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Horrific Experience
By -

So, I was eligible for an upgrade on my Verizon account. I looked at Verizon's site for upgrade options, then looked around a bit on other sites and came across Wirefly, which said they could process my upgrade, and the phone I wanted would be free (versus close to $100 if I did it through Verizon). Got a notification then the next day that Verizon needed to speak to me directly to authorize the upgrade. I called the number given, and spoke to someone in Verizon's order department, who told me I had upgraded my phone that morning! I did not, and told them so. They still would not authorize the upgrade through Wirefly.

They transferred me to "customer care". The representative there was quite pleasant to deal with, and did some research. She told me that Wirefly had put the authorization through that morning, and Verizon had OK'd it. Wirefly then tried to process the upgrade a SECOND time, and the eligibility was declined. Verizon's system now shows an upgrade date two year out. She told me that I had "activated" a new phone that morning. I said I hadn't, and asked what phone I had activated. She told me that her records showed I had an enV touch, and had upgraded to an enV touch that morning.

I asked why I'd upgrade to an out-of-date phone that I'd already had for two years and had nothing but problems with, and that likely was no longer available new anyway. She said to call Wirefly back and tell them that Verizon showed they had already authorized my upgrade and ask them to process my order, and that if they would not process my order still, to call Verizon back, and she would re-set my upgrade indicator so that I could upgrade my phone through either Verizon or someone else. I called Wirefly and talked to a representative that barely spoke English, and the words she did know were difficult to understand due to the heavy accent.

Eventually (after asking her to repeat or rephrase things repeatedly) she said their system did not show the order had ever been authorized by Verizon, only declined as Verizon's system now showed I was not eligible for an upgrade for now another two years. They refused to work with Verizon to straighten the mess out, and cancelled my order and basically told me Verizon would need to fix it.

I called Verizon back. Got some other guy who told me (again) I wasn't eligible to upgrade my phone for another two years after I explained what had happened to him. I told him the previous Verizon representative had said to call back if I could not get Wirefly to ship out my phone, and that they would re-set my upgrade counter so I could order from elsewhere. He said there was no way to do that, and I had to talk to Wirefly, and they needed to cancel the authorization their system had approved.

He claimed that Verizon could not even view where an upgrade authorization had originated (though the woman earlier could tell me that it WAS Wirefly that authorized an upgrade on my account this morning, and what time). I asked how on earth Wirefly's cancelling my order would fix my upgrade eligibility, when their system didn't reflect that they had authorized it to begin with. He claimed, still, that this would somehow work itself out in the next 24 hours. I'll believe it when I see it.

Neither company was helpful, with the exception of the second Verizon representative (of three) I spoke to. My problem is still unresolved, and the third Verizon representative told me to call back in 24 hours if it was still showing ineligible for upgrade, BUT that they couldn't do anything about it anyway, Wirefly would need to fix it. And Wirefly claims they never did what Verizon said they did... So. Basically it appears that I'm screwed. IF I ever get this mess straightened out, I will sure as hell never attempt to order anything from Wirefly again.

Buyer Beware!
By -

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Added a new line of service to our existing account on Dec 6, 2010. Once we received the phone it did not work properly. Contacted WIREFLY and made arrangements to exchange phone for another style. After waiting over 3 weeks for the replacement phone, WIREFLY contacted me to say the replacement phone was no longer available. We were forced to go back with the original style of phone. Once we received this phone we began using it. HOWEVER after two weeks we continued to have issues with the phone.

We finally brought the phone in to our local AT&T store and had them check the phone. We were told by AT&T that the phone was defective. AT&T contacted WIREFLY while we sat in the store and WIREFLY told AT&T they would honor our warranty because we had received the new phone 31 days prior. They would waive the one (1) day overage. I was given the warranty number for WIREFLY and contacted them once I returned home.

Upon contacting WIREFLY, I had to speak with a foreigner who was unable to speak very good English or I learned later, could not understand English either. When you call in with a problem you are asked to give the account holders phone number, name, etc. This I did, THEN I had to give the phone number I was calling about... HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM BEGINS.

After a lengthy discussion, WIREFLY finally agreed to replace my DEFECTIVE phone without charging me a $250 deposit normally charged while waiting for their defective phone (I was used to SPRINT that would send me my replacement phone in a box with the return authorization info at no charge).

Upon the receipt of my replacement phone, I noticed Wirefly had the account holders phone number at the top of the paperwork. When I opened the box I found that WIREFLY had replaced the DEFECTIVE phone with a different phone. They sent me a replacement phone for our most recent order on a different line which was the account holder.

After going through the conversation of charging me $250, I immediately contacted WIREFLY to let them know that, although I like the replacement phone they sent me, I wanted to make sure that when I sent back my DEFECTIVE phone, they were not going to charge me since they sent me a different phone.

WELL... HERE IS WHERE THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS! I should have never called and been honest. When I called to report the situation, the person I spoke to at WIREFLY began telling me that I BETTER SEND THAT PHONE BACK or they were going to charge me $250 and my phone was OUT OF WARRANTY and they WERE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! I was shocked!

I tried to explain everything but was told that... the first time I had to return my phone in December, while the FIRST replacement phone was on BACKORDER... my warranty EXPIRED! I asked him again... YES! MY WARRANTY ON MY BRAND NEW PHONE EXPIRED WHILE WIREFLY HAD MY PHONE ON BACKORDER! This was completely different information from the information given to AT&T!

After being on the phone for OVER an hour, our conversation ended with a threat that I return the phone that WIREFLY SENT BY MISTAKE or they would charge my charge card $250+. Over the weekend when I had time to find websites that allowed customer feedback, I placed the comments you have just read. IT DOESN'T STOP HERE... IT GETS WORSE!

On Tuesday, we received 4 phone calls from THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT... ha ha ha ha... **. When I finally had time to return the call, I spoke to a very nice young lady. Obviously she needs to find other employment because she does not fit in with the other contacts I have spoke with at WIREFLY. The nice customer service representative referred to the negative feedback I had left on a particular site and stated that they would like to try to resolve the issue. I explained the situation and she caught on to what had happened rather quickly in comparison to the others.

At the end of the conversation, she stated that she would get approval the next day to send out the replacement phone (the one we had received by mistake because we really liked it and we did not want the other kind because we had already tried two of the same style and both were defective). She said that she would call me back the following day to confirm the shipment.

At this point, I was very impressed that Wirefly really did care about their customers and was going to try to resolve this nightmare. The following day came and I did not receive a phone call. Two days after I had heard from them I decided to contact them myself to see what had happened.

WELL... when I called "the Office of the President" and spoke with Mr. **... I was told that the phone promised was no longer available. (The same phone that I had just returned to them 3 days prior and the same phone that two days before was going to be shipped to me was now no longer available.) That was fine, I told them I just needed a phone.

The representative began telling me that it was going to cost me $149 and blah, blah! Their final offer was to cut $50 off the price and I could pay $100 to have a phone. I asked them... "WHY DID YOU CALL ME BACK?" You changed your story once again... just as your company had done the first time. You read my negative feedback and called me to try to resolve an issue and ended up doing the exact same thing I wrote negative comments about.

In Wirefly's defense, they wanted to resolve the problem... they wanted to charge me more money for a new service line that I have been paying for since December but had not been able to use because of WIREFLY'S defective phones or backorders or incorrect shipments. Needless to say, I do not accept their resolution. BUYER BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!

Unhappy With Wirefly!
By -

Wirefly is a cellular telephone and service website. The attraction is their seemingly fantastic prices. HOWEVER... When I was attempting to check out with my order yesterday, I noticed that the service plan I had selected was NOT the one that ended up in my shopping cart. What did end up there was the highest priced service plan they offer. So I emptied my cart and started over. At checkout, once again the highest priced service plan was in my shopping cart. I noticed a link that allowed me to modify the plan from the shopping cart, so I fixed it and moved along.

I would chalk this up to a simple programming error, but when the mistake puts the highest price option on your plate, I begin to get a little suspicious. I had a coupon code for a free bluetooth headset, which I entered, and the item appeared in my shopping cart as a $0 item throughout checkout. However, it was missing in the confirmation e-mail, and then missing when I went online to check my order. Of course, this is AFTER my order went through and my account charged.

I received an e-mail last night, from Wirefly, stating they needed me to call in to provide some additional information. So, I called. I waited 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone. The connection was so bad I was certain the guy was on Mars, standing on a mountain, trying to hit the nearest cell tower on Earth. The hold music sounded fine, so I know it wasn't my end.

After nearly impossible communication with him cutting in and out, he put me on hold for 5 minutes, returned, apologized for making me hold, and then, when the resolution was in sight, we were disconnected! By that point I was fairly hot under the collar, so I decided not to call back until today.

This morning I called. I sat on hold for exactly 1 hour before hanging up. The recording said something about transferring my call, over and over again. It came on every couple of minutes, so I'm sort of surprised I don't have it memorized... but when you're mad, memory is affected, and I was mad.

I waited until early evening to try again. I called, and waited. While I was waiting I decided to check the link I was sent in e-mail for checking on my order. It said nothing about what the problem was, but there were two interesting things.

The first was the customer support hours. I was THRILLED to see that they don't start until 12pm on Saturday. I guess that's why it took an hour to transfer my call. I called at 9am. If only I'd waited those two additional hours beyond the one I did, I probably would have been first in line. It was nice of them to not have a recording stating they were closed and what their hours are.

The second thing I noticed was a customer support chat option, the first I'd seen anywhere on the site. I clicked it, waited, saw line after line telling me the next available agent would help me... until it got to the line about having network problems, it disconnected me. So, I tried it again. After about 15 minutes someone finally responded and I got the problem cleared up (pending carrier approval of change... that could come back to bite me).

Why they couldn't, right from the start, just call ME to clear up the problem is beyond me. Perhaps calling customers would just cost too much. Apparently they don't have one of those UNLIMITED CALLING service plans like the one they tried to foist on me.

Resolution Update 12/07/2010:

I am marking this resolved because my money was refunded. However, I will carry the memory of the frustration I experienced for a long time.

Refurbished Cell Phones
By -

Four months ago I purchased a plan and three different cellular phones along with the 100% insurance guarantee through NCOA. My first clue should have been the first day we received the phones, all arrived in what had appeared to be brand new packaging. After charging the cell phones, my son attempted to take a picture and could not do so. So I took it to the dealer we purchased a plan with the outcome was not enough memory available.

I called Wirefly and they had sent out a replacement overnight. Stating it was the manufacture's fault, they did not sell refurbished phones. Two months later this same phone had been stolen during my son's football practice so I contacted NCOA. The insurance company Wirefly is affiliated with whom I purchased insurance with on all three phones. Yes, NCOA did sent out another phone less the sim card which is an additional $29.99. Beware it is not 100% covered as they say.

My second problem occurred with NCOA when phone #2 broke, I requested approval to return the phone which was granted and in the meantime they sent out a letter of cancellation on phone #3 beings mine. Good luck trying to reach anyone. I have made several attempts in order to find out where my refund is, and still to this day do not know... Phone #2 had to be shipped less the battery and the sim card.

Upon getting back the phone which only needed a metal pin it appeared as though he was shipped a new phone. Yes, a phone that they had forgotten to delight 20 previously programmed phone numbers. Good luck trying to reach anyone, which I am still trying to do to notify them that the refurbished phone they had sent back was unacceptable. It's been about three weeks and phone #3 has decided it would begin having a mind of its own.

Disconnecting me in the middle of conversations, powering off when being closed. So I contact Wirefly and explain to them that I had been sent two refurbished phones which I can verify and why is it after only having purchased these phones four months ago I am having problems with mine. Again they put if off to the manufacture, so I asked why is it that all over their website they advertise "Cash for your used cell phone."

Ironic they are not aware. I was put on hold five times after having to explain my situation over and over before they would pass to someone who cared about the reputation of their company. During that process I was disconnected each time.

Four hours and after waiting for the quote unquote President's Office which was another 25 minutes they were unable to help and redirected my call. Would you believe once again I had been disconnected. And to top it all off I receive a new cell phone and a confirmation which at the very end states "cash for your old cell phones." So where do I go from here???

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Rating: 1/51

I tried to order a new cell phone with Wirefly and renew my contract with Verizon, my contract is 450 minutes for 39.99, Wirefly kept telling me I had to upgrade to 450 talk & text for 59.99. I didn't want text added as I think it's annoying, just call. Wirefly said I had to talk to Verizon as my contract was no longer available. I contacted Verizon and they said it is, and I am eligible for renewal and can have the 450 min/39.99. I again talk to Wirefly and under new contracts it listed my plan.

Wirefly's sale person insisted I have to upgrade to talk and text plan. I asked for supervisor, and finally after about 5 minutes a lady answers and says same thing. I explained that Verizon still offers the same service contract and that Verizon said I was eligible for a renewal with same plan. Supervisor says she can only do talk and text and that she can modify the contract to 39.99 450 minutes only if done within 15 days and Verizon approves the change! I explained again Verizon has the plan available and I want to maintain that plan. She again says 450 talk and text and later change it to talk only.

I asked, "Why would you change later? Do what I am asking for, call Verizon and confirm plan." She insisted I would get what I wanted, and I told her "If I sign up I am giving you my credit card and you charge me for talk/text and how do I know you will honor a verbal agreement?" She insisted she would, and I told her there was no way I was giving her my credit card number and authorizing a plan I didn't want. She says, "Sorry you feel that way," I reply "Sorry you can't give me the plan I want, or trying to get me to go to higher priced plan" and hung up. WAY TOO SHADY FOR A BUSINESS TO OPERATE!

Their Misrepresentation Cost Me $$$$
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Rating: 1/51

RESTON, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered 3 phones on Wirefly. I have 3 issues that are unresolved even after sending an email and speaking with a supervisor.

  1. I signed up for unlimited texting but whatever they sent to Verizon said 1000 minutes. I was charged $127 in overage fees my first month.

  2. All three phones on the Wirefly site were listed as "free activation" but Verizon billed me $35 per line. Verizon said I need to go through Wirefly. Wirefly first said they don't offer free activation, but another representative said they used to. Now they have a $35 prepaid Visa card for each eligible line. ** at Wirefly said he could see that when I signed up they did have the free activation in place but that Verizon is responsible for that. He said Wirefly doesn't just offer things like that to get customers.

So I asked who is offering or paying for the gift cards they now give and he said Wirefly. This one cost me $105. I placed my order through ** using the chat window. I copy and pasted the conversation into an email and sent it to myself. ** clearly answered "Yes, activation is free" on the chat.

  1. I wanted a good phone for my daughter, but didn't need a data package. ** directed me to the LG enlighten. I bought it. I signed up for the data plan on the other two phones, but not hers. Turned out it does require a data plan, so what they sent to Verizon had her signed up for the corporate package, at $45 per month, $15 more than the regular package. I was able to change that to a $30 package which I am locked into for 2 years. $45 the first month, $30 for 23 months.

In total I am out over $900 due to Wirefly's errors. I got nowhere with 2 phone calls, an email, and another call to a supervisor. I still have the copy of my conversation with ** in the chat window.

Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

I was supposed to get a $25 credit due to a promotion that took place 2 days after I purchase my Thunderbolt. The initial supervisor told me it would take 24 hrs to be credited to my account. 24 hrs go by and nothing. The next supervisor told me the same thing and still nothing 24 hrs later. The next supervisor (**) told me it needed to be handled by their finance department and that would take up to 14 days. 13 days later I called and talked to supervisor ** who assured me the credit would be there the next day. 24 hrs later, that's right, still nothing. I waited an extra couple of days and still nothing.

The NEXT supervisor (**) tells me he is going to “escalate” the account in order to get it resolved and I could be sure to hear back from him 5 hrs later. Guess what, 5hrs later and still nothing. By the way, every supervisor after the first said they would call me and never did. So when I call back and ask for ** he is “unavailable” and I have to explain the situation AGAIN TO YET ANOTHER SUPERVISOR. This time supervisor ** assures me that it should only take another 12 to 24 hrs to finally resolve this and that he will call me.

When I ask him if he will be there the next day so I can speak to him if (when) my account is not credited, he says he doesn't want to give me that information. What CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER who is ACTUALLY TRYING TO HELP A CUSTOMER doesn't say something like ‘Yes I will be here so be sure to ask for me so we can resolve this for you' or ‘No I will not but I will be here the next day if you'd like to call me then.'

Obviously the goal is to give the customer the run around, get them off the phone, and hope you never have to deal with them again. Hence the reason I talked to 6 DIFFERENT MANAGERS. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. By the way, it's been 12hrs so far and still nothing from **. I won't hold my breath.

Great Prices, Horrid Customer Service
By -

I recently ordered 2 phones as part of an upgrade on my family plan. 1 phone was for me, the other for my daughter living at college. The website doesn't allow shipping to multiple addresses, but I didn't see this as a problem because I thought we'd have to bring the phone to the local Verizon store for activation. AFTER the order was placed I discovered the new phones are automatically activated within 24 hours of delivery (even if the delivery isn't signed for - despite the fact the website says a signature is required, it isn't).

This posed a problem for my daughter since she wouldn't receive her phone for at least 24 and possibly 48 hours after the package arrived at my house. Using the online chat feature, I tried to have the activation on her phone postponed for 48 hours. I was repeatedly told no, until I threatened to post negative reviews on every website I could. Suddenly, I told that the activation would be delayed for 48 hours. I even received an email to that effect.

But the email was a lie. Not only were the phones not turned on after 48 hours, they were turned on 8.5 hours after they were delivered. I called customer service. After 30 minutes I was told that my daughter's old phone would be reactivated (of course, I was told to call her to tell her this, which was difficult since they had shut off the old one and she hadn't received the new one yet).

The next day I was given a phone number to relay to my daughter. I was told she should call that to activate her phone. When she did that, she was told she needed to call yet another number from a landline in order to activate her phone! She will take the phone to the Verizon store near her college and hope that she can activate the phone. Overall, this experience has made me immensely unhappy.

Do Not Buy From Wirefly!!
By -

I saw some ads from Wirefly having a promotion on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 for $99.99. I thought it was a great deal for the phone and free shipping. I called and placed the order. Agent wanted to sell me extended warranty and extra accessories for another $90. I refused and it looked like it was smooth sailing. Later that night, I get a order cancellation email saying my order was cancelled and I should call the 1-800 number or visit the www.whereismyorder website.

The 800 number wants my order number, once entered goes on to tell me that I need to refer to the website for FAQ and customer service. The website gives me a stupid message that the ordered was cancelled and no details. I managed to chat with someone at customer support and explained that my order was cancelled. I wanted to find out why and remedy the problem. They told me "the system" said my information was invalid and cancelled the order. I asked them what information was invalid and they said they could not tell me that.

Once the system invalidates the order, all information is deleted and I cannot re-instate the order. I would have to submit a new order. I did that and it was invalidated again. I got the same run around and nobody could tell me what information was invalid and nobody could correct it. The answer to all questions was that "the system cancelled the order." They told me not to try to order again because it will probably get rejected.

So basically they do not want my business. No human being there can override "the system" and correct any orders. This online experience has been the most ridiculous I have encountered in my life and I buy online all the time. I will never ever recommend this company. The customer service department has no ability to resolve your issue and is only there to handle complaints.

Consider Yourself Warned!
By -

DO NOT USE WIREFLY!!! I tried to sign up for the E*TRADE "Free" Blackberry deal through Wirefly. They made me email their customer service (outsourced to India) copies of my social security card, driver's license and other personal information. This process took over a week and totaled 5 hours of my time, as many of the materials I submitted were deemed "unacceptable", even though I am a verified ETRADE member and have been with my current wireless provider at the same address for over 10 years.

Finally after speaking with over six customer service agents throughout the week, one informed me that I could just answer three special "security questions" and my identity and shipping address would be confirmed. Wow, so after all the hoops I had to jump through, all the hours of scanning & faxing personal information and responding to emails, after the hundreds of minutes of my current wireless plan I wasted on hold to speak with a representative they told me I could have simply answered three questions??? REALLY?

Total disregard for ETRADE members' time! What kind of system is Wirefly operating? Very inefficient, downright rude and inconsiderate! OH, and it gets better... after all this BS, they sent me an email shortly after telling me that I was not eligible for a phone upgrade as per my current wireless plan. REALLY???!!!

Well, I just got off the phone with my wireless carrier and they honored the upgrade directly through the wireless provider and in literally five minutes I had accomplished what took me a week of harassment from Wirefly just to be rejected! Finally my new Blackberry is ordered and on its way (thank god not through Wirefly), goes to show the importance of working with a qualified company. Shame on E*TRADE for contracting such an inferior company to represent their Mobile Pro division. After this debacle I am questioning the competence of the suits over at ETRADE - maybe it's time to transfer my accounts to Schwab. Consider yourself warned!

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