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Run Away from Wonder File Organizer
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BRAMPTON ON, CANADA -- Wonderfile is advertised on television during prime time as an desk/ paper organizer. It will be an extraordinarily costly purchase for many consumers because of the way it is sold, its customer service response, and poor return policy.

It has a Canadian and an American website.

What is It

Wonderfile is a desktop organizer that is advertised as BOGO (buy one, get one for the additional cost of shipping and handling of $7.99) So unit price + 14.98 S&H for two.

Now the catches:

Potential purchasers should be aware of how this product is sold online. Most important thing first --This is not like an ordinary Internet transaction with a reputable company.

Customers are not given any chance to review the order before the end.

As a result, you do not know how many items you are paying for, what items you are paying for, the total shipping charges, and (very importantly) the final amount you will be charged. Also the front page price listed for the organizer is not the same as the end price.

Wonderfile 's Online Process:

Step 1. Fill in your credit information.

Step 2. Click that you want to purchase a Wonderfile

Step 3. Additional items (deluxe versions of the organizer)offered. Offer to buy more of the item (e.g. double your order)

Wording may not be clear to customer, as to the number of items being purchased and that are paying same S& H for each unit. No opportunity to change your mind or unselect.

Step 4. More additional items (unrelated to Wonderfile) to purchase are offered.

Step 5. A reputable company would list the items, costs, for you to review and then submit the order.

Wonderfile does the reverse-- "Thank you for your order" with a total ( and higher price) listed.

Thus an 29.99 + 7.98 order can easily become a 120.00 order.

You are told your credit card will not be charged until shipped [see below]

Have a concern?

Step 6. Efforts to cancel or modify the order by phoning customer service:

A. The response " Don't have information on your order, call in four hours"

B. Next day -- "Don't have your order, call back" ...

C. Few hours later -- "surprise we have shipped it!!!" [ remember step 5 above]

If you are told by a "Customer service" person that as soon as the order shows up on customerstatus.com you can modify the order or cancel, do not believe it. That is false. There is no such possibility. It is another part of the effort to deceive the customer (scam).

The Customer Service says that the body/ organization taking orders and the organization doing the shipping are different companies in different countries/ parts of the country.

Return Policy : 30 days return minus the shipping and handling. Plus you lose what it costs you to ship it back registered. For 4 items you may be losing about $50 in total, assuming the item cost is refunded.

Other customers note never receiving their products, and problems returning.

Final note: Your credit company will not likely be willing to help you.

This is not a matter of "buyer beware". This transaction process is an intentional effort to deceive customers and keep their money.

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User Replies:
Lifemates on 11/17/2010:
A cart without a review step should start ringing some bells. Every normal cart reviews the products before a final purchase.
momsey on 11/17/2010:
Isn't it just common sense not to hit "submit" when you haven't been able to verify your purchases?
LuckyLinda on 11/19/2010:
To momsey:

I agree. But you are not hitting "submit", but a "next " button. Therefore the consumer has no way to know the transaction is being submitted (finalized) until they see the "Thank you for your order". The ordinary stuff that reputable retailers do like review your order (and consumers expect as next steps) are not there.

That's why you will see the comments from others about that "surprise" reaction to Wonderfile's "Thank you for your order."

I've done a lot of online shopping from many types of companies over the years and this is a "first" for me.

chs74 on 01/27/2012:
I had the same all around the block experience. Is there any justice?
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Website Scam
Posted by on
BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT -- Wonder File website is a scam. It claims that you can "buy one get one free" and asks you to choose two. After entering all of your payment information, it doesn't show anything to ask you to confirm the order or the price. After you hit the submit order button, that's when you realize that you have paid for two Wonder Files instead of buy one get one free. No one from the customer service can be contacted after that. Shame on this company.
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User Replies:
Buddy01 on 09/06/2010:
With these kind of companies, the second one isn't completely free. You pay shipping and handling for the second one too. Very sneaky of them. Maybe you could do a chargeback with your credit card company.
jobear on 09/16/2010:
The same exact thing happened to me, so I quickly called my credit card company and canceled my card before the charge went through. Getting new cards, but better than the bogus charge.
steve E on 09/23/2010:
I was scammed as well. Saw the add, called and pushed the numbers. I thought I was ordering one, plus one free for $19.99 plus 6.99 shipping. I received 4 of them. My credit card statement shows a charge of $87.94. I tried to call them and you get some message about no service available. I was overcharged about $60.00
noki on 09/25/2010:
I already reported this company to the Better Business Bureau. You guys should do the same.
raven2010 on 09/25/2010:
The BBB has no power. Many companies don't even respond to BBB complaints.

Nothing is ever free. Nothing. And keep in mind, most of these infomercial, "only 19.99 and we'll DOUBLE your order" companies are known for adding huge handling fees.

Anyone else remember the Cosby Show epi where Clair had to repeatedly stop Cliff from ordering infomercial junk?
J.W.Hunter on 09/29/2010:
customer contact: 203-306-5692

On 9/27/10 I ordered Wonder File online through thought the step-by-step easy selection process, I two selected the 2 for 1 deal. After getting the email of my order, to my surprise the total was $87.94 and showed I had ordered 2 sets, not 1 with the 2/1 deal. I had contacted them the same day and they said wait 24hrs, which I did. On 9/28/10 my card was charged but the email showed that my credit card will not be charged until order ships. Contacting customer service, they said I had selected selected express checkout, 1-day process, which I had not. Not really looking forward on how long and hard it's going to be to get my money back.
J.W.Hunter on 10/01/2010:

Checked bank account today and I had received half of the total price initially posted, making it the correct total for what I had purchased. I've yet to receive the item. For being told one thing from an operator and an unexpected refund, communication doesen't seem to be a big priority.

Thank You.
Mschrisr on 12/07/2010:
I ordered a WonderFile via telephone on Sunday, 12/5. Their system is totally automated -- there is no chance to speak with a person. You're given the option of purchasing 1 set (of two) for $19.99 + S&H. Then the system goes on to say that they are so sure I'll love their WonderFile, that they will add a second set, or "press 1 to stay with my original order." I pressed '1' which then launched a whole dissertation about adding $5 additional per WonderFile for a STAINPROOF COATING. I chose the "no" option, at which point they launched into trying to sell numerous other products and services. *** THERE WAS NO VERIFICATION OF YOUR TOTAL *** Since you have to "speak" your name, address, etc., I told them that "my total had better not be any more than $27.00." *** Today, a charge of $67.94 hit my charge card! I called their customer service number: 203-306-5692 and spoke with "Michelle, Ext.2008" who promised to issue a credit of $33.97 for the second set -- I will just have to return the second set when I receive it. Stay tuned . . .
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Don't Buy WONDER FILE!!!!!!
Posted by on
Big Time Scam. Just as previous reviewers state, on their website, you go to place your order, as they promote their "Buy One, Get One Free", asking your to make your selections. Cannot verify order before they process it and you find out you've purchased 2 NOT 1 paying around $75.00 (incl S&H). What a Scam. Don not fall for this scam, but if it is too late as in my clase, please cancel your order on your credit card and report to BBB.

I am not able to locate the company's location, address or telephone number.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 11/11/2010:
I went to the website once, and it was very clear as soon as I got to the advertisement.

It said "Buy one get one free," and right below it it said "Just pay addt'l S&H"

My conclusion was I would pay for one, and pay for S&H twice. I didn't look further to determine what the price or S&H was, because I wasn't interested in buying.
momsey on 11/11/2010:
I looked at the website too and it is pretty clearly stated right on the main page that you're getting two for $19.99 and you're paying shipping and handling of $6.99 for EACH one.
Fell for it again on 11/11/2010:
Moved From Other Review: Big Scam. Their contact info:
Wonder File
P. O. Box 13184
Bridgeport, CT 06673-318


Email: wonderfile@myorderstats.com

30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less P&H). Return via USPS to address listed below. Please include your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address inside the return package when returning your item.

Returns should be mailed to:

500 Bic Drive
Building 4 Ground Floor
Milford CT 06461
Michael W on 08/04/2011:
All I seen was 2 for 1 at $19.99. I wish I would have did more checking before I committed to the purchase.My shipping order says $39.98, $27.96 shipping and a total of $67.94 I believe I just might have found the "my 3 cents link" if I would have kept looking. I just called my cc company and they have no record of the $67.94 purchase yet ?? anyone know why? They claim they will try to watch out for it and I should do the same. But I will be closing my account anyway good luck all
Michael on 08/04/2011:
Yeah, I found that company phone number too. Has anyone tried to call this automated system? Call tne number and try to press the coresponding numbers to return an item or cancel your order. You will continue to get the same voice promps all over again and again unless you say " you want to place an order"
marie pratico on 12/15/2011:
I tried to return them.they were bought 1 yr ago. tried to use 1 of them but they are so big u need to use the floor as a table. they would not do a thing for me as a courtisy. one of them was never used. terrible. I would be glad to get something back and return them to company. spoke to someone on the phone they said it was too late. I said they are still on the market so what is the difference about the length of time. very disappointed in your company.
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I Would Not Ever Buy A Wonder File From Buywonderfile.com Again!
Posted by on
500 BIC DR, BLDG #4, CONNECTICUT -- If I had read reviews, I never would have ordered the buy one get one (which should mean TWO!) Wonder Files.

First, I was confused by the wording, and almost put a "2" in the order form, which would have been 2 sets (4 files!). That should have been my first clue that something was wrong! Then, I was not sure if the $7.99 shipping was for 1 file or 1 set, so I decided to continue and not submit if shipping was $7.99 for each file.

Well, once I gave my credit card, I saw that shipping was $7.99 each, but there was no turning back because there was no review process, my order just went through.

Then, there was two chances for me to add more sets, one set was reduced price (this is when I checked reviews, so I did not order any more!).

My package came quickly, but it had only ONE FILE.....one file for $36.09!! I emailed the company, and 9 days later have not heard back, so my credit card company is taking back half on the charge :-)

And, the worst part, read their privacy policy....you have to opt out, one by one, of lots of sharing!

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User Replies:
Skye on 10/23/2010:
It appears they charged you the $19.99 for the set, which is one paid for, and one free. Then they charged you the $7.99 shipping for each of them. It's weird because the site says shipping is $6.99. Sometimes companies do not ship both items, when one is free together. Maybe your other one is still out there, waiting to get shipped to you.

Anyway, I don't like the way the order process is set up. The first thing they ask for is your credit card number, then your shipping address. Like you said, you cannot even review the order, it process's your order immediately.

Thank you for warning others. You probably just saved a lot of people from a big headache.
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Don't Buy The Wonderfile!
Posted by on
This is a scam. The website is set up so that you are tricked into putting the quantity you think you are supposed to get and then they double charge you for it. I wish I had read the other bad reviews prior to ordering but I didn't. So then I tried to call them several different times & unless you press option 1 which is a new order, you will not reach anyone on the other options. It just keeps repeating itself. Total scam!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/22/2011:
I generally avoid these products advertised on TV infomercials or "as seen on TV". This product seems to have gotten a fair amount of poor reviews both here and on other sites. Thanks for warning other consumers not to waste their money on it.
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