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10790 Parkridge Boulevard, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20191
888-843-2485 (ph)
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Wirefly Worked Really Hard to Correct an Issue
By -

I had what started out as a really bad experience with this company recently. I had ordered 2 new phones and was going to switch providers and keep my old cell phone numbers (this is called "porting"). My phone number was ported before I actually received my new phones though, leaving me without service for several days. I knew I was going to be out of town and I wasn't concerned with getting my phones quickly and had planned to activate them when I got back in town so I didn't choose a fast shipping option. But your old service gets cut off when they port your number and even though my new provider had me all set up, I had not received my new phones yet.

Therefore I could not use my old phone and had no phone service. I called customer service to try to resolve this situation and had a bad experience with that as well. The guy kept telling me that I chose the wrong shipping option when the problem was really that my number was ported before I received the phone and activated it.

I'm not sure if this was a fluke or what. However, I was contacted within 24 hours of placing a complaint by a manager and the COO and they apologized and next day aired me my phones and 2 free accessories. I still had to go without a phone for 5 days BUT they really stepped up to correct the situation! And I felt like they were really concerned about resolving everything so that I was happy. So, at the end of the day, even though I didn't have the best experience in the beginning, they did work hard to resolve it and make it right!

Resolution Update 03/19/2010:

Someone from customer service contacted me and they are sending me replacement phones next day air plus 2 free accessories. The woman I talked to apologized and helped to resolve my issues so I give them credit for that!

Don't Deal With This Company
By -

LARGO, FLORIDA -- Imagine the frustration ahead for you when you deal with this company. I just ordered my phone yesterday and already I am totally frustrated with this company. If you want to deal with Indian Idiots be my guest and deal with them. I promise you they have no idea what they are doing and any slight variation from the norm will not be allowed. They promised me next day delivery and as I was starting to track my shipment I realized it would take five days to deliver. When I asked to change the delivery address they refused to help me.

Company Response 03/12/2010:

We're certainly sorry to hear about the delay involved in receiving your order. After researching the issue, we believe we may have found your order, which indicates that it was shipped within 2 hours of the order placement (ordered at 3pm, shipped at 5pm the same day). Unfortunately, FedEx tracking info indicates there was inclement weather enroute to your destination, which delayed the delivery. Notes on the order indicate the issue may be resolved for you at this point, but if we have the wrong order, and your situation has not been addressed, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-852-3216 for further assistance.

Scammers And Crooks! Warning!
By -

LARGO, MARYLAND -- The worst company on the face of the earth. Representatives are not even in the USA, they are in India and many of them can not answer questions. Purchased a phone in December of 2009 and decided to exchange it before my "thirty day" exchange expired. Once returned I was then notified that the phone could not be exchanged due to "water damage". Basically I lost my phone and the money I used to pay for it. The worst thing of all is that my phone was never exposed to any form of water nor was it dropped, scratched, or damaged by any cause.

This company just tries to find ways to steal people out of their money. They rush you into purchasing phones then trap you in this ridiculous contract and they don't live up to their word. This company should be out of business!!! Consider yourselves warned!!!

Consider Yourself Warned!
By -

DO NOT USE WIREFLY!!! I tried to sign up for the E*TRADE "Free" Blackberry deal through Wirefly. They made me email their customer service (outsourced to India) copies of my social security card, driver's license and other personal information. This process took over a week and totaled 5 hours of my time, as many of the materials I submitted were deemed "unacceptable", even though I am a verified ETRADE member and have been with my current wireless provider at the same address for over 10 years.

Finally after speaking with over six customer service agents throughout the week, one informed me that I could just answer three special "security questions" and my identity and shipping address would be confirmed. Wow, so after all the hoops I had to jump through, all the hours of scanning & faxing personal information and responding to emails, after the hundreds of minutes of my current wireless plan I wasted on hold to speak with a representative they told me I could have simply answered three questions??? REALLY?

Total disregard for ETRADE members' time! What kind of system is Wirefly operating? Very inefficient, downright rude and inconsiderate! OH, and it gets better... after all this BS, they sent me an email shortly after telling me that I was not eligible for a phone upgrade as per my current wireless plan. REALLY???!!!

Well, I just got off the phone with my wireless carrier and they honored the upgrade directly through the wireless provider and in literally five minutes I had accomplished what took me a week of harassment from Wirefly just to be rejected! Finally my new Blackberry is ordered and on its way (thank god not through Wirefly), goes to show the importance of working with a qualified company. Shame on E*TRADE for contracting such an inferior company to represent their Mobile Pro division. After this debacle I am questioning the competence of the suits over at ETRADE - maybe it's time to transfer my accounts to Schwab. Consider yourself warned!

Gross Incompetence
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Recently, I wanted to purchase cell phone service for Cingular. After some checking, it appeared that Wirefly had the best deal for me as far as free phones for signing up. First, I tried calling and asking how long it would take, as I had an appointment in 1 hour. I was told, "just a few minutes." As time drag by (language barrier), I realized that I wouldn't be able to complete the transaction and keep my appointment. I notified my sales rep of this and he replied that if I didn't complete the transaction now, I would not be eligible for the 2 free Razrs anymore. Turns out that was a lie.

Later I tried to enter the plan I wanted online but every time I hit update, it would change the values of things I had entered such as: instead of basic messaging service for $4.99, it would change it to the unlimited for $29 or something. Finally, I decided to just call. All seemed to go well, and I had the sales rep reconfirm everything I ordered.

Several days later, I received 2 of the 4 phones. One worked fine, but the other did not. I went to a Cingular store and they said Cingular had no record of my number in their system. I spent over 5 hours on the phone with 4 different reps from Wirefly and none of them were able to resolve the issue. I ended up going to Cingular myself and paying for the installation of another Sim card since the original was bad.

Finally, we just got the rest of our paper work from Cingular yesterday and realized that instead of one plan with 1400 minutes for 4 phones, Wirefly gave us 1 plan for 2 phones and 1400 minutes, and a second plan with 2 lines. I have yet to resolve this issue. Bottom line, my experience with Wirefly has been terrible, possibly the worst consumer experience of the decade for me. Steer clear unless you need a lot of negative stress in your life.

Thank You
By -

For holiday gifts I bought 2 Sidekicks from Wirefly on Ebay for $50. These are great that you don't need data plan just talk and text. Fast and free shipping in time for Xmas.

Thanks and I highly recommend!

They are thieves
By -

They have the worst customer service. I will never do business with them. Run away as far as possible.

Avoid Them!
By -

Went to order and their unfriendly website, had every option checked to jack up my calling plan, add options, etc. They obviously aren't totally legit. Beware giving them your credit card, especially for a supposed free phone!!

Buying cell phone on line
By -

I went to wirefly.com looking for a cell phone. I found a phone for $300.00. However, it would be free with a mail in rebate. This outfit is so crooked it would make a hound dog's leg look straight. I put the purchase on a credit card got the phone mailed in the rebate forms waited the six weeks called they sent the form back saying it wasn't right. I went through this same process several times called so much I was on a first name bases with the operator she was in Canada The Company is in India.

In the end I lost the $300.00 because if you cancel you end up paying a lot more because they will charge you card without your OK. IF you buy from them they will cheat you for sure.

By -

Wirefly offers VERY low prices on cellphones if you're looking for a new carrier. They carry all the major cell carriers as well. Here are the complaints I have:

  1. If you want to send back a phone, they call you every hour trying to convince you not to or why you should exchange it through them.

  2. Like a lot of companies, their call centers are in India, so the language barrier prevents them from understanding the simplest thing.

Good prices, but don't ever return anything or exchange anything. Very irritating company to deal with.

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