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Deceptive Business Practice cost me $550
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FT. LAUD, FLORIDA -- December, 2011

I ordered 2 Samsung Galaxy 4G Touch phones for Sprint and opted in for the MDPA Gold Device Protection on both phones - billed monthly at $6.99.

Wirefly billed me the $6.99 X2 on my original invoice along with the phones and activation fees so I thought I now had insurance from Sprint and would be paying the $6.99 X2 monthly from then on.

A couple months later after blindly just paying my bills (I won't do that again) 1 of my phones were stolen so I call MDPA Insurance and they tell me I don't have insurance anymore and that I only had it for the 1st month! After some arguing on the phone I was left with no resolve.

I needed a phone for an upcoming trip the next day so I had to buy another phone from Sprint for $550!

WORST INSURANCE PLAN EVER! Wirefly is VERY DECEIVING with the whole process. After reading the "fineprint" it seemed that I had to RE-APPLY within 30 days after paying the initial $6.99 for the 1st month or the insurance is dropped. Thus MDPA closed my account after that initial payment.

MDPA is a worthless insurance to start. They don't cover ANYTHING!

They basically billed me for the 1st month (whos phone would ever have an issue in the 1st month?) and then dropped my plan with their deceptive practices! Someone should file a class action. I wonder how many people have this same issue with them?

Get proper insurance from the actual carriers. Sprints insurance covers ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT.

Hopefully this post will help others not be deceived like I was.

- Robert
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Wirefly Took Advantage of Me!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RESTON, VIRGINIA -- In July of 2010, I placed an order online for a new phone through Wirefly, for a T-Mobile phone. I received the phone, and although it was originally purchased with an individual plan, decided that I wanted to move the phone onto an existing family plan that I had on another account (the family rate plan was MUCH higher than the individual rate plan).

I did not think that would be an issue, and T-Mobile was more than happy to do the move for me. Then, towards the end of 2010, I received a letter in the mail saying that I owed $300 to Wirefly, the T-Mobile dealer, for changing my contract. I called and tried to get it resolved, and was given the impression by them that it had been. However, a few days ago I received a collections notice from NCO Financial, a 3rd party collections company working with Wirefly, notifying me that I owed $300 and that my credit score would be damaged if I did not pay that amount.

I was blown away!!! I had absolutely NO IDEA that purchasing a phone online through Wirefly would LOCK ME IN to my rate plan for SIX MONTHS!!! (which I have now been informed by Wirefly). They claim that I agreed to it, but I remember no such thing!! There was NO clear disclosure that I would be charged this much money simply from changing my rate plan. I feel like I was tricked by them.

It is UNCONSCIONABLE that they would do something like this without informing their customers-to-be that they are locked into a rate plan like this!!! I cannot believe that a company would be so dishonest and underhanded!!! I feel like I have been scammed!!!
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 04/12/2012:
When you sign a contract online or in person, be clear to read every single detail because it probably was listed somewhere.
Dukemom on 04/12/2012:
Unless you pay full retail for a phone, buying a new one almost always means an extension of your contract.
dan gordon on 04/12/2012:
when you buy a phone from a dealer that is not the actual 'company' they have a cancellation policy in addition to what the cell phone provider's penalty is so you have a double contract. Very common in the industry.
wirefly_kim on 04/16/2012:
Hi robertleemackay,
I am sorry that you are unhappy with our terms of purchase. We require all of our customers to agree to our purchase terms before we submit the order, and online there is a check box you must select before the order can be submitted where this is all clearly stated for you. You can read our purchase terms here: www.wirefly.com/purchaseterms/.

Upon reading the notes on your order, the instant saving discount that you are disputing is valid. We have verified your order with the carrier and even though this charge is from a while ago, it is valid, because that shortly after you received the phone and activated it from us, you moved it to a different account than the one we activated. This is a clear violation of our purchase terms.

If you have any further questions about our terms of purchase, you can call us at 866-852-3216 or you can email us directly at onlinesupport@wirefly.com and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Anonymous on 05/30/2012:
sorry to hear your story, and you are not alone.
your credit has been damaged by the fact the collection agency is after you for that bill. I got mine just two months ago. my story was similar to yours.
it is better to deal with the carrier directly.
lexophiliac on 05/30/2012:
wirefly_spam_victim on 06/02/2012:
you should trust wirefly_kim and contact onlinesupport@wirefly.com. It is better to have this bill paid to Wirefly instead of NCO Financial which will damage your credit.

I know you may not agree Wirefly policy but if it is a written contact which you may not read carefully, then it is better to have this $300 paid and move on.
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Great prices, horrid customer service
Posted by on
I recently ordered 2 phones as part of an upgrade on my family plan. 1 phone was for me, the other for my daughter living at college. The website doesn't allow shipping to multiple addresses, but I didn't see this as a problem because I thought we'd have to bring the phone to the local Verizon store for activation. AFTER the order was placed I discovered the new phones are automatically activated within 24 hours of delivery (even if the delivery isn't signed for- despite the fact the website says a signature is required, it isn't). This posed a problem for my daughter since she wouldn't receive her phone for at least 24 and possibly 48 hours after the package arrived at my house. Using the online chat feature, I tried to have the activation on her phone postponed for 48 hours. I was repeatedly told no, until I threatened to post negative reviews on every website I could. Suddenly, I told told that the activation would be delayed for 48 hours. I even received an email to that effect.

But the email was a lie. Not only were the phones not turned on after 48 hours, they were turned on 8.5 hours after they were delivered. I called customer service. After 30 minutes I was told that my daughters old phone would be reactivated (of course, I was told to call her to tell her this, which was difficult since they had shut off the old one and she hadn't received the new one yet).

The next day I was given a phone number to relay to my daughter. I was told she should call that to activate her phone. When she did that, she was told she needed to call yet another number from a landline in order to activate her phone!

She will take the phone to the Verizon store near her college and hope that she can activate the phone.

Overall, this experience has made me immensely unhappy.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/03/2010:
It doesn't seem very friendly for a "Family Plan", does it?
PepperElf on 10/03/2010:
so you have her phone now, and it's active...

you can still mail it yes? I mean pull the battery out first, and perhaps send it "signature required" just in case?
Wirefly_Kim on 10/04/2010:
I work at Wirefly's HQ, and what you described is not a normal experience for our customers to have. I would like to review your order and see what can due to resolve this issue for you. Can you please email your order number to onlinesupport@wirefly.com, and I will gladly review your order and see what we can due to resolve this issue for you ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you to address your concerns.
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Do not buy from Wirefly!!
Posted by on
I saw some ads from Wirefly having a promotion on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 for $99.99. I thought it was a great deal for the phone and free shipping. I called and placed the order. Agent wanted to sell me extended warranty and extra accessories for another $90. I refused and it looked like it was smooth sailing. Later that night, I get a order cancellation email saying my order was cancelled and I should call the 1-800 number or visit the www.whereismyorder website. The 800 number wants my order number, once entered goes on to tell me that I need to refer to the website for FAQ and customer service. The website gives me a stupid message that the ordered was cancelled and no details. I managed to chat with someone at customer support and explained that my order was cancelled. I wanted to find out why and remedy the problem. They told me "the system" said my information was invalid and cancelled the order. I asked them what information was invalid and they said they could not tell me that. Once the system invalidates the order, all information is deleted and I cannot re-instate the order. I would have to submit a new order. I did that and it was invalidated again. I got the same run around and nobody could tell me what information was invalid and nobody could correct it. The answer to all questions was that "the system cancelled the order" They told me not to try to order again because it will probably get rejected. So basically they do not want my business. No human being there can override "the system" and correct any orders. This online experience has been the most ridiculous I have encountered in my life and I buy online all the time. I will never ever recommend this company. The customer service department has no ability to resolve your issue and is only there to handle compliants.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 09/03/2010:
I'm not sure if this is what happened in your case, but most wireless carriers will try to match your shipping address with the billing address on your credit/debit card when you make a purchase. If the two don't match the order cancels.
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Crooks and Scam Artists - You Are Warned - Go Elsewhere
Posted by on
In December of 2006 I made the mistake of setting my family up with new cell phones through Wirefly. I did a lot of research and Wirefly appeared to have the best deals - AFTER REBATES. After purchasing 3 cellphones (plus Verizon wireless service)from Wirefly I was owed a total of $190 in rebates. With the rebates, I would have received a good deal. Without them I was badly ripped off.

Unfortunately, I discoved too late that Wirefly is nothing more than a front for a massive rebate fraud scheme. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ONE PENNY OF THE $190 IN REBATES THAT WIREFLY OWES ME. I don't believe Wirefly ever had any intention of paying the rebates they promised. I completed all the documentation requirements for my rebates (which were onerous and took hours of my time spread over several months), and submitted it. I have a letter from Wirefly acknowledging that they have received all the required documentation and stating that they will send me the rebates. I have called and written Wirefly repeatedly for over 3 years, but have received not one penny.

Wirefly claims that anotHer company was responsible for the rebates, and that that other company has gone bankrupt! I researched the bancrupcy filings of that other company and learned that HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF FOR THEIR WIREFLY REBATES. Wirefly committed to paying these rebates, and can not Dodge the responsibility for paying them. If they can not pay them, then WIREFLY itself should go bankrupt. The fact that this company still operates under the same name and is still scamming people even today only compounds their crime.

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User Replies:
Cheesecake on 10/01/2010:
I went through a samilar probem with the activition fee. The activition fees add up when you have multiple lines at $35-65 per line. So I thought I was getting a good deal when the fees waived. But I waited and waited, still haven't got a single cent from them!
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Rip off six months later!
Posted by on
My husband and I purchased phones from wirefly.com in July of last year. In December, two days after Christmas, they took 600.00 from our bank account! We tried to contact the company, and they said there was nothing they could do. We had paid our bill in July, in full and were not notified that any more money was owed. No phone calls, no statements from them at all. We contacted our bank, and they said that we could file a dispute, but there was no guarantee we would get our money back. WASTE of TIME. THIS company doesn't even answer your questions when you call. Very bad business!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
You didn't notice for 5 months you weren't getting billed? You paid your bill for July, but what about the other months? Wirefly is just a third party place to find cellphones and plans. But, you still have to pay a month by month basis for your phone plan.
Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
It really is bad that you did not receive monthly billing statements and you deserve to know why. That said, you didn't think the service would be free from August to now, did you?
Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
Taken from the site, about them charging your bank account...

"When you sign up for wireless carrier service through Wirefly, we discount your phone purchase price by an Equipment Discount amount ranging from $200 to $300. By ordering through Wirefly, you agree to repay this discount if, during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, if you:

Fail to pay your balance due to your carrier each month.
... and many other things...

If you break any of these contract provisions, except as a result of a documented service quality issue related to the carrier service, you authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of the Equipment Discount."
PepperElf on 01/27/2010:
sounds like it was an authorized transaction then
Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
OP should have been receiving the monthly bills from the cell phone provider she chose through Wirefly, not from Wirefly itself. The OP needs to contact the cell phone provider to find out why the statements weren't sent. Also, the OP should be able to view their bills online via their cell phone provider as well; so, this issue won't continue to happen.

Also, taken directly from Wirefly:

"If you signed a contract for a new account with a wireless service provider and do not wish to keep the service, it is your responsibility to contact the carrier to cancel your account--Wirefly cannot do that for you. You should contact the carrier directly regarding any activation fees, monthly usage costs, taxes, and/or early termination fees that may be owed."
Wirefly_Kim on 01/28/2010:
My name is Kim and I work at Wirefly's HQ. I am sorry to hear you feel the way you do, and that you are so upset about your order from us. If you could get me your order number, either via a PM here or you can email it to OnlineSupport@Wirefly.com, I will see what happened with your order to generate the charge. I hope to hear from you soon so that I can assist you with your concerns.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I wouldn't recommend buying cellphone from Wirefly. They charged me $50 for 1 year insurance for my phone. I lost my phone and I asked for replacement. They guided me to a very poor company so called 'insurance'. These people don't even know to talk properly. They were putting me on the radio. Finally because the I lost the phone negligently, they can't give a replacement. How can some body negligently lose stuff? Wirefly don't even have any control over this so called insurance. I will never ever buy any thing from Wirefly, I saw the worst customer service in them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
"These people don't even know to talk properly."

Um... how do people talk properly? Were they using horrible grammar when they spoke? Were they saying "ain't," "we don't have no money," "cain't?" Or do you mean they weren't speaking English?
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Well the OP seems to be an expert on people not "talking properly".
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
How were they putting you on the radio? Sounds like your phone reception was crossing wires somehow.
bunnyhead on 01/08/2010:
Your complaining that they can't talk properly? Neither can you!!
jktshff1 on 01/08/2010:
I'm not even going to start.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
LadyS, you have to think outside of the box sometimes.
Could it be that they were either put on HOLD or the speakerphone?
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Zz, possibly. I didn't think about that. She said putting me on the radio, not making me listen to the radio. Putting on the radio makes more sense in that I think she meant she could hear herself through her radio, which would mean some crossed reception.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Considering the quality (or lack of) on this review, I think that they meant on hold or the other.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Cell phone insurance will only pay a claim if the phone gets stolen at gun point and you have a police report. That's the proof that it wasn't negligently lost. Nothing else is covered.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Why even get it then? I thought that some carriers covered lost or damaged phones.
jktshff1 on 01/08/2010:
ZZ remember what "thought" did??? Little boy thought he had to poot and shat all down his leg.
You have to read and KNOW what's covered.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
So true. I have never even though about purchasing the insurance but I now know to read the 'dec' pages thoroughly.
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Consider Yourself Warned!
Posted by on
DO NOT USE WIREFLY!!! I tried to sign up for the E*TRADE "Free" Blackberry deal through Wirefly. They made me email their customer service (outsourced to India) copies of my social security card, drivers license and other personal information. This process took over a week and totaled 5 hours of my time, as many of the materials I submitted were deemed "unacceptable", even through I am a verified ETRADE member and have been with my current wireless provider at the same address for over 10 years.

Finally after speaking with over six customer service agents throughout the week, one informed me that I could just answer three special "security questions" and my identity and shipping address would be confirmed. Wow, so after all the hoops I had to jump through, all the hours of scanning & faxing personal information and responding to emails, after the hundreds of minutes of my current wireless plan I wasted on hold to speak with a representative they told me I could have simply answered three questions????? REALLY? Total disregard for ETRADE members time! What kind of system is Wirefly operating? Very inefficient, downright rude and inconsiderate! OH, and it gets better... after all this BS, they sent me an email shortly after telling me that I was not eligible for a phone upgrade as per my current wireless plan. REALLY???!!!

Well, I just got off the phone with my wireless carrier and they honored the upgrade directly through the wireless provider and in literally five minutes I had accomplished what took me a week of harassment from Wirefly just to be rejected! Finally my new Blackberry is ordered an on it's way (thank god not through Wirefly), goes to show the importance of working with a qualified company. Shame on E*TRADE for contracting such an inferior company to represent their Mobile Pro division. After this debacle I am questioning the competence of the suits over at ETRADE - maybe it's time to transfer my accounts to Schwab. Consider yourself warned!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
I can't believe you emailed your SSN and your driver's license info to someone.

Better keep an eye on your accounts and credit.

old fart on 11/06/2008:
MY , MY saraqs... have I got a deal for you!
Just e-mail your social security number to me and I can fix you right up!!
BTW.. be sure to send me a copy of your driver's license and birth certificate to me so that I may expedite our transaction!
old fart on 11/06/2008:
Oh I almost forgot, please include your bank account name, account number and routing number.. that is CRITICAL for the success of our transaction...
DebtorBasher on 11/06/2008:
MissMarple...not only did the poster Email the SSN and driver's license INFO to someone...they Emailed COPIES of them and other personal info! ! !
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
DB -- That's alright. OF and I already have an 'understanding', if the OP goes for his remarkable deal!
DebtorBasher on 11/06/2008:
What was the other "Personal Infomration" you gave to them?
old fart on 11/06/2008:
I just asked the poster for their checking account number and routing number so we can solidfy the deal...that's just good business, right Miss Marple..??
old fart on 11/06/2008:
Good Ole P.T Barnum said it best..."there's a sucker born every minute"....
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
OF, anything to get that "free" deal.
old fart on 11/06/2008:
See you guys later... I want to watch Sean Hannity backpedal....!!
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
Have a good 'un. I'm outta here, too..
BobJohn on 11/07/2008:
WATCH YOUR ACCOUNTS LIKE A HAWK!! You would be wise to open another bank account closing the one you have now and get a new credit card issued at the very minimum. If you have an E-trade account you better have another number established. Your SSN ties all these together and now, in your enthusiasm to get something free, you have given them so much information they could pose as you and drain all these accounts. I am not a young guy but I am still amazed what people will do when trying to get something FREE.
tnchuck100 on 11/07/2008:
Nothing is "FREE". Why is it so many people are willing to give up their soul for a chance at something free. Corporations give NOTHING for free.
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Refurbished Cell Phones
Posted by on
Four months ago I purchased a plan and three different cellular phones along with the 100% insurance guarantee through NCOA.

My first clue should have been the first day we received the phones, all arrived in what had appeared to be brand new packaging. After charging the cell phones, my son attempted to take a picture and could not do so. So I took it to the dealer we purchased a plan with the outcome was not enough memory available. I called Wirefly and they had sent out a replacement overnight. Stating it was the manufactures fault, they did not sell refurbished phones. Two months later this same phone had been stolen during my sons football practice so I contacted NCOA. The insurance company Wirefly is affiliated with whom I purchased insurance with on all three phones.

Yes, NCOA did sent out another phone less the sim card which is an additional $29.99. Beware it is not 100% covered as they say.

My second problem occurred with NCOA when phone #2 broke, I requested approval to return the phone which was granted and in the meantime they sent out a letter of cancellation on phone #3 beings mine. Good luck trying to reach anyone. I have made several attempts in order to find out where my refund is, and still to this day do not know... Phone #2 had to be shipped less the battery and the sim card. Upon getting back the phone which only needed a metal pin it appeared as though he was shipped a new phone. Yes, a phone that they had forgotten to delight 20 previously programed phone numbers. Could luck trying to reach anyone, which I am still trying to do to notify them that the refurbished phone they had sent back was unacceptable.

Its been about three weeks and phone #3 has decided it would begin having a mind of its own.

Disconnecting me in the middle of conversations, powering off when being closed. So I contact Wirefly and explain to them that I had been sent two refurbished phones which I can verify and why is it after only having purchased these phones four months ago I am having problems with mine. Again they put if off to the manufacture, so I asked why is it that all over their website they advertise "Cash for your used cell phone."

Ironic they are not aware. I was put on hold five times after having to explain my situation over and over before they would pass to someone who cared about the reputation of their company. During that process I was disconnected each time.
Four hours and after waiting for the quote unquote Presidents Office which was another 25 minutes they were unable to help and redirected my call. Would you believe once again I had been disconnected. And to top it all off I receive a new cell phone and a confirmation which at the very end states "cash for your old cell phones."

So where do I go from here?????

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User Replies:
heaven17 on 09/26/2007:
An English class?

(I'm going to get ripped apart from that one, but it was just killing me.)
Nohandle on 09/26/2007:
English isn't taught anymore Heaven, didn't you know that? Now GO TO YOUR ROOM and no back talk!!

Addme, perhaps another member who has had experience with Wirefly and/or NCOA can offer some assistance. I've never heard of either. I am curious as to how much you paid for these phones which I gather were stated as new?
Anonymous on 09/26/2007:
Sounds like you need to cut your losses and cancel your contract. Another cell phone company providing lousy service.
Good information and I voted 'Very Helpful'.
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Good Prices, Poor Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- I have ordered 3 or 4 phones through Wirefly. Each experience has been frustrating and lengthy. While prices are unmatched the customer service for ordering has been ridiculous. Hour long waits, poor and uninformed agents, complex and simple mistakes that make the process difficult.
In summary best prices but make sure you fill out everything correct exactly the first time. Customer service is ridiculously slow and unhelpful
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