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Very happy with Wirefly purchase
By -

I am a Verizon customer and was eligible for a phone upgrade/contract extension. After reading many negative reviews of Wirefly, I was a little nervous about placing an order with them. Less than a week after ordering my new Droid Incredible, I am very happy I went through them. In ordering my new phone, I dealt with Wirefly through their website, by phone, and instant chat: I placed my order on the Wirefly website, which was smooth and easy to navigate.

After I placed my order, I was concerned that a discount I'm eligible for through my employer for a percentage off my monthly bill would somehow be seen as me downgrading my service and I would be charged $300, so I called the Wirefly customer service line to verify. Sure, the customer service center is located in India, but at this point, when I call an 800 number I expect to be calling overseas. The representative was very courteous, clear and articulate, listened to my dilemma, pulled up my Verizon account and assured me that this would not be an issue. I hung up very confident that I had made a sound decision.

The next day I realized that I still had the Mobile Broadband Connect feature on my current Verizon contract (which I never used and had been meaning to cancel for the past several months). Again, I was concerned that if I were to cancel it, it would be construed as downgrading my contract and I would get that $300 charge from Wirefly. I again called the customer service line but after realizing that there were long hold times, logged onto the instant chat feature on the website.

I was chatting with a representative within minutes, who pulled my order and Verizon account up and assured me that canceling this feature would not be a problem and would not result in my being charged. I kept a copy of the chat just as insurance, should a charge from Wirefly show up, but at this point I was still happy with my decision to use Wirefly. The only aggravation came yesterday, when my phone arrived. The instructions state that my old phone will stop working and when this happens, to turn it off and follow the call in instructions provided to activate the new phone. My old phone never "stopped working".

About 4 hours after receiving the new phone, I turned the old one off, turned it back on, and it was still working. I turned it off and left it off for several hours... turned it back on and it still had service. I turned it off and then tried the call in instructions on the new phone (which is an automated system... not a real person) and kept getting a message that they could not activate the new phone. I turned the new phone off and let everything sit overnight. This morning the old phone still had service so I called Wirefly's customer support line. There were long wait times again, so I hung up and did the live chat again.

Within minutes the representative had informed me that I am not able to activate the phone by phone, that I needed to do it through the Verizon website, and provided me with the phone's ID number which I would need for activation. After trying to activate the phone through the Verizon website, I got a message that I they were unable to activate my phone and to call Verizon's customer service line. It took about 30-45 minutes on the phone with Verizon to get my new device activated.

This was a little frustrating, but to be honest, I'd rather get this phone free through Wirefly and go through this process and a little frustration than go to a Verizon store and have everything done there but pay $150 for the same phone. So overall, this was not a flawless process but I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely use Wirefly in the future.

Useless Customer Support
By -

RESTON, VIRGINIA -- The offer was for a free Droid Incredible with Verizon contract upgrade. As I was planning on doing this when my contract was up in January anyway, it seemed like a good idea. I ordered on a Wednesday and it was on my doorstep Friday morning (even without paying for 2-day air), so no problem with shipping. The problem came when I tried to activate. Followed the instructions, step by step, and got everything set up. Then called a friend, who answered asking who I was. Turns out, the phone was already activated on someone else's account and not mine. Very shady, indeed. Tech support was little to no help.

Their suggestion: turn the new phone off for the next 48 hours (noting that they would not be working on Sunday, so those 48 hours include all day Monday) and, at some point, my new phone will start working and the old one will stop working. As they cannot make any outgoing calls from their tech support center (which appears to be in India, and staffed by employees with horribly thick accents), there is no way for them to let me know when the problem has been resolved.

On Sunday, I called Verizon to see if there had been any attempt to resolve the issue. There had not. Upon looking more closely at the account attached to the phone, the representative made the comment that it "looks like fraud" and said she would call Wirefly personally and call me back. Less than an hour later, she called and confirmed my suspicions that Wirefly's customer support is, indeed, "worthless", but she did have further insight into what had happened.

It seems that, when I ordered the phone on Wednesday, Wirefly activated it with my phone number that same day, even though their email said it would be activated upon delivery. Well, as I need to use my phone every day, I made and received calls on Wednesday and Thursday, which knocked my account off of the new phone (which was in the back of a Fed Ex truck somewhere between me and Maryland), and put the account back on my old phone.

The Verizon representative said the account the new phone was registered under was a dummy account set up by Wirefly for one reason or another and that she would need their approval before removing that account from the phone. Being that it was Sunday, and Wirefly does not work on Sundays (even though they're all in India, where the Hindu holy day is Tuesday), so the problem won't be resolved until Monday at the earliest.

I guess Wirefly expected me to turn my phone off and cease all communications while my new phone was in transit. Unfortunately, they did not inform me of this, nor do they seem to have a firm grasp on the reality of modern society. My advice: don't count on Wirefly's tech support for anything, or, better yet, don't order anything from them at all.

Listen To Me Now, And Hear Me Later.... ***do Not Purchase From Wirefly!***
By -

LISTEN TO ME NOW, AND HEAR ME LATER... ***DO NOT PURCHASE FROM WIREFLY!*** I have been purchasing things online for years now and it's basically second nature. I've purchased things domestic and abroad, all types of different products and services, and have never had the problems that I have had with Wirefly. I bought 2 Motorola Android phones, one being a brand new number and the other being switch from T-Mobile to Verizon. Guess what, they never activated my phones!

They tell me to call Verizon, I call about 4 times, and after speaking with basically the top Customer Service Manager, they completely assured me that activation falls under Wirefly. I call back (now this is my 3rd time speaking with Wirefly) and they tell me that they forwarded the matter to their escalation department and there is nothing else they can do for 48 hours, and by the way, you can't even speak with the escalations department to find out what the hell is going on.... so, to sum it up, they charged me for activation on May 7th, and I get the phones on May 11th, and the account is basically a dead shell and has nothing going on.

They made me feel like this was my fault... if I could activate my own phone through some sort of computer system, I obviously would have done it to avoid A. Calling Verizon 4 times B. Calling Wirefly 3 times C. To avoid actually going to the Verizon store and D. Having to come on here and let people know what is really going on with these crooks! Basically, to sum it up... this is by far the worst online purchase, worst cellphone experience, and overall stupidity, I guess, on my part because I READ SO MANY TERRIBLE REVIEWS ABOUT WIREFLY!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that great "Free Shipping" they offer... screw it. They sent my phones from Maryland, to Virginia, to Western Pennsylvania, just to come to me in New Jersey! Go Green! So, I plead with you, if you have read this far, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING FROM WIREFLY!!! I read all the reviews, just as you are doing right now, and thought "Oh, it can't be that bad." No, it's worse than that.

No phone, no money, no upgrade, lost time
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I ordered this phone on the 28th of October and was told it would be delivered on the 31st. 31st came around and the info changed on Wirefly and Fedex saying it hadn't even shipped yet, called and was on hold for over an hour and a half and had no help. Info changed and said it would be delivered by the 2nd. 1st rolled around and it changed to being delivered on the 5th. 5th rolled around and I called cause nothing had happened. Had someone put me on hold for over an hour and a half over multiple intervals, coming back with food in his mouth and eventually hanging up on me.

Called back in 3 more times to get transferred to an automatic system. Finally got Customer Service on the 4th call after a 45 minute hold and was told it'd be delivered by the 6th. 6th came around and by 5pm I had a box from Wirefly left at my front door with papers for activating a phone and a sim card and nothing else. Called in and was told that Wirefly was not responsible and that they could do nothing. Went up the phone chain to escalations and was told that they couldn't do anything but put in an investigation that would take 28 days and would probably not yield anything. So, I'm here, out money, my phone upgrade and almost 9 hours on the phone.

Order charged different amount than I agreed to pay, also had an entirely different invoice number!!
By -

I placed an order with Wirefly on 2-17-11 and was given an invoice number and told the complete price was 92.97 which I authorized... I printed out the invoice... Then today on 2-19-11 I received what I ordered but with a different invoice number and new amount of 100.96... I did not authorize this amount but with checking with my bank, they stated both amounts were pending...

I then called Wirefly and the girl who spoke very poor English told me I had the invoice number wrong and I owed the 100.96 which would be deducted from my bank account... She told me I had placed 2 orders which I most certainly DID NOT!!and asked to speak to her supervisor who she said was busy but would return my call within 8 hours... It has been 12 or more hours and still no call...

Avoid like the plague
By -

RESTON, VA -- No customer service, no corp office to call. They take your money, send no phone or refund.

Company Response 07/02/2010:

will_a - Sorry to hear you had what sounds like a negative experience. We offer a 24/7 self-service customer portal at and our corporate contact info is listed on our website as well as with the BBB. We are concerned about ensuring our customers have the best possible shopping experience, and we'd like the opportunity to correct whatever issue you encountered. Please feel free to reach out to us at 1-866-852-3216 (9am - 6pm, M - F EST), or by emailing

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