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Buyer Beware of Wonder Hangers
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The commercial for Wonder Hangers is great: they appear to be a nice value for the money. Maybe they are. But I never got a chance to find out. Ordering the hangers started out fine. The friendly robot-gal identified me totally from my phone number and only needed my credit card number. After collecting my credit card info, friendly robot-gal number one transferred me to friendly robot-gal number two who tells me about the special "free" set I am going to get just for paying shipping and handling.

First of all, robot-gal doesn't give you the option of NOT taking the free set. Secondly, she doesn't tell you how much the shipping and handling is going to cost for the free set. So I brilliantly pushed 00 on my phone thinking I could get a live person to tell me what I needed to know. WRONG! Pushing the zeros triggered a response from robot-gal that I wanted 20 sets of the hangers. I tried again. That try resulted in her telling me I had ordered 50 sets of the hangers.

A lifetime later I still had not been able to cancel the order or to find a live person and now robot-gal was telling me I had 150 sets of Wonder Hangers swiftly on their way! There is a customer service phone number on their website but the office is closed on weekends. Naturally, I was making my purchase on a Saturday.

I immediately called my bank and arranged for any and all Wonder Hanger charges to be stopped. There will be no Wonder Hanger charges. Of course, as a penalty for being stupid enough to try to order the hangers, I am now without a debit/credit card for ten days while I await the new one. Thank you Wonder Hangers for ruining my Saturday. I won't be calling again.

Wonder Hanger... Yes, the infomercial... SCAM
By -

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I saw the infomercial and remembered how packed my closet was. $9.99 didn't sound bad for 5 of these hangers. I call the phone # and give my credit card # and address. After the first 5 minutes, I told the automated system what I wanted. There was no way to say "this is all I wanted". So I wait and wait while they try to sell me their entire stupid catalog. After 20 minutes, I hung up and said forget it. And there was no way I could speak with human being of course. Three days later there is a $129.99 charge on my account.

I call my bank, (since getting a hold of a human being is obviously too complicated) and tell them I didn't want Wonder Hanger's product, and this is not what I ordered. They said I will have to ship it back and pay the shipping and handling fee, keep the tracking # as proof that I returned the merchandise, and I could get a refund. Either way, I'm not getting out of this with having to pay some cash out of pocket now.

Then the hangers arrive in a box that is sloppily taped up, and the box half way open. This company is scamming their customers. And according to every review you read online, the product sucks. It hardly saves any space, and the hangers are flimsy plastic POS's. SCAM. Enough said.

Beware of Wonder Hanger... as Seen on TV
By -

I saw the ad on TV for Wonder hangers. They were $9.99 a set. Not wanting to give a credit card number over the phone, I went on their site. I ordered two sets of hangers at 9.99 a set. After I gave the credit card number, there was no place to view the order and approve it. There was no total given. Just a thank you for the order. A confirmation came on my email, listing the two sets and next to each set, a $15.95 charge. Still no total.

I immediately contacted this company by email and told them to cancel this order. This was on 1/4/09. I heard nothing from them. On 2/14 I received my bill from the credit card company. On 2/9/09 they charged my account $51.76. I immediately called the 800 number and was told that the product was shipped and they had no email from me. I asked for a return shipping label and they said that they don't do that and I would have to return them at my expense, even though I cancelled more than a month before.

The next day I received the box of two sets of hangers, and it weighed a little over 5 pounds. For that I am charged over $30.00 in shipping. I am returning this shipment and saving my receipt. I am informing my credit card co. that I want this charge removed and I am pursuing the reimbursement of my return postage. This company has poor business practices and I feel that they are out to get your credit card number and charge exorbitant shipping charges. If they were honest, they would send me a shipping label. I am making sure that other people don't get fleeced like they attempted to do to me.

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