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10790 Parkridge Boulevard, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20191
888-843-2485 (ph)
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Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

I was supposed to get a $25 credit due to a promotion that took place 2 days after I purchase my Thunderbolt. The initial supervisor told me it would take 24 hrs to be credited to my account. 24 hrs go by and nothing. The next supervisor told me the same thing and still nothing 24 hrs later. The next supervisor (**) told me it needed to be handled by their finance department and that would take up to 14 days. 13 days later I called and talked to supervisor ** who assured me the credit would be there the next day. 24 hrs later, that's right, still nothing. I waited and extra couple of days and still nothing.

The NEXT supervisor (**) tells me he is going to “escalate” the account in order to get it resolved and I could be sure to hear back from him 5 hrs later. Guess what, 5hrs later and still nothing. By the way, every supervisor after the first said they would call me and never did. So when I call back and ask for ** he is “unavailable” and I have to explain the situation AGAIN TO YET ANOTHER SUPERVISOR. This time supervisor ** assures me that it should only take another 12 to 24 hrs to finally resolve this and that he will call me.

When I ask him if he will be there the next day so I can speak to him if (when) my account is not credited, he says he doesn't want to give me that information. What CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER who is ACTUALLY TRYING TO HELP A CUSTOMER doesn't say something like ‘Yes I will be here so be sure to ask for me so we can resolve this for you' or ‘No I will not but I will be here the next day if you'd like to call me then.'

Obviously the goal is to give the customer the run around, get them off the phone, and hope you never have to deal with them again. Hence the reason I talked to 6 DIFFERENT MANAGERS. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. By the way, it's been 12hrs so far and still nothing from **. I won't hold my breath.

Great Prices, Horrid Customer Service
By -

I recently ordered 2 phones as part of an upgrade on my family plan. 1 phone was for me, the other for my daughter living at college. The website doesn't allow shipping to multiple addresses, but I didn't see this as a problem because I thought we'd have to bring the phone to the local Verizon store for activation. AFTER the order was placed I discovered the new phones are automatically activated within 24 hours of delivery (even if the delivery isn't signed for - despite the fact the website says a signature is required, it isn't).

This posed a problem for my daughter since she wouldn't receive her phone for at least 24 and possibly 48 hours after the package arrived at my house. Using the online chat feature, I tried to have the activation on her phone postponed for 48 hours. I was repeatedly told no, until I threatened to post negative reviews on every website I could. Suddenly, I told that the activation would be delayed for 48 hours. I even received an email to that effect.

But the email was a lie. Not only were the phones not turned on after 48 hours, they were turned on 8.5 hours after they were delivered. I called customer service. After 30 minutes I was told that my daughter's old phone would be reactivated (of course, I was told to call her to tell her this, which was difficult since they had shut off the old one and she hadn't received the new one yet).

The next day I was given a phone number to relay to my daughter. I was told she should call that to activate her phone. When she did that, she was told she needed to call yet another number from a landline in order to activate her phone! She will take the phone to the Verizon store near her college and hope that she can activate the phone. Overall, this experience has made me immensely unhappy.

Do Not Buy From Wirefly!!
By -

I saw some ads from Wirefly having a promotion on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 for $99.99. I thought it was a great deal for the phone and free shipping. I called and placed the order. Agent wanted to sell me extended warranty and extra accessories for another $90. I refused and it looked like it was smooth sailing. Later that night, I get a order cancellation email saying my order was cancelled and I should call the 1-800 number or visit the www.whereismyorder website.

The 800 number wants my order number, once entered goes on to tell me that I need to refer to the website for FAQ and customer service. The website gives me a stupid message that the ordered was cancelled and no details. I managed to chat with someone at customer support and explained that my order was cancelled. I wanted to find out why and remedy the problem. They told me "the system" said my information was invalid and cancelled the order. I asked them what information was invalid and they said they could not tell me that.

Once the system invalidates the order, all information is deleted and I cannot re-instate the order. I would have to submit a new order. I did that and it was invalidated again. I got the same run around and nobody could tell me what information was invalid and nobody could correct it. The answer to all questions was that "the system cancelled the order." They told me not to try to order again because it will probably get rejected.

So basically they do not want my business. No human being there can override "the system" and correct any orders. This online experience has been the most ridiculous I have encountered in my life and I buy online all the time. I will never ever recommend this company. The customer service department has no ability to resolve your issue and is only there to handle complaints.

Crooks and Scam Artists - You Are Warned - Go Elsewhere
By -

In December of 2006 I made the mistake of setting my family up with new cell phones through Wirefly. I did a lot of research and Wirefly appeared to have the best deals - AFTER REBATES. After purchasing 3 cellphones (plus Verizon wireless service) from Wirefly I was owed a total of $190 in rebates. With the rebates, I would have received a good deal. Without them I was badly ripped off.

Unfortunately, I discovered too late that Wirefly is nothing more than a front for a massive rebate fraud scheme. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ONE PENNY OF THE $190 IN REBATES THAT WIREFLY OWES ME. I don't believe Wirefly ever had any intention of paying the rebates they promised. I completed all the documentation requirements for my rebates (which were onerous and took hours of my time spread over several months), and submitted it.

I have a letter from Wirefly acknowledging that they have received all the required documentation and stating that they will send me the rebates. I have called and written Wirefly repeatedly for over 3 years, but have received not one penny. Wirefly claims that another company was responsible for the rebates, and that that other company has gone bankrupt! I researched the bankruptcy filings of that other company and learned that HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF FOR THEIR WIREFLY REBATES.

Wirefly committed to paying these rebates, and can not dodge the responsibility for paying them. If they can not pay them, then WIREFLY itself should go bankrupt. The fact that this company still operates under the same name and is still scamming people even today only compounds their crime. IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH WIREFLY YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF. THEY ARE CROOKS.

Scam - Stay Away From Them
By -

When I order from Wirefly, there's one term and condition for early termination fee by the career on the front page that you have to read before you order. After over two month, I decide to switch service provider. So I cancel my service and Paid $175 early termination fee for AT&T.

Recently I received another the bill for $200 from SIMPLEXITY told me that I broke their contract and nothing they can do right now. The only thing I have to do now is to pay them $200. What a scam. I ask them if they can show me the term of agreement. They told me to enter the order number in... and there's second agreement. What a SCAM. The agreement that I agreed with is the $175 early termination fee that I agree before I place my order. Who going to agree to the term that you don't even see before you order. WHAT A SCAM... STAY AWAY.

Rip Off Six Months Later!
By -

My husband and I purchased phones from Wirefly.com in July of last year. In December, two days after Christmas, they took 600.00 from our bank account! We tried to contact the company, and they said there was nothing they could do. We had paid our bill in July, in full and were not notified that any more money was owed. No phone calls, no statements from them at all. We contacted our bank, and they said that we could file a dispute, but there was no guarantee we would get our money back. WASTE of TIME. THIS company doesn't even answer your questions when you call. Very bad business!

Bad Customer Service
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I wouldn't recommend buying cellphone from Wirefly. They charged me $50 for 1 year insurance for my phone. I lost my phone and I asked for replacement. They guided me to a very poor company so called 'insurance'. These people don't even know to talk properly. They were putting me on the radio. Finally because the I lost the phone negligently, they can't give a replacement. How can somebody negligently lose stuff? Wirefly don't even have any control over this so called insurance. I will never ever buy any thing from Wirefly, I saw the worst customer service in them.

Refurbished Cell Phones
By -

Four months ago I purchased a plan and three different cellular phones along with the 100% insurance guarantee through NCOA. My first clue should have been the first day we received the phones, all arrived in what had appeared to be brand new packaging. After charging the cell phones, my son attempted to take a picture and could not do so. So I took it to the dealer we purchased a plan with the outcome was not enough memory available.

I called Wirefly and they had sent out a replacement overnight. Stating it was the manufacture's fault, they did not sell refurbished phones. Two months later this same phone had been stolen during my son's football practice so I contacted NCOA. The insurance company Wirefly is affiliated with whom I purchased insurance with on all three phones. Yes, NCOA did sent out another phone less the sim card which is an additional $29.99. Beware it is not 100% covered as they say.

My second problem occurred with NCOA when phone #2 broke, I requested approval to return the phone which was granted and in the meantime they sent out a letter of cancellation on phone #3 beings mine. Good luck trying to reach anyone. I have made several attempts in order to find out where my refund is, and still to this day do not know... Phone #2 had to be shipped less the battery and the sim card.

Upon getting back the phone which only needed a metal pin it appeared as though he was shipped a new phone. Yes, a phone that they had forgotten to delight 20 previously programmed phone numbers. Good luck trying to reach anyone, which I am still trying to do to notify them that the refurbished phone they had sent back was unacceptable. It's been about three weeks and phone #3 has decided it would begin having a mind of its own.

Disconnecting me in the middle of conversations, powering off when being closed. So I contact Wirefly and explain to them that I had been sent two refurbished phones which I can verify and why is it after only having purchased these phones four months ago I am having problems with mine. Again they put if off to the manufacture, so I asked why is it that all over their website they advertise "Cash for your used cell phone."

Ironic they are not aware. I was put on hold five times after having to explain my situation over and over before they would pass to someone who cared about the reputation of their company. During that process I was disconnected each time.

Four hours and after waiting for the quote unquote President's Office which was another 25 minutes they were unable to help and redirected my call. Would you believe once again I had been disconnected. And to top it all off I receive a new cell phone and a confirmation which at the very end states "cash for your old cell phones." So where do I go from here???

Good Prices, Poor Service
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- I have ordered 3 or 4 phones through Wirefly. Each experience has been frustrating and lengthy. While prices are unmatched the customer service for ordering has been ridiculous. Hour long waits, poor and uninformed agents, complex and simple mistakes that make the process difficult. In summary best prices but make sure you fill out everything correct exactly the first time. Customer service is ridiculously slow and unhelpful.

Not Even a Customer Yet and Already Sour Taste
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I was looking online to upgrade a line on my TMobile account. I tried to do it through Wirefly but their ordering process is confusing and wanted me to upgrade my plan, not happening. Contacted their online "customer service" and was told I had to call their billing dept. What? Customer service couldn't even answer a basic question about their ordering process. Going to take my business elsewhere!

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