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Free Activation PROMO not honored - no standard stereo headset in box - Wirefly refused to provide me one
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Ordered my phone on the website @ Sep 13th 2010. Ordered an epic 4g - it was under a promo for free activation - till Sep. 14th 2010. I was under the impression I would get my free activation. Well I did not. Called up wirefly.

The csr ** first said that there is no promo like that - and when I said, "No, I had one", he checked - and said that I did not qualify for it. I asked him that it was valid till 14th Sep. and that on my sales receipt I have free activation. He went back again and came back after 4-5 minutes - told me that yes, I was eligible for the promo and the discount would show up on 3rd or 4th bill. So I again have to follow up with them??? Not worth the pain.

2nd issue: I ordered my epic 4g on their website - it did not come with a stereo headset which comes standard with other sellers and from sprint. When I called them up - they said - they don't provide one (they do have it
hidden on their website under phone details) - I wonder if they do that to other phones. Removed these accessories from the boxes. Wonder if they resell.

Beware - bad experience for me - surprised since they are such a big seller. All sprint epic 4g phones are included with a stereo headset. I ordered my other phone from and they included a stereo headset. It
comes standard with the phone. Also required by law to proved a hands free wired headset with a new phone. Ask buyers on here - they would tell you what all is included.

Epic fail for wirefly - called them 2 times today - both csr and manager claim that they don't provide a headset in the box - they said that sprint does not provide them with a headset. All **. Called sprint - they said all epic 4g phones are included with a stereo headset and re-sellers should be providing the same to the customers.

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