Did the contractor follow the manufacturers installation instructions carefully? Did the homeowner follow maintenance instructions?
Has a qualified service technician inspected them?
Were all exposed wood edges finished with several coats of a quality finish? Has the homeowner refinished the windows?
A homeowner should definitely inspect their windows annually & CLEAN them.
I installed five Windsor Window Legend series double hungs in 2004 with a date stamp of 2-04. With LoE glass(stamp E4). I have no complaints & my wife & I are extremely satisfied with them. I don't get condensation on them because I keep the interior humidity set below the recommended levels and provide adequate ventillation. They open & close properly because I installed them Plumb, level & square. They don't leak air & water around them because I properly flashed & insulated them. I inspect the operation & weather strip annually. There is some truth in the saying "A window is only as good as it is installed.". There are a lot of cheap, low quality, "fly-by-night", "flash-in-the-pan", generic window manufacturer's out there. I don't believe Windsor deserves to be labeled as one of them. I have heard the same complaints about Anderson, Marvin, Pella, etc from disgruntled customers.
sbecker on 01/23/2011:
We had the exact same experience with Windsor windows - to the letter. We live in Wisconsin and built out home 5 years ago. We have had an inch of condensation and ice on our windows every year and when the rep came here they said the humidity level was too high. When my husband asked "what is too high?" they guy couldn't answer and stomped out of our house. The windows are rotting and moldy now.
Sparky71 on 02/09/2011:
I live in NW Indiana and am having the exact same problems listed above with my Windsor windows. I recommend everyone stay away from this company, most expensive mistake I ever made!
windosr=terrible on 06/14/2011:
We were assured by the builder as well that they were just as good as pella or anderson in a 400K home. We have lived in it 9 years and since year one with no humidity on in the winter we still see the condinsation on the windows. The sashes are now breaking and we can't open windows nor close them or it is difficult to close once they break. RUN FROM ANYONE TELLING YOU WINDSOR IS GOOD!!! There should be a class action lawsuit against this company!!!
cformento on 03/15/2012:
Couldn't agree more! We are having to have replacement Andersen windows put in our 13 year old $400,000 home to replace these terrible wood windows! The wood is rotting so badly that the hardware has pulled away and the wood is split, letting a draft of air in (breeze-like)
shrekylou on 05/24/2012:
Windsor is a cheap, builder grade window. There is a reason why Windor is half the price of top brands!
GCS Construction on 07/23/2012:
In 2008 installed 40 metalclad/alder Windsor/ Pinnacle,in a new construction log cabin which is 35 south of Lake Tahoe. 1800 ft elevation. All the window perform well to seal out the elements when locked properly, including winds w/ rains in excess of 80 MPH. After 4 years, one window is warped (material/knot failure) and won't open all the way and edge seals needing replacement. Customer service responded the same day with new window order and ~100 ft of edge seals at no cost. Beautiful interior product and outside no fading. Hint use wide alder floor base for window trim and low expanding foam around window.
Windsor Windows on 06/25/2013:
Everyone – Thank you for your comments. Windsor Windows takes all reviews and customer calls very seriously.

Installation Master and GCS Construction – Thank you for sharing your professional expertise and experiences. As you correctly noted, Windsor is required to meet the same rigorous standards set by independent testing companies as other window manufacturers that display the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) sticker, meet or exceed the specifications put forth by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and qualify to be classified as an Energy Star product.

Our products are custom built to order and hand crafted to meet each customer’s specific architectural needs. If you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1.800.218.6186 so we can address your needs directly.
ProspectMike on 05/10/2014:
Our builder ($500,000) home recommended these over Pella. They are horrible. The fronts are chalking and our windows look like milk is poured over them. The local rep said it's not their problem because we were 11 months out of a five year warranty. He said the builder should have painted them, but Windsor's paperwork claims no painting is necessary. I NOW have to paint them to stop the dust they emit.
reallymad on 06/30/2014:
They put vinyl Windsor Windows in my expensive new house too. THEY ARE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!! They have done exactly what Kara said hers did. The house was built in 2004/2005. Air has always blown in around them, and not just between the window and the frame they set it in, but actually up through the window itself. I have to shove fiber fill into the tracks to slow down the cold air. On some of them I have actually taped or caulked around where the window meets the bottom part when you close it. All of which means I can't open the windows. You can't stop the moisture and ice that builds up around the windows no matter how low the humidity is. The air is blowing in from the outside. Mold even builds up along the inside of the top of the vinyl frame they go up and down in. You have to clean them a lot. Dirt even blows in with the air and builds up on the top of the lower window. Then the moisture makes it muddy. It's awful!! I had way better windows than this in the cheap mobile home I lived in back in the 80's. I have a whole house full of these worthless, cheap crap windows. They shouldn't be allowed to sell this junk!
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