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My Story With Wirefly
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Rating: 1/51

In around Feb. 2010 when I decided to sign up a cell phone plan with AT&T. This was my very first time on cell phone as I did not have much knowledge of using a cell phone at that time. All I needed was to have a phone that I could used to talk. I was contacted by a guy with last name **. I believed he was a salesman of Wirefly or who did the sales for Wirefly on commission. He did not speak much English, and our conversation was totally in Chinese. He told me that I could sign 450 minutes national plan for $39.99 for two years and with a free smartphone Blackberry. I did not know any type of cell phone.

For me, it would be used as a normal phone. I had no interest using cell phone other than voice communication, but I did agree to get a free Blackberry for a monthly AT&T plan for $39.99. Mr. ** later told me that his supervisor would contact me for confirmation of my order. Later, a guy called me to confirm my purchase (asking me for my social security number), and that was all my contact with Wirefly before getting a Blackberry in my mailbox.

A week or two, a cell phone came to my residency. That was all about my contact with Wirefly regarding this purchase. I had never made any contact with AT&T as I did not know much how cell phone plan worked and I thought Mr. ** company (Wirefly) was a sub company of wireless service of AT&T. At this point, I had never visited Wirefly company web. As I have said, I knew very little about wireless plan/smartphone. To me, to have a cell phone would help me to communicate while on travel.

Later (about two weeks after) I was informed by AT&T that I should not use the Blackberry as I did not have data plan, even then I did not know anything about data plan, it had certainly never come to my mind. So I had to borrow a Motorola V3 cell phone from my friend (who took out the SIM card from the Blackberry and inserted it to his Motorola). I have been using this Motorola since then. The Blackberry that Mr.** promoted and Wirefly sent to me has no use forever.

In March 2010, I got a mail from Simplexity with a bill of $300. I was rather surprised that I had never contacted this company (neither to Wirefly for that matter) except these two salesmen on the phone regarding my AT&T plan. So I called back to Simplexity and learned that it was same as Wirefly. I explained the situation and wanted to clean up the misunderstanding. But they denied Mr. ** was Wirefly employee, and did not even bother to investigate this deceptive promotion/sale of Blackberry.

If Mr. ** had nothing to do with Wirefly then what would be his incentive to promote sales for Wirefly? Later, I confronted to Mr. ** who still claimed he worked for Wirefly. Then I contacted AT&T and found out that my wireless plan was originally with data plan -- later was cancelled (all those were done by these claimed to be Wirefly employees) I had done neither of them. It was a totally conspired by Mr. ** and other Wirefly employee or contractors who worked for that company on commission.

I tried to return the cell phone since it has been dusted in my storage short after I got it, but Wirefly did not want. They insisted that I had violate my contract with AT&T on data plan which I had never consent to sign (I did not even know how to use it then). A few months ago, I got a bill from NCO Financial (a collection agency) asking for $300 on Wirefly's behalf. At first, I wanted to contest/dispute the bill. Later I decided to pay for it to put this whole issue behind. For me, $300 is no big deal -- I have paid over $3000 every month for all kind bills, it would not look good for having a collection agency after me for $300.

I just want people to be aware when you deal with Wirefly -- in particular those spam/salespersons. It might not be real Wirefly's policy -- but their business model certainly gives those scumbags a chance to take advantage of innocent/ignorant consumers. It is far much better/safer to deal with carries' directly. Recently, I signed up with AT&T for two years contract with data plan for an iphone. The service is great, they even waived the activation fee.

I have been with AT&T since 2010 -- and now we have three phones family plan with AT&T. I began to enjoy using data plan and I wish I knew data plan when dealing with Wirefly -- now I know -- nobody can use smartphone (even if it is unlocked or free gift) with AT&T without signing a data plan. I have all the phone records that I had contacted with self-claimed Wirefly employee Mr. ** who promoted to sell me the blackberry. I confronted him after receiving Simplexty's $300 bill for violating data plan contract. Our previous phone communication records (on my google/voice accounts) are also available to assist this investigation.

My goal of this review is to get the bottom of this scam business and if possible to clean Wirefly's name. I am willing to help to track down those who were responsible to this scam/illegal sale and take them to civil/criminal prosecution. Note, this is ongoing story with Wirefly, and I have changed the title to reflect to the fact. It started with a complaint -- but this might turn to be a compliment. Also I decided to remove the phone number of this claimed Wirefly salesman, just in case this person would be facing criminal prosecution. This is to preserve evidence which should only be presented to the court.

Resolution Update 06/07/2012:

NCO refunded $300 back upon request of Wirefly. Wirefly Customer Online Service is great ! Wirefly_Kim is really helpful to resolve problems for customers.

Great Service of Wirefly Customer Service Department
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Rating: 5/51

I should change my username for this review but decided not to do so as this review (compliment) is really a follow up my previous review (compliant see for reference). About two weeks ago, I decided to pay my bill to NCO Financial (a collection agency) for a Wirefly bill which I initially disputed but I did offer partial pay for a settlement as I felt that my poor understanding and stupidity had also caused to this problem.

After I posted my complaint, Wirefly ** responded with a suggestion to contact I have seen Wirefly ** posts on many places, all with similar suggestions, and I thought it was just a PR effort of Wirefly. Not at all, one day after I contacted Wirefly customer service department, I got a response. It was far beyond what I expected. Given the fact that I have paid my bill to NCO collection agency, they could have just ignored me -- as I have admitted my responsibility of this charge, but they wanted to make it right and fair to the customer, in my case to forgive me for being so stupid to believe a scam.

This scam was not really from Wirefly, the company itself. Some people took advantage of Wirefly's refer a friend program ** with misrepresentation of the contract. Of course, they won't target their friends -- rather to strangers who are ignorant/innocent/stupid just like me. Wirefly has certainly regained my trust/confidence. My first effort is to try to find what I can buy on this $300 refund. I will certainly look at Wirefly whenever I need new plan/upgrade/etc.

I would also like to thank for providing this platform, it is not just for rant -- it has turned a complaint to a complement!! Thank you **, your effort to help customers is highly appreciated! You have done a great job for the customers, and for your company as well

False Advertisement
By -

The order I placed was $29.99. When I called to confirm order it was changed to another price. It should be a guaranteed price. The customer service agent told me what I needed to do to process my order. I called AT&T to fix the problem. So I don't see why my order was changed to a different price. Customers should be able to talk to a customer service agent regarding a problem, not be directed back to the website to email.

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