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Horrible Windsor Windows
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COLUMBUS AREA, OHIO -- These windows are the worst!! There is NO seal around the edges where the wood meets the glass so in the winter the cold air pours in. When the cold air meets the heated air of our home it creates an inch of condensation on the glass which then turns to ICE on the inside of our windows. The water/ice that sits on the edge of the wood creates mold and ruins the finish, and subsequently is rotting the wood on all the windows in our home! We have called the distributer over and over, and when they finally sent someone out from Windsor, the rep claimed it was the humidity level in the home. First off, we measure the humidity constantly, and it runs anywhere from 25-38% which is totally normal, even on the lower side of normal. (Not to mention that we run our dehumidifier 24/7, 265 days a year!) Second, our patio doors have glass from floor to ceiling, but are manufactured by Anderson, and they "mysteriously" have never had any condensation on them, ever!!

Additionally, because the Windsor windows also leak on the top where the frame meets the actual house, many of the windows have become so warped that once you open them, you cannot get them closed again. Don't even get me started on the mold that grows on the upper frames because of the water that leaks in and is then trapped by the upper edge of the windows. Not only is this a structural and esthetic defect, but quite possibly dangerous to the health of our family. We are considering litigation.

We live in a $300K+ home, and these horrible windows are of inexcusably poor quality. It is not just one or two windows, it is every single window in our home!

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